[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” 2nd Season Vol. 4 NG-Shuu

As per request!


「黒子のバスケ」2nd SEASON 第4巻 NG集
Kuroko no Basuke 2nd Season Vol. 4 Bloopers

Imayoshi: “C’mon, can’t ya let this one slide?”

NG 34

“Kuroko no Basuke: Bloopers”

Kagami: Huh? Ouch!


Sign: Winter Cup Preliminary Tournament: Finals

Court 1: Seirin – Kirisaki Daiichi

Court 2: Shuutoku – Senshinkan

14:00 Start

Freshmen: Go get ‘em! Keep it up! Go get ‘em! Keep it up!


Imayoshi: Oh! Looks like we made it in time.

Momoi: Alright, we’re here.

Aomine: Ugh…

Momoi: Aomine-kun, what happened?!

Aomine: You’re the ones who dragged me up and down stairs and over every single bump in the damn road!

Imayoshi: Oopsie! Sorry ‘bout that.

Aomine: I bet you did it on purpose!

Imayoshi: C’mon, can’t ya let this one slide?

Aomine: You are so dead!

– –

NG 35

“Kuroko no Basuke: Bloopers”

Kagami: Huh? Ouch!


Hyuuga: It’s really hard to bring it up, though, especially this late in the game. Come to think of it, even just a high-five… …huh? Wait, I don’t think we’ve ever done one for real. That’ll be the first thing I do. Yeah, once we win this game, I’ll do it.

Sakurai: This is…!

Wakamatsu: What? Another miss?

Sakurai: No, it’s just the opposite. It’s perfect. That shot…will not miss.

Hyuuga: Oh, shit!


Sakurai: I’m sorry—!

Wakamatsu: Sakurai tried to act all cool for once, but he screwed up, and now he’s making a break for it!

Sakurai: I’m so sorry—!

– –

NG 36

“Kuroko no Basuke: Bloopers”

Kagami: Huh? Ouch!


Kagami: You’re gonna get left behind, dumbass.

Kuroko: Please don’t scare me like that. You’ll make me angry.

Kagami: That’s the story of my life, right there.


Kagami: Geez, what’re you out here dribbling a ball for?

Kuroko: I’m sorry. I just couldn’t sit still.

Kagami: You mean you’re trembling with excitement?

Kuroko: I don’t know for sure. But ever since we won the game and secured our spot in the Winter Cup, my heart has been pounding, and I can’t stop shaking.

Kagami: That’s exactly what it means to be “trembling with excitement”!

Kuroko: Ow!

Kagami: Gah!

Kuroko: Ow!

Kagami: Gah!


Kuroko: Ouch!


Kuroko: Ouch!


Kuroko: Ouch!


Hyuuga: Whoa! What the heck were you guys doing out there?!

– – –

17 thoughts on “[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” 2nd Season Vol. 4 NG-Shuu

  1. Cynthia says:

    Hahahahaha I like Sakurai XDDD I like a cute Sakurai more than a cool Sakurai actually XDDDDDD
    Thank you again for your translation>_<!!!A million thanks!!!!!


  2. Cynthia says:

    And….May I request a translation for Izuki’s drama and the TIP OFF!! Song in the next Bonus CD?QVQ
    I really love Izuki so….Hope you can translate them>_<!!!


  3. misora says:

    Thank you for this, my favorite part was when kagami and kuroko fought each other with the basquetball, I was laughing so much when I saw as they were beaten. XD


  4. Bashiek says:

    A complete thanks for Vols. 1-4. I had the raws; I could barely follow what they were saying before. You really helped. Arigatou gozaimasu. Bashiek


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