[translation]「モノクロの虹」by Ono Daisuke

As with “Akatsuki no Wadachi”, OnoD wrote the lyrics for this song.


「モノクロの虹」/ “Monokuro no Niji” – 小野大輔
“Monochromatic Rainbow” – Ono Daisuke

“I had long forgotten
The sound of laughter and the sting of tears
They faded to black and white
Just like this rainbow…”


I had long forgotten
The sound of laughter and the sting of tears
They faded to black and white
Just like this rainbow

We could share any fate between us
Or so I thought

Your hair was dripping wet
Amid the hydrangea
Under a single umbrella

There’s no such thing as a never-ending rain
But you told me that was a lie
That was the beginning of the end

I’m sure you’ll forget about me
Everything fades in time
Even so, our days of overlapping black and white
Will never disappear
Now and forever, I run and I run
To the end of the rainbow

Rainy days like this have their own charm
Or so I finally realized

Water pools in the street
Dancing through the air in your wake
Are drops of silver

A sudden rain will change into a rainbow, you know

Or so I believed
In the depths of my memories

I have never forgotten you
I’m sure you have never forgotten me
After the rain, the sky is dyed seven colors
Dreams will never vanish
Now and forever, I pray and I pray
Looking to that rainbow

I’m sure we understood, you and I
I’m sure we knew all too well
In the photos that fade to black and white
There we are, smiling together

I’m sure I’ll forget you someday
I’ll throw away that umbrella we shared
Even so, our rainbow of overlapping colors
Will never disappear
Now and forever, I run and I run
Now and forever, I laugh and I laugh
As I wipe away my tears

– –


– –


Zutto wasureteta
Waraigoe mo naita hi mo kou yatte
Aa monokuro ni kawatteku
Niji wo miteru

Donna unmei mo wakachiaeru
You na ki ga shiteita

Aa nureta kami
Ajisai to
Hitotsu no kasa

Yamanai ame ha nai tte uso da tte
Kimi ha sou itteta
Owari ga hajimaru

Kitto kimi ha boku wo wasureteku
Iroasenai mono ha nai
Soredemo monokuro kasanaru bokura no
Hibi ha kieru koto mo nai
Itsudatte hashitte hashitte
Niji no saki he

Konna ame no hi mo warukunai to
Omoeru you ni natta

Aa mizutamari
Gin no shizuku

Iwaka ame nara niji ni kawaru tte

Boku ha sou shinjita
Kioku wo tadotte

Zutto boku ha kimi wo wasurenai
Zutto kimi mo sou darou
Ameagari no sora ni kakaru nanairo
Yume ha kieru koto ha nai
Itsudatte inotte inotte
Niji wo kakeru

Kitto bokura ha wakatteita n da
Kitto shiri sugita n da
Monokuro iro aseteku shashin no naka
Kimi to boku ha waratteita n da

Itsuka boku ha kimi wo wasureru yo
Ano hi no kasa sutete
Soredemo nanairo kasaneta bokura no
Niji ha kieru koto ha nai
Itsudatte hashitte hashitte
Itsudatte waratte waratte
Namida fuite

– – –

5 thoughts on “[translation]「モノクロの虹」by Ono Daisuke

  1. zhuqiqi says:

    Oh! I’m happy! Thank you, your translations are great! This song is so sad, and its tone really dear! I love Ono Daisuke!!
    Will you translate the song “KISS KISS KISS”?


      • zhuqiqi says:

        Ono ‘s sad songs are great, and in some songs like that, my favorite is the video clip of “Amaoto”! It’s a depressing song and heartbreaking! I could not refrain myself when this girl (his lover in the video) broke up with him, I think she’d rather die than live and made him sad and lonely!
        Do you like the song “Diamond Dust” and “Nostalgia” of Ono Daisuke? I think they are also very good!
        I’m glad to you will continue to translate new songs of Ono. Honestly, thank you! I really look forward to them!


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