[translation] 「暁の轍」by Ono Daisuke

OnoD wrote the lyrics for this song. ♥ I really wish I knew what his inspiration was.

「暁の轍」/ “Akatsuki no Wadachi” – 小野大輔
“Trails of Dawn” – Ono Daisuke

“The parched, sandy earth / The scorching black sun / A lone stranger traverses / A horizon of burning sands…”

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[translation] 「Lunar Maria」by Ono Daisuke

With its allusions and vivid imagery (and the occasional obscure kanji), this song is just like a poem set to music. Beautiful.

「Lunar Maria」– 小野大輔
“Lunar Maria” – Ono Daisuke

“Our love was written in the heavens the night the stars fell to earth.”

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