[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” 2nd Season Vol. 2 Audio Drama Feat. Kagami Taiga

Time to hit the beach! Just in time for summer. 😀


「黒子のバスケ」2nd SEASON 第2巻 SPECIAL CD Feat. 火神大我
Kuroko no Basuke 2nd Season Vol. 2 Special CD Feat. Kagami Taiga

Kagami: “You ain’t seen nothing ‘til you’ve surfed the West Coast!”


Kagami: Kuroko no Basuke Special CD featuring Kagami Taiga.

– –

[at the beach]

Koganei: [attracting customers] Come one, come all! Welcome to the beachside White House! Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a delicious meal, you’ve come to the right place!

Kagami: [in the kitchen, cooking] Come on in and try our yakisoba! [to himself] Why would you call a beach house the “White House”, anyway? Alright. Two orders of squid yakisoba up! Koganei-senpai, they’re ready for you.

Koganei: Coming! Hey, Mitobe, can you make horumon udon, too? (1) Like the stuff they serve at those casual gourmet restaurants.

Mitobe: [nods]

Koganei: Oh? You’ve got it covered?

Kagami: Mitobe-senpai, you’re amazing.

Koganei: Okay, then I’ll take three orders of that. [serving customers] Sorry to keep you waiting! Two orders of squid yakisoba and a Blue Hawaii shaved ice, correct?

Kagami: Alright, I guess I’ll start chopping some cabbage. …hey, Kiyoshi-senpai’s the one who asked us to help out in here, but where the heck did he go?

[Kiyoshi enters, lugging boxes]

Kiyoshi: Wow, what a great haul! [sets down the boxes]

Kagami: Kiyoshi-senpai! What’s with all the boxes? Whoa?! Is this…tai?! (2)

Kiyoshi: Yep. The owner of this shop has some good friends who are fishermen. They sent me back with these, as a souvenir.

Koganei: Hey, just how many fish are there? This is like a souvenir on steroids!

Kiyoshi: The fishermen were all so generous. Men of the sea are awesome!

Koganei: Kiyoshi, you’re a real hit with the old folks, huh?

– –

Kiyoshi: Alright, let’s cook some of this tai and add it to the menu.

Koganei: That’s all well and good, but Kagami, do you know how to work with tai?

Kagami: Oh… Well, yeah, I can figure something out. Mitobe-senpai’s here with me, so it’ll be fine.

Kiyoshi: I’m so glad to hear that! Kagami and Mitobe are running the kitchen, and Koga and I are in charge of waiting on customers. The owner told me that he really appreciates our help!

Kagami: No problem. We’ve got the day off since the training camp just ended, but it’s not like I had anything better to do, anyway.

Koganei: Yeah, and it’s like R&R for the eyes! Swimsuits! College girls in swimsuits! Pretty college girls in swimsuits! With the occasional nip slip for good measure!

Kagami: What the heck—? Anyway, if we manage to meet our sales goal, then we get free time later. I haven’t been surfing in ages!

Koganei: Huh?! Kagami, you know how to surf?!

Kagami: You ain’t seen nothing ‘til you’ve surfed the West Coast!

Koganei: The “West Coast”? Like around the Miura Peninsula?

Kagami: No, the West Coast of America! Wait a sec, Kiyoshi-senpai, is the owner of this shop a relative of yours or something?

Kiyoshi: You mean Grandpa Matsuda?

Kagami: Who’s “Grandpa Matsuda”?

Kiyoshi: He’s a former teacher of mine.

Kagami: Oh. You mean like one of your teachers from middle school?

Kiyoshi: He’s the man who taught me how to play hanafuda while I was hospitalized.

Kagami: What’s that got to do with anything?!

– –

Kiyoshi: [looking over the accounts] Hmm… So these are this morning’s sales numbers…

Koganei: Do you think they’re good enough?

Kiyoshi: They’re a little low.

Kagami: Seriously?!

Kiyoshi: There’s no denying that Kagami and Mitobe’s cooking is delicious. And Koga’s doing a decent job of bringing in customers. But our sales are still below average… I wonder what’s going on.

Koganei: I think I know why. Could it be ‘cause we don’t have a poster girl?

Kiyoshi: Oh, that’s it!

Koganei: What’s up?

Kiyoshi: I knew we should’ve invited Riko, too.

Koganei: Huh? Um…yeah… Sure, that might spice things up a bit, but when it comes to sex appeal…I’m not sure she fits the bill.

Kiyoshi: Then how about as a cook?

Kagami: Wha—?! That’d be even worse! There would be casualties! Right, Mitobe-senpai? [a cat meows] He’s feeding a cat! Wait, he’s giving it the tai!

Kiyoshi: Oh, what a cute cat! [cat meows] Where do you live? In the village here? [cat meows] Ah. Don’t you think this little guy looks a bit like Koga? Especially the mouth.

Koganei: Huh? You think? Whoa, no kidding!

Kiyoshi: Let’s call him “Shinji Nigou”!

Koganei: I like it! Let’s make him our poster cat!

Kagami: ?! This is hopeless… They’re liable to goof off all day without someone to keep them in line. The person we should’ve invited is Hyuuga-senpai… Um, can I say something?

Kiyoshi: What is it?

Kagami: Our shop isn’t all that different from the other ones on the beach. The shops on either side of us and the ones next door to them all offer basically the same menu we do.

Kiyoshi: True.

Kagami: So I was thinking that maybe we could try creating a new menu item. You know, a dish that’s unique to our shop.

Kiyoshi: I see! I never thought of that!

Koganei: Then without further ado, let’s get to the drawing board!

Kiyoshi: Since we’ve got all of this tai, why don’t we try to use it in the dish?

Koganei: What a great idea! Let’s use it to make taiyaki! So it’ll be tai-flavored taiyaki! (3)

Kiyoshi: That’s genius!

Kagami: W-wait a sec—! Just shut up and let me handle it, would you?! …please!

– –

Kagami: [chopping] Alright, Kiyoshi-senpai, could you dish up some rice in a bowl?

Kiyoshi: Sure!

Kagami: Then we add a hearty portion of seared tai…

Koganei: Looking good!

Kagami: Mitobe-senpai, is the soup stock ready?

Mitobe: [nods]

Kagami: Okay, then pour in just enough to cover the rice and fish.

[Mitobe adds the soup stock]

Kagami: And now, we add some minced parsley and nori, and last but not least, a pinch of sesame seeds…

Kiyoshi: Whoa! You’re making tai chazuke?! (4) Piping-hot chazuke served at a beach house in the middle of summer? What a novel idea! That’s the complete opposite of what I was expecting!

Kagami: Nah, we’re not done yet. Koganei-senpai, could you bring me some shaved ice?

Koganei: Shaved ice? Do you want the strawberry? Or the Blue Hawaii?

Kagami: No, just the ice.

Koganei: Huh?

– –

Koganei: Here ya go.

Kagami: Thank you! Now, we turn this over the top, and…bam! [dumps the ice over the chazuke]

Koganei: Huuuh?!

Kagami: Allow me to present our new specialty dish: chilled tai chazuke!

Koganei: Can I…try a bite?

Kagami: Go ahead.

Koganei: [takes a bite] Hmm…?! It’s crazy delicious!

Kiyoshi: Kagami, you’re amazing! Did you really grow up abroad?

Kagami: What does that have to do with anything?!

Koganei: Let’s make this our featured dish! We’ll sell tons of it!

Kiyoshi: Yeah!

– –

Koganei: [attracting customers] Ladies and gentlemen! Come one, come all! Now is your chance to try our revolutionary original dish: chilled tai chazuke! It’s only available in limited quantities! First come, first served! We also accept orders for takeout!

Kagami: [in the kitchen] Order up! Five orders of tai-cha, ready to go! Mitobe-senpai, can you whip up another batch of soup stock?

Mitobe: [nods]

Kiyoshi: [in the dining room; to customers] Excuse me, may I help whoever is next in line? Yes, how many in your party? I apologize for the wait. A table just opened up, so feel free to have a seat. Please let me know when you are ready to order. [to Koganei] Koga! Can you bus that table over there?

Koganei: I’m on it! Man, you struck gold, Kagami! Way to go!

Kagami: Right! Let’s hurry up and sell out so we can go catch some surf!

Momoi: [enters the shop] Excuse me! I’d like two orders of the chilled tai chazuke to go, please! …oh?

Kagami: Huh?

Koganei: Ah! Momoi-chan?!

Momoi: Oh! Koganei-san! It’s good to see you again!

Koganei: Sh-sh-she remembers me! And that body of hers is as bodacious as ever!

Momoi: Kagami-kun and Mitobe-san are here, too? Hello!

Kagami: Hey.

Momoi: Um…why are students from Seirin running a shop on the beach? I was so surprised to see you!

Kagami: This place belongs to an acquaintance of ours. We’re just here to help out. What about you? What’re you doing here?

Momoi: I heard the tai chazuke was really good, so I decided to stop by.

Kagami: No, I mean what’re you doing at the beach?

Momoi: What do you mean? I came to hang out on the beach, of course. Anyway, Kagami-kun, is Tetsu-kun around? You’re all here, so he must be around here somewhere! Come on, won’t you tell me where he is? He’s always so easy to miss! Tetsu-kun—! Oh, Tetsu-kun, where are you—?

Kagami: ?! Here we go again…

Koganei: That damn Kuroko…! He’s not even here, but I wanna kill ‘im!

Aomine: [enters the shop] Hey, Satsuki! You’ve been gone forever. Just how long does it take to go buy some food?

Momoi: Sorry, Aomine-kun! I completely forgot.

Koganei: Gaaah—!

Kagami: Aomine!

Aomine: Huh? Hahaha! What the hell’re you wearing an apron for? Did ya give up on basketball and decide to become a cook instead?

Kagami: Wanna say that again?!

Momoi: Aomine-kun! You’re being rude.

Aomine: Anyway, you’re here, which means Tetsu’s gotta be here, too, right? Where is he?

Kiyoshi: Kuroko isn’t here today.

Aomine: Oh, yeah? And who’re you, old man?

Kiyoshi: “Old man”? Who are you talking about?

Koganei: He’s obviously talking about you!

Momoi: This is Kiyoshi Teppei-san. He’s a center who just returned after recovering from an injury and is also one of the Five Uncrowned Kings.

Aomine: Yeah? Alright, gotcha.

Momoi: Aww, so Tetsu-kun’s not here? What a shame.

Kiyoshi: Well, you see…he’s actually at the hospital right now.

Momoi: Th-the hospital?! Is he injured?!

Kagami: Don’t worry. He’s at the animal hospital. With the dog.

Aomine: What dog?

Momoi: Is something the matter with Tetsuya Nigou-kun?

Koganei: Not to worry. He’s just getting his rabies vaccination.

Momoi: Oh, I see! I’m glad it’s nothing serious. Ah!

Aomine: Hm? What’s wrong?

Momoi: I forgot something back on the beach!

Aomine: What’d you forget?

Momoi: My straw sun hat. I’m going to run back and get it, so just wait for me here, Aomine-kun!

Aomine: Wha—?

Momoi: I’ll be right back! [runs out of the shop]

Aomine: Hey! Satsuki—! [sighs] And she’s gone…

Koganei: Um…excuse me? Please have a seat, if you like.

Aomine: Huh? Okay. [sits down; sighs] It’s so hot…

Kiyoshi: Want a paper fan? [hands Aomine a paper fan]

Aomine: Yeah. Thanks. [fanning himself]

Koganei: [to himself] This is so awkward…! Run like the wind, Momoi-chan!

Kagami: Senpai, you’re freaking out over nothing. [heads to the kitchen]

Koganei: Hey—! Kagami, don’t leave me here with him!

Kagami: [returns to the dining room; serves Aomine a bowl of tai chazuke] Here ya go.

Aomine: Huh? What the heck is this?

Kagami: It’s our house specialty: chilled tai chazuke. Since you’re here and all, you should try it.

Aomine: Oh, yeah? And why the hell would I wanna eat your cooking—?

Kagami: Save your bitching ‘til after you’ve tried it.

Kiyoshi: Wait a second, Aomine!

Aomine: Huh?

Kiyoshi: Would you have preferred crayfish instead of tai?

Aomine: [slams a hand on the table] That’s even worse!

Kiyoshi: Oh, really? But you like crayfish, don’t you?

Kagami: I heard they’re your favorite. Kuroko told me.

Koganei: [snickering] He likes…crayfish…!

Aomine: That bastard… It’s not like I eat them, dumbass! I’m just good at catching them, that’s all!

Kagami: [laughing] I can’t picture you catching crayfish.

Aomine: That was back when I was a kid!

Kagami: Hahaha! It’s even harder to picture you as a kid!

Aomine: What’s that supposed to mean, asshole?

Kiyoshi: Haha! Looks like you two actually get along pretty well!

Aomine & Kagami: Like hell we do!

Momoi: [rushes into the shop] Aomine-kun, what am I going to do? It’s gone! My straw hat is gone!

Aomine: Huh?

Momoi: I looked all over our spot on the beach, but it wasn’t there! I wonder if someone took it by accident…

Aomine: [sighs] What’s the big deal? It’s just a hat.

Momoi: But it is a big deal! That’s my favorite hat!

Aomine: If it’s so important, you shouldn’t have forgotten it in the first place.

Momoi: I only forgot about it because you wouldn’t stop complaining about how hungry you were!

Aomine: Ugh. Then just buy another one.

Momoi: You’re so mean…

Kagami: Hm. [takes off his apron] Senpai, do you think you can handle the shop for a while?

Koganei: Huh? Oh, sure. I don’t mind, but…

Kagami: Can you tell me what your hat looks like?

Momoi: What?

Kagami: It’s important to you, right?

Momoi: Oh! Yes!

Kiyoshi: If you’re planning to split up and look for it, then I’ll help, too. Koga, Mitobe, can you mind the shop?

Koganei: Yep! Just leave it to us!

Mitobe: [nods]

– –

[on the beach]

Momoi: I left it somewhere over there, but…

Kagami: Hmmm. It’s just way too crowded… [to a stranger] Excuse me! Have you seen a straw hat anywhere? One with a pink ribbon. … Oh, I see. Sorry to bother you. Thanks for your help.

Momoi: I’m sorry for all the trouble, Kagami-kun. You’re out here helping me look for my hat, even though the shop’s so busy…

Kagami: Oh, no worries. The more people looking for it the better.

Momoi: I really appreciate it. [sighs] Meanwhile, I bet Aomine-kun is off somewhere taking a nap!

Kagami: Well…I wonder about that.

Momoi: Okay, I’m going to go look over there. [walks away]

Kagami: Alrighty then, I guess I’ll… [wind blows] Whoa! The wind’s really strong today. Maybe her hat got blown away somewhere?

– –

Kiyoshi: [in the bushes] So much for that… I guess it didn’t fall into this thicket. [cat meows] Oh! You’re Shinji Nigou, the cat that was at the shop earlier! [cat meows; Kiyoshi pets the cat] What a good kitty. Did you enjoy the tai? [cat meows] Really? I’m glad to hear that. Oh. Say, have you seen a straw hat around anywhere? If you’ve seen one, would you mind telling me where it is? [cat meows and runs off] Wh-whoa! It’s that way? H-hey, wait for me! [chases after the cat]

– –

Koganei: [to a customer] Thank you very much! [sighs; to Mitobe] Things have finally calmed down, huh? Mitobe, let’s take a little break.

[Mitobe passes Koganei a can of juice]

Koganei: Juice? For me? Thanks! [drinks the juice] Ahh…! Wow, that’s delicious! Hm? What’s up, Mitobe? Is there something out in the ocean?

Mitobe: [nods]

Koganei: Huh…? Looks like there’s something floating out in the open water. Wait! Could that be Momoi-chan’s straw hat?!

Mitobe: [nods]

Koganei: Sure enough. I wonder if the wind blew it all the way out there? If we just leave it, it might get carried even further out to sea. I’m gonna go swim out and get it! [runs to the water]

– –

Momoi: Um, excuse me, but is that hat…? Oh, my mistake. I’m sorry.

[Kagami joins her]

Momoi: Oh, Kagami-kun! Did you have any luck?

Kagami: Nope, no dice.

Momoi: I see. And it looks like we wound up back at the shop.

[walking up to the shop]

Kagami: Hm? Mitobe-senpai, are you by yourself? What happened to Koganei-senpai?

Mitobe: [points]

Kagami: Huh? The ocean?

Momoi: Isn’t that Koganei-san, swimming out there?

Kagami: Whoa, no kidding. What the heck is he doing?

Momoi: There’s something floating in the water near him. [gasps] Wait, don’t tell me he swam out that far just to get my hat!

Mitobe: [nods]

Kagami: Hold on, he’s not swimming… He’s drowning!

Momoi: Wh-wh-what?! What do we do?! What do we do?!

Kagami: This is bad! I’ve gotta go save him! Alright. I’ll have to risk it! [grabs his surfboard]

Momoi: A surfboard?!

– –

[out in the ocean; Koganei is struggling to stay above the water]

Koganei: Waaaah—! Gah! My leg! My leg cramped up! Help! Somebody help me! [starts sinking] (I can’t die like this—!)

Kagami: [paddling out on his surfboard] Uwooooah—! Koganei-senpaiiii—!

Koganei: (I know that voice…!)

Kagami: Uwooooah—!

Koganei: [surfaces] Kagami—!

Kagami: [paddling] Senpai! Are you alright?!

Koganei: Gah! My leg! My leg, it’s—!

Kagami: Here, grab on! Hurry! Hold onto my back! [hauls Koganei out of the water] Hang on tight, senpai!

Koganei: Okay…

Kagami: Uwooooah—! [paddles back to shore]

– –

[on the beach; Kagami and Koganei are trying to catch their breath]

Koganei: Ughhh… I thought I was a goner…

Momoi: Waaah! Are you alright, Koganei-san?!

Koganei: Yeah, somehow.

Momoi: Thank goodness! I don’t know what I would’ve done if something had happened to you!

Koganei: You were worried about me? Thank you! So, did you get the hat?

Kagami: Oh, senpai, that wasn’t a hat. It was a vinyl bag.

Koganei: Wha—?! So…I swam all the way out there just to drown? H-how lame…

Momoi: That’s not true! You went to all that trouble on my account, so thank you. I’ll give up on finding my hat.

Koganei: Momoi-chan… Maaan, this really sucks, but I guess we can’t leave the shop unattended any longer… We should probably head back, Mitobe.

Mitobe: [nods]

Kagami: I’d better get going, too.

[Momoi’s cell phone rings]

Momoi: Oh! It’s Aomine-kun. [picks up the phone] Hello? Where are you?

Aomine: Found your hat.

Momoi: Huh?!

– –

[Kagami and Momoi rush to join Aomine]

Aomine: Hey. So you made it.

Momoi: Did you really find my hat?

Aomine: Yep.

Kagami: Where is it?

Aomine: Up there.

Momoi: What? It’s all the way up in those trees?!

Kagami: So it did get blown away, only to get caught up in those branches.Wow, I can’t believe you found it.

Aomine: Heh. Call it intuition.

[cat meows; Kiyoshi emerges from the bushes]

Kiyoshi: Look! It’s a straw hat! You’re amazing, Shinji Nigou!

[cat meows]

Kagami: Kiyoshi-senpai!

Kiyoshi: Kagami? That must be her hat, then.

Kagami: Yes. Aomine found it. How did you wind up here, Kiyoshi-senpai?

Kiyoshi: Shinji Nigou showed me the way.

Momoi: “Shinji Nigou”?

Kiyoshi: Well, I’m glad we found it, but it’s stuck all the way up there…

Kagami: Alright! If it’s height you need, then just leave it to me! Here goes!

Kiyoshi: Wait, you’re planning to jump up there?! Your jumping ability is amazing, Kagami, but that’s really high…!

Kagami: It’s time to show off the progress I made at the training camp! [gets a running start and jumps; barely misses the hat] Ah, damn it! I almost had it!

Kiyoshi: Let’s come up with another plan. I know! Why don’t we try shaking the tree?

Kagami: Yeah, okay!

Kiyoshi: Here we go.

Kagami & Kiyoshi: One, two—! [shaking the tree]

Kagami: Shit!

Kiyoshi: One more time! One, two—! [shaking the tree]

Kagami: Argh, damn it!

Kiyoshi: One, two—! [shaking the tree]

Kagami: Damn…

Kiyoshi: It’s no use.

Aomine: Hey, move over. [starts climbing the tree]

Kiyoshi: Oh, you’re going to try to climb the tree?

Aomine: Alright, this should work.

Kiyoshi: That’s impressive. That tree looks too smooth to climb…

Momoi: Aomine-kun has been good at climbing trees ever since he was little. He used to climb them all the time to catch cicadas.

Kagami: First crayfish, and now cicadas?!

Kiyoshi: Aomine! You can do it!

Momoi: Don’t push yourself!

[Aomine keeps climbing]

Kiyoshi: It looks like he’s almost there…

Aomine: [climbing] Geh—! [tree branch starts splitting; Aomine catches himself] Whoa! That was close!

Momoi: Aomine-kun!

Kiyoshi: The branches are too thin! It’s too dangerous to keep going!

Aomine: Yeah, I guess so. Sorry, this ain’t gonna work.

Kagami: Actually, it just might.

Aomine: What?

Kagami: Aomine, try leaning on that branch a bit. But don’t force it if it feels like it’s gonna break.

Aomine: Dammit. Don’t order me around! [works his way out onto the tree branch again] This’s about as far as I can go!

Kagami: Okay! I bet I can reach that…

Kiyoshi: Kagami, which leg did you kick off with just now?

Kagami: I think it was…my left. Oh!

Kiyoshi: That’s right. Remember what Riko taught you during the training camp? Your dominant foot is…

Kagami: Yeah. It’s my right! Okay, I’ve got this! Here goes—! [gets a running start] Uwooooah—! [leaps for the hat]

Kiyoshi: So high!

Momoi: No way!

Kagami: [grabs the hat and lands on the ground] Sweet! I got it!

Momoi: That was amazing! Thank you, Kagami-kun!

Kiyoshi: Looks like the training camp paid off, Kagami.

Kagami: Yeah!

Aomine: [jumps down from the tree; sighs] Sheesh. You sure know how to stir up trouble.

Momoi: And thank you for your help, Aomine-kun!

Aomine: Yeah, well… Don’t lose it again.

Momoi: Right! Um, I’d like to find a way to thank you all for your help.

Kiyoshi: Oh, it’s no big deal. But we appreciate the thought.

Momoi: No, I need to find some way to— Oh, I know. You said you were helping an acquaintance of yours by running that shop, right? Then why don’t you let me—

Kiyoshi: Huh?

Momoi: —help with the cooking!

Aomine: ?! Wait, Satsuki!

Momoi: What?

Aomine: It’s a little messed up to wanna bite the hand that fed you.

Momoi: What’s that supposed to mean?

Aomine: At the very least, save it for when you can actually make something edible.

Momoi: That’s so cruel! You’re one to talk, Aomine-kun! It’s not like you can cook, either!

Aomine: What does this have to do with me?

Momoi: Forget about cooking—you can’t even wait on customers!

Aomine: Are you trying to rope me into this, too?!

Kagami: ?! Where have I heard this before…? At any rate, I think I can handle the cooking, so…

Kiyoshi: Yeah, I agree. In that case—

– –

Momoi: [attracting customers] Hello! Come one, come all! Right this way to the beachside White House! This is your last chance to try our revolutionary limited-edition chilled tai chazuke! Please get your orders in while you can! Oh, thank you very much, sir! Yes, right this way, please! We have a party of four ready for a table!

Koganei: Roger that! Kagami, we need three orders of tai-cha!

Kagami: Got it!

Koganei: And Mitobe, the horumon udon is selling like hotcakes! I need two more orders!

Mitobe: [shakes his head]

Koganei: Wha—?! We’re all out?!

Kiyoshi: Let’s see… Who ordered the Blue Hawaii shaved ice? Oh, yes, over here. Please relax and enjoy your meal!

Koganei: Maaan, having Momoi-chan around has made a huge difference!

Kiyoshi: Our number of male customers has definitely increased. Look, they’re totally head-over-heels for her!

Koganei: I knew the final piece of the puzzle would be recruiting a poster girl!

Kiyoshi: Now we’re going to reach our our sales goal, no doubt about it.

Aomine: [sighs] So sleepy… How much longer are we gonna be stuck here, Satsuki?

Momoi: Hehe! This has turned out to be a lot of fun! Maybe I’ve found my calling!

[Kagami serves Aomine another bowl of tai chazuke]

Kagami: Here ya go.

Aomine: Huh?

Kagami: You didn’t get to try it earlier. It’s our chilled tai chazuke. Eat up.

Aomine: Heh. Is that any way to speak to a customer?

Kagami: Whatever, just eat it.

Aomine: Fine. If you insist. Hm? [picks up his chopsticks and takes a bite] …! Th-this is…!

Kagami: How is it? Pretty good, huh?

Aomine: [sets down his chopsticks and stands up] Alrighty, time to head home.

Kagami: You just don’t want to admit it, do ya?

Aomine: Hah?

Kagami: Wait, I know.Is the taste too refined for a kid’s palate? You’re crazy about crayfish and cicadas, after all!

Aomine: You’ve got it all wrong, dumbass. I graduated from crayfish and cicadas a long time ago!

Kagami: “Graduated”?! Hahaha!

Aomine: Why, you—!

Kiyoshi: You two really do get along!

Aomine & Kagami: Like hell we do!

– –

Translation Notes:

(1) horumon = beef or pork offal; served grilled or added to other dishes, such as udon

(2) tai = red sea bream

(3) taiyaki = lit. “baked sea bream”; a fish-shaped cake filled with azuki paste or other fillings

(4) chazuke = a dish made by pouring tea, soup stock, or hot water over cooked rice

– – –

11 thoughts on “[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” 2nd Season Vol. 2 Audio Drama Feat. Kagami Taiga

  1. Gaby says:

    Thanks so much, it was so fun to read! And how sweet, the boys trying to retrieve the hat. But what made me laugh was Aomine and Kagami “not getting along” ^^


  2. kyunyo says:

    Ahhhh omigod, that was so much fun to read!! *____* Kagami surfing and cooking and then Aomine and Momoi showing up and the adventure to find her hat ahhh

    I really had a lot of fun reading! Thank you so much for your hard work! (*´艸`)


    • grimmfeather says:

      Thanks for your comment and the reblog! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it. 😀

      This CD was a lot of fun to translate. I couldn’t stop laughing at Kagami trying to keep his senpai in line, or Kagami teasing Aomine about his mad crayfish-catching skills. XD


  3. Otozuki says:

    Thank you soo much for the translation! You just made my day~~ It was very interesting to see the characters’ interaction outside the basketball court. The one thing I really love from the dramas is the fact that we get to explore more of the characters’ personality and attitude through them. I just can’t get enough of them! (*´∀`*)

    Ah, and also, please pardon me for asking; do you happen to know where the vol.2 audio drama can be listened? It is especially hard to find the drama cds on my country, and I’ve been searching everywhere on the internet in vain… (´; д ;`)

    Also, thank you so much for your hard work!
    お疲れ様でした〜 (*´∀`*)


    • grimmfeather says:


      Thanks so much for your comment! That’s definitely my favorite part about the drama CDs, too. They give so much insight into the characters’ relationships and their individual personalities. 😀

      You might be able to find the drama CD here. ^^


      • Otozuki says:

        Thank you so very much!! Yet again you’ve made my day~ (*´∀`*) Now, I can finally listen to the cd as well as reading the wonderful translation you’ve provided.

        Again, thank you so much! I really, really appreciate it (´; ∀ ;`)


  4. Yorozuya says:

    OMG OMG OMG ! Thank you so much for the translation ! AoKaga is lobe, Aokaga is life, AoKaga is canon,! xD yes I am happy ! Thank you again !


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