[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” Duet Series Vol. 12 (Kuroko & Kagami) Mini Drama

「黒子のバスケ」キャラクターソング Duet Series Vol. 12: ミニドラマ
Kuroko no Basuke Character Song Duet Series Vol. 12: Mini Drama

黒子テツヤ (小野賢章) & 火神大我 (小野友樹)
Kuroko Tetsuya (Ono Kenshou) & Kagami Taiga (Ono Yuuki)

Kagami: “You might not look it, but you’ve got one hell of a competitive streak, don’t you?”


[in the gym at Seirin; Kagami breathes hard as he drives to the basket and dunks the ball]

Kagami: Alright! One more time!

Kuroko: Nice shot, Kagami-kun.

Kagami: Wha—?! K-Kuroko?! Don’t sneak up on me like that! You nearly gave me a heart attack!

Kuroko: I did call to you several times.

Kagami: Seriously? I didn’t hear a thing. Geez, here I thought I’d gotten used to that feeling lately, but you’re as easy to miss as ever.

Kuroko: To be fair, you were completely absorbed in practicing, so it’s not that surprising.

Kagami: Yeah, I guess that’s true.

Kuroko: Anyway, you’re at school really early today, Kagami-kun. Morning practice doesn’t start for a while yet.

Kagami: Yeah, I just couldn’t sit still for some reason. What about you? You’re here pretty early yourself.

Kuroko: [laughs] I couldn’t sit still, either.

Kagami: [laughs] Alright then, let’s practice together!

Kuroko: Let’s go!

– –

Kagami: [catching his breath] Wanna take a breather?

Kuroko: Sure.

[they sit down for a break]

Kagami: Man, this really takes me back.

Kuroko: What do you mean?

Kagami: Remember the day we first met, when we played some one-on-one on the streetball court?

Kuroko: Of course.

Kagami: Honestly, I was a little freaked out when I found out how much you sucked.

Kuroko: I told you I never actually expected to win, didn’t I?

Kagami: That didn’t stop you from talking some major smack before we got started.

Kuroko: I knew you wouldn’t take me seriously if you knew how weak I was. I wanted to see you play, up close and personal.

Kagami: You might not look it, but you’ve got one hell of a competitive streak, don’t you?

Kuroko: [laughs] Thank you.

Kagami: That wasn’t a compliment!

Kuroko: Still, I’m glad you didn’t just brush me off.

Kagami: Well, I got to see your skills in action in the scrimmage we played the next day. I guess that game turned out to be the starting line for us as a team.

Kuroko: Yes. I knew I wanted to make the team at Seirin, defeat my former teammates from middle school, and become the best in Japan. But I couldn’t do it alone—I needed a light who could use my abilities as a shadow to their full extent. [laughs] Luckily for me, you showed up right on time, Kagami-kun.

Kagami: There’s got to be a more flattering way to phrase that!

Kuroko: Ah, that’s a good point. I’m truly grateful to have met you, and everyone at Seirin.

Kagami: [taken aback] Oh—yeah. The same goes for me. I decided I was gonna beat the Generation of Miracles and become the best in Japan, but I can honestly say there’s no way I could’ve made it this far by myself. I learned the hard way that it’s okay to ask for help when you hit a wall, and that basketball’s not a one-man game.

Kuroko: If we were struggling with something or feeling down, or whenever things got tough, our teammates always came to the rescue.

Kagami: Ain’t that the truth.

Kuroko: I love basketball even more now than I did when I started at Seirin. That’s why I’m so glad I was able to be a part of this team when we became the best in Japan.

Kagami: I know. I feel the same way. But you can’t possibly be ready to call it quits now, right, Kuroko?

Kuroko: Of course not. As long as we keep playing basketball, there will always be opportunities to take on strong teams. And we’re going to keep winning!

Kagami: [stands up] I bet every team we’ve faced is gonna get even stronger, so I can’t wait to play ‘em again! Wait a second… We beat Touou at the Winter Cup, but we lost to them at the Inter-High… That means we’re tied right now!

Kuroko: Not to mention that Aomine-kun has beat you handily in every one-on-one game you’ve played so far.

Kagami: Shut up! I’ll beat him one-on-one sooner or later!

Kuroko: In that case, we should get back to practicing.

Kagami: Yeah! Let’s play another point!

[gym door opens]

Kagami: Oh!

Kuroko: It looks like everyone’s here.

Kagami: Yikes, does that mean it’s already time for morning practice to start?

Kuroko: No, it’s still early. [laughs] I guess the whole team had the same idea we did.

Kagami: [laughs] That just means we can squeeze in some more practice time! Alright! Let’s get fired up, Kuroko!

Kuroko: Yes!

– – –

2 thoughts on “[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” Duet Series Vol. 12 (Kuroko & Kagami) Mini Drama

  1. w00bies says:

    Thank you so much for still translating😭 I know this fandom had died a long time ago, but I’m really happy when I see updates on this fandom:”) again, thank you so much! I hope you will keep translating :”)


    • grimmfeather says:

      Thanks for your comment! I hear you–KnB will always have a special place in my heart. In fact, I’m holding out hope for a sequel. 🙂 I’m working on a few more translations!


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