[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” Solo Series Vol. 16 (Murasakibara) Monologues


紫原 敦 (鈴村健一)
Murasakibara Atsushi (Suzumura Kenichi)

“Who cares whether I like basketball or not?”

First Monologue: “Basketball and Me”

[sighs] Who cares whether I like basketball or not? I only play ‘cause I’m good at it, anyway. People say they want to give it everything they’ve got, or try to play so many times harder than somebody else, but I don’t get that stuff at all. No matter how much they practice, the weak will always be weak. But they still put in all that wasted effort and try to stand their ground against me and whatever. It’s seriously stifling and super annoying, you know. Besides, it’s not like I’m gonna lose. It’ll be easy to crush you.

Second Monologue: “Snacks and Me”

Oh! Hey, this is pretty good! They’ve been releasing a lot more limited-edition snacks lately, huh? Some of the flavors are really out there, but I’ve gotta at least try them all. But, you know, it’s one thing if the flavor’s a dud, but what if it’s a hit? Even though I know I’ll want more, they’ll replace it with a new limited-edition flavor before long, and I won’t be able to buy the old one anymore. What’m I supposed to do about that? Even if I wanna go out and buy more right away, I might have to go to practice first, or Murochin and the other guys might make a fuss about how I’m eating all the time. Oh? [chewing] I’m out of snacks. I think I’ll go buy some more before Murochin and the others get here.

– – –

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