[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” 3rd Season Vol. 1 NG-Shuu


「黒子のバスケ」3rd SEASON 第1巻 NG集
Kuroko no Basuke 3rd Season Vol. 1 Bloopers

Kagami: Saying it in English doesn’t make it better!

Click here to watch the raw online. Thanks to Eder for the link!

NG 51

“Kuroko no Basuke: Bloopers”


Kagami: Hey, get your hands off her!

Haizaki: You’re the guy who just beat Atsushi, yeah? I was watching. You’re pretty good.

Kagami: (He knows Murasakibara? Just who is this guy?)

Alex: Ow… Let go of me, you damn brat!


Alex: Oops.


Alex: Awesome!

Kagami: No, it’s not! What about the story?!

Alex: I totally owned him! Alright!


Kagami: Hey!

Alex: Yes! Go me! Oh yeah!

Kagami: Saying it in English doesn’t make it better!

– –

NG 52

“Kuroko no Basuke: Bloopers”


Haizaki: That meatball’s mine!

Aomine: Damn it, Haizaki. If you’re still hungry, then order an extra large or go get seconds! Quit stealing people’s food!

Kuroko: I don’t really mind.

Haizaki: What’s the big deal? You do the same thing all the time. This one’s mine, too.

Aomine: Hey!

Kuroko: That’s a boiled egg, you know.


Aomine: What the hell are you doing? What is this, a variety show?

– – –

All of the NG-Shuu translations can be found under the ng shuu tag.

17 thoughts on “[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” 3rd Season Vol. 1 NG-Shuu

  1. SakunoRyu says:

    Pffftt BHUAHAHAHAHAHA……*replay*……BHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHA OMG!…..*replay*….. fuuuAhahahahahaha! Haizaki damn it, boiled egg hahahahahahaha! That was funny! Man, kuroko no basket made my day again…Thanks for this translation…I did enjoy it! A tons of star for ur hard work! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★


  2. Gaby says:

    OMG Haizaki! lol though I gotta agree with him that Aomine does it all the time too.
    And Alex is awesome! Thanks a lot again for your translation 😀


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