[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「未来へのキズナ」3DS Game – In-Game Events


「黒子のバスケ 未来へのキズナ」3DS ゲーム
Kuroko no Basuke: Mirai he no Kizuna 3DS Game
In-Game Events

UPDATED 7.1.15

Aomine: Huh? That’s impossible. Every guy’s got at least one or two.

アテレコしよう! / Atereko Shiyou! / Let’s Do Voice Overs!
Character: Kuroko / Type: Event / Location: Sports Gym


[at the pool in the sports gym]

Kise: Hey, Aominecchi, wanna swim a 100-meter freestyle? I’ll race you!

Aomine: Nope.

Kise: Come on… “I don’t wanna do this. I don’t wanna do that.” That’s all it ever is with you! You haven’t gone swimming once since we’ve been here.

Aomine: What are you, stupid? I’ll get worn out if I go swimming.

Kise: Then why are you even here…?

Murasakibara: [sighs] Why can’t I eat snacks at the pool?

Midorima: Because the pool is a place for swimming, not for eating snacks.

Murasakibara: Then maybe I’ll go eat them in the locker room.

Midorima: The locker room is a place for changing clothes, not for eating snacks.

Murasakibara: Then maybe I’ll just leave… Hey, isn’t that Kurochin and Akachin over there?

Kise: No kidding. Looks like they’re deep in conversation. I wonder what kinda stuff they talk about…

Midorima: Most of it probably has to do with basketball or our middle school days. Perhaps they’re discussing our practices at Teikou, or what kind of practice they’re doing in high school.

Kise: About basketball, huh? Knowing them, that’s definitely a possibility.

[imitating Akashi] Tetsuya…I trust you’ve continued to develop your style of basketball?

[as Kuroko] Yes, I’ve made a lot of progress.

[as Akashi] …I see. I look forward to seeing it in action.

Kise: That sounds about right!

Aomine: What’s with the one-man skit?

Kise: I was doing voice overs.

Midorima: I see your copy skills aren’t useful for anything other than basketball.

Kise: They’ve got nothing to do with doing impressions of people! Anyway, now it’s your turn to do a voice over, Midorimacchi.

Midorima: Why on earth would I do something like that?

Kise: If you’re gonna complain, then you’d better show us a first-rate performance! Plus, I bet it’ll be funny.

Midorima: Maybe for you.

Kise: C’mon, let your hair down once in a while!

Midorima: ………

[as Akashi] Tetsuya…this is wonderful weather we’re having.

[as Kuroko] I agree, Akashi-kun. The weather is gorgeous today.

[as Akashi] Let’s do everything in our power to succeed today.

[as Kuroko] I even have today’s lucky item with me.

Kise: Hold on, Midorimacchi! That was all you halfway through! And you couldn’t think of anything better to talk about than the weather?!

Midorima: I had them discuss today’s lucky item, as well.

Kise: There’s no way they’d be talking about lucky items! Besides, you’re the one who just said they were probably talking about basketball or stuff from middle school!

Midorima: But you have no proof that what I said is incorrect.

Kise: Oh, I don’t need proof. Alright, now it’s your turn to step up to the plate, Murasakibaracchi.

Murasakibara: Whaaat…? Do I have to?

Kise: Anything you do will be better than Midorimacchi’s attempt.


[as Akashi] Hey, listen, Tetsuya. Nothing beats cream-stew-flavored Maiubou, am I right?

[as Kuroko] That’s right, Akashi-kun. The cream stew flavor is the bomb. But the squid ink pasta flavor is a close second.

Kise: Why the heck would they be talking about snacks?!

Murasakibara: But I’ve got no idea what they’re actually talking about.

Kise: I mean, you didn’t even try to make it sound like them! At least Midorimacchi managed a little bit at the beginning. Okay, you’re the last one left, Aominecchi.

Aomine: Huh?

Kise: You know, the voice overs! We’re dubbing their conversation.

Aomine: “Dubbing”…?

[as Akashi] Hey, Tetsuya, which chick d’ya think has the hottest boobs?

[as Kuroko] Dude…I mean, Akashi-kun, check out the rack on that girl in the checkered swimsuit in lane five…er, I mean, she looks nice.

Kise: Are you kidding me?! There’s a snowball’s chance in hell that’s what they’re talking about!

Aomine: Huh? What else would you talk about at the pool?

Kise: There’s plenty of other stuff to talk about! Geez, you guys weren’t even trying!

Murasakibara: Well, how are we supposed to know what they’re talking about?

Midorima: We could do this all day and still have no idea if we’re right or not.

Kise: Yeah, that’s true, but… Oh, look, they’re coming this way.

[Akashi and Kuroko arrive]

Kuroko: Hello, everyone.

Akashi: It looked like you were having quite the fun conversation.

Kise: Oh, well…you think so?

Akashi: I presume you were trying to guess what we were talking about?

Kise: Er…got it in one…

Kuroko: We figured as much.

Kise: I guess we were totally obvious…

Midorima: Their observation skills are not to be underestimated.

Kise: To think we were the ones being watched the whole time… That’s so like them.

– – –

投稿者は誰だ!? / Toukousha wa Dare Da?! / Who Submitted This Letter?!
Character: Midorima / Type: Event / Location: Sports Gym

[at the lounge in the sports gym; Midorima is reading an issue of Basketball Monthly]

Midorima: ………

Ootsubo: That must be a riveting read.

Midorima: Captain? Welcome back.

Ootsubo: Is that Basketball Monthly?

Midorima: They have a collection of all the back issues here, so it’s easy to reread them.

Ootsubo: Ooh, they’ve got a whole shelf of them… Then I guess I’ll read the latest issue. [flipping through the magazine] ……… Hm? Somebody wrote a letter about you in Basketball Monthly’s “FORUM”.

Midorima: Basketball Monthly’s “FORUM”… You mean the column where they publish letters from readers?

Ootsubo: Yeah. And your name pops up in one of the letters… Here, I’ll read it.


I am a fan of Midorima, a basketball player at Shuutoku High School. A few weeks ago, I saw Midorima riding in a bicycle trailer on his way to the venue for a game. Before that, I saw him riding through the city in that same bicycle trailer. Do you suppose Midorima never takes a turn pulling the bicycle trailer? I would like to see him pull it sometime.

Signed, The Fan with a Hawk’s Bird’s-Eye View

Midorima: ………

Ootsubo: There’s only one person I can think of who could have written this letter…


Midorima: Yes, there’s only one person who comes to mind. I’m going to go tell the writer of the letter in person that I will not be pulling the bicycle trailer.

Ootsubo: And when you find him, tell him to quit screwing around in magazine columns.

– – –

高尾観光大臣 / Takao Kankou Daijin / Takao, Director of Sightseeing
Character: Akashi / Type: Event / Location: Old Arcade
Watch this event on NicoNico (starts at 6:25).


[outside a store in the old arcade]

Takao: Huh? Hey, isn’t that Akashi over there?

Midorima: I believe so.

Akashi: Hello, Shintarou.

Midorima: Akashi. What are you doing?

Akashi: Since I’m back in Tokyo for the time being, I was taking this opportunity to familiarize myself with the area. Under different circumstances, I would’ve liked to set aside plenty of time for sightseeing. But with the tournament coming up, I decided it would be best to stay close by.

Midorima: Still, it must be difficult to get around on foot.

Akashi: Yes, it is. It takes a considerable amount of time to get from one place to another.

Takao: In that case, I’ve got a great idea.

Akashi: What might that be?


Takao: You could take our bicycle trailer for a spin. Then you could just cruise around town, easy as you please. How’s that sound?

Akashi: You’re suggesting that I could save time by riding in the bicycle trailer?

Takao: Oh, but there’s just one important rule you’ve gotta remember… We play rock-paper-scissors, and whoever loses has to pull the bicycle trailer.

Akashi: Rock-paper-scissors…?

Takao: Yeah, but that’s only if you lose, so no worries!

Midorima: You intend to make Akashi play rock-paper-scissors with us?

Takao: Heh heh! Bingo! I can never seem to beat you, Shin-chan, but I might have a chance against somebody else! Now, without further ado—let’s all play rock-paper-scissors!

– –

[on a city street; Takao is pulling both Midorima and Akashi in the bicycle trailer]

Takao: [panting] Damn it all—!! Why do I lose every freakin’ time at rock-paper-scissors?! Alright! If you look to your left, you’ll see a famous boutique cake shop—!

Akashi: I recognize the name of the shop.

Midorima: Takao, we’re losing speed.

Takao: I can’t help it! This is a hell of a lot harder with two people riding in the back!

Akashi: I’d like to have a look on the other side of the street. Would you head that way next?

Midorima: Before we do, let’s get something to drink.

Akashi: Yes, I could do with a drink myself. Stop by that vending machine, would you?

Midorima: No, that vending machine doesn’t have oshiruko. Let’s go to the one on the far side.


Takao: Is everybody from the “Generation of Miracles” this damn spoiled?!

– –

[back in the arcade]

Akashi: That was quite enjoyable. You have my thanks.

Midorima: I agree. And it was all thanks to Takao’s excellent suggestion.

Takao: [sighs] …maybe I just suck at rock-paper-scissors…

Midorima: I wouldn’t worry about it. You simply picked the worst possible opponent.

Takao: What d’ya mean?

Midorima: I have never beaten Akashi at rock-paper-scissors.


Takao: Seriously?! You, Shin-chan?! Why didn’t you tell me that sooner?! If I’d known that, I never would’ve suggested we play rock-paper-scissors!

Akashi: Sightseeing in a bicycle trailer wasn’t half bad. Should the opportunity present itself, I’ll be taking you up on your offer again.

– – –

真面目な男はモテル / Majime na Otoko wa Moteru / Serious Guys Get All the Girls
Character: Hanamiya / Type: Event / Location: Highway Along the Road

[on the sidewalk]

Woman: Um, excuse me!

Hanamiya: …did you need something?

Woman: Yes, could you tell me how to get to the train station?


Hanamiya: Sure. Just keep going straight, then turn right once you reach the main road.

Woman: Okay, so I keep going straight, then take a right. Thanks so much! [rushes off]

Hanamiya: …

[Moriyama joins him]

Moriyama: I feel your pain, Hanamiya.

Hanamiya: Huh? What do you mean?

Moriyama: You tried to hit on her…and got shot down, right?

Hanamiya: “Hit on”…? I did nothing of the sort.

Moriyama: It’s hard to admit, I know. But accepting a failure is the only way to move past it! I always keep that in mind, so I can get right back in the saddle.

Hanamiya: No, that’s not what I—


Moriyama: I have to say, though, your portrayal of the “perfect gentleman” was spot on. Personality is everything when it comes to picking up girls.

Hanamiya: ……… (This is so freaking annoying… Guess I’ll try to brush him off…) …no, I really have no interest in picking up girls.

Moriyama: What? What do you mean?

Hanamiya: I’m completely focused on basketball right now. I want to lay every moment of my high school years on the line, put my best foot forward every day, and win with the rest of my team… That’s why I don’t even have time to think about love and whatnot at the moment.

Moriyama: ………okay, I get it. That’s quite the pick-up technique you’ve got there.

Hanamiya: Huh?

Moriyama: A sincere high school guy who’s wholeheartedly devoted to basketball. He has no interest in the tangled web of romance. So your plan is to pretend to be that guy and get all the girls by playing hard to get.

Hanamiya: No…wait…

Moriyama: People become obsessed with what they can’t have… So if you pretend to be a guy who’s totally absorbed in basketball instead of love, you’ll have girls falling head over heels for you in no time!

Hanamiya: I never said anything about hitting on girls!


Moriyama: Alright, let’s you and me put this method to the test and go pick up some girls together!

Hanamiya: Listen to me, dammit!

– – –

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22 thoughts on “[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「未来へのキズナ」3DS Game – In-Game Events

  1. pollen says:

    thank you for translating! 😀

    wow i cant believe midorima has never won against akashi in rock-paper-scissor! lol and takao writing letter to a magazine as a fan of midorima omg i cant =)) this 3ds game sure is insane …ly interesting xD


  2. Gaby says:

    LMAO! I’m laughing so hard especially with the first one!
    The Akashi-Kuroko’s impressions were hilarious, that was a good idea of Kise! 😀
    I think Kise was the best IC impression, and Midorima was not doing that bad (until he dropped the lucky item stuff). Mukkun and Aomine’s were completely OOC but totally fun to read because of that!

    The second one, lol, poor Takao, he wants to get out of his chauffeur duties but he can’t. Ootsubo is hot *sigh happily*

    And the third one was nice! For some reason I liked seeing Takao interact with Akashi. Akashi seems to like a lot his ride heh. Poor Takao. At least Midorima recognized he had an “excellent suggestion” 😀

    Thanks so much again!


    • grimmfeather says:

      Thanks for reading!

      Yeah, nice try, Takao. XD And he knows Midorima reads Basketball Monthly, so he obviously intended for him to see the letter, which somehow makes it even more amusing.


      • Cici says:

        ne Grimm-san, do you have any plan to translate the new drama cd as well?
        it’s called “Bokutachi no baito no hanashi desu” (Kuroko no Basuke -Replace II)
        just s question, not a request ^^


  3. Michara says:

    Wahaha Hanamiya and Moriyama LOL 😀 .. Good luck you both haha :v ~ i’m happy–.thanks to you Grimmfeather-san ‘cuz i hanamiya’s fan 🙂


  4. RVT says:

    “Takao: Is everybody from the “Generation of Miracles” this damn spoiled?!”

    did takao even know that akashi is from rich family? and midorima’s family is quite has a status too. basically, he become a servant of “young master duo”. poor poor takao, I laughing so hard at your misery XD

    oh and if you have the video link of this scene, can you share it please? :3


    • grimmfeather says:

      And Takao had better watch out, because it seems Akashi has taken a liking to being chauffeured around in the bicycle trailer. XD

      You can watch it on NicoNico here (this event starts at 6:25). Thanks for reading!


  5. Jessica says:

    Hahahahahaha, Ahomine and Midorima xD
    Thank you so much! I’ve said it many times, but I seriously love your translations!


    • grimmfeather says:

      In order to unlock the routes for the Kiseki, including Kise, you have to beat the game once following Kuroko and Kagami’s route. I don’t believe you need to max out their kizuna meters; just play through their route, recruit a team, and win the tournament at the end.

      Let me know if you have any more questions!


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