[translation] 「明日へのバトン」(“The Baton to Tomorrow”) by Kamiya Hiroshi

This was a tough translation, since the lyrics themselves are much more figurative than literal, and I hope I was able to do the song justice. I’ve been catching up on Natsume Yuujinchou lately, and this song nicely characterizes the transient, dreamlike tone of that series.

「明日へのバトン」- 神谷浩史
“The Baton to Tomorrow” – Kamiya Hiroshi

“Spring passed, but I never saw the sakura; there were fireworks, too, but I only heard the sound…”

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[translation] “STYLE” by Kamiya Hiroshi

I have really fallen in love with this song. One of the reasons I enjoy translating is that it allows me to get mentally “closer” to the material, explore its meaning in depth, and reflect on the results. After watching the video of the making of “Hare no Hi” (Kamiya’s first mini-album), I feel that these lyrics (although they weren’t written by Kamiya) really embody Kamiya’s evolution as an artist, as well as the doubts he felt when he began his singing career and the resolution and determination he used to overcome those doubts. He has come a long way since then, and the passion with which he and other seiyuu approach their work really inspires me. Just my two cents.

神谷浩史 – 「STYLE」
Kamiya Hiroshi – “STYLE”

“I don’t know the right answer, but I can decide that for myself…”

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