[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” 2nd Season Vol. 5「セイシュンTIP-OFF!!~MVP伊月ver.」


“Seishun TIP-OFF!!~MVP Izuki ver.”
“Youth TIP-OFF!!~MVP Izuki ver.”

伊月俊 (野島裕史)
Izuki Shun (Nojima Hirofumi)

“’Phishing on the ‘NetNattou for a gnat?
The stage hand’s got sticky fingers
And your order’s out of order!’”


I’m a second year in the Seirin basketball club
Izuki Shun, number 5
My position is point guard
I’m good at more than just making puns!

We’re at full power today, as always / Let’s go win this
It’s impossible to not get fired up
Enjoy playing!!
Not a one of us intends to back down
Aim for No. 1 / Yes!! / To be youth’s MVP

What do you think? My eagle eye is flying high
That’s great! I’m on the ball today, if I do say so myself
In an (in an!) instant (instant!), I can change my point of view
Nice steal (Nice steal!)
Steal their breath away and steal the show

Now play it back
“A dolphin doll? It’s Finn’s dolphin?
You need a dolled-up dolphin doll, Finn? This is it!”
One more time
Phishing on the ‘Net? Nattou for a gnat?
The stage hand’s got sticky fingers
And your order’s out of order! I’ve got it!”

The optometrist and the overseer
Both have excellent fields of view
My field of view is eye-catching, too!

We’re at full power today, as always / We came here to win
One shot! Let’s make it count
Buzzer beater!!
With determination in our eyes
Steal the No. 1 spot / Yes!!
We’re going to reach our goal together

– –

Original Lyrics

– –


Seirin koukou basukettobooru bu ninen
Izuki Shun / sebangou 5
Pojishon PG (pointo gaado)
Dajare ga umai dake ja nai ze!

Kyou mo pawaa zenkai de / kachi ni ikou ka
Atsuku nan na tte hou ga muri
Enjoy playing!!
Dare hitori yuzuru ki wa nai
Mezase NO. 1 / YES!! / seishun no MVP

Dou ka na / ii guai ni iigu(ru)ai
Ii ne! / kyou mo nakanaka saeteru na
Shun (shun!) ji ni (ji ni!) shiten wo kaetara
Naisu katto (naisu katto!)
Katto sukatto semeyou ka

Saa pureibakku
“Iruka wa iru ka? / iruka wa iru ka?
Iruka ga iru kara iru ka? kita kore!”
Mou ikkai
“Netto de nettou? / netto de nattou?
Setto de settouhan goyou de goyoujin! kita kore!”

Shikai no shikai mo
Shikai no shikai mo ryoukou da
Ore no shikai mo ryoukou!

Kyou mo pawaa zenkai de / kachi ni kita n da
Ippon! daiji ni iku zo
Buzzer Beater!!
Dare no me mo akirametenai
Ubae NO. 1 / YES!!
Oretachi de tsukamu n da

– – –

2 thoughts on “[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” 2nd Season Vol. 5「セイシュンTIP-OFF!!~MVP伊月ver.」

  1. tomrules10 says:

    Dear Grimm-san,

    Hello. I hope you have been well. I was wondering if you have any plans to translate the Seishun Tip-Off songs that are not readily available on the web.

    Thanks always for the hard work. Take care.



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