[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc – Part III

気になる荷物 / Ki ni Naru Nimotsu / The Suspicious Piece of Luggage
2 Days to Complete / No “Kizuna” Points
Shuutoku Route

IMAG2981 IMAG2984

[in the gym]

Midorima: Coach, might I speak with you for a moment?

Coach Nakatani: What is it?

Midorima: I’d like to talk to you about our practice regimen going forward, as we prepare for the Winter Cup preliminaries…

Coach Nakatani: I’ve already given you special permission to follow a different practice regimen than the rest of the team.

Midorima: But even so, I still don’t have sufficient time for shooting practice.

– –

Ootsubo: That Midorima, he’s making another willful request to Coach…

Miyaji: Again? Man, I just can’t believe him sometimes… …um…hey, Captain…

Ootsubo: What is it?

Miyaji: What do you suppose that is?

Ootsubo: What?

Kimura: Are you talking about strangling Midorima? If so, I want in on it.

Miyaji: No, not that… Kimura, what do you think that is?

Kimura: “That”…? It’s just Midorima talking to Coach, right?

Miyaji: …no, what is that thing he’s holding under his arm? The thing that’s sticking out like a sore thumb.

Kimura: I guess…it’s a teddy bear…or at least that’s what it looks like.

Miyaji: I thought so… Must be another one of those lucky items of his.

Kimura: He’s having a serious discussion with Coach while holding a stuffed animal. I can’t believe my eyes.

Miyaji: I know he’s supposed to keep it with him all the time, but this is really taking it to the extreme. Wait a sec, does that mean he even takes it into the bath and sleeps with it at night?

Kimura: The bath?! Oh, man! Just think about Midorima taking that stuffed animal into the bath! Maybe he soaps it up and gives it a bath, too!

Miyaji: Stop it! Now I can’t get that image out of my head! Still, I can’t believe he went through the trouble of bringing that thing all the way to the training camp.

Kimura: But there’s no way of finding out the day’s lucky item ahead of time, right…?

Miyaji: Oh, no kidding! He brought a huge bag with him, didn’t he? So that bag must be stuffed full of things he thought might turn out to be lucky items.

Kimura: I wonder what all’s in there…

Miyaji: If he’s got teddy bears covered, then there’s bound to be all kinds of different stuff in there.

Kimura: Now I’m curious. Let’s sneak a peek in there later!

Takao: What’s going on?

Kimura: Hey, Takao, do you know what Midorima’s got inside his bag?

Takao: No, I don’t. Are you curious about what’s in there?

Miyaji: Yeah, a little. We wanna know what kind of stuff he carries around with him.

Takao: Well, I’d be careful, if I were you. I saw his bag glowing red and rattling around, which kind of made me think twice about looking inside.

Miyaji: …Kimura, you said you were curious about it, didn’t you?

Kimura: …well, yeah, but now I don’t really feel like risking it. It sounds like it might explode or something if we open it the wrong way…

– – –

みんなができると思うなよ! / Minna ga Dekiru to Omou na yo! / Don’t Assume Everybody Can Do That!
2 Days to Complete / No “Kizuna” Points
Shuutoku Route

IMAG2986 IMAG2992

[in the gym]

Takao: (Oh, boy. This is gonna be rough. We’re playing a mini game to wrap up today’s practice, and we’ve got three starters on this side, but… They’ve got Ootsubo-san…and Shin-chan over there. That just ain’t fair… Still, they don’t have me on their team, which means there’re bound to be some chinks in their armor. Juuust kidding.) Alright, Miyaji-san. I’m counting on you!

Miyaji: Yep, just leave it to me!

– –

Midorima: (They’re tightening up the defense on the inside while sending a reserve player to mark me. Is this formation meant to guard the captain? …no, there must be more to it than that. That Takao, he must have something up his sleeve…)

Ootsubo: Midorima, it’s yours!

Midorima: …! Wait!

[Ootsubo passes to Midorima]

Miyaji: That ain’t gonna cut it! [intercepts the pass]

Midorima: (Argh! So they had the player guarding me back down on purpose, predicting that someone would pass to me. That was their true objective all along!)

– –

Miyaji: It’s mine! Time for a fast break! Get a move on, Kimura!!

– –

Kimura: Already on my way!

Miyaji: [passes to Kimura] Go for it—!

Kimura: This counter’s all mine!! [makes a layup] Hell yeah!!

Miyaji: Um, yeah, nice shot………

– –

Kimura: …geez, what kind of reaction is that? I put everything on the line with that counter…

Miyaji: …then why would you finish it with a layup? You were completely free! Anybody else would’ve dunked it! You just wasted your big chance to steal the show…

Kimura: I don’t see a problem with it!

Miyaji: It’s a huge problem! When somebody slams in a dunk, you know, it’s just got a totally different vibe to it!

Kimura: Shut up! So long as I make it, what’s the difference?

Miyaji: It makes all the difference in the world! Big plays give the whole team momentum! Come on, don’t you get all fired up when the captain makes a dunk?

Kimura: ………can’t.

Miyaji: What? What’d you say?

Kimura: I said, I can’t! I can’t dunk!!

Miyaji: ………huh? But, I mean, you’re pretty tall.

Kimura: But not as tall as the captain or Midorima! And I can’t jump that high, either! You shouldn’t just assume that everybody and his mother can dunk!

Miyaji: Er………  Y-you’re right. Umm, uhh…my bad.

Kimura: No, I guess it’s my bad, for not being able to dunk!

Miyaji: (Crap… Looks like he took that pretty hard…)

Ootsubo: Well, there’s no reason to force a dunk. What’s important is to reliably make the shot.

Kimura: (There’s something bittersweet about the captain trying to cheer me up…)

Midorima: There’s no need to worry about not being able to dunk.

Kimura: (Even Midorima’s trying to cheer me up?! Maybe he’s actually…a good guy?)

Midorima: Besides, there’s no point in dunking, anyway. Two points is two points, no matter how the goal is scored.

Kimura: (……I take it back. This guy just pisses me off!!)

– – –

嵐の予感 / Arashi no Yokan / I Feel a Storm Coming
2 Days to Complete / No “Kizuna” Points

IMAG2994 IMAG2996

[in the main gym; Midorima makes a three-pointer]

Ootsubo: You’re in fine form today, Midorima.

Midorima: ………yes, for the moment, anyway.

Ootsubo: What do you mean? Is there something on your mind?

Midorima: According to this morning’s “Oha Asa” horoscope, “Cancers should beware of sudden storms”…

Ootsubo: But we’re in the gym. You shouldn’t have to worry about any storms in here.

[Aomine arrives]

Aomine: Ooh, you’re really going at it.

Midorima: (Aomine? What is he doing here? Why would he go out of his way to come watch us practice?)

Aomine: ‘Sup, Midorima. Shooting practice, huh?

Midorima: ………

Aomine: Hey, now, that’s not very nice. You got some sort of personal code against chitchat during practice?

Midorima: Captain, send me a pass, please.

Ootsubo: Y-yeah. [passes to Midorima, who shoots and makes a three]

Aomine: Nice shot! Wicked accurate as ever, I see. What was it called again? That morning horoscope thing… You still check that every day?

Midorima: ………

Aomine: You rely on that horoscope for stuff besides basketball, right? Y’know, like tests and the weather.

Midorima: …I wouldn’t say that I rely on horoscopes for anything. I devote my best effort to practice, then ask for divine protection in addition. Thus the saying, “Do the likeliest, and God will do the best.”

Aomine: Haha! You never change, do you? Old habits die hard, I guess.

Midorima: The same could be said of you. [shoots and makes a three]

Aomine: …heh. You never miss, huh? It’s boring to watch. But all the same…it looks like you might pose a decent challenge for me. [leaves]

Miyaji: Whew. So he finally left. For some reason, I get nervous when I know Aomine’s watching.

Kimura: What the heck did he want, anyway?

Midorima: …I presume he wanted to assess Shuutoku’s…no, my abilities.

Takao: Really? Looked to me like he was just goofing off and shooting the breeze. How’s throwing around a little smack talk supposed to help him “assess” anything?

Midorima: It might have looked like he was just killing time, but his eyes were as sharp and focused as ever. He was observing everything, from my shooting mannerisms and timing to my footwork… I had no intention of showing all my cards during practice, but he must have learned quite a bit about my abilities.

Takao: Whoa, that’s serious! Shin-chan, doesn’t that mean he’s gonna pass all that info on to Touou?

Midorima: Oh, you needn’t worry about that, Takao.

Takao: Huh? And why’s that?

Midorima: I told you, didn’t I? He didn’t come to assess my abilities for his team’s sake. Am I strong enough to pose a challenge for him…? He simply came to determine that with his own eyes.

Takao: What the heck…?

Kimura: A “challenge”?! So he’s automatically assuming he’s gonna beat us!

Miyaji: Shit! How cocky can you get?!

Ootsubo: Midorima is most likely correct. In that case, we’ll simply have to prove Shuutoku’s strength to Aomine!

Kimura: Right on!

Miyaji: If we end up facing off, you’d better watch out, Aomine!!

Takao: Well, let’s have him return the favor and show us a good time, too.

Midorima: Aomine…I hope you can pose a challenge for me, as well.

– – –

緑間の教え / Midorima no Oshie / Lessons from Midorima
2 Days to Complete / No “Kizuna” Points
Shuutoku Route
[Prerequisite: “For the Future of Shuutoku”]

IMAG3008 IMAG3011

[in the gym]

Miyaji: Hey, Kimura… Is it just me, or is there something weird going on?

Kimura: Yeah… The freshmen seem really excited about something…

Kimura and Miyaji: (They look like a bunch of mini Midorimas!!)

Miyaji: What the heck has gotten into them…?

Midorima: This is the result of their newfound understanding about “doing everything in one’s power”.

Miyaji: Huh? “Doing everything…”?

Kimura: (W-what’s the deal with that super-smug, haughty look on his face…?)

Takao: Well, here’s the thing… Shin-chan’s been put in charge of coaching the freshmen today…

Kimura: Oh, you’re right. That group’s all freshmen.

Takao: Anyway, so Shin-chan gave them an impassioned lecture about the importance of the whole “doing everything in one’s power” thing.

Midorima: When the captain first came to me, I thought I wouldn’t be suited for a leadership position. But everyone is genuinely taking my advice to heart. The reception has been much better than I expected.

Ootsubo: (My intention was for him to teach them his shooting technique, though… Good grief. How did this happen…?)

Miyaji: No, there’s obviously something wrong with this picture! Why did you end up teaching them about lucky items and taping their fingers?!

Midorima: Because “doing everything in one’s power” is a fundamental principle that applies to everything.

Kimura: No, no, no—that just ain’t right! You’re clearly way off base!!

Midorima: I’m afraid I have to disagree…

[chatter from the freshmen]

Midorima: Hm…are they arguing about the proper way to tape their fingers? My apologies. You’ll have to excuse me. [heads toward the freshmen]

Kimura: Ah…and there he goes…

Takao: Well, looks like Shin-chan’s Mr. Popular for the time being.

Kimura: At the very least…he’s certainly in great demand…

Miyaji: Hey, Takao. Aren’t you gonna get in on the craziness?

Takao: Nah, I don’t really believe in all that stuff… I’ll stick to using it to tease Shin-chan.

Kimura: (………hey, he just said something really twisted with a perfectly pleasant smile on his face.)

Miyaji: (For a split second there, I actually felt bad for Midorima…)

Ootsubo: (Well…at least it looks like Midorima has finally started to open up to the other club members. It’s not quite what I had in mind…but I suppose this might be an important part of the process. For the moment, I’ll just watch and see what happens…)

– –

Midorima: You fool! You’re slacking on one of the most critical of fundamentals: nail care! And you, over there! Don’t be lazy! You need to use a nail file to maintain your nails. And the lucky item changes every day. You will need a different item tomorrow!

– –

Ootsubo: (I-I wonder if this is going to work out…)

– – –

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