[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc – Part III

The events in this post are only accessible on a second+ playthrough.


UPDATED 7.15.14

In today’s update(s): Hyuuga: Drinking fruit milk after a bath is a Japanese tradition that dates back to ancient times.


「黒子のバスケ:キセキの試合」PSP Game – 合宿編
“Kuroko no Basuke: Kiseki no Shiai” PSP Game
The Training Camp Arc

見てはいけないこともある / Mite ha Ikenai Koto mo Aru / Some Things Are Better Left Unseen
2 Days to Complete / 200 “Kizuna” Points

IMAG2124 IMAG2127

[at dinner in the dining hall]

Hyuuga: Thanks for the meal. I’m gonna excuse myself and run back to the room real quick.

Riko: Hm? If you’re going back to the room, why are you taking fish bones with you?

Hyuuga: There was a cat outside the room earlier. Fish bones are a cat’s favorite food, right?

Riko: So it’s a stray cat? You shouldn’t start feeding it.

Hyuuga: Nah, apparently everybody who stays at this boardinghouse gives it food. It’s a pet cat.

Riko: Then I guess it’s alright, but…Hyuuga-kun, you’re a cat lover?

Hyuuga: N-no, not really! I just thought it might be fun to feed it! Sheesh, quit jumping to weird conclusions. ‘Kay, I’m gonna head over. I’ll be back in a jiff. [leaves]

Kuroko: Based on the way he was acting, I’d say he most definitely is a cat lover. Speaking of which—Kagami-kun, do you mind being around cats?

Kagami: Cats? No, I don’t mind ‘em…since I’ve never been bitten by one.

Kuroko: But cats bite or scratch people sometimes, too, you know?

Kagami: Yeah, but when’s the last time you saw a cat as big as a dog?

Kuroko: If there were a cat that big, it would be a bakeneko. (1) Barring that, it could be a different species in the cat family.

Riko: Both dogs and cats are cute! If there’s a cat near our room, then I’d like to see it, too… So let’s all go see it together!

– –

[in the hallway outside Seirin’s room]

Koganei: Okay, I brought a boatload of fish bones with me!

Izuki: If you feed it that many, the cat will get a stomachache and have to paws for a catnap! That’s a great one! (2)

Koganei: Urgh… Alright, I’ll just give it a few.

Riko: Anyway, I wonder why people start using baby talk when they speak to dogs and cats.

Koganei: Like, “Is your wittle tummy all full~?” They sure do, don’t they?

Riko: Yeah, like, “Isn’t that yummy~? Who’s a good wittle kitty~?”

Kuroko: Kagami-kun, are you going to talk like that, too?

Kagami: Why would I?! No chance in hell!! Besides, I’ve never seen anybody actually do that before.

Riko: Because it’s different when you’re not in public. People use baby talk like that when nobody’s watching. We all know you do it, too, Kagami-kun.

Kagami: I told you, I don’t!

[in Seirin’s room]

Riko: Let’s see. Hyuuga-kun is… Oh, there he is… And the cat’s there with him. [to Hyuuga] Hey, we all came to—

Hyuuga: [to the cat] Yesh, little kitty~! Is your tummy rumbling~? Go on and eat ‘til your wittle tummy’s all full~! Is it yummy? Yesh, it’s so yummy—! Oh, goodness, you’re sooo cute! Yes, you are! Meooow!

Riko: ………mission abort.

– –

[back in the dining hall]

Riko: Repeat after me: We were here. The whole time. We saw nothing.

Kagami: “We were here. The whole time.”

Kuroko: “We saw nothing.”

Riko: (This is for the best… It’s better this way!)

[Hyuuga returns]

Hyuuga: I’m back—! Man, cats are so cute, aren’t they? It wolfed down all the fish bones I took with me. Well, it is an animal, after all. All I did was give it a little handout. Nothing more, nothing less.

Riko: Ah…ahahahaha! That’s right—! You were just having a little fun—!

Kuroko: …that was a close call. If Hyuuga-senpai were to find out that we saw him… …we just very narrowly avoided losing the captain of the Seirin basketball team.

Kagami: So people do change behind closed doors. Cats sure are scary…

– –

Translation Notes:

(1) Bakeneko (“monster cats”) are cat youkai in Japanese folklore.


– – –

火神しか取れないの? / Kagami shika Torenai no? / Kagami’s the Only One Who Can Catch That Pass?
3 Days to Complete / 200 “Kizuna” Points

IMAG2759 IMAG2760

[in the gym]

Kuroko: Kagami-kun, Izuki-senpai. Would you mind practicing the Ignite Pass with me again?

Izuki: Sure thing. You just need me to pass the ball to you, right?

Kagami: That’s fine by me. I wanna be able to catch that pass flawlessly.

Kuroko: In that case, why don’t we get started?

– –

Kiyoshi: Kuroko’s Ignite Pass, huh…? Hey, Hyuuga, don’t you think it’s a shame that Kagami’s the only one who can catch it?

Hyuuga: Yeah, well, it would increase our offensive power if everybody could catch it, but…so far, Kagami and the “Generation of Miracles” are the only ones who’ve been able to.

Kiyoshi: I see… Alright, I’m going to go take a crack at it.

Hyuuga: Huh? Wha—hey, Kiyoshi! …sheesh. He’s always on a totally different wavelength.

– –

[Kiyoshi joins Kuroko]

Kiyoshi: Kuroko, would you mind sending an Ignite Pass my way?

Kuroko: No, I don’t mind, but…

– –

Kuroko: Izuki-senpai, I’m ready when you are.

– –

Izuki: Alright, sounds good. Here goes! [passes to Kuroko]

– –

Kuroko: [sends an Ignite Pass to Kiyoshi] …!!

– –

Kiyoshi: [catches the ball with one hand] Guh—! (They weren’t kidding… Yeah, this is pretty intense.)

Furihata: Whoa…! He actually caught Kuroko’s Ignite Pass…!

Fukuda: Up until now, Kagami’s been the only one on the team who could catch it…

– –

Hyuuga: Well done! Looks like you actually managed to catch it.

Kiyoshi: Yeah, but just barely. I don’t think I could keep doing that over and over. Not yet, at least.

Hyuuga: “Not yet”, he says.

Kiyoshi: Yeah. With some practice, I think I can get good enough to catch every one that comes my way. But that’s true for all of us, not just me.

Hyuuga: Hey, now, that’s easy for you to say, but don’t you think that’s asking a little much of the rest of us?

Kiyoshi: You think so? Hey, Riko, what do you think?

Riko: Let’s see… You’re all more than capable of learning how to do it. The “Generation of Miracles” have been catching that pass since they were in middle school, right? They might have outstanding physical abilities, but you all are in high school. If we take into account the progress you’ve made, I think you should be able to make up the difference.

Hyuuga: Yeah, that makes sense. At the very least, it’s worth giving it a shot…

Riko: Yes, but to do that, we need all of you to improve your physicality.

Koganei: Wait—I think I know where she’s going with this…

Riko: It’s alright; don’t worry. I’ll make sure I work you to the bone from now on!

Koganei: Gyaaaah—! We’re screeewed!

Kiyoshi: Alright. Let’s all do our best so we can learn how to catch the Ignite Pass!

Koganei: You’d better sleep with one eye open, Kiyoshi!

Kuroko: That means I’ll have even more opportunities to practice the Ignite Pass. Let’s do our best, everyone!

– – –

つれてきちゃった / Tsurete Kichatta / I Brought Him Along…
1 Day to Complete / 150 “Kizuna” Points

IMAG2767 IMAG2768

[in Seirin’s room at the boardinghouse]

Nigou: Woof woof!

Kagami: Uwaah! It’s Nigou!

Kuroko: How did he get here…?

Koganei: Oh. I brought him along, that’s all!

Hyuuga: What the—?! Don’t give me that!

Koganei: But he’d be lonely holding down the fort back at school all by himself! I thought maybe he could come enjoy the training camp with us, instead!

Riko: I told you to find somebody to watch him!

Koganei: I tried to! But when I went to drop him off, he gave me those big, sad puppy-dog eyes! [cue crocodile tears] And once he did that…I just…couldn’t help myself!

Riko: You should’ve known better than to bring him here! Ugh, honestly, what are we supposed to do now…? For the time being, let’s go see the owners of the boardinghouse and ask if it’s alright for us to keep Nigou here. I want you to come with me, Koganei-kun, so you can help me ask for permission.

Koganei: Nigou~! You need to do your part, too…

Nigou: Woof!

Kuroko: It looks like we’ve added an unexpected member to our roster.

Kagami: Huh? Oh, yeah…

Kuroko: Are you still afraid of Nigou?

Kagami: Nah, I’m not really afraid of Nigou. Other dogs are a different story, though.

Kuroko: In any case, now the entire Seirin basketball team is here.

Kagami: Geez… Alright, if you say so… …huh?

Kuroko: What’s the matter?

Kagami: No…it’s just…I can’t find my…

Nigou: Woof! Woof!

Kuroko: Hm? Nigou, what’s wrong? …is that a bread wrapper? From a “Fluffy Steamed Bun”…

Kagami: Hey! That’s—?! That’s the wrapper from my steamed bun! No way! …you ate it, didn’t you?!

Nigou: Woof!

Kagami: I’ve been keeping that hidden the whole time so I could eat it when nobody was watching! Shit… I was saving it to eat after the meeting… Kuroko! You’re gonna pay me back for that later!

Kuroko: Why does it have to be me?

Kagami: ‘Cause you have to take responsibility as the original Tetsuya, obviously!

Riko: Ohhh…? So you snuck that steamed bun in here, did you?

Kagami: Erk—! Coach?!

Riko: And you were planning to eat it after the meeting?

Kagami: I mean, I have to eat something before I go to bed! I can’t sleep on an empty stomach!

Riko: Be that as it may, it’s not good to go to sleep right after you eat. What’s more, sneaking late-night snacks is out of the question! Make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Kagami: ……got it.

Nigou: [whines]

Kuroko: I’m sure Nigou was worried about your health and took it upon himself to eat the steamed bun for you.

Nigou: Woof!

Kagami: …yeah, and I was born yesterday.

– – –

キセキの世代の卒業アルバム / Kiseki no Sedai no Sotsugyou Arubamu / The Generation of Miracles’ Yearbook
2 Days to Complete / 150 “Kizuna” Points

IMAG2775 IMAG2778

[in the gym]

Kuroko: I brought the Teikou Middle yearbook with me, just like you asked.

Hyuuga: Good job, Kuroko.

Izuki: Oooh! Let’s see it!

Kuroko: Might I ask what you’re planning to use my yearbook for?

Tsuchida: We’re not going to “use” it for anything, per se…

Mitobe: ……

Koganei: How could we not wanna see a picture of the entire “Generation of Miracles” together?!

Kagami: Hurry up and open it to the basketball club’s page! …um, please.

Hyuuga: Okay, hold your horses… Is this it?

Izuki: Oh, wow. They’ve got a two-page spread all to themselves. It’s definitely an impressive sight to see.

Tsuchida: Well, this is the veteran team with more than 100 members we’re talking about…

Hyuuga: They’re all lined up, from Kise to Midorima… It’s just unreal.

Izuki: The “Generation of Miracles”… They truly were an incredible generation.

Kagami: Aomine had that cocky look on his face, even back then.

Koganei: Momoi-chan was so cute, even in middle school…!

Kagami: But Momoi’s not looking at the camera.

Koganei: She was probably looking for Kuroko. I bet she wanted to be next to him in the picture!

Kagami: ? Okay, but then where’s Kuroko in this picture…?

Koganei: Yeah, now that you mention it, where is Kuroko?

Izuki: Just how little presence does he have? Even ghosts show up in photos…

Hyuuga: Everybody look for Kuroko!

Kagami: Kuroko, you’ve gotta know where you are in the picture, right? Show us where.

Kuroko: …… I had quite the rough time that day…

Kagami: Don’t change the subject! I’m asking ya where you are in the photo!

Hyuuga: Quit moving, Kagami. You keep casting a shadow on the page.

Koganei: Uwaaah, I can’t find him—! Where the heck is Kuroko?!

Izuki: Maybe we should have the picture enlarged and look for him with magnifying glasses…

Tsuchida: They make games like this, don’t they? …you know, we could call it “Where’s Kuroko?” instead of “Where’s Waldo?”

Mitobe: ……

Kagami: Hey, Kuroko. Don’t tell me you were absent from school on picture day or somethin’.

Kuroko: I wasn’t absent. I was there to take the picture with everyone else.

Hyuuga: I give up, Kuroko… Show us where you are in the picture.

Kuroko: I don’t mind. Um, let’s see… Umm…

Kagami: Kuroko…you’ve gotta be kidding me.

Kuroko: …where was it, again?

Kagami: You don’t even know?! Shit… Now it’s gonna keep bugging me until we figure it out…

Hyuuga: Guys! We’re gonna find him if it’s the last thing we do!

– –

[Riko arrives]

Riko: Hey, guys—! Your break’s almost over—! …wait, what’re you doing?

Kiyoshi: We can’t find Kuroko…

Riko: What?!

Hyuuga: This’s the yearbook photo with the entire “Generation of Miracles”, but we can’t find Kuroko in the picture!

Riko: Right…

Koganei: Don’t you think it’s kind of ridiculous that we still haven’t found him?

Izuki: Kuroko, are you sure you’re in this picture?

Kuroko: I should be, but…

Kagami: Could you try to sound a little more confident about that, please?!

Tsuchida: It’s starting to seem like he’s some sort of paranormal phenomenon…

Koganei: Whaaat~? Kuroko’s actually a ghost?!

Hyuuga: Just who do you think you’ve been playing basketball with this whole time?!

Kiyoshi: What?! Koga, Kuroko’s really a ghost?!

Hyuuga: Oh, crap. You just had to go and get him started…

Riko: Sorry to rain on your parade, but…isn’t this him right here?

Izuki: Hm? Between Aomine and Midorima…

Koganei: …if ya look real close, there’s somebody behind them?

Hyuuga: It looks like he’s hiding, so it’s hard to tell, but…

Kagami: This is you, isn’t it, Kuroko?

Kuroko: Oh, I just remembered. Everyone had already lined up by the time I arrived, so I didn’t have anywhere to stand. Then, while I was busy searching for an opening somewhere, they took the picture…

Kagami: So that’s why it looks like you’re hiding behind those two taller guys, huh…

Izuki: I know all’s well that ends well, but still…

Hyuuga: We finally found him~! Good work, everybody!

Tsuchida: I have to say, I had my doubts at first.

Mitobe: …………

Koganei: It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders~!

Kiyoshi: Ahhh… It’s so good to know Kuroko isn’t actually a ghost…

Koganei: …wait, you’re still going on about that?

Hyuuga: Oh, man~! Anyway, I’m glad we finally managed to get that done. Alright, everybody, we’ve earned a nice, long break—

Riko: Who said you were done?

Hyuuga: Huh?

Riko: Don’t give me that! It’s your break that’s over! We’re going to resume practice now!

Koganei: Waaah… I got so caught up in looking for Kuroko that it completely slipped my mind…

Izuki: In all honesty, I can’t say I feel up to practicing right now…

Riko: Like I care! Come on! Get your asses in gear!

Hyuuga: If I’d known this would happen, I would’ve stopped whoever asked him to bring the yearbook in the first place… Alright, who was it?! Who made Kuroko bring the yearbook?!

Kuroko: It was you, Captain.

Hyuuga: It was me?!

– – –

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