[translation] “Musical Tennis no Oujisama” Best Actors Series 012: Luke.C as Kite Eishirou

My Higa Chuu bias is showing.


「No Tears」– Luke.C / ヨウスケ・クロフォード as 木手永四郎
“No Tears” – Luke.C / Yosuke Crawford as Kite Eishirou

“In the depths of my eyes lurked the fragile reflection
Of my hesitation and weakness…”

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[translation] “Tennis no Oujisama” The Best of Rival Players Vol. 30 (Kai)

“And now, we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming…”

taiyou no shima

「太陽 (てぃーだ) の島」/ “Taiyou (Tiida) no Shima”
“Island of the Sun”

甲斐裕次郎 (Kai Yuujirou)
中村太亮 (Nakamura Daisuke)

“A playful breeze brushes my cheek as it passes by
On this island where the scent of hibiscus lingers all year round…”

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