[translation] “Houkago no Oujisama” Episode 3


「新テニスの王子様 OVA vs Genius10」Vol. 3「放課後の王子様」
New Prince of Tennis OVA vs Genius10 Vol. 3 “The Prince of After School”

Kite: That’s the thing about island time—it’s always out to get you!

As per request from Syame.

– –


Banner: The “Let’s Be Nice to Echizen” Party



Title: The Uncool Duo

Kai: I think Coach’s gonna give us an earful again come Valentine’s Day. He’ll be like, “Get yer heads outta the clouds!” and then pile on the practice.

Hirakoba: That’s what ya get with lame old geezers past their prime.

Kai: Hey, whaddaya say we ask one of the girls to give Coach some chocolate? If he gets in on the action, too, maybe he’ll get off our case.

Hirakoba: Ooh, I like the sound of that.

Girl A: Harumi-chan—!


SFX: flinch

Girl A: Harumi-chan, what kind of chocolate do you want this year?

Girl B: You can’t turn us down this year!

Saotome: Hey, you darn brats! Where d’ya get off callin’ me by my first name?!


SFX: chatter chatter

Saotome: Who’d want chocolate from a buncha kids anyway?! Shoo! Go on, get!

Girl A: Hey, wait up!

Text: He’s more popular than we are?

Hirakoba and Kai: (Don’t that make him more popular than us?)

Kite: You should’ve seen how much chocolate he received last year.

– –



Title: Pre-Habu

SFX: whoosh

Hirakoba: Habu!


Hirakoba: It’s really startin’ to shape up!

Chinen: I saaaw thaaat.


SFX: startled

Hirakoba: Whoa, Chinen?!

Chinen: I heard ya call that a “habu”, but it looked more like a baby habu to me.

Hirakoba: T-This’s why I don’t want anybody seein’ my moves while they’re still a work in progress!

– –



Title: A Present from the Captain

Tezuka: Kaidou, I have something for you.

Kaidou: Captain Tezuka?

Tezuka: I won this in a lottery in the shopping district, but I believe you’d get more use out of it.

Kaidou: What is it…?


Kaidou: (I think…he’s testing me.)

– –



Title: There’s No Such Thing as Ghosts

Echizen: Kaidou-senpai, is it true that you’re afraid of ghosts?

SFX: erk!

Kaidou: Don’t be stupid! It’s not like I’m scared of ghosts or anything! I just don’t believe in all that occult stuff!


SFX: ka-chak

SFX: drip drip

SFX: slam

Echizen: Is something wrong, senpai?

Kaidou: N-Nope, not at all!


SFX: tremble tremble

Kaidou: Q-Quit slacking off! Hurry up and get to practice!

Tezuka: Kaidou is the very picture of someone who has lost his composure. What happened to him?

Echizen: Beats me.

– –



Title: Chillin’

Tanishi: Time for a little catnap.


SFX: slap

Kite: Snap out of it, Tanishi-kun!

Tanishi: Crap… I almost got sucked into island time!

Kite: That’s the thing about island time—it’s always out to get you! You must be on your guard!

– –



Title: Freediving

SFX: shaaa

Saotome: Alright, get divin’!

Higa: Yeah—!


SFX: glub glub


SFX: blaaah

SFX: geh!


SFX: cough cough

Tanishi: That ain’t fair, Eishirou! Yer trying to make me laugh, lettin’ it all hang out when we’re freedivin’!

Saotome: Hey! Less blabbin’ and more divin’, Tanishi!

– –



Title: Imma Goin’ ta Tokyo

Tanishi: Yer special skill’s designing clothes, ain’t it, Eishirou? I wanna wear some cool clothes when we go ta Tokyo, so could ya draw a little somethin’ up for me?

Text: I’ll get my mom ta make it for me.

Kite: Oh my, our little Tanishi-kun is growing up, is he? I’ll have to see what I can do.


SFX: brain freeeze

Text: Later

Kite: Tanishi-kun, it’s finished.


Drawing: The Last Kijimuna (1)

Kite: The concept was “a fairy who alights in the big city”.


Tanishi: I guess havin’ a special skill don’t necessarily mean you have to use your power for good.

Kai: What’s the matter, Kei-kun?

– –



Title: What Makes Kabaji Angry

Hiyoshi: I wanted to know what would tick Kabaji off, so I’ve been asking him a bunch of questions, but nothing’s done the trick so far.

Text: That wouldn’t make me angry.

Ootori: You spend hours building a ship in a bottle, only for someone to break it.

Text: That wouldn’t make me angry.

Hiyoshi: Then how about this?


Hiyoshi: You boil pasta for the exact amount of time written on the package, but the noodles come out too soft.

SFX: freeze

Ootori: Whoa! That’s the first time he’s hesitated about his answer!

Hiyoshi: So he’s the type that insists on having his pasta al dente, huh?

– –



Title: First!

Hiyoshi: Alright, I made it to morning practice before anybody else. Now I’ve got this wide open court all to myself again.


SFX: fidget fidget


SFX: yippee! hooray!

SFX: roll roll


Ootori: (Oh dear. I missed my chance to make my entrance again.)

– –



Title: Messing with Hiyoshi

Mukahi: Yo, Hiyoshi! You’re awfully quiet today.

Hiyoshi: Mukahi-san.

Oshitari: What’s this? Not much for away games, eh? That makes one more of ours who’s “a lion at home and a mouse abroad”!

Hiyoshi: Don’t be absurd. I’m just taking this seriously, unlike a certain two senpai of mine.


Hiyoshi: You should consider practicing instead of just loafing around, senpai. Good grief… At this rate, it won’t be long until you’re forced to retire from the team.


Oshitari: He’s giving us lip, but the way he folded these towels says his parents raised him right.

Mukahi: He even folded our towels for us.

SFX: blush

– –



Title: It’s All the Rage

Mukahi: Woo-hoo! Found a shortcut!

SFX: boing

Hiyoshi: That’s dangerous, Mukahi-san!


SFX: skid

SFX: peace!

Mukahi: Yay! Mukahi Gakuto, jumping to rave reviews!


SFX: whoosh

Hiyoshi: My Gekokujou is all the rage right now, too!


SFX: thwack

Hiyoshi: Wait, there’s no way something like that would be popular, Mukahi-san!

Mukahi: Whaaat?! You were totally on board with it just a second ago!

– –



Title: That’s Doubles for Ya

Mukahi: That was your ball just now!

Hiyoshi: No, it was yours, Mukahi-san!

Oshitari: My, my. Fighting again, are we?


Oshitari: You want to jump even higher, don’t ya, Gakuto?

SFX: higher—!

Oshitari: And you’re aiming to overthrow the folks at the top, right, Hiyoshi?


Oshitari: You’re both aimin’ for the top, ain’t ya? You’ve gotta stick together!

Mukahi: Yuushi, that’s gross.

Hiyoshi: That’s disgusting, Oshitari-san.


Text: I guess that’s one thing they can agree on.

– –


Text: The End

– –

Translation Notes:

(1) In Okinawan mythology, kijimuna are small, mischievous wood spirits. A festival named after them is held every year in Okinawa.

– – –

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  1. Zasha says:

    Are more of these to come? Can’t find translations anywhere sadly. Same for message in bottle. Which is weird since this is so popular.


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