[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” Jump Festa 2014 Super Stage Afureko (Seirin vs. Rakuzan)

As requested by psychotaku, here’s a translation of the live dubbing (afureko) of manga chapters 230-234 that took place at Jump Festa 2014. (Potential spoilers for those who haven’t read the manga!) Video clip below the cut.




Akashi: I would like to speak with him.


Akashi: Welcome to the first string of the Teikou basketball club.


Kuroko: Is there really nothing more important than winning?

Akashi: No, there isn’t. After all, Teikou’s core doctrine is “to win”. Vague ideals are meaningless.


Akashi: Tetsuya. Have you found your answer?

Kuroko: Yes.

Akashi: Then why don’t you show me? Your basketball.

Kuroko: …no. What I will be showing you is not my basketball. We are going to show you our basketball.

Akashi: …I see. I accept your challenge.


Kagami: Pass!!


Kagami: Akashi!!

Akashi: He’s fast…! Don’t tell me—

Kagami: I wanna win!! With Kuroko… With my whole team…!!

Akashi: …interesting. The Zone, I presume?

Kagami: Uwooooah—!!


Kagami: …!

Akashi: In that case…I shall be his opponent.


Kuroko: …huh?

Akashi: …I would advise against making me angry. The fake and the original…to have you compare them is most unpleasant. Know your place.

Kagami: …!!

– – –

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