“Mirai he no Kizuna” 3DS Event Index


「黒子のバスケ 未来へのキズナ」3DS ゲーム
Kuroko no Basuke: Mirai he no Kizuna 3DS Game


Last Updated: 7.28.16

Number of Events Translated: 7

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Page 1

アテレコしよう! / Atereko Shiyou! / Let’s Do Voice Overs! (+CG)

Kuroko + Kise + Midorima + Aomine + Murasakibara + Akashi

投稿者は誰だ!? / Toukousha wa Dare Da?! / Who Submitted This Letter?!

Midorima + Ootsubo

高尾観光大臣 / Takao Kankou Daijin / Takao, Director of Sightseeing (+CG)

Akashi + Midorima + Takao

真面目な男はモテル / Majime na Otoko wa Moteru / Serious Guys Get All the Girls

Hanamiya + Moriyama

– –


ちゃんと残しておけよ / Chanto Nokoshiteoke yo / Leave Some for Me (+CG)

Kagami + Midorima + Aomine

男子にあるまじき部屋 / Danshi ni Aru Majiki Heya / A Room Unfit for a Guy

Kagami + Aomine + Alex

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Page 1

帝光中時代のキセキの一日 / Teikouchuu Jidai no Kiseki no Ichinichi / A Miraculous Day at Teikou Middle (+CG)

Kuroko + Kagami + Kise + Midorima + Aomine + Murasakibara + Akashi

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How to unlock: From the title screen, select “Extra Mode” then “Gallery”. Input the corresponding code (L and R refer to the left and right shoulder buttons, respectively, while Left and Right refer to directions on the D-pad). When a code has been correctly entered, the game will play a sound effect and display a message on the top screen.

Once unlocked, secret events can be viewed from the “Extra Event” panel (marked “Unknown ???” before you unlock your first secret event), while the secret character will appear as a playable character in-game.

Shuutoku Secret Event

ラッキーアイテムがない?! / Rakkii Aitemu ga nai?! / His Lucky Item’s Missing?!

Up > Up > Down > Down > Left > Down > L > R > Y > X

Seirin Secret Event

カントクいつもありがとう / Kantoku Itsumo Arigatou / Thanks for All You Do, Coach

Down > Right > Up > Left > Down > Right > Up > Left > Down > Right > Y

Kiseki + Kagami Secret Event

バカから抜け出せ / Baka kara Nukedase / Escape the Idiot Cycle

Up > Up > Up > Up > X > Right > Down > Down > Down > Y

Kaijou Secret Event

女性に慣れろ! / Josei ni Narero! / Let’s Get Used to Girls!

Y > X > Y > X > Left > Right > Up > Down > Down > Right > L > R

Unlock Mayuzumi Chihiro

Right > Left > Right > Left > X > Y > Right > Down > R

– –


Akashi's got swag.

Akashi’s got swag.

9 thoughts on ““Mirai he no Kizuna” 3DS Event Index

  1. Yumi says:

    Hi. Thank you first of all for this and I have a quick question. How do you unlock the secret event? In my gallery menu I only have adven gallery and DL event.


    • grimmfeather says:

      Just input the code from the Gallery screen (select Extra Mode from the main menu, then Gallery). Once you’ve input the code, you should hear a sound effect and see a pop-up message. Then the “Unknown ???” panel in the Gallery will change to “Extra Event”. You should be able to view the secret events from the Extra Event panel.

      Let me know if you have any more questions. 😀


  2. Sei says:

    Hello! I have a simple question. I tried the code for mayuzumi but it never worked? I have the secret event section unlocked and did the pattern in the menu section.

    Also thank you for your hard work!


    • grimmfeather says:

      Input the code for Mayuzumi from the Gallery screen (select Extra Mode from the main menu, then Gallery). Once you’ve input the code, you should hear a sound effect and see a pop-up message. After that, Mayuzumi will appear in-game like any other character (he was in the library when I first found him), with his character icon denoting his location.

      Let me know if you have any more questions. 😀


  3. whizzta says:

    Thank you so much your blog is very matter to me! I have a question now I’m stuck when I play Midorima and couldn’t get anymore member apart from Miyaji san and Takao, do you have any idea how to invite other to join the team? I did finish the game with Kise and Kuroko already but I’ve been playing this role for a week and couldn’t go any further. Thank you in advanced


    • grimmfeather says:

      Thanks for reading! I’m glad you’re finding the blog useful. 😀

      It’s always easiest to get people who are originally teammates or on good terms with your main character to join your team (Miyaji and Takao will automatically join Midorima’s team; the Seirin members will automatically join Kagami and Kuroko’s team, etc.). For other characters, you need to build their friendship level with your main character before they’ll agree to join your team. The quickest ways to build friendship with a character are to play practice games with them; ask them to walk around with you (once you’re on good enough terms) and complete character events or the *special* “enjoy” events around the city; and have them complete “link” events with other characters (for example, Sakurai will stand outside the crepe shop with Murasakibara’s icon over his head; bring Murasakibara with you and talk to Sakurai to complete the event for a significant friendship boost with them). Once your friendship level with a character is high enough, you’ll be able to scout them for your team.

      Some characters, like Aomine, are more difficult to build friendship with than others, but it can be done over the course of a playthrough. Let me know if you have any more questions!


      • whizzta says:

        I see I’ve been wondering about LINK stuff over the character head from the first day I got the game tho! I really appreciated your reply! Thank you very much!


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