[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” Solo Series Vol. 17 (Haizaki)「TYRANT」



灰崎祥吾 (森田成一)
Haizaki Shougo (Morita Masakazu)

“You can fight tooth and nail trying to hang on
Tough luck, but they ain’t yours anymore…”

[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” Vol. 30 Drama CD「僕たちのバイトの話です」


Kuroko no Basuke Vol. 30 Drama CD

“Bokutachi no Baito no Hanashi Desu” /
“This Is the Story of Our Part-Time Jobs”

Cast: Kuroko, Kagami, Kiyoshi, Hyuuga, Izuki, Koganei,
Kise, Kasamatsu, Moriyama, Midorima, Takao,
Akashi, Mibuchi, Hayama, and Nebuya

Midorima: Plus, if you act now, I’ll throw in Takao for free.

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[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” FAN DISC Mini Drama「お喋りでもしませんか」


黒子のバスケ FAN DISC ~光射す場所へ~
Kuroko no Basuke FAN DISC ~Hikari Sasu Basho He~ /
“~To the Place Where the Light Shines~”

Original Mini Drama: “Oshaberi demo Shimasen Ka” /
“Why Don’t We Chat?”

Kagami: (A fan disc…?! I’m having some serious déjà vu here…)

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[translation] “K Project”「境界線Set me free」by angela

A K Project insert song, as requested by tomrules10. The past few months have been incredibly busy, but translations of the KnB Vol. 9 NG-Shuu and the second fan disc should be up in short order.


「境界線Set me free」/ “Kyoukaisen Set me free”
“Boundary Set me free”


“Cross the boundary line / Brimming with confidence
Who’s got what it takes?
Passionate feelings coursing through me / Echoing in the sky
Yesterday is a world away

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