[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” DVD Vol. 4 Audio Drama Feat. Midorima Shintarou – Cast Comment Track

As per several requests for a translation of the cast comment track. Enjoy! (The translation of the vol. 4 audio drama can be found here.)


「黒子のバスケ」DVD Vol. 4: オーディオドラマ 緑間編 – キャストコメント
“Kuroko no Basuke” DVD Vol. 4: Audio Drama Feat. Midorima Shintarou – Cast Comments

緑間真太郎 (小野大輔), 高尾和成 (鈴木達央), & 黒子テツヤ (小野賢章)
Midorima Shintarou (Ono Daisuke), Takao Kazunari (Suzuki Tatsuhisa), & Kuroko Tetsuya (Ono Kenshou)

“No, no, since I’m surrounded by Onos, I did a quick transformation. I changed from a Suzuki into an Ono.”

Ono Daisuke – D
Ono Kenshou – K
Suzuki Tatsuhisa – S


K: Kuroko no Basuke, Special CD—

[music pauses; laughter]

S: Are you serious?

[music resumes]

K: Umm, Kuroko no Basuke, Special CD…er, featuring Midorima Shintarou…

All: Na no da yo.


K: These are the cast comments.

D: Yep!

S: Yep!

D: Blah blah blah.

S: Blah blah blah.

K: This is the voice of Kuroko Tetsuya, Ono Kenshou!

S: And this is the voice of Takao Kazunari, Ono Tatsuhisa!

D: Oh! And this is the voice of Midorima Shintarou, Ono Daisuke na no da yo!


K: Yes, thank you for your hard work!

D: One of us is lying about his name, though.

S: No, no, since I’m surrounded by Onos, I did a quick transformation. I changed from a Suzuki into an Ono.


D: You can’t become an Ono that easily!

K: Sorry, I was totally spaced out just now and didn’t notice at all.


D: Kenshou-kun!

K: I’m sorry.

D: You can’t let this gathering of Onos go to waste, Kenshou-kun!

K: I’m sorry!

D: You have to pick up on these things!


D: Come on, you need to get us started.

K: Okay, okay! This time, with just the three of us…

D & S: Yeah.

K: …um, this CD had the smallest cast so far.

D: Oh, you’re right.

K: Yep.

D: The absolute minimum number of people.

K: Yep.

D: That’s how we did the recording.

S: And until halfway, it was just two of us.

K: That’s right.

D: Yeah, it was just Tattsun and me.

K: At the beginning…I mean, at the end. I didn’t have any lines until the very end. So I got to sit in the back and just listen…while smirking the whole time.


K: I had a lot of fun listening to you during the recording.

D: While smirking all the while, huh?

S: We were really surprised when we received the script.


S: We were like, “Three people?”

K: Right.

S: And until the halfway point, it was just two of us.

D: Yeah, and come to think of it, when we did the test recording, you know, we split the script in half and recorded each part… But even after we finished the first half, Kuroko still hadn’t made an appearance. And, yeah, when I turned around to look, there was Kenshou-kun, um, how should I describe it? He was wearing this expression that I’ve never seen him make before.


D: Yeah. I would definitely call that a “smirk”.

S: Yeah, he was.

K: I had a lot of fun listening to you.


K: Watching you at work was a lot of fun.

S: Right?

D: Wow… But it’s at times like this that, you know, Kenshou-kun seems a lot like Kuroko.

K: Really?

S: Yeah, he’s almost too much like Kuroko.

D: Exactly.

K: Whaaat?

D: He was sitting behind us, smirking like that, but he just said, “I had a lot of fun,” right?

S: Right.

D: But it’s like, then why were you smirking?


D: It doesn’t make any sense!


K: I see, so I should…I should smile more.

D: Well, now…

S: “Smile more”?


D: No, I mean, you just fit the role so well that…

K: Yeah.

D: I’m sure everybody else tells you the same thing.

S: That’s the truth.

D: You might as well be Kuroko.

S: Yep, and there was that thing that happened the other day, right? Didn’t you go shopping…

K: Yes.

S: …at the Jump Shop or something? (1)

K: Yes, I did!

D: Really?

S: “I’m the real deal!”


S: “I’m Kuroko!”

K: Um… I went to buy the fan book…

D: The fan book… Oh, the one that sold out almost instantly.

K: Right.

D: I wasn’t able to buy a copy, either, but I can’t believe you actually went to the Jump Shop in person!


K: I did! I went, in person.

S: I—that idea never even occurred to me.


K: Because I was sure they’d have it in stock!

D: You’re right! That’s the logical thing to do! That’s amazing.

S: What’s a member of the cast doing, going over there to buy the book?


K: I just slipped in, bought it, and slipped back out…

S: “I’m Kuroko!”


K: And, by the way, no one noticed me.


D: Wow, that’s incredible, really.

K: Not one person noticed me.

S: Like real-life misdirection.

K: Yes, I used misdirection when I bought the book.

D: And here we have the one and only person who can counteract that misdirection.

S: Yep.

D: Yeah.

S: Yes, I’m voicing Takao.

D: Yes, you’re Takao…

S: Right.

D: What did you think of the story this time?

S: Well, see, I can personally relate to quite a bit of the content.

D: Hm.

S: There was all that discussion about figures, right?

D: Hmm. That’s right.

S: You know, about how they were produced by “Billmark”…

D: Right. The things with “cute, round eyes”.

S: …or “Pandai” or what have you. And how they’re different, etcetera. And I just love those kinds of little details. So, you know, I can really relate to that.

D & K: Ohh?

S: And to things like knowing the differences between the manufacturers.

D & K: Ohhhh.

S: Because I like figures. In fact, just recently…an Alien-san was delivered to my house. (2)

K: [laughs]

D: You bought one?

S: A really big one.

K: Whoa.

S: It’s a little over seventy centimeters tall.

K: Wow, that is big.

D: Mhmm.

S: So now I have this figure of an Alien-san. And at the moment, I don’t really have anywhere to put it, so it’s sitting right next to my bed.


K: That’s scary!

S: When I wake up, its face is right there, like, “Wrahh—!!” You know, it makes me kind of happy when I see it.

D: Really?

S: Yes.

D: You’re…you’re incredible.

S: It’s really exciting.

D: That’s some hobby.

S: But when I tell this story, everyone has the same reaction you did.

D: Well, I—

S: So that’s why I can really relate to the way the characters react in the story.

D: Oh, you mean you understand how Midorima feels?

K: Ohhh.

S: Exactly. Midorima is incredibly serious about it, but Takao basically couldn’t care less.


S: I’ve had the same experience.

D: I do care, though! It’s a very interesting story!

S: Everybody goes, “Yeah…?” or, “That’s nice…” Like, “How much longer do I have to listen to this?”


S: So I can really relate.

D: Well, to be honest—yeah, I agree.

S: Everybody makes that face. When people ask what I’m into, and I tell them, they usually make that face. I get that a lot.

K: I see…

D: I didn’t ask, though!


D: Well, you know, we just don’t really have a frame of reference for it, so…

S: Right.

D: So now we just have these crazy images in our minds because we’re trying to imagine what it looks like.

K: Now I kind of want to go see it.

S: The whole place is full of figures, just so you know.

D: Yeah, I agree. I kind of want to see it.

K: I’d like to see it.

S: I think it’d be a lot of fun.

D: Takao and Kuroko… I’m pretty sure there’s no way Kuroko would end up at Takao’s house.


D: I’m sure of it. I mean, this drama CD was really something else—

K: It was!

D: Kuroko was incredible at the end there, wasn’t he?


K: He was totally straightforward—he just spoke his mind. He really doesn’t hold back.

S: Right? He has a tendency to just tell it like it is.

D: What surprised me the most was the part where he says, “We’ve never really gotten along.”


D: He came right out and said it! And I thought to myself, “So that’s how it was!”

S: Exactly. He didn’t hesitate at all.

D: That came as a real shock to me.

S: So the story this time was about Midorima having to search for a lucky item. What did you think of that?

D: Well, you know, um…Midoriba—Midoriba—


D: Midorima

S: Midorima.

D: Yeah, I thought he was really cute. You know, those obsessions he has?

S: That’s right.

D: Yeah…

S: That’s a special kind of tenacity.

D: Characters like Midorima have, you know—they’ve already put in all the hard work. All that’s left for him to do is to abide by his fortune.

S: So he does everything in his power.

D: Right. Yeah, so he’s a very stalwart believer. He is, really and truly. And maybe an idiot?


D: I mean a bit of a basketball junkie! Don’t get the wrong idea. Although sometimes I wonder if maybe he really is an idiot…


S: Takao said the same thing.

K: Maybe it’s because he takes everything he does very seriously.

D: But, you know, one of the scenes from the anime that left an impression on me personally was… Uh, what episode what that? The subtitle was “I Believed in You”.

K: Yes.

D: Episode 13, maybe?

K: Right.

D: And in that scene… First, um, Takao says, “It’s not over yet!”

S: Oh, yeah.

D: And then—

S: And then passes to Midorima.

D: He passes to Midorima, and then—Kagami jumps, but Midorima says, “I believed you would jump.”

S: That’s right. That was an incredibly long three seconds.

D: And then Midorima fakes. We were like, “Three seconds? Wouldn’t it take longer?”

S: And not only are they monologuing during those three seconds, but they’re actually holding a normal conversation.

D: That was crazy. I kept expecting the buzzer to go, “Bzzzz—!” and then hear, “Game over—!”

S: “Game over—!” “VICTORY!”


D: And they’d be like, “Whaaaat?!” During that scene, Midorima says to Kagami, “I believed in you,” even though they’re opponents.

S: Right. He sure does.

D: And what’s more, once Midorima fakes, Kuroko says to him, “I believed that Kagami-kun would jump. And I believed that you would predict that and go for the fake.”

S: Yep.

D: That’s what he says. And I thought to myself, “Whoa, what the heck?!” In the middle of a game, even though they’re opponents, they still believe in each other.

S: Because they acknowledge one another.

D: Yes… And that scene made me go, sob, sob…sob, sob…blubber, blubber…sniff.

S: What the heck does that mean?!


D: They’re supposed to be tears.

S: Maybe he really is an idiot.

D: That scene made me cry.

S: Are you an idiot?

D: But honestly, I really love that scene.


K: It’s a good one.

S: Really, if you had just left out that last bit, you would’ve summed it up perfectly.

D: Yeah… And so, we have the idiot…and Ono-kun and…

S: Yes.

D: And…

S: And a Suzuki-turned-Ono.

D: Yeah. We’ve enjoyed doing this recording, and it’s about time to wrap things up.

K: Yes.

D: Yep.

K: Um…

D: Yes.

K: Right…

S: [laughing]

D: Is there anything you’d like to say before we finish up?

K: To finish up… No, um, I…uh… I enjoyed seeing another side of them—seeing what they’re normally like. Um, Midorima and Takao.

D: Oh, you mean them, not us.


K: We get to see what they’re like in everyday life, so I really enjoyed doing this recording. Yes.

D: I see.

K: Um, Daisuke-san, can you do the ending, please?

D: The ending?

S: [laughing]

K: I…I can’t do it.

D: Okay. Alright, well, I’ve been saving something just for this. Um, “We have done everything in our power. So, until we meet again.”

S: Are you sure it’s okay to end it like that?

– –

Translation Notes:

(1) Jump Shop is the official store of Shueisha’s Jump publications. They sell a variety of goods related to the manga and anime associated with Jump publications such as Weekly Shounen Jump, the magazine in which Kuroko no Basuke is serialized.

(2) It sounds like Suzuki-san is describing a figure of an Alien from the Alien movies.

– – –

25 thoughts on “[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” DVD Vol. 4 Audio Drama Feat. Midorima Shintarou – Cast Comment Track

  1. sakunoryu says:

    That was awesome……when i was listening this cast comment, i was like “man, what are they talking, i only understand it a little bit”……finally i can understand the whole story!! thank you very much…..i wish you can translate the other dvds cast comment track also…. (>_<)!!
    ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 stars!!! 😀


  2. nalia says:

    Omg how could i miss something like this ?????? Thank you sooooo much Grim-san. Im soooooo happy :((((((((((((((((((

    Btw could you pls translate the free talk track from the new bonus drama of them too ? 😥


  3. Gaby says:

    That was incredible cute, gotta love these guys. Thanks so much for the translation! I like listening to their talk even if I don’t get much of what they say (which now it’s not the case thanks to you) 😀


  4. Bashiek says:

    Grimmfeather san, Hajimemashite. Bashiek desu. Douzo Yoroshiku
    I am also a Kuroko and Daisuke Ono fan. Your site has really helped me for lyrics and translations. I especially enjoyed this cast comment track.
    If it’s not too much trouble, I would like to request the romaji lyrics and English translations for Daisuke Ono and Hiroshi Kamiya’s songs “Just Friends” and “Magnet” and (although this is not one of their songs) “Kyokaisen-Set Me Free” by Angela from the anime K.
    Also, where can I find the audios to all of these dvd and audio track translations that you have given from Kuroko?
    Please only do this if you are free and it is not a hassle.
    Kore kara mo gambatte kudasai.
    Arigatou Gozaimasu


    • grimmfeather says:


      Thanks so much for your comment! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the translations. I’ll add those three songs you mentioned to my to-do list and work on them when I get a chance. 😀

      As for the audio, you can try searching here and here. Good luck!



      • Bashiek says:

        Grimmfeather-san: Thank you so much for replying and the help you have given me. Since you’re such a big Daisuke Ono fan, I wonder if you have seen Black Butler. If you have, could you please tell me what Daisuke Ono is always replying to Ciel. The translation says, “Very well/Understood”. I can’t properly hear the Japanese. Does he say “Gyo ii” or “Yo ii”? Also when a character says “Tsuite koi”, what does that mean? Doesn’t tsuite come from the verb tsuku (to arrive). It would really help if you could explain this to me.
        Arigatou gozaimasu. Bashiek


        • grimmfeather says:

          Yes, I’ve seen Black Butler. 😀 I’ve watched a few of the seiyuu events uploaded on YouTube, and OnoD always looks like he has so much fun playing Sebastian.

          Anyway, the word Sebastian uses is “gyoi” (御意) = “as you wish” / “very well”. The kanji literally mean “your (honorable) will/pleasure”.

          The verb “tsuku” does indeed mean “to arrive” when written as “着く”, but one of the meanings of its homophone “tsuku” (written “付く”) is “to accompany/follow”. “Tsuitekoi” (付いてこい) is the imperative form of the compound verb “tsuitekuru” (“tsuku” + “kuru” [“to come”]), so it literally means, “accompany me and come (with me)” = “come with me”.


    • grimmfeather says:

      I have a quick question about the OnoD and HiroC songs you asked me to translate. Are you by any chance referring to the Shizuo and Izaya versions of the Vocaloid songs “Magnet” and “Just Be Friends”? If so, the lyrics can be found here and here, respectively. There are some Niconico singers who perform various Vocaloid songs as soundalikes for OnoD and HiroC (and various other seiyuu).


      • tomrules10 says:

        Dear Grimmfeather-san:
        Doumo arigatou gozaimasu. Are both these songs + “Eh, ah, Sou” from DRRR? I have the ones sung by HK + DO; I didn’t know other singers could sing their songs. Moreover, did you notice the great piano music in these three + “Black Night Town” from Naruto Shippuden’s Ending song?



        • grimmfeather says:

          No, I believe all three of those songs are originally Vocaloid songs. There are singers on NicoNico (called “utaite”) who are soundalikes for famous seiyuu and perform songs that then sound as if they were performed by the seiyuu themselves. Limone-sensei in particular is noted for sounding exactly like Kamiya Hiroshi (more info in this article). In this video, for example, “Izaya” and “Shizuo’s” parts are being sung by Limone-sensei and another utaite called Hosaka.

          I’ll have to check out the piano music. Thanks!


  5. Bashiek says:

    Hello again. Forgot to ask-Kanji o yomemasen. What have you written at the bottom of your reply (Feel free to correct my Japanese!)


  6. tomrules10 says:

    Grimmfeather-san: Yasashii desu ne, anata wa. Demo, nihongo o sukoshi hanashimasu.
    Sugoi desu ne, kono site (websites). Hontou ni shiawase da wa. Arigatou gozaimasu.
    Kore kara mo ganbatte kudasai.
    P.S. Please feel free to correct my Japanese mistakes. Watashi wa kamaimasen.


  7. tomrules10 says:

    Sumimasen-I forgot to ask in my previous response. Does the meaning for “tsuku” also apply to this sentence: Mou kecchaku ga tsuita-The battle is over. I would appreciate your thoughts.


    • grimmfeather says:

      It’s the same kanji (付く; although in this instance, the “tsuku” in “kecchaku ga tsuku” is usually just written in hiragana = 決着がつく) with a slightly different meaning, as “tsuku” can also mean “to settle” or “to resolve”. Check here for a list of its various meanings.

      Nihongo ga hanasemasu ne! Benkyou ganbatte kudasai~


  8. tomrules10 says:

    Dear Grimmfeather-san:
    My pleasure. Just wanted to express how much my imouto appreciated your translation of this track. She has done similar transcribing work
    (nothing on this level though) and knows how hard it is to get every part of the conversation just right.



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