[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc – Part II

海常との試合の朝 / Kaijou to no Shiai no Asa / The Morning of the Game with Kaijou
Required Event / 400/950 “Kizuna” Points
Kaijou Route


[at breakfast in the dining hall]

Kagami: (munch, munch)… Time for seconds!

Kuroko: How can you eat so much this early in the morning?

Kagami: ‘Cause we’re playing Kaijou after this. If I don’t fill up, I won’t have the stamina for it.

[Kise arrives]

Kise: Kagamicchi, you’re still eating?

Kagami: Ah? Speak for yourself. Don’t you think you finished eating a little too fast?

Kise: We’ve got an important game today. I can’t move well on a full stomach. …Kagamicchi, you can eat that much and not feel sluggish?

Kagami: ‘Course I can. I’ll have burned through it before noon.

Kise: That’s quite the stomach you’ve got there… But I’m relieved to hear that. I won’t lose today’s game, Kagamicchi.

Kagami: Bring it on! I’m looking forward to it!

Kise: Same goes for me! I can’t wait to get started! Alright, I’ll see you later.

Kagami: Yep, on the court.

– – –

秀徳との試合の朝 / Shuutoku to no Shiai no Asa / The Morning of the Game with Shuutoku
Required Event / 400/950 “Kizuna” Points
Shuutoku Route

IMAG2024 IMAG2026 IMAG2027

[at breakfast in the dining hall]

Kuroko: So the training camp is finally drawing to a close.

Kagami: Yeah. It’ll be over after the game this afternoon. I wanna win by a landslide and end the camp on a high note!

[Midorima approaches]

Midorima: You intend to win? It seems we’re being grossly underestimated.

Kagami: Ha! Damn straight. We sure ain’t intending to lose.

Takao: Hate to burst your bubble, but the same goes for us. Take it easy on us, will you?

Kagami: “Take it easy”? I’m obviously gonna crush you with everything I’ve got!

Midorima: Heh… But the fact is, you’re going to get annihilated during today’s game.

Kagami: Hah! You’ve said it now! Today, I’m gonna stop every single one of those three-pointers you’re so proud of!

Midorima: You can make all the promises you want, but you’re only digging your own grave. Listen, Kagami. You cannot stop me. However, I am going to stop each and every offensive play you make.

Kagami: I’d like to see you try! Do your worst!

Kuroko: It seems that Midorima-kun is really eager to start the game.

Takao: You’ve got that right. He’s been raring to go since this morning. Yeah, looks like he can’t take his eyes off Kagami.

Midorima: That is not true!

Takao: …see? Told ya.

Kuroko: You’re right. It’s easy to see that the upcoming game is weighing on his mind.

Takao: Well, same goes for me. I don’t wanna lose to you. Huh, I wonder why… Passing is our bread and butter as athletes. Maybe I dislike you ‘cause we’re too much alike.

Kuroko: …no one has ever said that to me before, so I’m not sure how to react.

Takao: Don’t say that! All you need to know is that I won’t let things go your way. I’m gonna use my hawk eye to completely shut you down.

Kuroko: …like everyone else, I don’t want to lose. Even if this is just a practice game, we, Seirin, are going to win.

Takao: I thought you’d say that! Heheh, I can’t wait for the game this afternoon.

– – –

桐皇との試合の朝 / Touou to no Shiai no Asa / The Morning of the Game with Touou
Required Event / 400/950 “Kizuna” Points
Touou Route

IMAG2036 IMAG2038

[at breakfast in the dining hall]

Kuroko: You’re eating a lot more than usual today, Kagami-kun.

Kagami: …(swallow) Yep! ‘Cause we’ve got a game this afternoon. I need to eat my fill and build up my strength.

Aomine: Heh! You think you’re gonna win ‘cause you ate breakfast?

Kagami: I won’t have any strength if I don’t eat. Who wins is based on ability.

Aomine: You’re actually trying to win, ain’t ya? You better not be all talk. Make sure to entertain me a little. Well, I’m still gonna win, though. Thanks for the food. Later.

[Aomine leaves]

Kagami: That bastard…! I’m gonna kick his ass at today’s game.

– –

Hyuuga: He can’t even get through a meal without stirring up trouble…?

Izuki: That just means he’s got motivation to spare. And that’s a good thing, don’t you think? Our game with Touou starts this afternoon. It’s just a practice game, but I want to win no matter what.

Hyuuga: We don’t “want to win”—we will win! That’s the reason we’ve been practicing like crazy. I couldn’t care less if it’s just a practice game. If it’s a game, then we win! That’s all there is to it.

Izuki: Yeah, that’s exactly right.

– – –

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7 thoughts on “[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc – Part II

  1. passingfleur says:

    Thankyou so much for keeping this up you’re amazing! :’) and your recent updates have satisfied my Shuutoku feels I am a happy fangirl thats to that!^^


  2. mochi says:

    damnnnn you re so awesome :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( *bearkiss* i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the Shuutoku part so much :((((((( all the TakaMido feels =))=))=))


  3. lilac says:

    I just finished reading your translation of Kuroko no Basuke PSP Game. Thank you very much for your hard work. (Actually thank you for all your Kuroko no Basuke’s translations).


  4. Gaby says:

    Ah I have missed this! Thanks so much and once again, Happy New Year!
    I love all the teams here but ahhh lately I’ve been feeling something special for Shuutoku ^^ Nice to see them here!!!


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