[translation] April 2012 Sylph – DGS/BroCon Scans and Translation

Happy 34th birthday, Ono Daisuke! Congratulations on 10 years as a seiyuu, as well–I wish you many more years of health and happiness!

In honor of OnoD’s birthday, I’ve uploaded and translated scans from the April issue of Sylph, which contains photos and a summary of HiroC’s seitansai in Okinawa. I can’t wait to listen to DGS tomorrow and find out what craziness Kamiya has cooked up for Ono’s birthday.

Other DGS scans from the magazine include an ad for volumes 3 and 4 of the Hibiki manga, a page from the last chapter of Hibiki,  and the cover of the DGS illustration book that was packaged as a furoku with the issue.

I’m not really interested in Brothers Conflict, but I scanned the pages of the preview book that were relevant to HiroC and OnoD. There’s an interview with OnoD on the third page.

Note: These are scans from my personal copy of the issue. If you want to share them, please provide a link back to this page.

Scans and translation below the cut. Enjoy!

DGS Page 1

DGS Page 2

DGS Page 3

DGS Page 4

Hibiki Page 1

Hibiki Page 2

Hibiki Page 3

BroCon Page 1

BroCon Page 2

BroCon Page 3

BroCon Page 4

Translation of DGS pages 1-4:

[Page 1]

Title: DGS Special Broadcast Edition
A Stormy Birthday
Okinawa! Bulletstorm Travelers

From – To: Tokyo – Okinawa
Travelers: Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke

The commemorative “Kamiya Hiroshi Seitansai 2012” was staged in…Okinawa!
The radio show “DGS” went on location in Okinawa for a broadcast that spanned two and a half weeks, and now we’re presenting the show together with all these photographs!

6:00 – Hotel Jalcity, Haneda
Here’s Kamiya-san, who was forced to stay overnight in a hotel because the show was going on location. They recorded the opening in one of the hotel rooms. And just like that, we departed for Haneda Airport!

10:35 – Naha Airport
The airplane arrived in…Okinawa! And thus they started their journey in accordance with the topics that were decided at CharaHobby 2011: “On a southern island”, “HiroC will become slippery”, “there will be a chaotic attack”, and “HiroC and OnoD will be happy in the end.”
Photo: Welcome!

11:00 – Location Bus
The trip this time around was planned as a day trip. In order to endure such a hard schedule, they each chugged an Okinawan local specialty health drink called “Habu (‘Pit Viper’) Attack”. A fishy smell filled the bus…

[Page 2]

11:30 – Toyosaki ChuraSun Beach
Photo: The trouble continues on a rainy beach…
After arriving, the first thing they did was visit Okinawa’s longest beach, which boasts a length of 700 meters. On sunny days, you can enjoy various sports or a stroll in the beachside parks, but unfortunately, the day we visited was nothing but rain and strong winds. It was awful: the lounge chairs that had been set out by the beachside were soaked; the umbrellas were beaten and battered by the wind; and everybody got completely drenched.

13:00 – Okinawa World
Photo: HiroC “gets slippery”!
At “Okinawa World”, they dressed in traditional clothes from the era of the Ryūkyū Kingdom and took a commemorative photograph. ♥ After that, they posed for another photo with a white snake (after wrapping it around their necks), which is said to bring good luck as a messenger of the gods. ★

[Page 3]

14:30 – Kokusai Street
Photo: Buying souvenirs for the dear girls!
While on Kokusai Street, they bought souvenirs to give to the listeners, ate lunch in a public dining hall, and took a bit of a break from the crazy pace of the on-location recording. The two of them were extremely interested in the large number of Okinawan specialty goods that were on display in the marketplace!

16:00 – Ryujin Mabuya
Photo: Yagihashi-kun in a pinch! Caught in a “chaotic attack”!
Photo: Posing with Mabuya!
While Ono-san and Kamiya-san were leisurely strolling around, Ono-san suddenly received a phone call that was an SOS from Yagihashi-kun! According to Yagihashi-kun, he had been trying to pick up a cute girl on the beach when he was caught by “Evil Army Majimen”. They rushed to his rescue, and Ono-san challenged the boss of the Majimen, Habu-Kurergen, but met a crushing defeat… Kamiya-san summoned Ryuujin Mabuya, who vanquished the Majimen, protected Yagihashi-kun, and preserved the peace of Okinawa.

[For more info on Mabuya: http://www.mabuyer.com/ ]

[Page 4]

17:00 – Shīsā -Atelier Fuki*
Photo: HiroC-sā and OnoD-sā: Objective Accomplished!
We visited the workshop of a pottery store, where the two of them acquired first-hand experience in making shīsā! After choosing a favorite bisque shīsā, they each decorated the pottery with their favorite colors. They were supposed to use HiroC and OnoD’s jumpsuits as a template and paint the shīsā corresponding yellows and blues, but in the end, as you can see, the shīsā were decked out in these mysterious metallic colors…

18:30 – Music Restaurant Lyra
Photo: “HiroC and OnoD are happy in the end”?!
The final icing on the cake of our journey was a visit to a restaurant where you can dine while enjoying traditional Okinawan music. Does this mean that if you listen to surprise musical performances of the DGS ending theme “Kiseki” and of “Happy Birthday”, and if you dance a traditional kachāshī dance**, then you’ll feel completely happy…?

[* A shīsā is an Okinawan lion statue used as a talisman to protect against evil.]
[** A kachāshī dance is a festive Ryūkyūan dance that is performed at weddings and the victory celebrations after sumō matches, etc.]

Photo: Back to Tokyo… Thanks for the hard work!
After hurrying through the final lingering notes of the music, in order to catch the day’s last plane back to Tokyo, we rushed back to the airport at night! Once on the bus, they opened the box containing the cake that they hadn’t had time to enjoy in the restaurant. Ono-san presented his gift to Kamiya, and then our time was up! And thus, our brief journey to Okinawa (which actually lasted less than ten hours) came to a close…


2 thoughts on “[translation] April 2012 Sylph – DGS/BroCon Scans and Translation

  1. Vamp says:

    Wah~ Thank you for the beautiful translations! I’m happy I’ve (just) found your blog. Seriously, it’s a treasure! XD

    Can I just… a;sldfkj;asdjl at [ “if you dance a traditional kachāshī dance**, then you’ll feel completely happy…?” ]… !!?? *screams….*
    They are too cute together. XDDD

    Thank you for all the translations you’ve done! I can’t thank you anymore. > v <;;;; Ahhhh I loveeee you soo much! *muah*

    //Also, sorry for fangirling too much. And, nice to meet you! XD


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