[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc – Part III

どうしても気になる桜井の所持品 / Doushitemo Ki ni Naru Sakurai no Shojihin / Sakurai’s Irresistible Belongings
1 Day to Complete / No “Kizuna” Points
Touou Route

IMAG3458 IMAG3461

[at night in the onsen]

Imayoshi: Whew… I sure worked up a sweat today.

Sakurai: Oh, Imayoshi-san!

Imayoshi: [takes a seat next to Sakurai] Howdy, neighbor!

Sakurai: U-um… Would you like me to wash your back?

Imayoshi: That sure came outta left field… Nah, you don’t have to go to all that trouble on my account.

Sakurai: Y-yes, sir! I’m sorry!

Imayoshi: Hey…what on earth are you apologizing for? Oh? I forgot my bath towel. Hmm, maybe I left it back in the changing room?

Sakurai: Oh! You can use my towel, if you like! I haven’t used it yet…!

Imayoshi: Huh? Nah, no worries. I can’t ask you to do that. ……say, that’s a pretty cute towel you’ve got there.

Sakurai: Er—?! Oh, this? [holds up his towel]

Imayoshi: It’s covered in a strawberry print. Call me crazy, but I don’t think that was made for dudes…

Sakurai: My apologies! It is strange, isn’t it? I’m sorry it’s such an eyesore!!

Imayoshi: Hey, now, don’t put words in my mouth.

[Aomine joins them]

Aomine: Ryou, I forgot my shampoo. Lemme borrow yours.

Sakurai: Oh, certainly! Here you are.

Aomine: Hm? Hey, what is that thing?

Sakurai: Er…? Y-you mean this? [holds up a shampoo hat] It’s a shampoo hat…

Aomine: A shampoo hat?! You mean you actually use that thing?!

Sakurai: I’m sorry! It must be a terrible eyesore!

Aomine: No… That’s not the problem…

Sakurai: I’m sorry! If I don’t use it, I get shampoo in my eyes! I’m so sorry!

Aomine: (…what a pain. I should’ve kept my mouth shut.)

– –

[in Touou’s room at the boardinghouse]

Imayoshi: Ahhh, what a nice bath. …wait, are you already off to brush your teeth, Sakurai?

Sakurai: Yes. I was thinking I’d brush them and then go to bed.

Imayoshi: …say, that toothpaste you’ve got there…

Sakurai: [holding a tube of strawberry-flavored toothpaste] O-oh! I can’t use regular toothpaste because it’s so bitter!

Imayoshi: So you ended up buying…strawberry-flavored kids’ toothpaste, huh?

Sakurai: I’m sorry! I couldn’t decide between this and the melon flavor! I’m so sorry!

Imayoshi: Nah, the flavor’s not the issue…

Wakamatsu: The stuff Sakurai’s got with him is practically begging for a punchline, isn’t it?

Imayoshi: But it’s almost more trouble than it’s worth to tease him about it… But it’s just too tempting to crack a joke… He sure is a force to be reckoned with…

– – –

青峰の入れたお茶 / Aomine no Ireta Ocha / Tea, Courtesy of Aomine
2 Days to Complete / 160 “Kizuna” Points

IMAG3526 IMAG3527 IMAG3533

[at dinner in the dining hall; at the GoM + Kagami table]

Kagami: Let’s eat!

Kise: Thanks for the food! …huh, that’s weird. Aominecchi isn’t here yet.

Kuroko: I wonder why.

Kagami: Huh? Don’t worry about it. We can just start without him.

– –

[Aomine arrives]

Aomine: Oh, so you started without me?

Kise: Hey, Aominecchi! We were just wondering where you were.

Aomine: Sorry, my bad. I was making tea, so I got held up a little bit. I brought some tea for you guys, too.

Kise: Oh, thank you!

Aomine: You’ve gotta be exhausted from practice, right? So drink up, kick back, and enjoy your break.

Kagami: Hold on. You made tea for all of us? You’re creeping me out.

Aomine: Who says I can’t do something nice every once in a while? Besides, it’s just tea. Here ya go.

Kagami: …thanks. I appreciate it.

Aomine: How’s it taste?

[Kagami, Kise, and Midorima drink the tea]

Kise: Ugh………

Midorima: [gagging] ………

[Kise and Midorima spit out the tea]

Kise: Aominecchi… You put something in this, didn’t you…?

Midorima: …Aomine…

Aomine: Bwaha! Ha—hahahahaha! Oh, man, you should see your faces!! Hahahaha!

Kagami: You bastard!! What the hell did you put in here?! It’s thick and salty and—gross!

Aomine: I mixed in a whole bunch of Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce. You like it? Delicious, ain’t it? Maaan, that was hilarious. All that laughing made me thirsty. [gulps down his tea; starts gagging] ……… [spits out the tea] This tastes like crap!! Why does my tea taste bad?!

Kuroko: I switched it with mine.

Aomine: Tetsu, you son of a—!!

Kagami: Nice going, Kuroko! Serves you right, Aomine! You just got a taste of your own medicine!

Kise: Ahahahahaha! Aominecchi, that face you made was priceless! Do it again! Do it again!

Midorima: This morning’s “Oha Asa” did say I should be “cautious around water”, yet I completely let my guard down. Still, after seeing your expression just now, I suppose we can call it even…heh.

Aomine: Dammit… That was low, Tetsu.

Kuroko: I’m sorry. Would you like some tea?

Aomine: Not on your life! If you wanna apologize, then go buy me some juice from the vending machine!

Kuroko: Give me money for it, then.

Aomine: Why?!

Riko: Hey, you lot! Can you try acting your age?!

Momoi: Aomine-kun, Tetsu-kun—you two shouldn’t play with your food!

Riko: What on earth were you doing over here?! The table’s sopping wet!

Kagami: Uh, see, Aomine started it, and…

Aomine: Hey, Kagami! Why’re you trying to put all the blame on me?

Kagami: ‘Cause it was your fault! We’re obviously the victims here.

Aomine: But Tetsu did the exact same thing to me!

Momoi: Geez. It doesn’t matter who started it.

Riko: Listen up, all of you: You’re going to clean that table ‘til it’s spotless and then eat your dinner in peace!

Aomine: Yeah, yeah.

Kagami: Got it.

Hyuuga: Sheesh, what’s their problem…? They’re acting like a bunch of middle schoolers.

Izuki: You do realize that we’re the ones who rely on a couple of those “middle schoolers” as our trusty teammates, while the others are the most formidable opponents we’ve ever faced, right?

Hyuuga: …what a depressing thought. [sighs]

– – –

キセキのおかず争奪戦! / Kiseki no Okazu Soudatsusen! / The Food Fight of Miracles!
1 Day to Complete / 150 “Kizuna” Points

IMAG3555 IMAG3558

[at dinner in the dining hall; at the GoM + Kagami table]

Kagami: …huh? I think there’s an extra set of dishes and chopsticks today.

Kise: You’re right. It looks like they set an extra place by mistake.

Kuroko: Should we let one of the staff members know?

Kagami: Hold up, Kuroko. Since they already served the food and all, I might as well eat it.

Aomine: Wait a sec. Who says you get to eat it?

Midorima: I won’t let you monopolize all the good fortune.

Kise: Looks like we’ve got ourselves a competition. I won’t lose!

– –

[chime; the battle begins]

Aomine: The early bird gets the worm! You’re too slow, amateurs!

Kagami: Dammit, that was fast…! He snatched the plate in a split second!

– –

Takao: Aomine didn’t waste any time before going in for the kill…!

Hyuuga: Looks like Kagami still can’t keep pace with Aomine’s agility.

– –

Aomine: (I scored the beef croquette! Next is the hamburger steak!)

Kise: [intercepts Aomine] I thought you might try that!

Aomine: Kise, you son of a…!

Kise: This one’s mine!

– –

Imayoshi: Ohh? His moves just now were the spitting image of Aomine’s.

Kasamatsu: He actually went and copied Aomine…

– –

Kise: (I managed to snag the hamburger steak with a surprise attack. But it’s not over yet! I’ve got my eye on that fried horse mackerel!) [a chopstick spears the mackerel] What?! A chopstick fell from the ceiling, straight into the mackerel…?!

Midorima: It’s simply unthinkable that I would fail to make a shot.

Kise: I should’ve known it was you, Midorimacchi…

Kagami: Why, you…! They keep beating me to the punch!

– –

Sakurai: That shot was incredible…! I knew he wouldn’t miss the instant I saw his shooting form.

Izuki: That’s Midorima for you… Meanwhile, Kagami looks like he’s having a rough time of it.

– –

Kagami: (Shit! I’ve at least gotta get my hands on that yoghurt for dessert…!) What?! The yoghurt…disappeared?!

Kuroko: Oh, I’m sorry. I guess I got to it first.

Kagami: Kuroko—! How could you…?!

[bell chimes; battle ends]

Kagami: Hey…all that’s left is rice and vegetables.

– –

Hyuuga: So this is the true strength of the “Generation of Miracles”…

Ootsubo: Looks like it’s over. It seems to have ended in a draw.

Hyuuga: Kagami still has a long way to go.

– –

Aomine: Not bad, Kise. I enjoyed that more than I thought I would…(munch).

Kise: Same to you, Aominecchi! That first move you made was awesome. And thanks to that, I…(chew) made out pretty well myself.

Midorima: Well, at least each of us was able to accomplish his objective…(swallow).

Kuroko: We all fought our hardest, and this was the outcome. I have no regrets.

Kagami: I have nothing but regrets! You guys’d better watch out next time!!

[Riko arrives]

Riko: Say…do you guys have an extra place setting at your table?

Aomine: ………

Midorima: …………

Kise: Uh…………

Kuroko: ……why do you ask?

Riko: Well…they’re short one serving at that table over there. But the staff told me they set enough places for everyone…

Kagami: ………they ate the extra one.

Aomine: Y-you bastard!!

Kise: Kagamicchi, shhhh! Shhhhh!!

Midorima: Kagami, this is the problem with people like you…

Riko: Is that so? …in that case, the people who ate some of the extra can fork over their own portions to make up the difference.

Kuroko: ……what an incredible comeback.

– – –

本当にそれでいいんすか? / Hontou ni Sore de Ii n su ka? / Are You Really Okay with This?
1 Day to Complete / No “Kizuna” Points
Shuutoku Route

IMAG3539 IMAG3543

[late at night on the outdoor basketball court; Kise is practicing alone; takes a shot and misses]

Kise: Oh, man…

Aomine: Wow, that sucked.

Kise: Wha…you were watching?! You should’ve told me you were here…

Aomine: I got here just in time to see you brick that shot. So? Why’d you wanna see me this late at night? I need my sleep, you know… [yawns]

Kise: Aominecchi… Where were you this afternoon?

Aomine: What d’ya mean? I was sleeping back in the room, same as always.

Kise: You were sleeping?! You mean you skipped practice?!

Aomine: Bingo.

Kise: You’re even skipping practice at the training camp?! Why would you do that…?

Aomine: Well, when I joined the basketball club, they promised me I wouldn’t have to participate in practice.

Kise: Wha—?! Are you serious?!

Aomine: Dead serious. Why would I lie about that? Anyway, I’m tired, so can I go now?

Kise: No, not yet! There’s still something I want to ask you! Crap. He made me totally lose track of what I wanted to say… That’s Aominecchi for you.

Aomine: You say something?

Kise: N-no, it’s nothing! …I mean, are you really okay with this, Aominecchi?

Aomine: Okay with what?

Kise: You used to practice so hard back in middle school, but now you’re skipping practice and just lazing around…

Aomine: Practice is something you do to win, right? Besides, it’s not like there’s anybody who can beat me.

Kise: That’s not what I mean! Umm, I don’t really know how to say it, but… Are you okay with just watching from the sidelines while your teammates are busy practicing?

Aomine: Are you kidding me? …what’s your problem, anyway…? Did you make me come all the way out here just so you could lecture me? Man, this is ridiculous… I’m going to bed. See ya.

Kise: Wait, that’s not it at all! I don’t want to lecture you. I just…want to see you play, Aominecchi!

Aomine: …you wanna see me play?

Kise: We had joint practice with Touou today, and I thought I’d get a chance to see you play up close… But you never showed up, and then I started wondering if you didn’t even care about practicing with us. I just felt so…frustrated… That’s why I wanted to talk to you tonight.

Aomine: …hah. You’re a real idiot, you know that?

Kise: Laugh all you want! I was really looking forward to practicing with you…

Aomine: Alright, Kise. Then why don’t you skip practice, too…and we can play a little one-on-one? I’ve got a feeling you’d be able to keep me entertained.

Kise: Wha…?

Aomine: It must be boring for you to practice with guys who can’t play at your level, right? Even at the Inter-High, you were clearly a cut above the rest of your teammates. It’s a waste of time to hang around anybody who’s weak. Don’t you think so?

Kise: No…not at all.

Aomine: ?!

Kise: All of my teammates are important to me. I want to practice with them, and play in games with them, and get stronger with them. Together.

Aomine: …the fact that you can spout nonsense like that is the reason you lost, you know. Isn’t it frustrating for you to play nice with those teammates of yours, only to have them get in your way and make you lose?

Kise: That’s why I’m doing everything I can in order to win. …because I don’t want to lose. …I want to compete against you again, Aominecchi. And I want another chance to see you play up close. So that’s why… Haha. I came out here to try to convince you to join us for practice, but I’m sorry for being so pushy… See you later. [walks away]

Aomine: ……… …geez, what an idiot…

– – –

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