[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「未来へのキズナ」3DS Game – In-Game Events

ちゃんと残しておけよ / Chanto Nokoshiteoke yo / Leave Some for Me
Character: KagamiAomine + Midorima / Type: Event / Location: Kagami’s House
(Conditions: Aomine’s route with Kagami and Midorima in your party OR Midorima’s route with Kagami and Aomine in your party)

[in Kagami’s living room]

Aomine: Man… I’m starving.

Midorima: I never thought I’d be saying this, but it looks like we have something in common for once.

Aomine: Yeah? You’re hungry, too?

Kagami: …what’re you guys lookin’ at me for?

Aomine: It doesn’t have to be a three-course dinner. Just go whip somethin’ up real quick.

Midorima: And don’t use any nattou.

Kagami: Who said I was making anything?!

Aomine: We can’t help it. We’re hungry.


Kagami: And just how is that my problem…? Ugh, fine. …but don’t expect anything fancy, okay?

Aomine: Sure. Sounds good.

– –

[in the kitchen; Kagami is chopping vegetables]

Aomine: Oh…? Looks like you know your way around a kitchen.

Midorima: So you’re making vegetable stir fry…? I was expecting ramen, at the very least, but I suppose this will do.

Aomine: Ooh, ramen sounds good… Hey, Kagami, can we switch to ramen?

Kagami: No, you can’t! Just who do you two think you are?! If they come over again, I am not answering the door… Wait…oh, crap! I totally forgot!

Aomine: Huh? What’s up?

Kagami: I forgot I was supposed to go see my landlord about something. Here, you guys take over for a minute. Leave it on the heat for about three more minutes, then mix in these vegetables and the sauce, and it’ll be done.

Aomine: Why can’t you just finish it before you go?

Kagami: Because the landlord’s about to leave for the day! Okay, I’ll be right back. Oh! Just so you know, my portion’s in there, too. You can start without me, but make sure you leave some for me! [leaves]

– –

Aomine: Hey, Midorima. It’s been about three minutes.

Midorima: Indeed it has.

Aomine: ……… Hey, are you deaf? I said it’s time.

Midorima: I am well aware of that.

Aomine: Then get cookin’ already!

Midorima: No. I don’t cook, nor do anything of the sort.

Aomine: Well, neither do I… Hey, do you smell that?

Midorima: It smells like something’s burning.

Aomine: Hey, our precious meal’s getting burnt to a crisp!

– –

Aomine: Whew… We managed to salvage all but one part of it.

Midorima: Now all that’s left is to finish the dish.

Aomine: Finish it? What’re we supposed to do next, anyway?

Midorima: I believe he said something about adding vegetables.

Aomine: You mean these? I just toss ‘em in, right? Okay, done. Wasn’t there another step after that?

Midorima: It would be reasonable to assume that we need to season the vegetables we just added. Start by sprinkling some pepper on them.

Aomine: Pepper, gotcha… I guess I’ll just eyeball it. ……… Hey, doesn’t it smell kinda sweet now?

Midorima: Wait! That was cinnamon, not pepper!


Aomine: Cinnamon?! Why the hell did he leave cinnamon sitting right next to the pepper?!

Midorima: This must be the pepper. I’ll add it this time. ………

Aomine: You sure that’s not too much?

Midorima: Then we’ll dilute it by adding water.

Aomine: …so what’s this supposed to be, anyway?

– –

Kagami: Hey, I’m back.

Aomine: Yo. You sure took your sweet time.

Kagami: I didn’t think it’d take so long. There had better be some food left.

Aomine: No worries. We saved plenty for you.

Kagami: Sweet. Then I can’t wait to…

– –


Kagami: Wait a sec, what on earth is this…thing on the plate?!

Aomine: See? I told you there was plenty left.

Kagami: Yeah, there’s plenty because neither one of you has taken a single bite!

Midorima: You’re more than welcome to all of it.

Kagami: I only made it ‘cause you guys said you were hungry! So you get to help me eat it!

– – –

男子にあるまじき部屋 / Danshi ni Aru Majiki Heya / A Room Unfit for a Guy
Character: Kagami + Aomine / Type: Event / Location: Kagami’s House
(Conditions: Aomine’s route with Kagami in your party)

[in Kagami’s living room]

Aomine: Hey, I’m coming in. Man…your place is pretty bare bones, huh?

Kagami: Yeah, I guess I only buy stuff I really need.

Aomine: Oh yeah…? [rifling through Kagami’s belongings; sighs] ………

Kagami: …hey, quit snooping around somebody else’s house.

Aomine: So what d’ya do to kill time around here, anyway?

Kagami: There’re some basketball DVDs on that shelf over there, if you feel like watching something.

Aomine: Who wants to watch basketball? [sighs] ………

Kagami: …what the hell are you expecting to find under the sofa?


Aomine: I’m looking for your gravure photobooks or idol DVDs or whatever. Where do you hide ‘em?

Kagami: Hide them? I never had any in the first place!

Aomine: Huh? That’s impossible. Every guy’s got at least one or two.

Kagami: Are you planning to start making sense anytime soon?! Besides, I’m too busy thinking about basketball right now to have time for that stuff. I mean, our goal is to defeat you guys from the “Generation of Miracles” and become the best in Japan. If I had time to look at that gravure stuff or whatever, I’d spend it practicing.

Aomine: Sheesh… You’re a real basketball junkie, aren’t you?

Kagami: Shut up.

[Alex arrives]

Alex: I’m home!

Kagami: Hey, welcome back.


Alex: I picked up some milk, like you asked.

Kagami: Great, thanks! Could you put it in the fridge for me?

Alex: Sure!

Aomine: ………hey, what’s she doing here?

Kagami: Oh, Alex is staying with me while she’s in Japan. Not that I had much of a say in the matter.

Aomine: Oh… Now I get it.

Kagami: Get what?


Aomine: I bet you destroyed all the evidence ‘cause you knew your lady friend was coming over.

Kagami: I told you, I never had any of that crap to begin with!

– – –


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22 thoughts on “[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「未来へのキズナ」3DS Game – In-Game Events

  1. pollen says:

    thank you for translating! 😀

    wow i cant believe midorima has never won against akashi in rock-paper-scissor! lol and takao writing letter to a magazine as a fan of midorima omg i cant =)) this 3ds game sure is insane …ly interesting xD


  2. Gaby says:

    LMAO! I’m laughing so hard especially with the first one!
    The Akashi-Kuroko’s impressions were hilarious, that was a good idea of Kise! 😀
    I think Kise was the best IC impression, and Midorima was not doing that bad (until he dropped the lucky item stuff). Mukkun and Aomine’s were completely OOC but totally fun to read because of that!

    The second one, lol, poor Takao, he wants to get out of his chauffeur duties but he can’t. Ootsubo is hot *sigh happily*

    And the third one was nice! For some reason I liked seeing Takao interact with Akashi. Akashi seems to like a lot his ride heh. Poor Takao. At least Midorima recognized he had an “excellent suggestion” 😀

    Thanks so much again!


    • grimmfeather says:

      Thanks for reading!

      Yeah, nice try, Takao. XD And he knows Midorima reads Basketball Monthly, so he obviously intended for him to see the letter, which somehow makes it even more amusing.


      • Cici says:

        ne Grimm-san, do you have any plan to translate the new drama cd as well?
        it’s called “Bokutachi no baito no hanashi desu” (Kuroko no Basuke -Replace II)
        just s question, not a request ^^


  3. Michara says:

    Wahaha Hanamiya and Moriyama LOL 😀 .. Good luck you both haha :v ~ i’m happy–.thanks to you Grimmfeather-san ‘cuz i hanamiya’s fan 🙂


  4. RVT says:

    “Takao: Is everybody from the “Generation of Miracles” this damn spoiled?!”

    did takao even know that akashi is from rich family? and midorima’s family is quite has a status too. basically, he become a servant of “young master duo”. poor poor takao, I laughing so hard at your misery XD

    oh and if you have the video link of this scene, can you share it please? :3


    • grimmfeather says:

      And Takao had better watch out, because it seems Akashi has taken a liking to being chauffeured around in the bicycle trailer. XD

      You can watch it on NicoNico here (this event starts at 6:25). Thanks for reading!


  5. Jessica says:

    Hahahahahaha, Ahomine and Midorima xD
    Thank you so much! I’ve said it many times, but I seriously love your translations!


    • grimmfeather says:

      In order to unlock the routes for the Kiseki, including Kise, you have to beat the game once following Kuroko and Kagami’s route. I don’t believe you need to max out their kizuna meters; just play through their route, recruit a team, and win the tournament at the end.

      Let me know if you have any more questions!


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