[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc – Part III

女の子達のヒミツ計画 / Onnanoko Tachi no Himitsu Keikaku / The Girls’ Secret Plan
2 Days to Complete / 50 “Kizuna” Points
Touou Route

IMAG2844 IMAG2846

[in the gym]

Riko: Okay, take a ten-minute break! Make sure you stay hydrated!

Koganei: (chug…chug…) Gaaah~! I’m exhausted~!

Hyuuga: And that was just our warm up… Still, it looks like Touou’s working up a sweat, too.

Riko: They’re following quite the intensive training regimen. We can’t let ourselves fall behind.

Izuki: Hey, Coach, Touou’s manager says she’d like to talk to you over there…

Riko: You mean Momoi-san? Alright, thanks. I’ll go see what she wants.

Kuroko: ………

– –

[on Touou’s side of the gym]

Momoi: …ah! Riko-san!

Riko: What’s up? If you need something, you could’ve just come over to see me, you know.

Momoi: I’m sorry. I didn’t want Tetsu-kun to overhear what I have to say…

Riko: It’s about Kuroko-kun?

Momoi: Yes. I was wondering…would it be alright for me to give Tetsu-kun a present?

Riko: Oh, that’s all? Sure, not a problem. What are you planning to give him?

Momoi: I was thinking about some homemade refreshments that would help him build up his stamina! The food here is delicious, but eating the same thing day after day gets old after a while. So I thought he might enjoy getting to eat something different every now and then!

Riko: Hmm…? I see. That’s a great idea. In that case, how about making something for everyone from Seirin and Touou, instead of just Kuroko-kun? They’re all probably getting tired of the food, and I can even give you a hand!

Momoi: Really? You don’t mind?

Riko: If it means I can make some progress with my cooking skills, then I’ve got to do my duty as a coach! Let’s make some delicious, hardy food for everyone!

Momoi: Okay! I’ll do my best! What a relief~! I was worried it might not turn out well if I did it all on my own. If we work together, Riko-san, then I know for a fact we’ll be able to whip up some delicious food that will make everyone happy!

Riko: Hehehe. You can count on me! Let’s meet later to come up with a plan.

– –

Aomine: Wait, where’s Satsuki?

Imayoshi: She’s gettin’ all chummy with Seirin’s coach over there.

Aomine: Ugh… I dunno what they’re talking about, but…I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Kuroko: You, too, Aomine-kun? I was thinking the same thing.

Aomine: Whoa, Tetsu!! Don’t scare me like that!!

Kuroko: I’ve been standing here the whole time. …I have no idea what they might be planning, but if Coach and Momoi-san are working together, then…

Aomine: W-what d’ya think they’re up to?

Kuroko: Your guess is as good as mine. Let’s just hope it’s nothing.

Aomine: Huh… I hate to say it, but your hunches are usually spot-on about this kinda stuff, Tetsu…

– – –

気が付けば部屋の隅に… / Ki ga Tsukeba Heya no Sumi ni… / Before You Know It, He’s in the Corner of the Room…
3 Days to Complete / 80 “Kizuna” Points
[Prerequisite: “Before You Know It, He’s Right Beside You……”]

IMAG2850 IMAG2853

[in Seirin’s room at the boardinghouse, in the dark]

Kagami: Crap, I knew I forgot something important. Shit, it’s pitch dark in here. Where’s the light switch…? [flicks on the light, which reveals that Kuroko is standing in the room] Let’s see… Oh, there it is. Sweet! Guess I’ll hurry up and head back—whoa, Kuroko?!

Kuroko: Good evening, Kagami-kun.

Kagami: What the hell’re you doin’ in here?!

Kuroko: I needed a few extra minutes to change clothes, but one of the maids came and turned off the lights while I was changing…

Kagami: Well, it’s not her fault. It’s your fault for having no presence.

Kuroko: I managed to finish changing in the dark, but then I found myself in a bit of a predicament because I couldn’t find the doorway.

Kagami: Yeah, ‘cause this room is packed to the gills with people’s stuff.

Kuroko: And I didn’t want to step on someone’s belongings by accident.

Kagami: You take the most random things so seriously. Just trample all over that mess. The guys who didn’t pick up their stuff are the ones at fault.

Kuroko: That’s what I thought at first, but when I took one step in the dark…

Kagami: Oh! That’s the ticket. You shouldn’t let anything get in your way. …so, what happened?

Kuroko: I accidentally stomped on a bag that felt like someone’s luggage…and then I heard a horrible cracking noise.

Kagami: Heh, serves ‘em right. Whoever’s bag it was, they need to learn to pick up after themselves.

Kuroko: ………

Kagami: Wh…why’d you go all quiet on me?

Kuroko: No, it’s alright, since you’ve already forgiven me, Kagami-kun.

Kagami: Forgiven you for what? ………you’re kidding. Hey, Kuroko. There’s something that looks suspiciously like a footprint on my bag.

Kuroko: That’s horrible. Who would do such a thing…?

Kagami: It was you, dammit—!! It’s exactly the same size as your foot! Hey, you! What’re you gonna do about this? The inside’s a complete mess, too! My leftover bread and my cell phone and—they’re totally wrecked!

Kuroko: So even you have leftovers sometimes, Kagami-kun? How unusual.

Kagami: I was saving it for later! Damn, what am I supposed to do now?

Kuroko: ………

Kagami: Shit! I know, I know! It’s my own damn fault. Serves me right, huh?!

Kuroko: Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

Kagami: (Whoa, seriously? I mean, I know I’m the one at fault, but he’s really pushing it.)

Kuroko: In that case, I’ll treat you to something in the dining hall, Kagami-kun.

Kagami: Sheesh. Guess there’s no use crying over spilt milk. I’ll let you treat me.

Kuroko: From now on, let’s make sure we take better care of our luggage and stack it along the wall.

Kagami: Yeah, yeah. And you promise me you’ll try not to get the lights turned off on ya again.

Kuroko: Well then, let’s get going…before we step on anyone else’s luggage.

– – –

風呂場で特別練習 / Furoba de Tokubetsu Renshuu / Special Training in the Bath
2 Days to Complete / No “Kizuna” Points
Kaijou Route

IMAG2865 IMAG2866

[in the onsen at night]

Moriyama: We spent another day absorbed in basketball and practice. I feel totally satisfied.

Kobori: I’m glad you feel that way, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m completely exhausted.

Hayakawa: Then let’s soak in the onsen and (r)elieve all that st(r)ess! Nothing alleviates fatigue like an onsen!

Kobori: That’s right. Let’s kick back and let the water melt all our cares away.

Kasamatsu: Couldn’t have said it better myself. They say the water has healing properties, but that’s not all.

Kobori: Meaning?

Kasamatsu: Soaking in a huge, open bath like this gives you a chance to relax, right? It’s so spacious that it really helps you unwind. Maaan, what a nice bath.

Kise: That’s for sure. I love that it’s so roomy!

Moriyama: It’s so roomy that I bet we could play basketball in here.

Kise: Hahaha! No kidding!

Hayakawa: Al(r)ight! Kise! Pass! [splashes Kise]

Kise: Ack—! What did you do that for? You just splashed hot water directly in my face!

Hayakawa: It was a pass, obviously! Hu(rr)y up and go on the attack!

Kise: “Attack” what?!

Hayakawa: I just passed you the ball! So hu(rr)y up and get on offense!

Kise: What if I don’t want to? Geez… Oh, I know! Moriyama-senpai, pass! [splashes Moriyama]

Moriyama: Wah! What do you think you’re doing?!

Kise: Direct any complaints to Hayakawa-senpai, please. All I did was pass to one of my teammates.

Moriyama: Why, you—! You’re on!! Okay, Kobori! Pass! [splashes Kobori]

Kobori: Guard up!!

Kasamatsu: What’s that supposed to mean?!

Hayakawa: E(rr)…so who has the ball now?!

Kise: I guess whoever calls it gets it. I just picked up the ball! Eat this! Slam dunk—!! [splashes Kasamatsu]

Kasamatsu: Uwaah?! You moron! You splashed hot water in my eyes!!

Hayakawa: We’ve got to (r)eturn fi(re), Captain!!

Kasamatsu: Damn straight we do. You’ve done it now, Kise!

[the splash battle continues]

– –

Kise: Um…I know I let myself get carried away, so I’m not sure I should be the one to say this, but…it kind of looks like there’s less water in the bath than there was before.

Kobori: …no kidding. It’s not just your imagination. The water level is a lot lower.

Moriyama: And aren’t Shuutoku and Touou supposed to use the bath after us?

Hayakawa: What d’we do?!

Kasamatsu: ……… …uhh… That concludes today’s special training in the bath! Troops, it’s time to beat a hasty retreat! Run for it!

[they rush out of the bath]

– – –

温泉でミスディレクションは危険 / Onsen de Misudirekushon ha Kiken / It’s Dangerous to Use Misdirection in the Bath
2 Days to Complete / 200 “Kizuna” Points

IMAG2874 IMAG2878

[at night in the onsen]

Kiyoshi: Ahhh… I feel totally rejuvenated.

Hyuuga: Practice is hardcore, but nothing beats a bath and a hot meal. Speaking of which, is the water here supposed to have any healing properties?

Kiyoshi: I don’t know about that, but soaking in an onsen is supposed to improve circulation, which works wonders for relieving muscle fatigue.

Izuki: Let’s have a round of applause for the cycle of circulation!

Hyuuga: ………maaan, what a nice bath…

Izuki: I said, let’s have a round of applause—

Hyuuga: I know, I know! I heard ya! Looks like this onsen doesn’t work on Izuki.

Kiyoshi: Izuki, I think a “standing oval-tion” would be better—

Hyuuga: I guess it doesn’t work on you, either. I wonder if there’s an onsen somewhere that can cure punning and stupidity…

Tsuchida: Hahaha! I’m not sure you should get your hopes up.

Hyuuga: Tsuchida, have you felt any effects?

Tsuchida: Yeah, I feel so calm and tranquil…

Hyuuga: That’s nothing new… What about you, Mitobe?

Mitobe: ………

Hyuuga: So it can’t make him talk, huh…?

Koganei: ‘Cause keeping quiet isn’t a condition…

Hyuuga: You look the same as ever, too. So the water didn’t have any effect on anybody? Come to think of it, where’s Kuroko?!

Koganei: Maybe the water in the onsen powered up his misdirection!

Kagami: No, it’s the same old routine. All of a sudden, he’s just going to pop out from somewhere— [nothing happens] —or not! Where the hell did he go?!

Koganei: Onsen accidents are very common, you know. People slip and fall, or they get dizzy and collapse…

Hyuuga: ……… Everybody look for Kuroko—!

– –

Izuki: Kuroko—! Where are you—?!

Hyuuga: Don’t tell me he just decided to get out of the bath before the rest of us!

[Furihata rushes in]

Furihata: Kuroko’s clothes are still in the changing room!

Hyuuga: Shit, that means he’s still in here somewhere! Keep searching! We’ve gotta find him—!

– –

Kagami: Geez, you’ve got everybody worried about you. Come on out, Kuroko—! Huh? What’s this thing?

Kuroko: [floating face-down in the water] (glug, glug, glug…)

Kagami: —whoa, Kuroko!! [fishes Kuroko out of the water]

Kuroko: I’m…so…rry… I got so dizzy.

Kagami: Here, grab on! Damn, you were drowning! Why the hell were you still using misdirection?!

Kuroko: ………but I wasn’t…

Koganei: …so his lack of presence can put his life in danger off the court, huh.

– – –

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