[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” 2nd Season Vol. 8 NG-Shuu


「黒子のバスケ」2nd SEASON 第8巻 NG集
Kuroko no Basuke 2nd Season Vol. 8 Bloopers

Imayoshi: “The Great Kabuto War: The only one who can beat you is you.”

NG 45

“Kuroko no Basuke: Bloopers”
Liu: Aru.
Imayoshi: What’s the matter, Susa?
Susa: Huh?
Imayoshi: You’re still stuck on the same question.
Susa: Well, I was just thinking that it’s about time.
Imayoshi: Yeah, you’re right. Seirin’s probably playing their second game right about now. That said, it’s not like it has anything to do with us.
Susa: I know that, but… They beat us, you know. Wouldn’t you be pissed if they lost in the second round?
Imayoshi: That’s true. Still, the stronger team doesn’t always win. To put it simply, they might even lose. I reckon there are two reasons why. The first one is that Seirin is probably far from being in top form today.
Susa: What?
Imayoshi: When Seirin played us, all five of them were completely in sync with each other, and they played with 100 percent—no, 120 percent—of their strength. But that was the exception to the rule. They can’t play every game at that level.
Susa: And the other reason?
Imayoshi: Because they beat us.
Susa: Huh?
Imayoshi: As the saying goes, “Tighten your helmet strings in the hour of victory.” There’s a reason that proverb exists.
Susa: Yeah? But they take everything so seriously.
Imayoshi: It’s not that they’re celebrating too early. But they finally got their revenge on us, after we crushed them this summer. There’s no way they didn’t breathe a little sigh of relief after winning that game.
Imayoshi: “Tighten your helmet strings in the hour of victory.” What do you think that means?
Susa: No idea…
Imayoshi: Oh, sorry. It’s not a trick question or anything. The answer’s pretty simple.
Imayoshi: “The Great Kabuto War: The only one who can beat you is you.”
Kabuto: Nice weather we’re having, eh, Kabuto Beetle?
Kabuto Beetle: Kabuuto.
Kabuto: But you never know when somebody might try to attack us, so you can’t bee-tle careful.
Kabuto Beetle: Kabuuto. Bee-tle careful.
Kuwagata Beetle: Kuwagaata…
SFX: dash
SFX: bam
Kuwagata Beetle: Kuwagaata!
Kabuto: Whoa!
Kabuto: That beetle…doesn’t have a leash. It’s gotta be…a wild one…!
Kabuto: I choose you, Kabuto Beetle!
Kabuto Beetle: Kabuuto!!
SFX: bzzzzz
SFX: slam
Kabuto: I have to say, you were pretty strong. But you know…
Kabuto: Kabuto Beetle is still the strongest!
Kabuto: If you ever find what it takes to be the best, we’d be happy to have ya along.
Kabuto: Don’t drop your guard just because we won. Make sure your helmet strings are tied nice and tight.
Kabuto Beetle: Kabuuto?
Kabuto: We could be attacked again at any time. If you stay alert, the enemy won’t be able to catch you off guard. That’s what it takes to be the strongest. Being unprepared makes you your own worst enemy!
Imayoshi: See?
Susa: Wait, what the heck are you drawing? You turned it into a full-blown manga!

– –

NG 46

“Kuroko no Basuke: Bloopers”
Liu: Aru. (1)
Referee: Jump ball violation! White number 9!
Fukui: Atsushi!
Murasakibara: Oopsie.
Liu: You touched the ball too soon, aru.
Hyuuga: Did he just say “aru”?
Liu: No more jump balls for you, aru.
Hyuuga: Seriously? So people really do say it!
Fukui: Of course they don’t.
Fukui: In Japan, it’s super trendy to add “aru” to the end of every sentence.
Liu: Really? Then I guess I’ll try it…aru.
[end flashback]
Hyuuga: I can’t believe you did that!

– –

NG 47

“Kuroko no Basuke: Bloopers”
Liu: Aru.
Izuki: Alright!
Fukui: What?
Izuki: Ow, my back—!
Hyuuga: Izuki!
Izuki: That hurt like shii…take mushrooms. Definitely not worth the truffle. Now that’s a joke!
Hyuuga: Are you an idiot?! And that pun’s grossing me out!

– – –

All of the NG-Shuu translations can be found under the ng shuu tag.

Translation Notes:

1. Aru is the stereotypical verbal tic that Japanese media uses to characterize Chinese speakers of Japanese. This stereotype is derived from the copula de arimasu / de aru, which is the formal, literary (and in some cases, archaic) form of desu. Anyone familiar with Kagura from Gintama or China from Hetalia is probably familiar with this stereotype. More info here and in my translation of Yousen’s -Replace III- chapter.

20 thoughts on “[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” 2nd Season Vol. 8 NG-Shuu

  1. Gaby says:

    LOL this was awesome! Thanks a lot for the translation 😀 I am not sure which segment I liked the most, usually there is one that’s my favorite but all of them are funny (Imayoshi drawing kills me, Fukui made me laugh and Izuki is adorable with his silly puns!)


  2. Cici says:

    ah by the way, I made a list of the NG Shuu with your translations on Tumblr, I gave you credits, is it ok? sorry if I didn’t asked you first


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