[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc – Part III

ヒミツの計画進行中 / Himitsu no Keikaku Shinkouchuu / Putting the Secret Plan in Motion
2 Days to Complete / 50 “Kizuna” Points
Touou Route
[Prerequisite: “The Girls’ Secret Plan”]

IMAG2856 IMAG2859

[late at night in Seirin’s room at the boardinghouse; someone knocks on the door]

Izuki: Hm? We’ve got a visitor, this late?

Koganei: Coming—! Who is it—? [opens the door]

Imayoshi: Good evenin’ to ya—!

Koganei: Wha—?!

Izuki: You’re Touou’s… What do you want?

Imayoshi: Haha, take it easy, now. There’s just a little something I wanna ask ya. Say, did our manager come pay you all a visit, by any chance?

Koganei: By “manager”, you mean…Momoi-chan, right? Why would she do that?

Imayoshi: Beats me. That’s why I came to ask. Ever since this mornin’, she’s been disappearing every time we take a breather from practice, and even during lunch… And it sure looks to me like she’s been spendin’ that time with your coach.

Tsuchida: With Coach?

Imayoshi: Yep. That’s why I came to ask if you all might happen to know something ‘bout it.

Kiyoshi: Riko did keep disappearing every now and again during lunch and our breaks. Have you heard anything from Momoi?

Imayoshi: Funny ya should ask… When I tried asking her, she went and told me, “It’s a secret for now!” I’d hate to think she was causing trouble for you folks, so I came over to check up on things, just in case.

Kiyoshi: I see… Mitobe, have you heard anything from Riko?

Mitobe: ………

Kiyoshi: What about you, Izuki?

Izuki: No, she hasn’t told me anything.

Kiyoshi: Hm. Kagami? Kuroko?

Kagami: No idea—I mean, I don’t know.

Kuroko: …I saw Coach and Momoi-san talking and laughing together during practice, but I couldn’t catch whatever they were talking about. And neither one of them has told me anything, either.

Kiyoshi: Got it. I guess there’s one way to find out… Hyuuga.

Hyuuga: Yeah. I’ll go ask Coach about it.

– –

[a few minutes later]

Kiyoshi: Welcome back. How’d it go?

Hyuuga: No dice. Maaan… Sorry.

Imayoshi: Gotcha… What were they up to, anyway?

Hyuuga: Well, you see…

[cue flashback]

Momoi: …so I’ve been thinking, why not just do both?

Riko: Oh, I see! That way, we wouldn’t have to worry about it.

Hyuuga: Yo, Coach, Momoi.

Riko: Huh? Hyuuga-kun…

Momoi: ………

Hyuuga: Oops, did I interrupt something?

Riko: Hyuuga-kun…did you hear what we were talking about?

Hyuuga: No? I just happened to be passing by, so I didn’t really hear anything.

Riko: …is that the truth?

Hyuuga: Hey, what’s with the third degree? Now I’m even more curious about—

Riko: I’m not telling.

Hyuuga: Shot down!! …okay, what about you, Momoi?

Momoi: I’m sorry!! It’s a secret!!

Hyuuga: Oh, well, you don’t have to apologize…

Riko: Hyuuga-kun, trying to probe into a maiden’s secrets could very well be classified as sexual harassment!!

Hyuuga: What? I didn’t even do anything!

Riko: Anyway, no boys allowed right now! Got it? Now hurry up and scram!!

Hyuuga: A-alright, geez! I’m leaving, see?!

[end flashback]

Hyuuga: …that’s all I got. Pretty much a waste of time…

Imayoshi: I hear ya… Think it’s some kinda secret girls’ talk?

Hyuuga: It did kinda seem that way. Pretty hard for a guy to intrude, you know?

Kiyoshi: They’re the only girls here, so I guess they might want to hang out and talk about stuff. They’re not causing any trouble for either team, so why don’t we just wait and see what happens?

Imayoshi: Yeah. I’m kinda intrigued, but…let’s just watch and wait for now. Sorry for botherin’ you so late at night. Thank ya kindly!

Kiyoshi: Nah, the same goes for us. If something else happens, feel free to drop by.

[Imayoshi leaves]

Kuroko: ………

Kagami: Hm? What’s up, Kuroko?

Kuroko: It’s nothing. I just have a bad feeling about this…

Kagami: A bad feeling?

Kuroko: I can only hope I’m reading too much into it…

– – –

見損なったぜ! / Misokonatta ze! / I Misjudged Them!
1 Day to Complete / 10 “Kizuna” Points
[Prerequisite: “The Difference in Strength Is Too Great”]

IMAG2961 IMAG2963

[in Seirin’s room at the boardinghouse; morning]

Kawahara: Ahh… Ow, ow, ow. I think I might’ve pulled a muscle.

Fukuda: Urgh… I’m beyond exhausted…

Kawahara: Well, after all the practice we did, it’s no surprise that our bodies need more time than usual to recover.

Furihata: Speaking of practice, where are Kuroko and Kagami?

Fukuda: Kuroko’s probably in the bathroom, right? He’s always got a crazy case of bedhead in the morning.

Kawahara: And it looks like Kagami’s…still asleep.

Fukuda: Yeah, he seemed pretty worn out yesterday.

Furihata: Gotcha… ………hey, there’s something I need to ask you guys. Do you have a sec?

Fukuda: …?

– –

[later, in a hallway in the boardinghouse; Kagami runs down the hallway]

Kagami: Crap! I completely overslept! I way overslept! I’ve gotta get down to breakfast now, or…

Furihata: Oh, Kagami. So you’re awake.

Kagami: Yeah. I guess the exhaustion finally caught up with me. And we were practicing our asses off until late last night with you guys.

Furihata: Um, yeah. About that, Kagami.

Kagami: Huh?

Furihata: We don’t need you to practice with us anymore.

Kagami: What?! What’s that supposed to mean?

Furihata: There’s just no disputing the fact that you two are a cut above the rest of us.

Kawahara: Even all three of us together can’t hold a candle to you, Kagami. So practicing with us doesn’t do you any good, right? It’s just a waste of your time.

Kagami: You bastards… Are you serious about this?

Fukuda: That’s the way we feel… All three of us. There’s no point in us practicing with you guys.

Kagami: …oh, is that right? Shit! Have it your way, then!! [runs off]

Fukuda: ………

– –

[in the dining hall]

Kagami: (Dammit. What is their problem, anyway?! I thought they wanted to get stronger!!)

Kuroko: Why are you in such a bad mood, Kagami-kun?

Kagami: What the—?! How many times do I have to tell you not to surprise me like that?!

Kuroko: But I was here first… Anyway, did something happen?

Kagami: Not really. Just that Furihata and the others came and told me that they don’t wanna practice with us anymore. They said it’s a waste of time.

Kuroko: …I really don’t think that’s the case, though.

Kagami: Don’t ask me! They’re the ones who said it. Maybe they lost their motivation ‘cause they couldn’t beat us, no matter how hard they tried?

Kuroko: …are you sure about that? I don’t think that’s the kind of people they are…

Kagami: I mean, even I thought they were guys with more backbone than that. But still…dammit, I guess I misjudged them.

Kuroko: But…

Kagami: Argh! That’s enough! It’s just pissing me off, so we’re done talking about them!

Kuroko: ………

– – –

激しい散歩 / Hageshii Sanpo / The Grueling Walk
2 Days to Complete / 80 “Kizuna” Points
[Prerequisite: “I Brought Him Along…”]

IMAG2976 IMAG2977

[Seirin’s room at the boardinghouse; early morning]

Nigou: Woof!

Kagami: [sleepy] Huh? What is it…? Let me sleep a little longer… ………zzzzz zzzz…

Nigou: Woof woof!

Kagami: Urgh… What’s the matter…? It’s not time to get up yet!

Koganei: [yawns] …it’s time for his walk. Kagami, can you take this one?

Kagami: What?! Why do I have to do it?!

Koganei: We’ve all been taking turns. Take one for the team. I’m gonna go back to sleep…

Kagami: Dammit! Nigou, you bastard… It’s way too early for this!

Nigou: Woof!

Kagami: Sheesh… Alright, let’s go for a walk, then.

– –

[on the outdoor basketball court]

Kagami: Maaan, I’m so sleepy… I bet I could fall asleep right here. …nah, if I slept out here in the sun, I’d probably get fried to a crisp.

Nigou: Woof woof!

Kagami: I’m getting hot just looking at you wearing all that fur. Don’t keel over from the heat, got it?

Nigou: Woof!

Kagami: Oh? Somebody left a basketball out here. Since I’m already up early and all, I might as well shoot a few hoops to wake up. Here goes! [takes a shot, which bounces off the rim] Crap, I missed.

Nigou: ………

Kagami: Got a problem, do ya? You sure look like you’ve got somethin’ to say! I only missed just now ‘cause my body’s not fully awake yet! [dribbles the ball] Here, just watch. Orya! [takes a shot and makes a basket] Sweet! Didja see that, Nigou? Shots like that’re a piece of cake, even if I’m still half asleep!

Nigou: ………

Kagami: What, you’re still not satisfied? Yeah, I get it! A dunk, huh? You wanna see me dunk the ball, do ya?! Well, bring it on! Uwooooooah! [drives down the court and dunks the ball] How d’ya like that?! I ain’t done yet! [dunks the ball] Hell yeah! Nobody can stop me now! [dunks the ball] Take this! [dunks the ball]

– –

[back in the room]

Koganei: Geez, just how far did Kagami take Nigou on his walk?

Kuroko: Do you think he could have gotten lost in the mountains…?

Koganei: What should we do?! Should we call the police?!

Nigou: Woof woof!

Kuroko: Oh, look! It’s Nigou.

Koganei: [sighs] …so you finally made it back, huh?

[Kagami enters the room]

Kagami: Haaa… Haaa…

Koganei: You took forever! We were worried about you!

Kagami: Wa…water… Somebody give me some water…

Koganei: Whoa, what happened?! What on earth did you do on that walk…?

Kuroko: It looks like Nigou enjoyed his walk with Kagami-kun.

Nigou: Woof woof!

Kuroko: Kagami-kun, you’ll have to take him on another walk sometime.

Kagami: Never…again…

– – –

ヤジに惑わせるな / Yaji ni Madowaseru na / Don’t Fall for the Taunts
1 Day to Complete / No “Kizuna” Points

IMAG2968 IMAG2971

[in the main gym]

Kasamatsu: Run it again!

Kise: Right!

– –

Aomine: Ohh, they’re really workin’ up a sweat. Let’s get a closer look…

– –

Kise: (Aominecchi…?! What’s he doing here?) [dribbles the ball; shoots and makes a basket]

Aomine: Ooh, nice shot! I knew ya could do it, Kise.

Kise: (I bet he came over here knowing full well that we’re in the middle of practice… Alright, whatever. I’ll just have to ignore him for now.)

Aomine: Kise—! You’re doing shooting practice, ain’t ya? Show me something fancy!

Kise: (Just ignore him!!)

Hayakawa: Kise! Look sha(r)p! [passes to Kise]

Kise: Nn…! [takes a shot and makes a basket]

Aomine: Wow, two in a row! Look at you! Your form was a little shaky, though.

Kise: (What on earth is his problem?! Did he come here just to mess with me?!) [takes a shot and misses]

Moriyama: …Kise!

Kise: I-I’m sorry!! (Dammit. I could’ve made that…! This is all Aominecchi’s fault!)

Aomine: Hey, now, what’s wrong? That shot ain’t worthy of the “Generation of Miracles”, y’know.

Kise: ………!! (No, I can’t get riled up! That’s exactly what he wants! Ignore him! Just ignore him!) Send me another pass, please! [runs down the court]

Aomine: Don’t rush it! Your timing’s off!

– –

Kise: ………!! [takes a shot and misses]

– –

Aomine: Oh, man. See? Told ya so.

[Kise runs up to Aomine]

Kise: I…I…I…!

Aomine: You what?

Kise: I can’t believe you!! You keep distracting me!!

Aomine: The problem is that you’re letting yourself get distracted by some silly taunts in the first place. What if this was a game?

Kise: That’s a completely different story, and you know it! What are you doing here, anyway, Aominecchi?!

Kasamatsu: Hey, Kise! Quit screwing around!!

Kise: Kasamatsu-senpai…! B-but Aominecchi was—

Kasamatsu: We’re at a boardinghouse, so it’s hardly unusual to see guys from other schools pass by. You need to concentrate! We’re in the middle of practice!

Kise: Mnn… Of course… I apologize. …geeez!! Now even Kasamatsu-senpai’s mad at me, and it’s all your fault, Aominecchi!

– –

Kise: ……………

– –

Kise: …………

– –

Kise: …wait, he’s gone?!

Kasamatsu: If you’re looking for Aomine, I think he left while we were talking.

Kise: That was fast! Ugh… He comes in here, stirs up a bunch of trouble, and then heads for the hills. He’s the worst…

Kasamatsu: C’mon, time to get back to practice. Try to stay focused this time.

Kise: Y-yes… Roger that. Urgh… Could this day get any worse…?

– – –

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