[excerpt translation] DGS4LO Audio Commentary Excerpt: Tsundere Kamiya

In which a classically tsundere Kamiya is a little envious of Ono’s birthday celebrations. I remember hearing Ono once say,「神谷さんのツンデレのデレの部分がもっと出てきますように」(“in order that/I hope that the dere side of Kamiya’s tsundere personality will be evident more often”), with which I wholeheartedly agree. It’s cute. (Poor Kamiya, getting thrown out of his own house on a cold January night so that everybody else could prep for the men’s maid cafe. XD I wonder how he enjoyed his birthday celebration in Okinawa this year.)

“DGS 4LoversOnly” Event DVD
Disc 2, Audio Commentary
(starts at 35:08, during the seitansai segment)
“You can tell just by watching the videos that I don’t look happy at all…”