[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc – Part III

愛情こめて! / Aijou Komete! / Made with Love!
1 Day to Complete / 350 “Kizuna” Points
Touou Route
[Prerequisite: “Putting the Secret Plan in Motion”]

IMAG3060 IMAG3066

[in the gym]

Imayoshi: Good work today.

Hyuuga: Same to you. I was surprised to see Aomine out on the court today.

Imayoshi: Well, I reckon he just wanted to get it out of his system. Not that we’re complaining, mind you. By the way…I don’t see Momoi anywhere. You happen to know where she might be?

Hyuuga: No…I don’t see our coach, either, so we were just looking for her…

Imayoshi: …does that mean…?

Hyuuga: …I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

[Riko and Momoi arrive]

Riko: Good work today, everybody—!!

Momoi: Since you’re always working so hard, we have some special refreshments for all of you!

Imayoshi: …refreshments?

Hyuuga: ………special refreshments?

Momoi: Riko-san and I worked hard to make these. Please try some! There’s plenty for everyone, so feel free to take as much as you like!

Hyuuga: Um, yeah. Thanks…

Koganei: (What’re we gonna do, Hyuuga? She said Coach helped make these…)

Izuki: (We’re not going to be able to practice after this…)

Hyuuga: (Don’t worry. She had help from Momoi this time, right?)

Kiyoshi: (That’s true. Momoi certainly seems like she would know her way around a kitchen.)

Kagami: (So that means it’s safe to dig in, right?)

Kuroko: ……………

Momoi: Oh, Tetsu-kun!

Kuroko: What is it, Momoi-san?

Momoi: I made this especially for you. I worked really hard on it. This is my deluxe barley tea. It’s made with medicinal herbs that I picked from the mountainside, so it’s very fresh. And over here, we have stamina onigiri! They’re made with Riko-san’s special blend of supplements, so they’re packed full of nutrients. Here, eat up, eat up! I guarantee they’re delicious!

Kuroko: Are those medicinal herbs making the tea this dark, murky green color?

Momoi: Oh, nutritional content was my first priority when making the tea, so the color looks a bit intense, but it’s really nothing to worry about!

Kuroko: Is that so…? Alright, then I’ll start with an onigiri… (munch)…………! [collapses]

Momoi: Kyaaa—?! Tetsu-kun?! W-what’s wrong?!

Kuroko: I don’t feel well all of a sudden…

Momoi: Are you alright? Have some tea and onigiri to get your nutrient levels up!

Kuroko: Okay…

Hyuuga: (Huh? What’s the deal with Kuroko’s reaction…? Wait, don’t tell me—?!)

Koganei: Woohoo! Momoi-chan’s homemade cooking—!

Hyuuga: Wha—?! Hey, wait, Koga…!

Koganei: [drinks the tea] ……… [collapses]

Hyuuga: Damn, I knew it! Why didn’t you listen to me…?! Koga! Koga—!!

– –

Riko: Wow, they’re sure making a lot of noise over there… Well, whatever. Momoi-san and I made these from scratch for everyone from Touou. Here, eat up!

Imayoshi: Thank ya kindly…

Wakamatsu: (Imayoshi-san! She said Momoi helped make these…!)

Aomine: (We’re screwed…)

Imayoshi: (Don’t panic! Seirin’s coach gave her a hand. Let’s hope she saved the day!)

Sakurai: (O-okay…)

Susa: (R-right…)

Wakamatsu: Wow, that looks delicious! Thanks!

Susa: We really appreciate it.

Riko: We made a ton of food, so have as much as you like!

Susa: I’ll try this one, then… (chew, chew) ………

Wakamatsu: Huh? What’s wrong, Susa-san? Why’d you freeze up like that?! Are the onigiri really that good? Alright, I guess I’ll try one, too… (munch, munch)… ………!

Riko: W-what’s the matter? Wait, don’t tell me… I mean, there’s no way… They’re bad…?

Momoi: T-that can’t be! Well, we didn’t actually taste test everything ourselves, but…

Aomine: Oh, shit… So Satsuki’s not the only one who sucks at cooking…? No way in hell I’m eating that—

Kagami: (munch, munch) ……………

Aomine: (Kagami? He didn’t even hesitate before digging in! Is he nuts?)

Kagami: (So you can’t man up and eat the food people worked so hard to make for you?)

Aomine: (Wait a sec, is he laughing? Is he freakin’ making fun of me…? …alright, bring it on.) This ain’t half bad. (Hey, now my tongue feels all funny.)

Kagami: Yeah, I agree. (I can’t even feel the inside of my mouth anymore…)

Momoi: Aomine-kun! Kagami-kun! You really think so?

Riko: Oh, what a relief! You had me worried for a second. So, what do you think? How’s it taste?

Kagami: Um, well…the tea tastes like cough syrup, so I feel healthier than ever!

Aomine: And the onigiri are…well, it’s kinda hard to describe, but it feels like just one bite totally replenished my stamina!

Kagami: (I’ve gotta give you props for that one, Aomine…)

Aomine: (Kagami…that was actually pretty interesting…) …I’m gonna run to the bathroom real quick. [takes off]

Kagami: Oh, me, too!! [runs after Aomine]

Sakurai: (Aomine-san…was he trying to be considerate of Momoi-san and the coach’s feelings…?)

Wakamatsu: (Damn… That’s not like him at all.)

Imayoshi: (Aomine… Thanks to that touching display of manliness, we’ve got our work cut out for us now.)

Momoi: Thank goodness! So everything did turn out alright! It makes me really happy to get compliments from those two.

Riko: So it was worth all that work we put in! Say, Imayoshi-san, what did you think?

Imayoshi: Huh?! Oh, er, you’ve got a real knack for cooking! Totally blew me away. The tea’s got a unique flavor that’s in a class of its own… Nothin’ better for replenishing nutrients…haha.

Wakamatsu: Yeah, that’s the truth! I’ve never tasted flavors like this!

Sakurai: I’ve never tasted anything quite like it, so I didn’t know what to think at first, but… B-but it really is delicious! …I’m sorry.

Izuki: (I hate to say it, but Touou’s got guts. The food’s gotta be downright awful, but they cleaned their plates and even complimented it. No matter how bad the food might be, they made sure to show how grateful they are. So we’ve got to do the same!)

Momoi: So, what did you think, Izuki-san?

Izuki: W-well, that fresh flavor was definitely unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before. That’s Teikou’s former manager for you!

Momoi: You seem like you have a discerning palate, Izuki-san, so I’m very flattered…! Hooray—! Now it’s your turn, Tetsu-kun! How was it?

Kuroko: ………the aftertaste of the tea is incredibly unique.

Momoi: Kyaaa, I’m so happy! Thank you, Tetsu-kun!

Kuroko: I should be the one thanking you. …now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go to the restroom. [takes off]

Hyuuga: (Good job, Kuroko! You hung in there like a champ…!)

– –

Riko: That was a huge success! If we get the chance, maybe we should do this again!

Momoi: Right! Let’s team up again sometime! We’ve got to keep everyone healthy!

Riko: Yeah! Now I’m sure they’ll all be ready to go bright and early tomorrow morning!

Hyuuga: (Are we…in the clear? I hope we live to see tomorrow morning…)

Imayoshi: (Everybody took one for the team, but…tonight’s gonna be a bitch…no two ways about it.)

– – –

青峰の笑顔 / Aomine no Egao / Aomine’s Smile
2 Days to Complete
Touou Route

IMAG3069 IMAG3071

[in Touou’s room at the boardinghouse]

Momoi: So, starting tomorrow morning, we’ll implement these changes in our training program. Listen, Aomine-kun, I created a personal regimen just for you, so why don’t you join us at practice tomorrow morning?

Aomine: Too much trouble.

Momoi: Geez—! Then why did you even bother coming to this training camp in the first place? Come on, don’t sit over there in the corner reading a magazine! Come over here and participate in the meeting.

Aomine: Don’t feel like it.

Wakamatsu: Sheesh, talk about a bad attitude…

Sakurai: A bad attitude…? Then what if Aomine-san were to start walking around with a smile on his face…?

Wakamatsu: It’d be a sight to behold, that’s for sure.

Susa: Don’t you think it’d be kinda creepy?

Wakamatsu: Yeah, it’d look like he was plotting something.

Susa: Wait, is Aomine even capable of smiling?

Aomine: Hey, what’re you talkin’ about me for? Get back to your meeting already.

Momoi: Even Aomine-kun laughs sometimes.

Aomine: Satsuki, don’t you dare—! Don’t play along!

Imayoshi: I don’t think I’ve ever seen Aomine crack a legit smile. Come on, let’s see those pearly whites.

Aomine: Like hell! Why do I have to smile just ‘cause you said so?

Wakamatsu: Imayoshi-san, you’re from Kansai, so why don’t you do something funny to make him laugh?

Imayoshi: Why me?! If it were that easy to come up with jokes, everybody and his mother would be a comedian. Just ‘cause I’m from Kansai doesn’t mean I can put together a comedy routine at the drop of a hat.

Sakurai: Then why don’t we try tickling him…?

Aomine: Wanna say that to my face?

Sakurai: I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!!

Aomine: Anyway, who cares about that crap? Hurry up and finish your meeting.

Imayoshi: What kinda stuff tickles your fancy, Aomine?

Aomine: Hey…

Momoi: Hmm… He usually doesn’t laugh that loudly, but back in middle school, there was something known as the “Nose Milk Incident”.

Aomine: …bwahhh! [runs out of the room]

Momoi: Huh? Aomine-kun?

Wakamatsu: Ah, he just ran out of here laughing! Everybody after him! Don’t let him get away! [runs after Aomine]

Sakurai: What?! Should I go, too?! [runs after Wakamatsu]

Imayoshi: The “Nose Milk Incident”, huh? The name alone packs a lot of punch… Looks like we’ve got ourselves a nice new weapon in our arsenal…

Momoi: U-um, please don’t tease Aomine-kun too much.

Imayoshi: You can rest easy. Tonight’s gonna be fun…

Momoi: (Dai-chan…sorry about that.)

– – –

まるで夫婦みたい? / Marude Fuufu Mitai? / Just Like a Married Couple?
1 Day to Complete / No “Kizuna” Points
Touou Route

IMAG3446 IMAG3449

[in the dining hall]

Wakamatsu: This fried shrimp is delicious—!! It’s like pure happiness in my mouth…(munch, munch…swallow).

Aomine: Hey, if you’re not gonna finish that fried chicken, then give it here.

Wakamatsu: I’m saving that for last! As if I’d give it to you!

Susa: Keep it down at the table, you guys.

Wakamatsu: It’s Aomine’s fault. He’s the one going after other people’s food.

Aomine: Ryou, gimme a piece of your fried chicken.

Sakurai: Oh, certainly! Please help yourself.

Aomine: Thanks. …man, this stuff is good.

Wakamatsu: Hey, Aomine! You’re pushing your luck!

Aomine: Huh? I asked Ryou, and he said yes. It’s not like I’m forcing you or anything, right, Ryou? Hey, gimme that fried shrimp.

Sakurai: Of—of course!

Wakamatsu: I told you to cut it out!

Imayoshi: …y’know, the way you guys’re acting, you look just like a lovey-dovey newlywed couple.

Aomine: Huh? Where’d that come from?

Imayoshi: Like, “Won’t you try a bite of my dinner, darling~?” You know the type. And what’s more, Sakurai’s bein’ such a good sport about it that I’m getting all teary-eyed over here. Sakurai, if you’re gonna give him your food anyway, you might as well have him say “aah”. C’mon, let’s hear it.

Sakurai: What? O-okay. Aomine-san, have some of my fried shrimp… Say “aah”…

Aomine: Don’t screw with me! Hey, what’re you making him do that for?!

Sakurai: Say “aah”…

Aomine: Fine, I get it! You can keep your fried shrimp, so cut it out!

Sakurai: What? Are you sure? I suppose my fried shrimp isn’t good enough for you…

Aomine: Huh? W-wait a second…

Sakurai: And here I thought you would enjoy it…

Aomine: H-hey, Ryou! You’re not seriously getting upset about this, are you?

Sakurai: Yes, you’re right. It’s all my fault… I’m sorry…

Aomine: I told ya, you don’t have to apologize about stuff like this… What a pain…

Imayoshi: I meant that as a joke, but are you hearing this? They sound exactly like a married couple…

Susa: W-well, maybe they just get along well because they’re both freshmen?

Wakamatsu: This is kinda weirding me out…

Aomine: Fine! I’ll eat it, okay? Are you happy now?!

Sakurai: Oh! So you do want it after all? Thank goodness~! Alright, here you go. Say “aaaah”… [moves closer to Aomine]

Aomine: I’ll eat it, but that’s where I draw the line!!

– – –

結果はバツグンだ! / Kouka wa Batsugun da! / It’s Super Effective!
1 Day to Complete / 240 “Kizuna” Points
Touou Route
[Prerequisite: “Made with Love!”]

IMAG3466 IMAG3469

[late at night in the girls’ room at the boardinghouse]

Riko: Wow, I’m so glad the refreshments we made turned out to be such a hit~!

Momoi: Yes! It was worth all that hard work we put in.

Riko: That’s for sure~! Ahhh, I think I’m going to sleep well tonight!

Momoi: Me, too!

Riko: Alright, why don’t we turn in soon? Goodnight, Momoi-san!

Momoi: Riko-san, sleep well~!

– –

[in Touou’s room at the boardinghouse]

Wakamatsu: ………arrrrgggh! I can’t freakin’ fall asleep—!!

Susa: Wakamatsu, keep it down. It’s the middle of the night.

Wakamatsu: Yeah, but it’s not like anybody’s asleep!! I bet it’s all because of those refreshments they made us eat this afternoon!

Imayoshi: Oh? I don’t see Aomine anywhere. Where’d he get off to?

Sakurai: I’m sorry! He went to the bathroom a little while ago and hasn’t returned since.

Imayoshi: I wonder if he’s loafin’ around somewhere… Maybe he’s working off some extra energy outside or something. I have to say, I don’t feel like I’m gonna get a wink of sleep, either.

Sakurai: I feel the same way… I suppose it must be because of the refreshments?

Imayoshi: Yeah, without a doubt. I mean, they did taste like they were stuffed full of supplements and whatnot… I’d reckon Seirin’s having a similar experience right about now.

Wakamatsu: Gaaaaah!! I can’t sleeeeep!

– –

[in Seirin’s room at the boardinghouse]

Tsuchida: …Mitobe, are you asleep?

Mitobe: ………(shakes head “no”)

Izuki: You, too, Mitobe? Well, I’m not surprised, considering how noisy it is next door.

Koganei: I can’t sleep—! It feels like my eyes are on fire—!!

Kuroko: The refreshments from this afternoon… It seems the stamina-building properties were super effective.

Furihata: I feel like bouncing off the walls!!

Fukuda: Same here!!

Kawahara: I’ve never felt this energized in my entire life!!

Kagami: I can’t take this anymore. Would it be alright if I went and practiced outside?

Kiyoshi: You probably shouldn’t. Sound carries at night, so the noise might bother the other teams.

Kagami: No dice, huh…? Dammit, what am I supposed to do?

Hyuuga: It just had to happen in the middle of the night, too… The guys from Touou must be in the same boat. [sighs] …it feels like morning’s never gonna come…

Koganei: Somebody help me—! I can’t sleeeep!

– – –

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