[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” 2nd Season Seiyuu Comments

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Seven of the Kuroko no Basuke seiyuu shared their thoughts after finishing the dubbing of the second season of the anime. Posted on the official web site on March 24th, 2014.


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Comments Following the Dubbing of the Final Episode of the TV Anime’s Second Season!

We have some comments and photos to share from after the conclusion of the dubbing of “Win!”, the 50Q (final episode) of the second season of the Kuroko no Basuke TV anime.


Following the dubbing of the final episode, a special cake was brought in!
If you look closely, you can see whipped cream on Murasakibara’s mouth!
Did he sneak a taste before everyone else?!

1. Please share your thoughts about finishing the dubbing of the final episode of the second season of Kuroko no Basuke.
2. When you think back on the dubbing of the second season of Kuroko no Basuke, are there things you liked about your character, scenes you enjoyed performing, or scenes you found particularly challenging?
3. Please leave a message for all the fans who have watched the second season of Kuroko no Basuke to its conclusion.

Ono Kenshou-san as Kuroko Tetsuya
1. It really feels like it was over in a flash.
The first season ended, but then once the second season finally started, it was over before I knew it…
I think that comes with the territory of focusing so intently on a project week after week.
2. I really like that he has his own sense of purpose. And in the second season, as the games become more intense, more of Kuroko’s inner passion for basketball is revealed, which made him even more fun to play than in the first season.
3. Thank you very much for cheering us on all the way to the final episode!!
Please continue to support the original work and the Kuroko no Basuke anime in the future!!

Ono Yuuki-san as Kagami Taiga
1. This was the long-awaited second season, but looking back on it now, it was over before I knew it.
To be honest, it still doesn’t seem real.
2. In the first season, I played Kagami as if each new development gradually made him unleash the full extent of his passion and intensity, but then the second season came around, and he was taking it to a whole new level…! I knew I couldn’t lose to him, so I gave everything I had in each and every episode.
3. Seirin has faced many fated battles. Thanks to your support, they’ve been able to overcome every obstacle that stood in their way. We’re counting on you to keep rooting for us from here on out!

Hosoya Yoshimasa-san as Hyuuga Junpei
1. I still can’t believe it’s over. It seems like once we started, it was over in no time at all.
2. In the second season, we did the story about the founding of the Seirin basketball club, which was a lot of fun but also very challenging.
When I saw how bad Hyuuga looked with blond hair—bad enough that it made me wonder, “Did he rush the dye job?”—I couldn’t get used to seeing him like that, and as the person who has been playing regular Hyuuga all this time, it was both a strange and pleasant feeling.
3. Thank you so much for everything.
I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

Saitou Chiwa-san as Aida Riko
1. I did the dubbing with the mindset that I was helping the team we had formed in the first season continue to grow in the second season.
It made me incredibly happy to be able to watch over the boys who are always enjoying themselves and have truly become a force to be reckoned with (haha).
2. I love everything about Riko.
There’s something charming about both her strengths and her weaknesses, and her facial expressions are constantly changing—all of which makes me very happy to be able to play this role.
3. Thank you for cheering us on all the way to the last episode again!!
It’s thanks to all of you that we were able to do our best.
Please continue to give us your support.

Hamada Kenji-san as Kiyoshi Teppei
1. First of all, I’m relieved that everything went smoothly.
There were quite a few scenes in the second season where the spotlight was on Kiyoshi, so the recording was fairly taxing, and since I hadn’t experienced any game scenes in the first season, it was hard to get accustomed to recording them.
So I am truly relieved that I was able to make it all the way through the Yousen game.
2. Personally, I find characters like Kiyoshi very challenging to play.
I had difficulty grasping the depth of the inner workings of his character, which meant that I was always causing nothing but trouble for the rest of the cast during the recording.
It made me realize all over again that playing a single character is not easy.
3. First and foremost, I am very grateful that the support of all our fans enabled us to do a second season.
Since Kuroko no Basuke is such a popular series, I couldn’t help but be conscious of that fact, yet thanks to everyone’s encouragement, I was able to make it all the way to the end. Thank you very much.

Suzumura Kenichi-san as Murasakibara Atsushi
1. It feels like it was over in a flash. Everyone on this project was so incredibly passionate about it that I actually feel a little lonely now that it’s over.
2. Murasakibara never changed his “I only play basketball because I’m good at it. I don’t like it” attitude, but I could never really understand that. Still, I get the feeling that everything fell into place with those tears he cried at the end. He realized that he’s still a basketball junkie at heart, which made me want to keep cheering for him in the future. I played him as a villain-type character, so to speak, but he developed into a character you can truly love, which is a big relief for me.
3. We were able to make this second season thanks to all of your support—so what did you think of it, everybody?! Can we ask you to cheer us on again? As a fellow fan, I’m hoping that a third season will become a reality!

Taniyama Kishou-san as Himuro Tatsuya
1. It really was over just like that…
It wasn’t as if Himuro appeared in every episode, but that somehow made his appearances seem all the more condensed, so it was a very intense 2-cour.
2. I find it fascinating how even though he appears to be the cool type at first glance, this characteristic is balanced out by the very passionate part of his personality.
I only had to say a few lines in English, but I found them…very challenging.
3. Thank you very much for all of your support.
I have a very strong feeling that there is still much more to come, so please continue to give us your support!

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5 thoughts on “[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” 2nd Season Seiyuu Comments

  1. Gaby says:

    Awww this was really cute, thanks a lot! I love all of the comments and how they saw their characteres. I especially liked the one made by Kenichi-san about Mukkun, he really went into detail about it 😀


  2. road says:

    too bad there is no kamiya’s comment on akashi 😦
    guess that have to wait for season 3 then xD
    but at least I’m glad that I can know the comments of the other seiyu on their character… 😀
    Thx for the translation anyway ^^


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