[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc – Part III

敗北から学んだこと / Haiboku kara Mananda koto / What We’ve Learned from Defeat
2 Days to Complete / No “Kizuna” Points

IMAG3004 IMAG3005

[in the main gym]

Kise: Hey, Midorimacchi! Are you on break, too?

Midorima: …oh, it’s you, Kise. What do you want?

Kise: You don’t have to be so cold. I mean, we were teammates back in middle school!

Midorima: Be that as it may, we go to different high schools now. And on the national stage, we’re going to be opponents, are we not?

Kise: Yeah, yeah. But since we wound up here together, let’s try to get along during the training camp, at least.

Midorima: Hmph… It’s not as if I chose to come to the same training camp as you or any of the others.

Kise: Well, I’m happy about getting to practice with everybody again. Oh, that’s right—Midorimacchi, your team’s much more tight-knit than I expected. Since Shuutoku’s such a famous basketball school, I thought the atmosphere would be more strict and serious. But it looks like the whole team’s pretty close. Including you, Midorimacchi.

Midorima: Don’t be ridiculous. Unlike you, I’m not here to make friends.

[Takao arrives]

Takao: Aw, don’t listen to him! You can’t take what he says at face value. He just loves to be contrary.

Midorima: Takao! I’ve heard more than enough of your nonsense!

Takao: Huh? I just call ‘em as I see ‘em! Wait, don’t tell me—you’re embarrassed?

Midorima: That couldn’t be any farther from the truth!

Takao: I’m not so sure about that! I mean, you’ve been participating in team practice pretty often recently, even though you used to always be off by your lonesome, shooting those three-pointers.

Midorima: But that’s—! I only get three willful requests per day, so I have no choice but to participate!

Kise: Pfft.

Midorima: …do you mind telling me what you find so amusing, Kise?

Kise: Nah, I was just thinking how good it was to see that you’ve got somebody you can joke around with like that.

Midorima: I take offense at that. I was doing nothing of the sort.

Takao: You don’t have to be so shy, Shin-chan! Man, you’re such a tsundere…

Midorima: That’s quite enough out of you, Takao! Shut your mouth—and don’t bother opening it again!!

Kise: Hehe. You really have changed, Midorimacchi.

Midorima: …hmph. Only a fool wouldn’t change after tasting defeat for the first time.

Kise: Yeah…that’s true. I got a pretty good taste of it myself. I lost to Kurokocchi…but I feel like I’ve changed since then.

Midorima: ………

Kise: “Kurokocchi relies on his teammates only because he’s too weak on his own…” Or at least, that’s what I used to think. I’m beginning to realize that isn’t the case. It might actually take strength to rely on the people around you…or something like that.

Midorima: ………hmph. I wonder about that. Still, those who have known defeat should be able to use that knowledge as a weapon against those who have never lost.

Kise: So you’re saying…we might be able to use that to our advantage.

Takao: That’s the spirit. And that means you can start relying on us even more, Shin-chan.

Midorima: Why do you keep twisting my words?!

Takao: Whaaat? But isn’t that where the conversation was headed? That we need to win as a team?

Midorima: Stop jumping to conclusions! I am not here to make friends!

Takao: There you go again, going all shy on us! You just can’t admit it, Shin-chan!

Midorima: Stop spouting nonsense, Takao!

Kise: (Yeah, Midorimacchi, you’ve definitely changed. He’s started playing as part of his team…so I’m sure they’ll make for a fearsome opponent. Now I really want to step up my game. I’m going to make some progress in practice and clinch the win next time. Against Aominecchi…no, against the entire “Generation of Miracles”!)

– – –

素直に言えばいいのに / Sunao ni Ieba Ii no ni / Why Don’t You Just Admit It?
2 Days to Complete / 120 “Kizuna” Points

IMAG3037 IMAG3046

[at dinner in the dining hall; at the GoM + Kagami table]

Kagami: We had another tough practice today.

Kuroko: Kagami-kun, you’re eating even more servings than usual.

Kagami: ‘Course I’m hungry, after all the exercise we did. I ended up having to use my head a lot, too… Speaking of which, y’know that new formation we tried during practice?

Kise: Kagamicchi, would that be one of Seirin’s new strategies?

Kagami: Hm? Yeah, I guess so. I’m not sure if we’re planning to use it in actual games, though.

Kise: In all fairness, we are opponents. Should you really be revealing your new strategy before your next game?

Kagami: …ohh. Is that right?

Aomine: Just so you know, whether you tell or not ain’t gonna have any effect on the outcome of our next game. ‘Cause even with your new strategy or whatever, I’m still gonna win.

Kagami: Yeah, yeah. If you’re not interested, then don’t bother butting in. And if you get lonely eating all by yourself, you can come ask us nicely to let you join the conversation.

Aomine: What’d you say…?

Kise: Geez, why are you two always at each other’s throats?! Come on, we’re eating dinner.

Kagami: It’s his fault for picking fights with me. Anyway, I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a strategy. We were just testing a new formation.

Kise: Yeah…? In that case, I’d love to hear about it.

Midorima: You fool. You’re not supposed to announce that you plan to listen in. You’re supposed to act like you’re not interested while you eavesdrop, instead.

Kagami: You’re the one who just announced you were gonna eavesdrop! Well, whatever. You’re free to listen if you want.

Kuroko: We’re discussing the new formation we tried today?

Kagami: Yep, that’s right. So, for starters—say the court is like this. That puts you over here, right, Kuroko? And then I go like this and move toward the baseline, near the goal, which leaves them completely free over here.

Kise: But if you move over there, Kagamicchi, then you leave a huge hole on this side.

Kagami: Yeah, but if Kuroko moves over here ahead of time, then…

Midorima: But that requires Kuroko to break free of this player’s mark.

Kuroko: That might be something of a risky gamble.

Aomine: Then all you need to do is have the point guard come in from behind and cover for him.

Kuroko: Huh?

Aomine: ………

Kagami: Oh, I get it. So we have the point guard come in from behind, and then Kuroko can move to the outside…

Aomine: Dumbass. The goal is to keep Tetsu free, right? So why would ya force him into a physical matchup with this player? Think of a way to keep him from having to do that in the first place.

Kagami: That’s a good point. Okay, so then… …huh?

Aomine: ……… …man, I’m stuffed! Thanks for the food. I’m gonna head back to the room. [gets up and leaves]

Kagami: ………

Midorima: …he’s unbelievable sometimes.

Kise: He just can’t be honest with himself.

Kuroko: I’m sure he wanted to be a part of our conversation.

Kagami: Then why didn’t he just say so to begin with? Sheesh… He’s a tough nut to crack.

– – –

絶妙な味と絶妙の配置 / Zetsumyou na Aji to Zetsumyou no Haichi / Brilliant Flavor and a Brilliant Formation
2 Days to Complete / No “Kizuna” Points
Kaijou Route

IMAG3050 IMAG3051

[at dinner in the dining hall]

Hayakawa: Man, I’m sta(r)ving! Time fo(r) dinne(r)!!

Kasamatsu: We need to eat a hearty meal and keep our stamina up.

Hayakawa: Yeah—! Let’s dig in!! (chomp, chomp…)

Kobori: Take it easy while you eat. It’s bad manners to wolf down your food like that.

Hayakawa: …come again? (munch, munch) This is supe(r) delicious!!

Kobori: He’s not listening.

Kasamatsu: It really is delicious, though.

Moriyama: At first glance, it looks like your average pork-and-vegetable stir fry, but it’s actually exquisite. The vegetables haven’t lost any of their crispness, yet they’re still cooked through. That requires precise temperature control during cooking. What’s more, the seasoning is absolutely perfect! It really draws out the natural flavor of the vegetables, thereby creating splendid harmony with the pork!

Kasamatsu: You sound like a food critic straight out of some cooking manga.

Moriyama: But there’s no denying it’s delicious.

Kasamatsu: Yeah, no kidding.

Hayakawa: I wish I could eat like this eve(r)y day! Can any of you make stuff this good?

Kasamatsu: Oh, I know! Kise, can you use your special copy skills to cook food this delicious?

Hayakawa: That’s a g(r)eat idea! Then we could eat food like this even afte(r) the t(r)aining camp ends…!

Kise: That’s asking the impossible. I might be able to copy somebody’s movements while they’re cooking, but you need experience and a knack for cooking to know how to season food properly. It’s a totally different story.

Moriyama: I get it. So you can pick up on skills like how to cook with a frying pan. But the food you make wouldn’t taste that great.

Kasamatsu: Man, I thought we’d be able to eat delicious food like this whenever we wanted. But I guess it’s not gonna work out. …hm?

Kise: What’s the matter?

Kasamatsu: Hey, guys, look at this!

Kobori: What’s the deal with that plate?

Kasamatsu: Say the piece of bell pepper on this plate is Kise, and this leek over here is me…and this carrot is Moriyama! And this little piece of meat is the ball.

Kobori: Hm? So if the bean sprouts are our opponents… Gotcha. Wait, don’t you think this formation could be pretty effective?!

Moriyama: If this bean sprout passes in front here…then this bean sprout would have to move like this. And this one would pass the ball over here… Ohh! This could work!

Kasamatsu: I know, right?! This formation is beyond brilliant!! Crap, somebody write this down!

Hayakawa: Kise! Commit it to memo(r)y!

Kise: Roger that!!

Moriyama: …wait, what were we talking about before this?

Hayakawa: I think…we we(re) talking about basketball!

Moriyama: No, I’m pretty sure it was something totally different. …well, whatever.

– – –

あの娘のために / Ano Ko no Tame ni / For That Girl
2 Days to Complete / No “Kizuna” Points
Kaijou Route

IMAG3015 IMAG3018

[in the gym]

Kasamatsu: Moriyama, you were really going at it today. You were proactive about getting looks and taking shots, and there was a lot of good strategy involved.

Moriyama: Yeah, I felt like pushing myself a bit today.

Kise: But he missed about half of his shots.

Kobori: Well, his accuracy’s bound to decrease after so many consecutive shots. But that’s something he can work on improving in future practices.

Kise: That’s true. And then we’ll be a considerable threat from beyond the arc, as well.

Kobori: Feels like we learned a lot from Moriyama today.

Kasamatsu: Exactly. Everybody take a page from Moriyama’s book and always give one-hundred percent during practice! Especially you, Kise.

Kise: Huh? What did I do to deserve that? I always do my best during practice.

Kasamatsu: But you’re still not taking it seriously enough. And there’s a bunch of your fans swarming around the gym. Stop letting outsiders in here during practice.

Kise: There’s really not much I can do about it… They’ll just keep coming.

Moriyama: You don’t have to be so hard on him about that.

Kasamatsu: But how’re we supposed to concentrate with all those shrill voices shrieking in the background?

Moriyama: Just stop and think about it for a second, Kasamatsu. Practicing in an environment like this might actually help us focus. During games, we always have to deal with the noise from the opponent’s cheering section, right?

Kasamatsu: You’re right… I didn’t think about that. You might have a point.

Moriyama: But if we’re really giving it our all, then we should be able to tune out all the background noise.

Kasamatsu: Yeah! Spoken like a guy who’s devoting everything he’s got to practice.

Hayakawa: I have to say, I’m deeply moved by you(r) attitude towa(r)d p(r)actice today, Mo(r)iyama-san! I’m gonna give it my all, too!

Kasamatsu: But really, is there a reason why you’re in such high spirits today?

Moriyama: Yeah, there’s a reason, alright. You know the girl who’s been at the register every time we’ve gone shopping?

Kasamatsu: The girl at the register? No, I don’t remember. What about her?

Moriyama: I’m practicing to make that girl smile!

Kasamatsu: Wait a second! So you were never serious about practice!

Moriyama: But when I remember that girl’s smile, I can’t help but give it my best!

Kasamatsu: What a load of bull! Your reason for doing it is downright dirty! No wonder you missed half your shots. Your focus is all out of whack!

Moriyama: That’s why I’m counting on the support of all the girls in the gym.

Kasamatsu: No, you just wanna be around girls.

Moriyama: Oh, that might have something to do with it.

Kasamatsu: Wrong answer!

Kise: Moriyama-senpai, are you talking about the girl with the glasses? The one who works the register?

Moriyama: Yeah! That’s the one! That’s her.

Kise: When I bought a compress there the other day, she told me she hoped I felt better soon. I remember her because she seemed like such a nice person.

Moriyama: Are you serious?! Alright! I’m gonna buy a compress, too! Hey, guys! Let’s get out of here and go buy compresses together!

Kasamatsu: Ugh, geez, you’ve gotta be kidding me… So much for our hardcore practice…

– – –

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