[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc – Part III

森山から学べ! / Moriyama kara Manabe! / Learn from Moriyama!
2 Days to Complete / No “Kizuna” Points
Kaijou Route

IMAG2810 IMAG2813

[in the gym]

Kise: Moriyama-senpai, do you have a minute?

Moriyama: What’s up?

Kise: I’d like you to help me while I make some adjustments to my shooting.

Moriyama: That’s fine, but I want you to introduce me to a cute girl in exchange.

Kise: Wha—?

Moriyama: It was just a joke.

Kise: You sure didn’t sound like you were joking.

Moriyama: Well, enough about that. What do you need me to do?

Kise: I’d like you to play defense.

Moriyama: Alright, do your worst!

– –

Moriyama: Whew. How’s that?

Kise: Thanks to you, I got to fine-tune my shooting.

Moriyama: No surprise there. The “Generation of Miracles”’ shooting skills are really a cut above.

Kise: But you shoot some amazing three-pointers yourself, Moriyama-senpai! And your shooting percentage is pretty high. Is there some kind of secret to it?

Moriyama: Hmm. Well, there’s not really any particular secret to it, per se. I wanted a shot that’s easy to take and easy to make… So I experimented with a lot of different shooting styles until I got it right… And that’s how I finally settled on my current form, I guess.

Kise: Come to think of it, Moriyama-senpai, your form is really weird…I mean, unorthodox. Would you mind showing me how it’s done?

Moriyama: Sure. You just go kinda like this— [dribbles the ball; takes a shot and makes a basket]

Kise: Whoa, that is really weird…I mean, for such a unique form, it’s very accurate! Is it alright if I imitate you, just to see what it’s like?

Moriyama: Yeah, go ahead.

Kise: [imitates Moriyama’s form; takes a shot that hits the rim] Wow, that’s hard! I can’t believe you make as many shots as you do~!

Moriyama: You think? It’s really easy for me. Maybe it’d come a little more naturally to you if you tried to make it your own?

Kise: That’s true. Now that you mention it, I feel like trying to copy it.

– –

Kobori: What? What’s Kise doing over there?

Hayakawa: It su(re) looks like he’s t(r)ying to copy a shot.

Kasamatsu: He’s copying Moriyama’s form on purpose?

– –

Kise: [copies Moriyama’s form; takes a shot that hits the rim] Ack! Dammit!

Moriyama: Yeah, there’s still something off about it. Should I show you one more time?

Kise: Please do!

[Moriyama takes a shot and makes a basket]

Kise: Whaaat? I could have sworn I copied that exactly.

Moriyama: Maybe just try to relax a little more? But you’ve got a good arc on it!

Kise: Alright~! I’ve got this! [copies Moriyama’s form; takes a shot and makes a basket] Sweet! I did it! That was perfect! It’s hard to do, just like I figured it would be, but it really is very accurate!

Moriyama: Yeah, you’re really something else. I had to work long and hard to master that form, yet after just a little practice, you can already copy it perfectly.

Kise: Now nobody can stand in our way!

Kasamatsu: Sorry to burst your bubble, but… Kise, try taking a normal shot.

Kise: What? Oh, okay. [takes a shot and makes a basket] It went in, see…?

Kasamatsu: Then what’s the point of going out of your way to use that awkward form?

Kise: …oh.

Moriyama: Is it really that hard? It seems so easy to me.

Kasamatsu: Moriyama, you’re on a totally different wavelength, aren’t you?

Kise: Aaaahh—! You’re right—!! There was never any reason for me to learn how to shoot with such a weird form…! Why on earth have I been slaving away all this time—?!

Kasamatsu: Did you only realize that just now…?

Moriyama: Huh…is it really that weird?

– – –

ちゃんとしゃべって! / Chanto Shabette! / Talk Properly!
2 Days to Complete / No “Kizuna” Points
Kaijou Route

IMAG2815 IMAG2817

[in the gym]

Kise: Do you have a minute, Hayakawa-senpai?

Hayakawa: What’s up?! Do you need something?!

Kise: This has been bothering me for a while, but…it’s really hard to understand you when you call plays. During practice today, I couldn’t understand what you were trying to tell me, and it was really confusing.

Hayakawa: What exactly didn’t you unde(r)stand?

Kise: Well, for example… When you say, “Baaan!”, what does that “Baaan!” mean?

Hayakawa: That’s p(r)etty obvious, (r)ight? It means, “Baaan!”

Kise: That doesn’t help at all!

Hayakawa: You(’re) making it sound like the p(r)oblem is with the plays I call!

Kasamatsu: No, he’s right. They are hard to understand, Hayakawa.

Hayakawa: Huh—?

Kasamatsu: Basically, you’re not talking properly.

Moriyama: And to make matters worse, when you’re calling plays, you’re yelling and talking really fast at the same time…

Kobori: We hear you, but since we have no idea what you’re saying, it can be confusing.

Hayakawa: I’m not talking p(r)operly? That’s not t(r)ue!

Kobori: No…just listen to yourself. It’s true, alright.

Kasamatsu: Hayakawa, sometimes you get tripped up on your r’s.

Kise: Oh! If it’s r’s that are the problem, then does that mean…when you say, “Baaan!” during practice, what you’re really saying is…“Rebaaan!” …as in “rebound”?

Hayakawa: How is that any diffe(re)nt f(r)om what I said? “Baaan!”

Moriyama: No, it’s completely different. Calm down and just take it nice and slow.

Kise: Hayakawa-senpai, try saying “rebound” very slowly. Repeat after me: …rebound.

Hayakawa: “(Re)bound.”

Kise: Re-bou-n-d.

Hayakawa: “(Re-)bou-u-n-d!”

Kobori: It’s actually kind of impressive that he can say it so slowly and still not hit the r’s.

Kise: Ree! Bouu-nnn-ddd!

Hayakawa: “(Ree)bouu-nnn-ddd!”

Kasamatsu: It defeats the whole purpose of calling for the rebound if you have to say it that slowly! Everybody’ll have already moved on by the time you finish.

Hayakawa: So…“(Re)baaan!”

Kise: And we’re back to square one.

Moriyama: Well, that’s just the way it is. You might as well give up, Kise.

Kise: Are you sure that’s okay?

Kobori: We’ve known him a long time, so we’re used to the way he talks. You should try to get used to it, too, Kise.

Kise: You’re right… I’ll do my best, then. “Baaan” means “rebound”… “Baaan” means “rebound”…

Hayakawa: Alright! Let’s move on to p(r)acticing sc(r)eens!

Kise: “Skeens…”?! What’s that supposed to mean?!

Kasamatsu: He’s talking about “screens”… I guess we can’t expect you to get used to it overnight, huh?

– – –

リヤカーに乗せる理由 / Riyakaa ni Noseru Riyuu / The Reason He Pulls the Rear Car
4 Days to Complete / 70 “Kizuna” Points
Shuutoku Route

IMAG2824 IMAG2827

[in the gym]

Kagami: Oh, that’s right. There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you.

Takao: Wait, me? Ask away, if it’s a question I can answer!

Kagami: Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s a question only you can answer… Why are you always pulling Midorima around in that rear car?

Takao: …oh, that’s all~? Well, the story goes a little something like this—

[flashback; in the gym at Shuutoku]

Takao: Oh, found him. Yo—! Shin-chan! Heeey, Shin-chan! Are you ignoring me? Hello—?! Earth to Shin-chan—!

[Midorima joins Takao]

Midorima: You’re too loud. I can hear you perfectly fine.

Takao: If you can hear me, then the least you can do is respond! Man, how cruel can you get?

Midorima: I have simply grown tired of a certain inconsiderate someone shouting like an idiot and trying to get my attention. Well, that’s not to say that I didn’t expect some degree of inconvenience—the reason being that Cancer is ranked 11th today.

Takao: What’re you talking about?

Midorima: I’m talking about the “Oha Asa” astrological horoscopes. They’re very accurate.

Takao: You believe in that stuff? Wait, that’s not what I came to talk to you about.

Midorima: Now that you mention it, you still haven’t stated whatever business you deemed important enough to warrant this interruption.

Takao: A little birdie gave me some info I thought you might find interesting. Apparently, Kaijou High School and Seirin High School are gonna play a practice game soon.

Midorima: Oh…Kaijou and Seirin?

Takao: I don’t know much about Seirin, but one of your middle school buddies is at Kaijou, right? I thought you might be interested, so I went out of my way to come tell you.

Midorima: Hmph…Kaijou and Seirin, hm… ………

Takao: Shin-chan?

Midorima: I suppose I’ll go watch the game.

Takao: I figured you’d wanna see Kaijou.

Midorima: Kaijou isn’t the only one I’m interested in seeing. We’re going to have to face Seirin in the district preliminaries. Besides, there’s another one at Seirin—a man who was a regular at Teikou.

Takao: They’ve got another one of your middle school buddies? Well, that just makes things all the more interesting.

Midorima: Don’t be late on the day of the game.

Takao: Huh? “Don’t be late”…? Wait, I’m going with you?!

Midorima: You don’t want to?

Takao: Kaijou’s one thing, but I couldn’t care less about Seirin. The deal’s not sweet enough to make me wanna go all the way out there to see them play. It’s too much trouble.

Midorima: You’re unexpectedly unsociable.

Takao: I don’t wanna hear that from you… Oh, I know! If you give me a lift in a rear car, I’ll go with you!

Midorima: That’s an odd condition. Still, it’s far too one-sided. I know; what do you say the one who loses at rock-paper-scissors that day has to pull the rear car?

Takao: …wow, there’s a shocker.

Midorima: Hm?

Takao: I mean, the rear car thing was s’posed to be a joke, but…okay, sounds fun! You can count me in! We’ll go see the game with that little wager on the table. Don’t regret it, now!

Midorima: Hn… The same goes for you.

[end flashback]

Takao: And that’s how our game of rear-car rock-paper-scissors was born.

Kagami: I see. But I’ve only ever seen you pulling the rear car.

Takao: Yeah, well, I still haven’t beat him at rock-paper-scissors.

Kagami: Not even once?!

Takao: But I’m definitely gonna make Shin-chan pull the rear car someday! Just wait and see!

Kagami: Y-yeah! Good luck with that.

Takao: And then, he can give you a lift, too, Kagami!

Kagmai: Um…I think I’ll pass…

– – –

黒子の苦労な歴史 / Kuroko no Kurou na Rekishi / Kuroko’s Troubled Past
3 Days to Complete / 140 “Kizuna” Points

IMAG2833 IMAG2842

[at dinner in the dining hall; at the GoM + Kagami table]

Aomine: Kise, give me that hamburger if you’re not gonna eat it.

Kise: I’m not even done eating yet! That should be obvious! No, you can’t have it.

Aomine: Tightass… Hey, Tetsu. Gimme your hamburger, then.

Kagami: If he’s gonna give it to somebody, it’ll be me.

Aomine: What’d you say?

Kuroko: I have no intention of giving my hamburger to anyone, mind you.

Kise: You never change, Kurokocchi. This makes me remember how we all used to eat together back in middle school.

Kagami: Come to think of it, you guys all went to the same middle school, right? Did ya ever do stuff like grab a bite to eat or stop at the arcade on the way home?

Kuroko: The arcade aside, we often stopped to get something to eat on the way home. We were always hungry after club activities, so we would stop at the convenience store for popsicles or steamed meat buns.

Kagami: Yeah? You guys must’ve stuck out like a sore thumb, all together at the convenience store like that.

Midorima: Apparently we were rather famous among the convenience store employees. They would always ask us, “How many of you are there today?”

Kagami: What d’ya mean?

Kise: Only a handful of the employees would actually notice Kurokocchi. So when we’d all go into the convenience store together, the employees would try to count how many of us there were. And when we went to family restaurants or wherever, even if we pointed everybody out and told them there were four of us, they’d always be like, “A table for three, right?”

Kagami: That’s pretty freaky…

Midorima: A lot of times, the waiter or waitress would leave the table before Kuroko had put in his order. He developed his lack of presence into a skill he could use while playing basketball, but it seems it caused him quite a bit of trouble in everyday life.

Kuroko: What? I never really thought of it as that much of an inconvenience.

Aomine: I mean, even at fast food restaurants, the employees who came to bring Tetsu his order would wander all over the place looking for him ‘cause they couldn’t find him. That’s gotta piss you off when you’re starving, right?

Kuroko: No, not really… I just always end up going to get it myself.

Kagami: I bet that kinda stuff happened more times than you could count… Then again, were there ever times ya lucked out ‘cause somebody didn’t notice you?

Kuroko: Let’s see… If I was late to school, I could sneak into the classroom without anyone noticing. Or even if the school store was crowded, I could easily get to the front of the line.

Kagami: Seriously?! Teach me how to do that!!

Midorima: Don’t be absurd. No one but Kuroko could learn that skill.

Aomine: Yeah, even though it’d probably come in really handy for buying limited-edition stuff at the school store.

Kuroko: I don’t think it’s as great as you’re making it out to be…

Kagami: Nope, you’re actually pretty incredible, huh? Guess I underestimated you a little.

Kuroko: …I don’t mean to change the subject, but Kise-kun, if you’re finished with your tea, would you mind letting me have the rest of it?

Kise: Of course I don’t mind, but…can’t you just go up and get a refill?

Kuroko: No, because I don’t have a cup to begin with.

Kise: Huh?

Kagami: Wha…?

Midorima: What?

Aomine: Tetsu…

Kise: Wait, why didn’t you say that earlier?! And how did that happen, anyway?!

Kuroko: All the staff looked like they were busy with dinner preparations, so I was planning to find something to drink after we were done eating. But then I found myself wishing I could have some tea with my dinner…

Kise: Kurokocchi…you really haven’t changed.

Midorima: So another episode has been added to the chronicle of Kuroko’s troubled past…

Kagami: Looks like his lack of presence is still causing problems for him.

Aomine: That’s Tetsu for ya…

Kuroko: No…I’ve been trying to tell you that it’s really not a problem…

– – –

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