[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke -Replace II-, Omake: A Peaceful Morning in the Izuki Household”

As per request!


「黒子のバスケ -Replace II- キセキの学園祭」:
「おまけ: 伊月家の静かな朝」
– 藤巻忠俊, 平林佐和子

Kuroko no Basuke -Replace II- The School Festival of Miracles:
“Extra: A Peaceful Morning in the Izuki Household”
– by Fujimaki Tadatoshi and Hirabayashi Sawako

“I have an inkling you’ll like it.”


– – – – – – –

The members of the Izuki family got along very well. At their house, the morning meal was always abuzz with lively conversation.

As Izuki Shun ate breakfast with his mother and younger sister, Mai, he picked up the soy sauce and said, “Mom, this tamari soy sauce is delicious.”

“Oh, really, dear? I got a good deal on it; the salesman was laying it on thick.”

“Well, it goes perfectly with this egg over rice. I guess that salesman wasn’t such a bad egg, after all.”

“Shun, why don’t you have some of this teriyaki squid? I have an inkling you’ll like it.”

“I’d be a sucker not to try it.”

Izuki extended his chopsticks toward the large plate heaped with teriyaki squid, but a pair of fingers suddenly swooped in and snatched a piece of squid right out of his grasp.

“Now, Aya. Mind your manners, please,” Izuki’s mother scolded Izuki’s older sister, a college student, who was busy munching on her piece of squid. She sat down next to Izuki and flashed them a smile.

“Yeah. The flavor really sucks you in.”

“Aneki, nice one!”

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, onee-chan… You need to try the cod roe, too.”

“That’s my little sister for you! Thanks for the great joke!”

Without a moment’s delay, Izuki pulled one of his joke books out from beneath the low dining table and jotted the pun down on paper.

“And thanks for the food!”

Izuki’s older sister put her hands together in a quick blessing, then picked up her bowl of miso soup.

“So the garnish on this morning’s miso is wheat gluten? I’ve been through the mill all week, but this is a perfect start to my day off.”

“Oh? Onee-chan, you’re not going to class today?”

“Maybe you’ll be stuck at home because you ate squid?”

“Shun, you’re on a roll! This wheat gluten is tasty, but that pun is the cream of the crop!”

“Aneki, that’s another good one!”

“Oh, Shun. You never miss a beat, do you? But you’re going to be late for school if you don’t hurry, dear.”

Izuki’s mother gestured to the clock hanging on the wall. Izuki glanced over at it—then panicked and stuffed some squid into his mouth.

Scuttled on account of cuttlefish!”

Izuki left the house in a hurry and set off down the path to school at a brisk pace. When he rounded the street corner on his usual route, he happened to run into Hyuuga Junpei.

“Yo, Izuki. Mornin’.”

“Morning! But the sun’s way too bright to be mourning.”

Izuki smiled cheerfully at Hyuuga, who simply sighed and said, “Don’t make such lame jokes first thing in the morning…” Making retorts to Izuki’s puns was now practically part of his daily routine.

Even so, Izuki thought to himself, But that was so funny! How could you not laugh? …oh, I know! “That was a sigh deep in de-Nile.” What a great joke!

Thus, another day began with Izuki in fine form.

– – – – –

Translation Notes:

The kanji for Izuki’s sisters’ names are 綾 (Aya; older sister) and 舞 (Mai; younger sister).

– – – – – – –



7 thoughts on “[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke -Replace II-, Omake: A Peaceful Morning in the Izuki Household”

  1. hakuxsnow says:

    Wow! How fast~ I very much appreciate it!

    And the puns! As expected for the Izuki family, they are amazing! I founded myself laughing through the whole thing! Though, my sister did threaten to kick me out of the house for reading them out loud to her…. and she sounded serious too (She is the Hyuuga to my Izuki).

    Once again, thanks for completing my request! Looking forward to all future translations!


    • grimmfeather says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it (and the puns)! I did my best to render them as faithfully as possible in English, so it’s good to know the corny charm wasn’t lost in translation. XDD

      Thanks for your support! Don’t let Hyuuga kick you out of the house, haha. 😉


  2. Gaby says:

    LOL omg thanks so much for doing this, so the “pun” thing really runs in the family!
    Izuki’s mom and sisters seem to be awesome but I don’t know if I would last a day with all of them ^^


    • grimmfeather says:

      Thanks for your comment! Yeah, I hope Izuki’s family makes some more appearances in the manga/novels.

      The “punster” gene runs in my family, too, so I have to say that I kind of know what it’s like. XDD


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