[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” DVD Vol. 8 Audio Drama Feat. Aida Riko


「黒子のバスケ」DVD Vol. 8: オーディオドラマ 相田編
Kuroko no Basuke DVD Vol. 8: Audio Drama Feat. Aida Riko

Hyuuga: “Hey, guys, give us a nice funeral, will ya?”


[during practice in the gym at Seirin]

Hyuuga: [claps] Alright, take a thirty-minute break! If you haven’t had lunch yet, go get it now!

Kiyoshi: Hey, Hyuuga.

Hyuuga: What’s up, Kiyoshi?

Kiyoshi: Will you be my Valentine?

Hyuuga: What?

Kiyoshi: Here, see?

Kagami: Oh! That’s Digova chocolate! (1)

Kiyoshi: You like it, too, Kagami?

Kagami: I don’t really like sweet stuff, but this is an exception.

Kiyoshi: What about you, Kuroko?

Kuroko: I like it. Not that I get to eat it very often.

Kiyoshi: Yeah, it’s pretty expensive.

Hyuuga: Was it a gift from somebody?

Kiyoshi: Yeah, from my mom. It was supposed to be a Valentine’s Day present, but she said she wanted to give it to me before she forgot about it, so she gave it to me today.

Kuroko: Valentine’s Day is still a long time from now.

Hyuuga: That definitely sounds like something your parents would do.

Kiyoshi: They’re still no match for Riko, though.

Hyuuga: Yeah… Things got a little dicey there.

Kuroko: What happened?

Kiyoshi: Oh, that was last year. She gave us homemade chocolate as a present.

Kagami: ?! Homemade…? Knowing Coach, the flavor must’ve really been something else.

Kiyoshi: Well, actually…

Hyuuga: …it was amazing.

Kagami: Amazing…ly bad?

Kiyoshi: Just the opposite, in fact.

Hyuuga: It was delicious.

Kagami: Wha—?

Kiyoshi: It was delicious.

Kuroko: Are you sure that isn’t some kind of coping mechanism?

Hyuuga and Kiyoshi: No, it really was delicious.

Kagami: I find that hard to believe.

Kuroko: I agree.

Hyuuga: I don’t blame you. But it’s the honest truth.

Kiyoshi: When was that, I wonder…? One day, out of the blue, Riko came to us and said—

– –


Aida: Hyuuga-kun! Teppei! I’ve got a little favor to ask you. See, I’ve been thinking about giving everyone a present.

Kiyoshi: Wow! That’s so nice of you.

Hyuuga: Like a gym towel or a sports drink…?

Aida: I considered a bunch of different ideas, but I was thinking more along the lines of homemade sweets!

Hyuuga: H-h-homemade?! W-why do they have to be homemade?

Aida: I’m always really strict with you guys, so I thought it might be nice to do something girly every once in a while.

Kiyoshi: I’m sure the guys will be delighted!

Hyuuga: B-but, um, you know—you’re busy with all your coaching duties, so even if they’re store-bought sweets instead of homemade ones, I’m sure everybody’ll love them…

Kiyoshi: Store-bought sweets are a dime a dozen! The whole point is that Riko is the one making them.

Aida: Exactly! That’s exactly right! You know what I mean?

Kiyoshi: I think I do! I’d love to try a cake you made from scratch.

Aida: Well, I’m not so sure about cake… It takes so much research and prep work… I was thinking about making chocolate.

Kiyoshi: Why not? Homemade chocolate is a classic!

Hyuuga: But, well, y’know—it’s out of season for Valentine’s, so…

Aida: You think so?

Kiyoshi: Don’t get hung up on the details! There’s no rule that says you can’t make chocolate if it isn’t Valentine’s Day.

Aida: I know, right?

Kiyoshi: In fact, we can just think of the chocolate as your Valentine to us!

Aida: I feel so motivated now! I’m gonna pour my heart and soul into making the most unique homemade chocolate the world’s ever known! I’ve made up my mind!

Kiyoshi: Yeah! That’s wonderful! We’ll be rooting for you. Right, Hyuuga?

Hyuuga: U-um, ah, sure! Do your best!

Aida: Thank you! So, you see, there’s a little something I’d like to ask you two…

Kiyoshi: What’s that?

Hyuuga: What’s up?

Aida: I’d like you to taste test the chocolate.

Kiyoshi: Sure, no problem!

Hyuuga: Huh? O-oh. Sure thing.

Aida: I’ll put all my skills to the test and make the best chocolate there ever was!

Kiyoshi: Then there’s no time to waste! Let’s get started!

Hyuuga: What’s the rush?

Kiyoshi: You’ve got to strike while the iron’s hot, as they say!

Aida: Alright, then why don’t you come to my house after this? I want to perfect my recipe as soon as possible! I’ve got a plan all thought out and everything!

Kiyoshi: Then there’s no time to waste!

Hyuuga: R-right…

Aida: Okay, then let’s get to it!

– –

Kagami: Ta…taste testing…? That’s hardcore.

Hyuuga: All ‘cause this guy’s optimism knows no bounds.

Kiyoshi: Riko was willing to go to all that trouble because she cares about us. How could we not return the favor?

Hyuuga: I know that, but…

Kuroko: As your kouhai, it might be rude of me to say this, but I really admire your optimism, Kiyoshi-senpai.

Kiyoshi: It nearly got me killed, though.

Kagami: So it was a close call!

Hyuuga: But you seemed like you were enjoying yourself.

Kiyoshi: Well, you know. It’s not every day you get to have an experience like that.

Kuroko: What happened?

– –

[flashback; at the Aida house]

Aida: I’d like you to try these.

Hyuuga: The chocolates…?

Kiyoshi: They look delicious! But…where’s that strange, chemical smell coming from?

Aida: Chemical smell? I didn’t use anything out of the ordinary, though.

Hyuuga: The chocolate is a weird blue color… Did you put in food coloring or something?

Aida: No, not really.

Hyuuga: Okay…

Aida: I guess they don’t…look very good…

Hyuuga: That’s not true at all!

Kiyoshi: Chocolate that doesn’t smell like cocoa is totally revolutionary! Right?

Hyuuga: Huh? Y-yeah. You’re right.

Aida: Anyway, I tried mixing blueberries into the chocolate.

Kiyoshi: Oh, I see! That explains why it’s blue. That means the smell must be from the blueberries.

Aida: Probably!

Hyuuga: A-are you sure…?

Aida: I guess the blueberries must’ve turned the chocolate blue, too! Go ahead and try a piece!

Kiyoshi: Awesome! I can’t wait to try it!

Hyuuga: Same here.

– –

Kagami: So, how was it?

Hyuuga: Well, I don’t remember anything after that.

Kiyoshi: When I came to, I was back in my own room.

Kagami: ?! What on earth did she make you eat…?

Hyuuga: It was chocolate! Just chocolate, that’s all. But it completely exceeded our expectations.

Kiyoshi: Don’t get us wrong. It wasn’t bad. It was just an experience so overwhelmingly powerful that it made us lose our memories.

Kagami: You just don’t remember, do you?!

Kuroko: But you kept going anyway?

Hyuuga: Yeah. We kind of dug in our heels after that.

Kiyoshi: We’d already gone that far, so we had to see it through to the end.

Hyuuga: In for a penny, in for a pound, as they say.

– –


Aida: This is the latest batch.

Hyuuga: Huh, it looks like normal chocolate.

Kiyoshi: It still doesn’t smell like cocoa, though.

Aida: Well, the blueberries and strawberries were a bust, so I tried using something totally unique!

Hyuuga: What’d you put in?

Aida: Pears!

Kiyoshi: Huh?

Aida: Pears.

Hyuuga: You mean…like those “La France” ones?

Aida: No, Japanese nashi pears.

Hyuuga: Nashi? Huh…I’ve never had chocolate with nashi in it before.

Aida: I tried it on a hunch. The chocolate might look plain, but it should be pretty tasty. Go ahead and try some!

Hyuuga: Alright…

Kiyoshi: I can’t wait! [eats a piece of chocolate]

Hyuuga: Me neither… [eats a piece of chocolate]

Kiyoshi: ?!!

Hyuuga: ?!!

[Hyuuga and Kiyoshi collapse]

Aida: What? Wait, what happened?! [shaking them] Teppei?! Hyuuga-kun?! Hey, are you alright? Hello?! Can you hear me?! W-what should I do?!

– –


Aida: Are you two alright? This must have happened…because you ate my chocolate…

Hyuuga: [unsteady] N-nah, we’re right as rain now. No worries!

Kiyoshi: The flavor packed a punch, just like you!

Aida: I’m sorry. For making you help me with all of this.

Hyuuga: It’s not like we mind.

Kiyoshi: What’re friends for, anyway?

Aida: I…I’m starting to think I should just give up.

Hyuuga: What are you talking about?

Aida: At this rate, it might actually be Valentine’s Day by the time I get it right…

Kiyoshi: Wow! Having them ready by Valentine’s is a great idea, too!

Hyuuga: Does anything actually go on inside that head of yours?!

Kiyoshi: Anyway, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, okay? The fact that you put your heart and soul into making it is all it takes to make us happy.

Aida: Really…?

Hyuuga: Yeah, really. And I’ve never known you to give up!

Aida: …! Thank you. I think I’m ready to give it another try!

Kiyoshi: That’s the spirit!

Hyuuga: Well, just take it easy.

Aida: Yep! I’ll give it my best shot!

– –

Kuroko: Under normal circumstances, this would be a very touching story.

Hyuuga: Are you trying to say there’s something abnormal about it?

Kagami: Umm—well, I mean, it knocked you out, right? That’s crazy.

Kiyoshi: When I came to, I was floating in midair near the ceiling, looking down at myself passed out on the floor. I guess it was what you’d call an “out-of-body experience”. Then I found myself soaring through a tunnel of dazzling white light. After a while, a very beautiful field of flowers came into view. I could see a river in the distance. And sitting on the riverbank was my dearly departed great-grandma…

Kagami: Isn’t that more like a near-death experience?!

Kiyoshi: My great-grandma told me, “You still have things you need to do. It’s not your time yet.” And then, next thing I knew, Riko was nursing me back to health.

Kuroko: Why would you go so far as to risk your life to do a favor for Coach?

Kiyoshi: Because Riko is special.

Hyuuga: There’s a good reason she’s our coach and not just a manager. We were only able to make it this far because she decided to give us her support. So if she needs our help, we’ve got to return the favor and give her our support.

Kiyoshi: Every time we helped her with the taste testing, we always pulled an all-nighter. But in spite of that, Riko showed up at morning practice every day without complaint, and she didn’t slack off on any of her work as a coach.

Kagami: I mean, even we know Coach is amazing, but…

Kiyoshi: Making the chocolate was fun, in its own way. To be honest, I felt the same sense of accomplishment doing that as I do playing basketball.

Hyuuga: At any rate, she eventually got it right.

Kagami: Is that really true?

Kuroko: I’m still not entirely convinced.

Kiyoshi: It’s the truth. She worked incredibly hard after that.

Hyuuga: Yeah, we’d already come this close to kicking the bucket.

Kiyoshi: So we really buckled down and gave it our all.

– –


Kiyoshi: What’s this powder?

Aida: A vitamin C supplement.

Hyuuga: That doesn’t belong in chocolate!

Aida: Are you sure?

Kiyoshi: Vitamin C does seem like a better fit than vitamin D, though, right?

Hyuuga: What kind of logic is that? Let’s hear you try to explain it!

– –

Hyuuga: Hold it. What’re those blue tablets?

Aida: Oh, this is a new protein supplement that just came out, and—

Hyuuga: Stay away from the supplements!

Kiyoshi: You never know. Supplements might actually spice up the flavor.

Hyuuga: Yeah, on a cold day in hell!

– –

Hyuuga: Let’s keep this nice and simple.

Aida: Okay.

Hyuuga: Alright, start by melting the chopped chocolate.

Aida: [stirring] Like this, you think?

Hyuuga: Yeah. That should be plenty.

Aida: Now we add some basil…

Hyuuga: Hey!

Aida: Ah?! Did I do something wrong?

Hyuuga: Just stop and think for a sec. What are we making?

Aida: Um…oh, chocolate!

Hyuuga: Don’t forget that, I’m begging you.

Kiyoshi: Wow, I completely forgot, too. That’s amazing how that happens sometimes.

Hyuuga: Our lives are on the line here, you know!

– –

Hyuuga: Anyway, let’s make sure we stay totally focused.

Aida: Okay.

Hyuuga: We’re making chocolate. That’s all that matters. It’s not rocket science.

Aida: Yep.

Hyuuga: Don’t try to do anything fancy. Normal is fine. Normal chocolate is all we need. So long as it’s made with love, it’s perfectly fine. Got it?

Aida: Yeah.

Hyuuga: Great. Alright, what’s this?

Aida: Melted chocolate.

Hyuuga: And what about over here?

Aida: Sugar and milk.

Hyuuga: Right. Now you’re just going to mix them together, okay?

Aida: Yep!

Hyuuga: Ready…go!

Aida: [adds ingredients; stirs the mixture] They’re all mixed in! Teppei, can you taste it for me?

Kiyoshi: Let’s see… [tastes the chocolate] Oh? It’s really salty.

Aida: Huh? Wha…? Oh, no! I used salt instead of sugar!

Hyuuga: How can you make such a cliché mistake this late in the game?!

– –

Hyuuga: It took some trial and error, but we started making a little progress.

Kiyoshi: Until finally, one morning…

– –

[flashback; at Seirin; school bell chimes]

Aida: It’s finished.

Hyuuga: Huh?

Aida: After you went home last night, I tried making another batch on my own.

Kiyoshi: You mean…you didn’t get any sleep?

Aida: Hahaha! It’s no big deal. But enough about that… [presents the chocolates] I’d like you to try some.

[Hyuuga and Kiyoshi each take a piece]

Hyuuga: Whoa…! It smells like cocoa!

Aida: This batch is my best yet.

[Hyuuga and Kiyoshi eat the chocolates]

Aida: …well?

Hyuuga: …Kiyoshi…

Kiyoshi: Yeah… This is…

Hyuuga: I’m at a loss for words…

Kiyoshi: It tastes like chocolate…!

Hyuuga: And, I mean, it’s delicious!

Kiyoshi: It’s delicious! It tastes great, Riko!

Aida: Really?! [jumping for joy] Thank goodness!

Hyuuga: Wait…huh? What? I’m having trouble processing this! So basically, that means…we did it, right?

Kiyoshi: That’s right, Hyuuga!


Hyuuga: That’s awesome!

Aida: Hyuuga-kun, Teppei! Thank you so much! I never would’ve been able to do it without you!

Kiyoshi: What are you talking about? All we did was keep you company. You deserve all the credit!

Hyuuga: No kidding! You really are a woman who makes the impossible possible!

Aida: Huh?

Kiyoshi: Anyway, this is cause for celebration! I want the rest of the guys to try it as soon as possible!

Hyuuga: Yeah! We’ll help you carry the boxes.

Aida: That’s okay. I can handle it.

Kiyoshi: We’d be happy to help!

Aida: Heh, if you insist. Oh, but before we do that, there’s one more thing I’d like the two of you to try.

Hyuuga and Kiyoshi: Huh?

Aida: The truth is, I made one more kind of chocolate. It’s a special batch I made just for you two.

Hyuuga: Just for us…?

Aida: Yeah. Just for you. But make sure you keep it a secret!

Hyuuga: S-sure.

Kiyoshi: Y-yeah, okay.

Aida: Hm. [smiling; presents them with another box of chocolates] Taa-daa!

Kiyoshi: Oh, how cute! They’re shaped like cats?

Aida: U-um, they’re supposed to be bunnies…

Kiyoshi: O-oh, r-really? They’re bunnies? They look kind of like dogs, or maybe mice, even, so I guess it’s all good.

Hyuuga: Hey, how is that supposed to make her feel better?!

Aida: The shape isn’t perfect, but I can guarantee they’re delicious.

Kiyoshi: You sound pretty confident, so it must be true.

Hyuuga: But then…why don’t you just give everybody some of this chocolate?

Aida: I told you, you two are different! I have to be impartial when we’re playing basketball, but at least let me do something special for you when I have the chance.

Hyuuga: Wha…?

Kiyoshi: Riko…

Aida: [laughs] Alright, now make sure to savor them!

– –

Kagami: And then…?

Kuroko: What happened next?

Kiyoshi: Let’s just say…I had never experienced anything like that before.

Hyuuga: Yeah. You might not believe us, but…

– –

[flashback; in outer space]

Kiyoshi: Hey, Hyuuga!

Hyuuga: What, Kiyoshi.

Kiyoshi: Earth looks really blue from up here, huh?

Hyuuga: Yep. No kidding.

Kiyoshi: We’re so lucky to get to see this!

Hyuuga: Yep.

Kiyoshi: I’m glad we met her. Aren’t you?

Hyuuga: That sure came out of left field.

Kiyoshi: If it weren’t for her, we’d never get to experience something like this. Am I wrong?

Hyuuga: Well, no, but I’m not as tolerant as you are.

Kiyoshi: This is just another one of her special talents!

Hyuuga: Yeah, tell me about it.

Kiyoshi: Come on, just admit it! Are there any other coaches who could give you an experience like this?

Hyuuga: Nope, not a one.

Kiyoshi: Right? That’s why it’s so great. Just relax and enjoy it, okay?

Hyuuga: Ugh…

Kiyoshi: Look! The moon is right over there!

Hyuuga: No shit, Sherlock.

Kiyoshi: Wow! This is awesome! Hahaha! Hahahaha! Haha! This is amazing—!

Hyuuga: I wanna go home…

– –

Kuroko: I can’t believe you both had the exact same dream at the same time…!

Kiyoshi: No, we both went to the same place! That wasn’t a dream—it was real!

Hyuuga: I know it doesn’t make much sense, but I can’t deny it, either.

Kagami: Wait, isn’t that even worse than a near-death experience?!

Kuroko: Now I’m kind of tempted to try that chocolate for myself.

Hyuuga: No. Don’t risk it. You guys can’t handle it yet.

Kagami: Is that really the issue here?

Kuroko: Then…next Valentine’s Day…does that mean…?

Hyuuga: H-huh, I wonder…

Kiyoshi: You know her. I’m sure she’s already planning something. Now we have something to look forward to, right?

Hyuuga: Just how optimistic can you get?!

Kiyoshi: Kuroko, Kagami—you guys might get the chance to visit space, too!

Kagami: That’s the last thing I want!

Aida: [enters] Hyuuga-kun! Teppei!

Hyuuga: O-oh, hey!

Kiyoshi: What’s up?

Aida: I have a little favor to ask.

Hyuuga: What is it?

Kiyoshi: Okay, go ahead.

Aida: For next Valentine’s Day…I was thinking about making some homemade chocolate to give to everyone.

Hyuuga: Wha…? Homemade? Again?

Aida: Yep! It went over really well last year, and besides, Tsuchida-kun’s the only one with a girlfriend.

Kiyoshi: What a great idea! Man, you’ve really got to plan ahead for this kind of stuff when there aren’t any girls around.

Aida: I am a girl, you know.

Hyuuga: Kiyoshi…!

Aida: Heh. So I was wondering if I might be able to ask you two to help with the taste testing again.

Kiyoshi: You’ve come to the right place!

Hyuuga: S-sure thing!

Aida: Truth be told, I’ve actually already completed the first prototype batch.

Hyuuga: Huh?

Aida: And I just happened to bring it with me.

Kiyoshi: Then I guess we’ll have to try it!

Aida: In that case, just follow me to the room next door! [leaves]

Kiyoshi: Okay?

Hyuuga: Don’t give me that!

Kiyoshi: I told you she’d have something up her sleeve. C’mon, let’s go. [gets up and follows Aida]

Hyuuga: … Hey, guys, give us a nice funeral, will ya?

Kagami: Is it really that bad?

[Hyuuga takes off after Kiyoshi]

Kagami: Kinda feels like we shouldn’t intrude, huh?

Kuroko: I agree. Coach…Captain…and Kiyoshi-senpai. Seeing the three of them support one another is nothing short of inspirational. Without any one of them, the Seirin basketball club wouldn’t exist. It’s because we have senpai like them that we can unleash our potential to its full extent.

Kagami: Aren’t you trying a little too hard to put a good spin on this?

Kuroko: Not at all. That’s honestly what I think.

Kagami: Well, I kinda get what you’re saying. I mean, I’m glad I came to Seirin, too.

Kuroko: Of course.

Kagami: Alright, then I guess we’ll just have to make do with the Digova.

Kuroko: Right.

[Kagami and Kuroko each take a piece of chocolate]

Kuroko: But don’t you think it would be nice to visit space sometime?

Kagami: Can you stop cracking jokes with such a straight face?

Kuroko: I’m not joking. I’m totally serious.

Kagami: Oh, yeah?

Kuroko: Why don’t we go together?

Kagami: No, thanks!

– –

Aida: Kuroko no Basuke Special CD featuring Aida Riko.

– –

Translation Notes:

(1) Digova = a parody of Godiva brand chocolate

– – –

10 thoughts on “[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” DVD Vol. 8 Audio Drama Feat. Aida Riko

  1. Gaby says:

    OMG. This was cute, sweet and totally hilarious! Hyuuga and Kiyoshi are so freakin’ adorable! Kiyoshi’s description of “near death” experience made me laugh as well as both of them telling about their “space” experience. Precious! Thanks a lot for the traslation! I got to see how to listen to this ^^


  2. nuggets says:

    The only explanation that comes to mind for Kiyoshi and Hyuuga’s space journey was that they were tripping balls…..XD actually really sounded like they were on drugs, especially Kiyoshi…


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