[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” Duet Series Vol. 11 (Kise & Kasamatsu) Mini Drama


「黒子のバスケ」キャラクターソング Duet Series Vol. 11: ミニドラマ
Kuroko no Basuke Character Song Duet Series Vol. 11: Mini Drama

黄瀬涼太 (木村良平) & 笠松幸男 (保志総一朗)
Kise Ryouta (Kimura Ryouhei) &
Kasamatsu Yukio (Hoshi Souichirou)

Kise: That’s the Kasamatsu-senpai I know. I can’t get anything past you.

[in the Kaijou locker room]

Kise: [sighs]

Kasamatsu: You alright, Kise?

Kise: What do you mean?

Kasamatsu: Your leg. It looks like it’s bothering you.

Kise: What? No, I’m fine.

Kasamatsu: That last shot—normally you would’ve gone for a dunk, but you switched to a layup to be on the safe side.

Kise: Even I practice layups sometimes.

Kasamatsu: You’re not fooling anybody.

Kise: …I was sure no one had noticed.

Kasamatsu: We practice together all the time. There’s no way I wouldn’t notice!

Kise: [laughs] That’s the Kasamatsu-senpai I know. I can’t get anything past you.

Kasamatsu: I’m not the only one. Everybody else noticed, too.

Kise: Seriously?! [laughs] Wow, I must suck at acting. And here people are always telling me I should try being an actor, not just a model.

Kasamatsu: Come again?

Kise: No, I—it was just a joke.

Kasamatsu: Well, if you’ve got time to screw around like that, then you should be using it to rest up. What you need most right now is to alleviate some of your fatigue.

Kise: Yes, sir.

Kasamatsu: Just because you’re doing extra practice on your own doesn’t give you license to be reckless.

Kise: But…you know how everybody was really fired up during practice today? That got me psyched up, too, and I didn’t want to lose to you guys!

Kasamatsu: Listen, you. If you get so carried away treating your own teammates like rivals that you end up aggravating your injury, then where will we be?! [smacks Kise]

Kise: Ouch! I’m sorry…

Kasamatsu: Our regular practices are tough enough as it is. But if you’ve got your mind set on doing more, you need to make adjustments to the kind of practice you do on your own.

Kise: Up until now, I’ve never known what it’s like to push myself to my limits, so I don’t really know what it means to overexert myself. Wait, hold on—I’m not trying to be sarcastic or anything, okay?

Kasamatsu: Yeah, I know you can’t help yourself. So if you can’t make that judgment call on your own, then come ask me.

Kise: Thank you so much!

Kasamatsu: Hey, Kise?

Kise: Hm?

Kasamatsu: Are you sure you aren’t…rushing yourself?

Kise: Um…I think it’s more that…I want to get stronger and stronger, and keep pushing myself to do better. That’s all I can think about right now. Back in middle school, winning was a given for us, and I started taking it for granted. So during that practice game with Seirin, when I lost at something for the first time in my life, I was incredibly frustrated…but ever since I decided to get revenge for that game, I’ve been having a ton of fun playing basketball!

Kasamatsu: Because you’d won so much that you lost sight of your goal…and now you’ve found it again?

Kise: That’s part of it, but…I realized just how much I love basketball. To borrow Kurokocchi’s words: I love basketball, and I don’t want to lose to anyone at the sport I love. I remembered something that should have been completely obvious.

Kasamatsu: [sighs] Yeah, it was staring you in the face this whole time. You sure took your sweet time realizing it! [smacks Kise]

Kise: Ow! Senpai…please don’t hit me over every little thing!

Kasamatsu: You love basketball, so you don’t want to lose. I’m the same way.

Kise: I know. Kasamatsu-senpai, you and everyone else on the team love basketball so much, and you give everything you have during practice, so I don’t want to lose to you guys!

Kasamatsu: If you overexert yourself on account of that, you’ve already lost.

Kise: But—hey…!

Kasamatsu: We’ll all be in trouble if we lose our ace. That’s why you should rely on us more.

Kise: Senpai…! Let’s win the championship, okay?

Kasamatsu: Yeah. I can’t believe I almost left without it.

Kise: [laughs] Then we’d better make sure to bring it home with us this time! I’ll show you what I’m really capable of during our games! I’m going to score points like crazy, so just leave it to me!

Kasamatsu: Heh. You cheeky brat.

Kise: What? Weren’t we having a moment? I was going for the big finish!

Kasamatsu: That was a compliment. That’s just the way you should be. Let’s give it everything we’ve got!

Kise: Yes, sir!

– – –

5 thoughts on “[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” Duet Series Vol. 11 (Kise & Kasamatsu) Mini Drama

  1. Ririn says:

    Great translation! :3 Thank you for your hard work!
    By the way, grimm-san – if you have any plans to do it, then.. when can I possibly see here translation of drama cd vol 30? This one where Kagami works in tiger costume? 8D
    Thanks for answering and good luck in future translations!


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