[translation] 「妄想彼氏(ペット)シルーズ:ドMなペットくん」by Kamiya Hiroshi [Part I]

Here’s a translation of the first 7 tracks (out of 12) of a drama CD from the “Fantasy Pet Series”. In this CD, Kamiya Hiroshi voices Makoto, a ドM stray who is taken in by a kind master on a rainy night. The rest of the CD chronicles their daily life together, from Makoto’s perspective. Hearing Kamiya voice an M character is interesting in and of itself, since HiroC has a reputation for being an S (especially to Ono Daisuke). OnoD voices an S pet on the accompanying CD.

The file is about 15 pages long, so I uploaded it to MediaFire as a PDF. I hope to finish the second half of the translation after the end-of-the-semester craziness dies down. Enjoy!

“Fantasy Pet Series: Masochistic Pet-kun”
Part I: Tracks 1-7/12

マコト(CV: 神谷浩史)
Makoto (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi)

Download PDF @ MF