[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” DVD Vol. 5 Audio Drama Feat. Kagami Taiga

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「黒子のバスケ」DVD Vol. 5: オーディオドラマ 火神編
Kuroko no Basuke DVD Vol. 5: Audio Drama Feat. Kagami Taiga

Kuroko: “The proud do not endure.” ‘Tis folly to overestimate your own abilities.



Riko: It was the final day of the A Block of the Inter-High preliminary tournament. In the semifinals, we faced the King of the North, Seihou High School. Although we struggled against their rock-solid defense, which incorporates ancient martial arts, we clinched the victory thanks to the valiant efforts of our second years.

Then, in the finals, we had a fierce battle against the King of the East, Shuutoku High School—the team of Midorima Shintarou of the Generation of Miracles. It was quite literally a fight to the death. We were overwhelmed by his three-pointers, but with the combined power of an awakened Kagami-kun and Kuroko-kun, we made a comeback and seized victory.

In the wake of fighting two fierce, life-or-death battles in one day against the strong schools known as the Kings of Tokyo, we secured our position as champions of the A-Block preliminary tournament. At last, the final fight that would determine our participation in the Inter-High was within sight—as we, Seirin High School, had advanced to the finals league. However, an unforeseen obstacle suddenly arose before us.

– –

Kagami: Kuroko no Basuke Special CD. Featuring Kagami Taiga.

– –

[in a hallway at Seirin; the school chime rings]

Kagami: Geez, why does Coach always spring this stuff on us out of the blue? Now she wants us to bring our midterm papers to practice for some reason.

Kuroko: Yeah.

Kagami: She better not’ve come up with another crazy idea…

Kuroko: Actually, I’m fairly certain there is a logical explanation…

Kagami: What d’ya mean?

Kuroko: I heard that we’re not allowed to participate in the Inter-High if we get failing marks on our exams.

Kagami: Seriously?! Wait, but why now? Finals are still a long way off. Ain’t it a little early to be worrying about that?

Kuroko: Maybe it’s related to the achievement tests we have to take the day after tomorrow.

Kagami: But those achievement tests don’t affect our grades, right?

Kuroko: Right…

Kagami: Then what’s the problem? We should be practicing instead of wasting time on this.

[Riko appears out of nowhere]

Riko: There’s a huge problem!

Kagami: ?!

Kuroko: Coach, we brought the exam papers from our midterms.

– –

[in the gym]

Hyuuga: Alright, listen up! Looks like all the freshmen are here.

Riko: As you already know, we have to take achievement tests the day after tomorrow. It’s true that the results of these tests don’t have any effect on our grades. However—

Hyuuga: At our school, there are about 300 students in each grade. And each grade is ranked by academic performance.

Izuki: And the lowest-scoring one hundred students in each grade are required to take supplementary lessons next Saturday. And therein lies the problem.

Kagami: Eh? Saturday?! But that’s the day of the finals—!

Koganei: Exactly. So if you flunk the tests, you can’t go to the game, and it’s all over before you can even think about winning or losing.

Kuroko: Now I understand.

Hyuuga: And so, if we think you’re in trouble based on the results of your midterms, you’re gonna attend a cram session at Coach’s house, starting tonight.

Kagami: At Coach’s house…?

Koganei: What’re you gettin’ all excited for?

Riko: [bashful] We’re only going to study, okay? And just so we’re clear… [back to reality] …there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of “risqué developments” for numbskulls who might miss the game ‘cause they have to take supplementary lessons!

Kagami: [gulps]

Izuki: ?! Coach, you’re scaring the crap out of them…

Hyuuga: Alright, let’s have a look at those exam papers, shall we?

[looking at Furihata, Kawahara, and Fukuda’s papers]

Riko: Hm. Furihata-kun, Kawahara-kun, and Fukuda-kun, it looks like you’ll do alright. Just make sure to review the material before the test. Now, the only ones left are…

Kuroko: Yes.

Kagami: Yeah.

Hyuuga: It all comes down to this. The two critical players for the finals are also the hardest to predict…

Izuki: To be honest, the very future of the Seirin basketball club is on the line here.

Riko: Okay, then, let’s start with Kuroko-kun.

[looking at Kuroko’s papers]

Riko: English, 55 points.

Hyuuga: Math, 59 points.

Izuki: Japanese, 81 points.

Koganei: Chemistry, 49 points.

Hyuuga, Izuki, Koganei, and Riko: Whoa… So ordinary…

Riko: T-they’re not bad! But they’re not really good, either.

Izuki: Oh, but his Japanese score’s pretty good.

Koganei: But even that’s totally ordinary!

Kagami: Japanese history, 63 points… Kuroko, I had no idea you were so smart…

Hyuuga: What?!

Riko: No way…! I mean, I should have known…!

Kagami: Yes?

[looking at Kagami’s papers]

Riko: Biology, 9 points?!

Hyuuga: Japanese history, 14 points?!

Izuki: English, 41 points?!

Koganei: Japanese, 3 points?!

Hyuuga, Izuki, Koganei, and Riko: [depressed] They’re horrible…

Riko: I knew…I knew you were an idiot, but…to think it was this bad—!

Kagami: Erk.

Hyuuga: He actually managed to get a zero on this one! That’s kind of impressive!

Kagami: Urgh…

Izuki: And why the heck is your English score so low?!

Kuroko: Kagami-kun, you grew up in America, didn’t you…?

Kagami: Japanese English is too freakin’ nitpicky! They’re way too strict about it…! I mean, as long as people can understand me, who cares?!

Riko: And just where do you get off with that defiant attitude?! [pummels Kagami]

Kagami: Aaaahh—!! [collapses]

Hyuuga: Oh, boy… I guess we’re gonna have to split up the material and each tutor him in a different subject.

Kagami: Huh? Senpai…you’re all actually smart enough to do that? …I mean, are you?

Riko: Don’t underestimate us—! [whacks Kagami]

Kagami: Guh—!

Hyuuga: Damn straight we are! Smarter than you, anyway.

Koganei: And now, for your information…we are proud to present our rankings from the most recent achievement tests! First up is our captain, Hyuuga Junpei! Out of 305 students, he was 112th!

Hyuuga: [pushes up his glasses] Well, there you have it.

Koganei: Izuki Shun—71st!

Izuki: Can I get some sugar for that sweet score? (1) Yes, this is it!

Koganei: Aaaand moving on… Tsuchida Satoshi— 81st! Mitobe Rinnosuke—74th! And yours truly, Koganei Shinji—52nd!

Kagami: You guys are incredible! —and Koganei-senpai, that’s especially incredible for you.

Koganei: And last but not least is our coach, Aida Riko—2nd!

Kagami: Wha—?! Wait, C-Coach… Second?! You’re that smart?!

Riko: Heheh. Well, you know.

Kuroko: But Captain…despite the fact that you wear glasses, your ranking is a lot lower than I—

Hyuuga: Don’t just assume that everybody who wears glasses is smart! Besides, I’m above the average, so what does it matter?

Kagami: Ugh, damn it! So long as I can play basketball, who cares about my grades—?! [whacked by Riko] Gah—!

Riko: Even idiots can play basketball! But…idiots can’t win!

Kagami: Urgh…

Hyuuga: Alright, come to Coach’s house after school, got it? Don’t even think about running away, Kagami. And Kuroko, you come, too.

Kuroko: Eh? Me, too?

– –

[at the Aida house after school; Kagami and Kuroko enter Riko’s room]

Kuroko: Pardon the intrusion.

Kagami: This is Coach’s room? It’s a lot prettier…or maybe girlier…than I expected…

Riko: Sit your ass down, Bakagami!

Kagami: ?! “Bakagami”?! [sits down]

Riko: Okay, the cram session starts now. The achievement tests cover five major subjects. Each of your teammates specializes in a different subject, so we’ve drafted a special team!

Kagami: A “special team”?

Riko: First, Mitobe-kun is in charge of science.

Kagami: Urgh… He looks condescending without even saying anything…

Riko: Kuroko-kun is in charge of Japanese.

Kuroko: I thought as much. Kagami-kun, please prepare yourself.

Kagami: ?! Why do I have to take lessons from you?!

Riko: Izuki-kun is in charge of math!

Izuki: Heheheh. I’m positive I can show you a prime example of Euler’s theorem! (2)

Kagami: This guy is totally hopeless!

Riko: Hyuuga-kun is in charge of social studies!

Hyuuga: I’m gonna teach you what the Sengoku period is all about!

Kagami: That topic is way too specialized! And we haven’t even covered the Sengoku period yet!

Riko: Tsuchida-kun is in charge of English!

Kagami: I’ve gotta get a crash course in English, too?! …um, Coach?

Riko: Finally, I will be the one overseeing your progress! And that’s the lineup of the “Special Team to Boost Bakagami’s Grades”!

Kagami: Again with the “special team” stuff… Er, what about Koganei-senpai?

Koganei: Heheh! I’m in charge of whacking you upside the head if you start to doze off! This is my special paper fan, made just for the occasion! [brandishes the fan]

Riko: Koganei-kun isn’t good or bad at any particular subject. When it comes to studies, he’s still a jack of all trades, master of none!

Koganei: ?! That’s harsh…

Nigou: [barks]

Kagami: Ack! …Nigou’s here?! Since when?

Hyuuga: Just to make sure you don’t get any funny ideas about trying to escape, we’ve recruited Nigou to be your watchdog.

Nigou: [barks]

Kagami: [trying to fend off Nigou] Stay back! Get away from me—!

Riko: Okay, this is your schedule ‘til the day after tomorrow! [slams the schedule down in front of Kagami]

Kagami: Let’s see… [reading the schedule] From six to ten at night is math… From ten ‘til two in the morning is social studies… From two ‘til six in the morning is science… And then I go straight to school, where I keep studying… W-wait a sec… Why do I get the feeling that this schedule is neglecting one of my basic human needs…?

Riko: We’ll be keeping the sleeping to a bare minimum!

Kagami: There’s not even time for a nap!

Kuroko: So we literally don’t have a single minute to waste until the day of the test.

Kagami: Wait—! But pulling all-nighters…isn’t really efficient, you know…

Riko: I don’t wanna hear a peep about “efficiency” outta you, you damn brat! You’re the one who misread the kanji for “efficiency” as “bear commander” or some nonsense on your written test! (3)

Hyuuga: Wow, would ya look at that.

Riko: People won’t die just from pulling a couple all-nighters! Alright, let’s start with math!

Izuki: Here we go—! [starts dancing] This is the…sine…cosine…tangent dance! If you learn it this way, it gets ingrained in your muscle memory!

Kagami: I told you, this guy’s totally hopeless!

Koganei: Hey, settle down, you! Mitobe, hold him down!

Kagami: —! I wanna go hooooome!

– –

[the next morning, on the way to school]

Kuroko: “Creatures such as octopuses and slugs, which have neither endoskeletons nor exoskeletons, are classified as what kind of animal?”

Kagami: Spineless ones.

Kuroko: That is incorrect. The correct answer is “mollusks”. Next question: “Planaria, like mollusks, are classified as invertebrates. Planaria are known to have incredible regeneration capabilities, but if one were to be cut into eight pieces, what would happen?”

Kagami: It’d die.

Kuroko: That is incorrect.

Kagami: Quit lying! Of course it’d die if it got cut into eight pieces!

Kuroko: No, each piece would regenerate, resulting in eight planaria.

Kagami: T-that’s crazy… But I couldn’t care less about planaria getting chopped into a million pieces or whatever…!

Kuroko: That’s the same as giving up, Kagami-kun. Please try to calm down.

Kagami: I got put through the wringer all night last night, and now we’re heading straight to school, where I get to do even more cramming during class… Are you guys trying to kill me…?

Kuroko: We still haven’t finished Mitobe-senpai’s subject. Oh, ah, look out!

[a truck speeds past them, barely missing Kagami]

Kagami: Aahhh—! Whoa, that was close…

Kuroko: Are you alright?

Kagami: Hey, um…forget the finals, am I even gonna survive until the test…?

Kuroko: It’s hard to say… Kagami-kun, chin up!

Kagami: Kuroko…you bastard, you’re enjoying this, aren’t you?

Kuroko: Don’t be absurd!

– –

[Kagami does reading practice while Kuroko corrects him]

Kagami: “The sound of the…Kamien S-S-Seisha bells…” (4)

Kuroko: “The sound of the Gion Shouja bells…”

Kagami: “The sound of the Gion Shouja bells…echoes the impertinence of all things…”

Kuroko: “Echoes the impermanence of all things…”

Kagami: “Echoes the impermanence of all things… Uhhh…the color of the…something-or-other flowers…”

Kuroko: “The color of the shala flowers…”

Kagami: “The color of the shala flowers…r-r-reveals the…reason why the prospectors must do…something…”

Kuroko: “Reveals the truth that the prosperous must decline.”

Kagami: “Reveals the t-t-tru…” Why can’t they just write it in Japanese?!

Kuroko: But this is Japanese.

Kagami: How am I supposed to remember this?! And what’s the point, anyway?!

Kuroko: It’s going to be hard to remember it if you can’t even read it.

Kagami: Then I’ll just have to make up the points on some other subject!

Kuroko: “The proud do not endure.” ‘Tis folly to overestimate your own abilities.

Kagami: [slams the book down] Argh! Alright, we’re breaking for lunch! Geez, I can’t believe it’s already lunchtime…

[classroom door slides open]

Izuki: Kagami!

Kuroko: Oh, Izuki-senpai.

Izuki: We’re spending our lunch break in the library. Time to review factorization! … Oh! Did you factor me in for lunch? (5) Wow, that’s a great one! [exits the classroom]

Kagami: I have a growing desire to strangle a certain senpai of ours…

Kuroko: I don’t think he means anything by it.

Kagami: Yeah, but…

Kuroko: Rather, all of our senpai are counting on you for the upcoming game.

Kagami: … [sighs] Well, I guess that’s that. [stands up] Let’s do this! [stretches] Maaan, I’m seriously gonna die…

Kuroko: Please do your best!

Kagami: Ugh… Oh, by the way, I got an e-mail from Kise for some reason…

Kuroko: Oh, that’s because I gave him your e-mail address.

Kagami: Don’t give it out to random people!

Kuroko: What did it say?

Kagami: … [pulls out his cell and shows the e-mail to Kuroko] Here, have a look.

Kuroko: [reading the e-mail] “I forgot to tell you the other day, but we’ve secured a spot in the Inter-High. Hurry up and join us so I can get my revenge.” I see. Now we definitely can’t disappoint them.

Kagami: [snaps his cell shut] Speaking of which, do Kise and Midorima get good grades?

Kuroko: Midorima-kun does. Kise-kun is below average. Still, his grades aren’t quite as abysmal as yours, Kagami-kun.

Kagami: Urgh… This is no time to be worrying about the Inter-High, when an idiot like me might not even make it to the finals… I said I was gonna defeat the Generation of Miracles and become number one in Japan, so I can’t get sidetracked by something like this. Shit…!

Kuroko: Kagami-kun.

Kagami: Huh?

Kuroko: This is a last resort. If all else fails, use this. [pulls a pencil from his bag and rolls it toward Kagami]

Kagami: What’s the deal with this pencil? The sides are numbered one through four…

Kuroko: Midorima-kun gave it to me a long time ago. It’s a rolling pencil made with a lucky pencil from the Yushima Tenjin Shrine. (6)

Kagami: Like hell I’d use this! [chucks the pencil across the room; the pencil is deflected back and slices Kagami across the cheek] Guh—! [gasps] Holy shit…! It ricocheted and came flying straight at my face!

Kuroko: Kagami-kun…your cheek is bleeding…

Kagami: [holding his cheek] What the fuck?!

Kuroko: If you disrespect its power, you’ll be attacked.

Kagami: What the—?! Seriously, what gives…?!

Kuroko: I don’t know… Maybe it’s cursed or something…?

– –

[dogs barking; late at night at the Aida house; clock ticking]

Hyuuga: No, that’s all wrong! Look closely at these figures. Maeda Toshiie is this one.

Kagami: But…you told me the one with the spear was Toshiie—um, sir!

Hyuuga: Dumbass. They both use spears, but that’s Sanada Yukimura. Just look at the flag! It’s got the Rokumonsen crest right on it, plain as day! (7)

Kagami: Ack—! You’re right…

Hyuuga: Alright, next question! Which one is Uesugi Kenshin?

Kagami: Uh…

Kuroko: Um…I don’t think that is going to be on the test.

Koganei: [snoring]

Riko: Geez… Honestly, Koganei-kun… You’re supposed to be keeping an eye on Kagami-kun, but you’re sound asleep! You’re no help at all.

Kuroko: I think I might be about at my limit, too.

Koganei: [snoring]

Riko: Yeah, it’s already so late. You guys must be hungry, right? Well, I think I have the perfect solution—I’ll go whip up a little midnight snack for you!

Hyuuga: Wha—?!

Kagami: She’s trying to finish me off!

Riko: Huh?

Hyuuga: No, it’s nothing! Don’t worry about it! I’ll just run to the convenience store real quick. [stands up to leave] Kagami! Japanese is up next. Give it your best.

Kagami: Roger.

[Hyuuga leaves]

Riko: What’s with him?

[sound of a cuckoo clock; time passes]

– –

[some time later; Izuki opens the blinds; birds chirping outside]

Izuki: It’s already past dawn. That means we’ve only got about three hours left until the real deal, huh?

Riko: Hmm… I had him work through last year’s tests for practice…

Izuki: How’d he do?

Riko: This is a tough one. We’ve got one subject left to go, but his Japanese score isn’t improving at all, no matter what we do!

Izuki: It’s because he’s so bad at kanji… It’s like he has a hard time just reading the questions… And getting him to read the Japanese and Chinese classics is like pulling teeth.

Kuroko: I’m sorry. I did everything I could, but I think he’s beyond my help now.

Riko: Mnnn…! Okay, I know! Let’s pass on Japanese! Just forget it completely!

Izuki: Huh?!

Riko: The format for the answer sheets is multiple choice with four choices per question, so even if he just picks answers at random, he should be able to score about 25 points in Japanese.

Izuki: …yeah, maybe in theory, but…

Riko: We’ll pick up the slack with the remaining four subjects! We don’t have any other choice at this point!

[Hyuuga returns]

Hyuuga: I’m back! I bought some snacks. …huh? Where’s Kagami?

Riko: Oh, he said he had to go to the bathroom…

Hyuuga: Well, I just walked past the bathroom on my way up here, but all the lights were out…

Izuki: Which means…Kagami actually…

Nigou: [barks]

Hyuuga, Izuki, and Riko: …made a run for it?!

Koganei: [wakes up] Wha—?! What’d you say?! Heh… It’s finally my time to shine!

Riko: Says the guy who was sleeping on the job!

Koganei: C’mon, Nigou, let’s go! We’re gonna track Kagami down and capture him!

Nigou: [barks]

Riko: At least someone’s enjoying this…

– –

[outside; running through the neighborhood, led by Nigou]

Nigou: [barks]

Koganei: Nigou! Hold up! You’re going too fast!

Hyuuga: Where the heck did he go?

Koganei: Even I have a pretty good idea of where Kagami might’ve gone. This route leads to…Maji Burger!

Hyuuga: I get it!

Koganei: I bet he hightailed it there to satisfy that huge appetite of his!

Kuroko: Are you sure about that…?

Koganei: Huh?

[they come to a halt]

Kuroko: I know that Kagami-kun is, in his own way, trying to live up to your expectations. It’s hard to imagine him trying to shirk those responsibilities…

Koganei: Hmm…

Izuki: Besides, is Maji Burger even open twenty-four hours a day?

Hyuuga: No idea.

Nigou: [barks and takes off again]

Koganei: Hey, Nigou! Not that way!

Riko: Where on earth is he going?!

Kuroko: I see… This route leads to…!

– –

[rushing up to the fence surrounding the streetball court, following Nigou]

Nigou: [barks]

Koganei: This is…a streetball court?

Hyuuga: There’s somebody on the other side!

Riko: Huh? Isn’t that…Kagami-kun?

Kuroko: He’s doing basketball practice on his own.

[Kagami dribbles the basketball and makes a basket]

Hyuuga: That bastard… How many times did we tell him that playing in the game was out of the question if he flunked the test?

Riko: He’s given up. He really is an idiot, through and through.

Kuroko: No, hold on a moment, please. He’s shouting something out loud.

Kagami: [breathing hard; dribbles the ball and takes a shot] “Sine, cosine, tangent!”

Hyuuga: …huh?

Kagami: “Here He Lies Beneath Bed Clothes…” [makes another basket] “…Nothing On, Feeling Nervous!” (8) “In 1492…Columbus sailed…” [makes another basket] “…the ocean blue!” (9) [catching his breath] …oh!

Hyuuga: What the heck’re you doing?

Kuroko: Is this your own patented study method, Kagami-kun?

Kagami: Yeah… It’s like, no matter how much I studied, I wasn’t making any progress. I guess that’s just the way I am… Anyway, once I realized that, I thought maybe I’d be able to remember the material better if I studied while doing what I love, which is basketball.

Hyuuga: Wow…

Kagami: I mean, Izuki-senpai was the one who told me that using my muscle memory would help me study.

Izuki: That’s right.

Kagami: Besides, I want to play in that game more than anything!

Kuroko: Kagami-kun…!

Riko: Geez… How are we supposed to stay mad at you now?

Hyuuga: I know, right?

Koganei: Alright! We’ll sprint to the finish line! Full speed ahead!

Izuki: We’ll give you a hand, Kagami!

Nigou: [barks]

Kagami: Got it!

– –

[sound of the school chime; during the test]

Kagami: (…or so I said, but I knew this was gonna happen… I was supposed to score extra points in the other subjects to make up for Japanese, but I don’t think I even managed to score the minimum I needed! And to top it all off, the last subject just had to be my absolute worst—Japanese! I’m screwed… The Tale of the Heike-whatever isn’t even on here! We spent forever cramming for that, but it turned out to be a huge waste of time!

Alright, I’ve gotta start somewhere…! I’ll work on these reading comprehension questions! “Based on the passage above, choose the answer from the four choices below that best describes how the main character feels.” How the hell should I know?! It’d be all sunshine and rainbows if it was that easy to understand people! …okay, calm down. It’s not like I didn’t study. I can’t give up! I’ve got this!)

– –

[sound of the school time; after the test; Kuroko approaches Kagami]

Kuroko: Kagami-kun! …Kagami-kun…did you actually…?

Kagami: Shut up. [rolls the pencil across his desk] I rolled this damn pencil for fifty minutes straight…

Kuroko: I see…

Kagami: I’m totally screwed!

– –


Riko: And then, the next day…

– –

[running through a hallway at Seirin]

Hyuuga: Hurry up! The fate of the basketball club is riding on this!

Koganei: You’ve just gotta come through for us, Kagami—!

Riko: If he’s in the bottom hundred, I’ll never forgive him!

[Hyuuga opens the door to Kagami and Kuroko’s classroom]

Hyuuga: Kagami!

Riko: How was the test?

Kagami: Well, you see… [hands over his test papers]

Hyuuga: No good, huh…?

[looking at Kagami’s papers]

Koganei: Hmm…?!

Hyuuga: Out of 308 students, you were…90th?!

Riko: You’re kidding! How?!

Izuki: We just needed him out of the bottom hundred, but he actually made it into the top hundred!

Koganei: Wha…huh?! You scored a 98 on Japanese?!

Hyuuga: You…! How on earth did you—?!

Kagami: Well, uh, all I did was roll a pencil around… Here, see? [hands over the pencil]

Riko: A pencil?

Hyuuga: What the heck? “Yushima Tenjin”…?

Kuroko: It’s one of Midorima-kun’s special rolling pencils.

Hyuuga: You scored a 98 with this thing?! Midorima’s scary…!

Riko: Well, all’s well that ends well, right? All of us safely managed to avoid having to take the supplementary lessons.

Izuki: Yeah. What a relief!

Koganei: Let’s use this momentum to win our way through the finals!

Izuki and Riko: Yeah!

Hyuuga: [sniffling]

Riko: Wait…what? Hyuuga-kun, what’s the matter?

Hyuuga: [sniffling]

Riko: Wait, no way. Are you crying?!

Hyuuga: [through his tears] I’m glad everything worked out, but…I can’t believe…I lost to Kagami…! It’s not like I’m particularly…stupid or anything…!

Riko: Now, now, come on! Kagami-kun couldn’t have done it without your help! Right, Kagami-kun—wait, what’re you crying for?!

Kagami: [sniffling] It feels like…I lost…to Midorima…!

Riko: What?!

Kagami: I ended up relying on that bastard, of all people…! Damn it all!

Riko: Seriously, what is the deal with you two?!

Kuroko: It might be best to leave them alone for a while. This is what they call “a man’s pride” in action.

Riko: Sheesh, boys can be such a handful.

Hyuuga: What did I do to deserve this—?!

Kagami: Goddammit—! I’ll get you for this, Midorimaaaa—!!

– –

Translation Notes:

(1) 「アイスココアを飲んでハイスコア」/ “A high score after drinking iced cocoa!”

(2) 「オイラーの定理を証明したのはオイラだ」/ “I was the one who proved Euler’s theorem.”

(3) The word “efficiency” is written in kanji as 「能率」(“nouritsu”). Kagami must have mistaken「能」(“nou” = “function” or “talent”) for the very similar-looking「熊」(“kuma” = “bear”) and given the wrong reading in this context for the character「率」(read as “sotsu” [“rate” or “proportion”] or “ritsu” [“lead” or “command”]). Hence, 「熊率」(“kumasotsu”) ≈ “bear commander”.

(4) They are reading the famous opening lines from The Tale of the Heike (「平家物語」/ Heike Monogatari), which is written in classical Japanese. The excerpt quoted here is reproduced from the translation by Helen McCullough.

(5) 「因数分解。お、その弁当、人数分解?」/ “Factorization. Oh, is that bentou enough for two?”

(6) Yushima Tenjin (the Yushima Tenmanguu Shrine) is a famous Shinto shrine in Tokyo dedicated to the god of learning. It is frequented by students hoping to pass their entrance exams, and lucky pencils are available for purchase at the shrine.

(7) Rokumonsen (“six coins”) is the Sanada family crest. All of the people Hyuuga names are famous Sengoku generals.

(8) A mnemonic for remembering the elements of the periodic table:「水兵 リーベ 僕の船」 (“Suihei riibe boku no fune” /「水(H)兵(He) リー(Li)ベ(Be) 僕(B, C)の(N, O)船(F, Ne)」) = “There was a German sailor who loved his ship.” I substituted one of the many English equivalents, which is my chem teacher’s favorite. 😉

(9) One of the most famous goroawase for remembering a historical date:「鳴くよウグイス平安京」(“Naku yo, uguisu, Heian-kyou”), where 「鳴くよ」(“naku yo”) is a homophone for the numbers “7 – 9 – 4” = A.D. 794, the year the capital of Heian-kyou was founded. Again, I substituted the most well-known English equivalent.

– – –


9 thoughts on “[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” DVD Vol. 5 Audio Drama Feat. Kagami Taiga

  1. Diana says:

    Isn’t this… exactly the same thing as that OAV : “Baka ja Kattenai no yo !” ? Why would they do an animated version and a drama CD version ?


    • grimmfeather says:

      Yeah, they’re very similar, as they’re both based on chapter 37 of the manga (the audio drama was released first, later followed by the OVA). There are some slight differences, however, such as the part in the audio drama where Kuroko is helping Kagami read The Tale of the Heike. The cast was also greatly expanded for the OVA.

      In the cast comments for the audio drama, the seiyuu mention that they enjoyed getting the chance to record the drama because there weren’t enough episodes to include that chapter of the manga in the first season of the anime. I’m glad they finally got their animated adaptation. 😀


      • Diana says:

        Oooh, I see, thanks for the additional info ! TBH, I didn’t have the patience to wait for this part to come, since I thought the two were 100% similar, but that’s good to know !


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