[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc – Part II

Touou Ending & Epilogue
Touou Route
[Based on a 2 – 0 record against Touou;
Prerequisite: “You Can’t Beat Me”]

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[late at night on the outdoor basketball court]

Aomine: ……

Kuroko: ……Aomine-kun.

Aomine: Whoa—! Y-you bastard!! Why d’ya have to do that every damn time?!

Kuroko: I’m sorry… It wasn’t on purpose.

Aomine: As if! You’ve been doing that ever since middle school! [sighs] So? What’s up? It’s pretty late, you know.

Kuroko: …I just happened to see you heading outside, so I came, too.

Aomine: Oh? Okay, got it…

Kuroko: …um, can I ask you something?

Aomine: What’s that?

Kuroko: Aomine-kun, do you still like basketball?

Aomine: Huh?

Kuroko: You didn’t play your hardest during today’s game. Can you not enjoy a game with us as your opponents?

Aomine: Oh. Well, this time, I…

Kuroko: I don’t mind if you say you were disappointed by our abilities and therefore got bored during the game. Because, in that case, all we need to do is continue to practice and become even better players. However, if you’ve come to hate basketball as a sport…

Aomine: Hey! Who said anything about hating basketball?! Truth is, I wanted to go all out during today’s game.

Kuroko: Then why…?

Aomine: Well… See, my elbow’s been messed up since the Inter-High. It shouldn’t take long to heal, but some quack of a doctor told me to take it easy for a while. I was planning to just ignore him, but then Satsuki had to go and…

Kuroko: Momoi-san?

Aomine: She got the jump on me and ratted me out to the coach, tellin’ him to keep me benched for games. So Satsuki and I got into a fight about it, and…well, she ended up bawling her eyes out, all ‘cause of me. …she made me promise that I wouldn’t play my hardest ‘til my elbow heals.

Kuroko: Aomine-kun, it seems like you’re no match for Momoi-san.

Aomine: Shut it! That’s why I didn’t want to tell you! So, anyway, I was planning to sit out today’s game, too, but when I tried to tell you that last night, you were already all fired up and ready to go.

Kuroko: I’m sorry. I didn’t know there were extenuating circumstances.

Aomine: And that’s why I changed my mind! Still, I couldn’t go all out on account of my promise with Satsuki.

Kuroko: Thanks to that, your teammates played without relying on you.

Aomine: Well, you know how they are. They said it was ‘cause they wanted more chances to get their hands on the ball.

Kuroko: That’s what it means to be a team.

Aomine: Huh? Like I know. …I never expected us to lose, though. It was a practice game, and I couldn’t give a hundred percent, but I still never thought we’d lose.

Kuroko: Did it make you reconsider anything?

Aomine: Heh. Yeah, there’re some things I understand a little better than before. Anyway, I wanna play another game. This time, I’ll crush you with everything I’ve got.

Kuroko: Are you frustrated that you lost?

Aomine: Like hell I am, moron! Nobody said anything like that, you idiot!

Kuroko: …let’s play another game sometime.

Aomine: When we do, make sure I get to enjoy myself a little more, alright?

Kuroko: Yes, of course. …

Aomine: …? What’re you staring at me for?

Kuroko: I was just thinking how glad I was that you haven’t started to hate basketball, Aomine-kun. I was honestly a little worried… Like, what if you had lost all interest in basketball, to the point that you didn’t even care if you lost a game…?

Aomine: Huh? Like that’d happen. You don’t have to worry about shit like that.

Kuroko: You’re right. I’m sorry.

Aomine: Next time we face each other, I’m gonna go all out.

Kuroko: Yes. I’m looking forward to it, as well.

[credits roll]

– –

IMAG2187 IMAG2188 IMAG2189 IMAG2190

Kagami: Kuroko and Aomine? What’re you doing out here together? If you’re playin’ ball, count me in!

Aomine: Hey, Tetsu. The basketball junkie’s here.

Kagami: Huh?! You’re one to talk!

Kuroko: We weren’t playing basketball. We were just talking about today’s game, as well as the games we’ll get to play soon.

Kagami: What? That’s lame. You should at least play while you talk since you’ve got the chance. Or, if you want revenge for today’s game, I’ll accept your challenge right here and now.

Aomine: …you really are a hardcore basketball junkie, aren’t ya?

Kagami: Wanna say that again?! …well, I can’t really deny it. Listen up, Aomine. Today’s game was just for practice. It’ll be an official game next time… We’ll take that win during the Winter Cup.

Aomine: Ha! You think you can beat me?

Kagami: Of course I’m gonna win. Now I can’t wait to see you cry when you lose.

Kuroko: Kagami-kun and Aomine-kun actually seem to get along rather well…

???: Oh, there they are! What’re you doing out here?

Kuroko: Captain. And everyone from Touou, as well. What’s the matter?

[The other Seirin and Touou members arrive on the scene]

Hyuuga: What kind of question is that?! You and Kagami disappeared, so everybody was looking for ya. And then we happened to run into the guys from Touou along the way. They said they were looking for Aomine, so we figured you two were probably together.

Kuroko: Oh, I see. I’m sorry it got out of hand.

Imayoshi: Sorry ’bout that~! Seems like our Aomine caused ya some trouble.

Kuroko: No, we were just talking.

Imayoshi: …but it kinda looks like Aomine and Kagami are at each other’s throats over there.

– –

Aomine: Sheesh, pipe down for a minute, will ya?

Kagami: What’s that supposed to mean?!

– –

Kuroko: So they really do get along, those two… They seem very in sync.

Imayoshi: I ain’t seeing it. Not in the least.

Wakamatsu: Hey, Aomine!! We’re heading back! What the hell’re you doin’ over there?!

Aomine: Yeah?! Shut up already. Everybody’s on my case today.

Momoi: What did you think you were doing? If one person up and disappears, of course everyone is going to be worried!

Aomine: What the… Satsuki, you just had to come, too, didn’t you?

Momoi: Well, that’s rude! Geez. Come on, let’s go back to the room!

Koganei: I’m so jealous. I wish a girl like Momoi would worry about me

Kiyoshi: But Riko’s worried about you!

Koganei: That’s not my definition of “worried”…

Riko: What am I going to do with you freshmen?! First you disappear, then you’re out stirring up trouble!

Kagami: But we weren’t…

Riko: You’re not children, so at least tell us where you’re going!

Kagami: Alright, fine. I’m very sorry.

Aomine: Kagami. Tetsu.

Kagami: Huh?

Aomine: These guys are a pain in the ass, so I’m headin’ back.

Kagami: Okay. See ya.

Aomine: …next time will be at the Winter Cup.

Kagami: Yep. Say your prayers and wait for me. I’m gonna beat you.

Aomine: Hah! That’s some talk.

Kuroko: I will be eagerly awaiting the day we face Touou. Let’s meet again at the Winter Cup.

– – –

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