[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc – Part III

そんな目でオレを見るな! / Sonna Me de Ore wo Miru na! / Don’t Look at Me Like That!
4 Days to Complete / 150 “Kizuna” Points
[Prerequisite: “I Brought Him Along…”]

IMAG2891 IMAG2893

[at dinner in the dining hall]

Kagami: (munch, munch…swallow…) Man, this food’s delicious!

Koganei: Huh? Kagami, you’re a lefty?

Kagami: Oh, no, I’m just practicing using my left hand.

Koganei: What? What for…? Does it have something to do with basketball?

Kagami: That’s right. I was having trouble improving my left-handed ball-handling skills… So in order to get better at using my left hand, I’ve been doing a bunch of different stuff left-handed.

Koganei: Oh…? But you’re so good at eating left-handed! I hardly noticed the difference.

Kagami: I didn’t want anything to stand between me and my food, so it didn’t take me long to learn how to eat left-handed. That said, I’m still a little clumsy. When I try to grab something with my chopsticks, like this, I always use too much force, and…ah! [drops a piece of food on the ground]

Koganei: Oh, man… You went and dropped some of your fish. What a waste…

Kagami: Dammit. Where’d it go?!

Nigou: Woof, woof!

Kagami: Wha—?! Nigou, why you—! That’s mine!!

Nigou: Woof!

Kagami: I don’t wanna hear it. You sure look like you’re enjoying it, too…

Koganei: What’s the big deal? It already fell on the floor. Nigou, it looks like you’ll get a lot of free handouts if you sit next to Kagami—!

Nigou: Woof!

Kagami: Even if I drop something, it’s still mine! And whatever happened to the three-second rule?!

Koganei: Um, I’m pretty sure that “rule” is a lie… Besides, isn’t that bad manners?

Kagami: …yeah, I guess I wouldn’t eat something after it’s been on the floor.

Koganei: Are you sure…? You certainly looked ready to pick it up and eat it.

Kagami: I wouldn’t do that! …um, sir! Sheesh. Alright, back to the meal. I need to make sure I don’t drop anything this time. Easy does it…easy does it…ack!!

Koganei: You dropped another piece?!

Nigou: ………

Kagami: ………

Koganei: Kagami, I think Nigou’s concerned about you…

Nigou: (huff…)

Kagami: I-I don’t want your pity! Don’t look at me like that! Eat it! Just eat it, already!

Nigou: Woof!

Kagami: ………

Kuroko: Kagami-kun, would you like me to replace the pieces of fish you dropped with some of mine?

Kagami: I don’t need you and Nigou giving me that same look… It makes me feel even more pathetic.

Kuroko: I hope it doesn’t take long for you to get better at eating left-handed.

Nigou: Woof!

Kagami: Nah, it won’t. Just you wait and see! Nobody but me is gonna eat my food!

Kuroko: …please don’t forget the reason why you’re doing this in the first place.

– – –

オレ達も強くなりたい! / Oretachi mo Tsuyoku Naritai! / We Want to Get Stronger, Too!
1 Day to Complete / 240 “Kizuna” Points

IMAG2897 IMAG2898

[in a hallway at the boardinghouse, late at night]

Kagami: So that’s it for today’s practice, huh…? That was hardcore, as always…

Kuroko: But aren’t you still planning to go practice on your own after this?

Kagami: Yeah, pretty much. I mean, the same goes for you, doesn’t it?

Kuroko: Yes. I have yet to perfect my new skill, after all.

[Furihata approaches]

Furihata: Oh, Kuroko! Kagami! Do you have a sec?

Kuroko: Of course. What’s the matter, Furihata-kun?

Fukuda: Well, see, we’ve got a little favor to ask of you…

Kagami: Hm? Fukuda…and Kawahara, too?

Kawahara: Yeah. Would you mind coming with us for a bit?

Kagami: ? No problem, but… Where exactly are you gonna take us?

Furihata: Um, the truth is, we want you to give us a hand with our practice.

Kuroko: With your practice?

Fukuda: That’s right. I mean, we’re at a joint training camp with a bunch of veteran schools. And that has, you know…really made it clear to us. Just how great the difference in our strength is.

Kagami: Still, they’re opponents we’re gonna have to defeat sooner or later. There’s no sense getting cold feet now.

Kawahara: No, that’s not it. We’re talking about the difference in strength between you two and us.

Kuroko: What do you mean?

Furihata: Just that. Even though you’re freshmen, you and Kagami are on a level playing field with those formidable opponents. That’s beyond impossible for the three of us.

Fukuda: But even we’re going to get a chance to play with you in a game someday. We can’t stay like this forever.

Kawahara: And that’s why we want to use every chance we have to get stronger during this training camp!

Kagami: Ohh…? You’ve really thought this through.

Kuroko: And that’s why you said you want to practice with us?

Kawahara: Yeah. We were thinking about starting off with some extra practice in the gym, but we don’t want to get in the way of our senpai doing their extra practice.

Furihata: Although that means we ended up bothering you two, instead. But since we’re all in the same boat as freshmen, we thought we’d go ahead and ask.

Kagami: Heheh. It’s fine by me, ‘specially when you put it that way.

Kuroko: I agree.

Furihata: Then it’s settled. Let’s go ahead and get started!

– –

[on the outdoor basketball court]

Kuroko: How should we split up the teams?

Fukuda: I guess it’d have to be you two regulars versus the three of us, right?

Kawahara: …but even if it’s three-on-two, I’m not sure we’ll win.

Kagami: What’re you sayin’? We haven’t even started yet. You won’t know unless you try.

Furihata: T-that’s right! Okay, let’s do this!

– –

Fukuda: Shit! We haven’t been able to stop them once!!

Kawahara: Still, we’re gonna stop this last shot no matter what!

– –

Kagami: Heheh! I’d like to see you try! …?!

Furihata: No, you don’t!!

Kagami: [drives to the basket] Uwooooooah! [dunks the ball]

– –

Furihata: Haaa… Haaa… Haaa… Dammit—! He got past all three of us—?!

Kagami: Yeah, but you almost had me at the end there. You were in the perfect position to box me out.

Kawahara: Yeah, I thought we had a chance at that one. But you blew right past me and slammed in the dunk!

Kuroko: Speaking of which, Kagami-kun, your offensive patterns are too easy to read.

Kagami: S-shut up! I’ll put a little more thought into ‘em next time!

Kawahara: “Next time”…? You mean you wouldn’t mind practicing with us again?

Kagami: That goes without saying! Get ready!

Kuroko: We’ll practice with you as long as you like.

Furihata: Thank you, Kuroko, Kagami!

Kagami: But in return, Kuroko and I are gonna bring our A game!

Fukuda: Yeah! We’re definitely going to get stronger, Kuroko, Kagami!

– – –

すごい特技 / Sugoi Tokugi / An Incredible Talent
4 Days to Complete / 120 “Kizuna” Points
[Prerequisite: “I Brought Him Along…” w/o “Don’t Eat That! It’s Dangerous!”]

IMAG2917 IMAG2918

[in the gym]

Hyuuga: Heh! [takes a shot and makes a basket] Whew… I think I’ll try to make the release a little quicker for the next shot. …! [takes a shot]

Nigou: Woof!

[Hyuuga’s shot hits the rim]

Hyuuga: Whoops, I missed… I’m gonna try that quick release again. Go in! [takes a shot]

Nigou: Woof!

[Hyuuga’s shot hits the rim]

Hyuuga: Another miss, huh…

[Koganei approaches]

Koganei: Hey, have you noticed that Nigou only barks when you miss a shot?

Hyuuga: Hm? I wasn’t really paying attention. Does he really?

Koganei: Yep. Nigou only barked right before you missed a shot.

Hyuuga: Are you serious…? Okay, let’s test it out! [takes a shot]

Nigou: ………

[Hyuuga shot goes in]

Hyuuga: Oh, I made it.

Koganei: See? Nigou didn’t bark just now, right?

Hyuuga: Alright, try this on for size! [takes a shot]

Nigou: Woof!

[Hyuuga’s shot hits the rim]

Hyuuga: Whoa………

Koganei: …damn, he’s the real deal.

[Izuki approaches]

Izuki: What’s up? Did something happen?

Hyuuga: “Did something happen?” he says… Yeah, Nigou’s incredible! I think he can tell whether you’ll make or miss a basket the instant you shoot! Here, listen closely! ………! [takes a shot]

Nigou: Woof!

[Hyuuga’s shot hits the rim]

Hyuuga: See? He was right again.

Izuki: Are you sure it wasn’t just a coincidence?

Hyuuga: We’ve been testing it this whole time, so it’s definitely not just a coincidence!

[Riko approaches]

Riko: What’s all the fuss about? We’re in the middle of practice, you know!

Hyuuga: Oh! Coach, get a load of this! I know it sounds crazy, but Tetsuya Nigou knows the instant you take a shot whether or not you’ll make it!

Riko: Huh? What do you mean?

Hyuuga: Well, just watch! ………! [takes a shot]

Nigou: ………

[Hyuuga’s shot goes in]

Hyuuga: Nigou didn’t bark just now, right?

Riko: Yeah? What of it?

Hyuuga: And now… …! [takes a shot]

Nigou: Woof!

[Hyuuga’s shot hits the rim]

Hyuuga: See?! Isn’t that awesome?! He only barks when you’re gonna miss. The more I do this, the more his “woof” sounds like “Get the rebound!”

Riko: I’m pretty sure that was just a fluke. There’s no way he’d know whether or not you’re going to miss.

Hyuuga: Nope, no way! I believe in Nigou! If we can get him to bark like that during games, then wouldn’t that tell us when to get in position for rebounds?!

Riko: For the sake of argument, let’s say Nigou really does know whether or not your shots will miss… But if he barks, then the opponent will know it, too!

Hyuuga: Ack! You’re right! Dammit. That’s such a waste of Nigou’s talent…

Riko: Okay, that’s enough about that. …anyway, are you alright, Hyuuga-kun?

Hyuuga: Huh? What d’ya mean?

Riko: You missed quite a few shots just now… Do you have enough figures?

Hyuuga: Heeeey—! I was missing on purpose to test Nigou’s talent! That wasn’t shooting practice!

Riko: Oh? Are you trying to blame Nigou for the shots you missed?

Hyuuga: Erk—! That’s horrible! That’s cruel and unusual!

Nigou: [whines]

Hyuuga: Are ya trying to cheer me up…? You’re the only one who understands how I feel.

– – –

黒子のパスはマネできない? / Kuroko no Pasu ha Mane Dekinai? / We Can’t Imitate Kuroko’s Pass?
3 Days to Complete / 200 “Kizuna” Points

IMAG2907 IMAG2908

[in the gym]

Koganei: Sweet! The first points of the mini game are gonna be mine! [makes a basket] Heheh! Didja see that, Kuroko?

Kuroko: …… [sends a Cyclone Pass past Koganei, to Kagami]

Koganei: Gwah—!

– –

Kagami: [catches the pass] Heheh. I was waiting for that. I ran all the way down the court!

Mitobe: …!

Kagami: Oryaa—! [dunks the ball]

Fukuda: Wow. That pass always reminds me of Ichiro’s laser beam.

Furihata: What does he call that pass, I wonder? The “revolving super-long-range pass”?

Kawahara: And Kagami’s incredible as ever for being able to catch that pass and go straight for the dunk!

– –

Kiyoshi: That’s the perfect pass for a counter.

Riko: Yeah, since that one pass can get the ball all the way from your own goal line to under the opponent’s goal.

– –

Izuki: …! You can count on that counter!

Hyuuga: Yeah, alright, I hear ya. That’s really annoying, Izuki.

Koganei: Dammit. I forgot Kuroko could use that pass… Say, Kuroko, I’ve been wondering about this for a while, but… When you spin around like that, don’t you get dizzy?

Kuroko: No, it’s actually not that bad.

Koganei: Hmm…? That’s cool. Maybe I’ll give it a shot.

Furihata: A-are you sure that’s a good idea…?

Fukuda: Well, Koganei-senpai’s an all-rounder, so maybe it’ll be alright…

Koganei: Here goes—! Uwooooooah!! [spins around in circles and tosses the basketball] Whaaaa…? Whoaaaa…?!

– –

Hyuuga: Tsuchida! Look out! Duck!

Tsuchida: …hm? [nailed with the loose basketball] Erk…! [collapses]

Izuki: Whoa! Tsuchida, hang in there! Stay with us, man—!

– –

Koganei: Ughhh… My eyes… So dizzy…

Kuroko: A-are you alright?

Hyuuga: What on earth is he doing…? Geez.

Riko: He must have tried to imitate Kuroko-kun’s pass. But that’s a highly technical skill. I’m guessing Kuroko-kun had to work long and hard to perfect it.

Kiyoshi: It’s not a pass you can fudge with brute strength, so learning to do that couldn’t have been easy.

Hyuuga: Sheesh. I’ve really gotta hand it to Kuroko for his attitude toward basketball.

Riko: Well, based on what happened just now, I think it’d be best if we left that pass to Kuroko-kun.

Kuroko: Yes. I’ll take care of it, so please just leave it to me.

Hyuuga: Right. Any more basketballs sent flying at our teammates will only increase the number of casualties.

Riko: And the guy who threw it looks dizzy enough to be counted as another casualty.

Hyuuga: That means no half-assed imitations of Kuroko’s techniques from now on.

– – –

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