[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc – Part II

The Night Before the Second Practice Game

IMAG2015 IMAG2017

[in Seirin’s room at the boardinghouse]

Riko: Can I have your attention for a minute?

Hyuuga: What’s up? You gonna tell us we have to do three times as much practice tomorrow or something?

Riko: Well, excuse me. If you’d like to do three times as much, I won’t stop you.

Hyuuga: …please, anything but that.

Riko: Silliness aside, I’ve been thinking we should play another practice game tomorrow.

Hyuuga: To wrap up the training camp, huh…

Riko: Exactly. I want to see the results of the things you’ve worked on since the last practice game. And there’s a lot you can learn from a game that would be impossible to learn through normal practice.

Kiyoshi: Uh-huh. And an actual game serves as a good test run for new plays and such. It might be just one game, but it’s good to increase the amount of experience under our belts as much as possible.

Riko: On that note, I’d like us all to decide on an opponent for the game tomorrow. Once we decide, I’ll go discuss it with that team’s coach.

Kiyoshi: Okay, let’s decide who we’ll play at the game that will close out the training camp.

Riko: Make sure you choose carefully. This is going to be the final measure of the work you’ve done!

[select your opponent: Kaijou High School; Shuutoku High School; Touou Gakuen High School]

Riko: Well, then, let’s ask Kaijou/Shuutoku/Touou to be our opponents for tomorrow’s game. I’ll go talk it over with their coach right away.

[Riko leaves]

– –

[if you choose Kaijou]

Kuroko: Unlike the other two schools, Kaijou’s forte is their teamwork. The key to this game lies in how well we can oppose them with teamwork of our own.

Kagami: I know we’ve got ‘em beat in that department. We’re gonna show Kise the meaning of the words “team play”.

– –

[if you choose Shuutoku]

Kuroko: Let’s show Shuutoku the results of the work we’ve done at this training camp.

Kagami: Yeah, right on. I’m gonna stop every one of Midorima’s three-pointers!

– –

[if you choose Touou]

Kuroko: I wonder if Aomine-kun will actually play in tomorrow’s game.

Kagami: Who knows? If he doesn’t feel like playing, then we’ll just have to play hard enough to drag him out. If we completely overwhelm them, there’s no way he’ll be able to sit quietly on the sidelines. I won’t let him look down on us anymore!

– –

Hyuuga: Well, I guess the training camp’s coming to an end.

Izuki: Practice was intense, but we’ve certainly been able to level up as a result.

Hyuuga: But everybody else has been hard at work, just like us, which means we’re not the only ones who’ve improved.

Koganei: I realized while we were doin’ the joint practices, but all of our opponents’ practices are pretty intense, too.

Hyuuga: Yeah. Everybody’s practicing so diligently. It’s no wonder each individual can play at such a high level.

Kiyoshi: Well, practice isn’t all about quantity. The quality of the practice we do is pretty high, you know.

Tsuchida: It might look like unusual practice at first glance, but I really think it’s effective.

Kiyoshi: The practices Riko designs measure up to the practices at any other high school.

Mitobe: ……!

Tsuchida: You said it. She does make us do three times as much practice every once in a while.

[Riko returns]

Riko: I’m back! I got the okay for tomorrow’s practice game.

Hyuuga: In that case, let’s show ‘em the results of our practice!

Riko: All the work you’ve done hasn’t been in vain. I’m looking forward to the game!

– – –

明日は負けないっスよ / Ashita ha Makenai ssu yo / I Won’t Lose Tomorrow
Required Event / No “Kizuna” Points
Kaijou Route
[Prerequisite: Kaijou Route + win the first practice game against Kaijou]

IMAG2032 IMAG2033

[late at night on the outdoor basketball court]

Kise: Oh! Over here, Kurokocchi! Thanks for coming.

Kuroko: You were the one who asked me to come in the first place.

Kise: Well, yeah, that’s true.

Kuroko: What’s the matter?

Kise: We’re playing another game against Seirin, so, well, I wanted to talk to you beforehand…

Kuroko: Is there something on your mind?

Kise: I’d like to get your opinion on something. …about our game against Touou at the Inter-High. I think I was able to face Aomine as an equal back then.

Kuroko: Yes, it was a very good game.

Kise: But at the very last second, Aominecchi saw through my pass to Kasamatsu-senpai. I chose to rely on my comrades, and as a result, we lost the game. Personally, I don’t regret it. But I still wonder about it. In that moment, instead of relying on my comrades, should I have used my own strength to win? I keep asking myself if I made a mistake… …what do you think, Kurokocchi?

Kuroko: That’s a difficult question. You have no way of knowing that you would have won even if you hadn’t relied on your comrades. But comrades are not people on whom you rely; they are people you trust. Don’t you agree?

Kise: …huh? Er…? Umm?? Kurokocchi, the things you say are always so enigmatic that I don’t really understand them. I mean, I think I trust my comrades~?

Kuroko: … I believe that the team with the greater sense of mutual trust is going to win our next game.

Kise: …in that case, I won’t lose. Everyone on my team trusts each other. That goes for me, too.

Kuroko: Is that so? But my teammates and I trust each other completely, you know.

Kise: I guess tomorrow’s game will show us whose trust is stronger. I’m glad we got a chance to talk today. I’m looking forward to the game!

– – –

明日が楽しみなのだよ / Asu ga Tanoshimi na no da yo / I Am Looking Forward to Tomorrow
Required Event / No “Kizuna” Points
Shuutoku Route
[Prerequisite: Shuutoku Route + win the first practice game against Shuutoku]

IMAG2022 IMAG2023

[late at night on the outdoor basketball court]

Kuroko: …good evening, Midorima-kun.

Midorima: So you came…Kuroko.

Kuroko: It’s unusual for you to ask me to come meet you like this.

Midorima: Since we’re going to be playing against one another tomorrow, I thought I should take the chance to talk to you beforehand.

Kuroko: Oh, I see. Now I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s game.

Midorima: “Looking forward…to it”?

Kuroko: Yes. It’s fun to play basketball with my teammates at Seirin.

Midorima: …I can’t comprehend that. I don’t play basketball because it’s fun.

Kuroko: …the only reason I can feel this way now may be thanks to everyone at Seirin. My style of basketball makes the best of other people’s skills. …and back then, I thought that was all I wanted. But being weak on my own is no longer good enough. That is what I’ve come to believe.

Midorima: What sort of nonsense is that? It is precisely because you acknowledged your weaknesses that you were able to create your style of basketball. You could even say that was the reason you became Teikou Middle’s sixth man.

Kuroko: But as a sixth man, all I could do was rely on one of my teammates to defeat a strong opponent. But if I were able to defeat a strong opponent…would that not be better for the sake of the team? I don’t want to be a sixth man who can only rely on others. I want to be an athlete on whom others can rely. That is what I came to realize while playing basketball with my comrades at Seirin.

Midorima: First it’s “fun”, and now you’re “comrades”…? Hmph, even foolishness has its limits.

Kuroko: Does that mean that you intend to keep playing on your own, Midorima-kun?

Midorima: At the very least, I have no intention of agreeing with you.

Kuroko: …I see. In that case, I suppose we’ll have to put it to the test during the game.

Midorima: Very well. I’ll crush your naïve way of thinking with the results of the game.

Kuroko: I have no intention of losing…and neither does Seirin.

Midorima: Heh… Now I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s game, as well.

– – –

オマエじゃオレには勝てねえよ / Omae ja Ore ni ha Katenee yo / You Can’t Beat Me
Required Event / No “Kizuna” Points
Touou Route
[Prerequisite: Touou Rote + win the first practice game against Touou]

IMAG2046 IMAG2051

[late at night on the outdoor basketball court]

Aomine: ……he’s late. Where the heck are you, Tetsu? Sheesh.

[Kuroko appears]

Kuroko: ……

Aomine: Don’t tell me he fell asleep or somethin’.

Kuroko: Aomine-kun.

Aomine: Uwhoaaa!!! Don’t sneak up on me, you bastard! When did you get here?!

Kuroko: Just now.

Aomine: I had no idea you were there… Oh, sorry for asking you to come meet me.

Kuroko: …what’s the matter? This isn’t really like you.

Aomine: Well, I mean, you know. I just wanted to tell you something…

Kuroko: What might that be?

Aomine: That’s what I…you know what I mean.

Kuroko: …if you’re not going to say it, do you mind if I say something first?

Aomine: Yeah?

Kuroko: This might be a practice game, but we’re not going to lose. At tomorrow’s game, I will compete against you with all my strength—and win.

Aomine: …… Go right ahead. Give me all you’ve got. Not that you’ll be able to beat me, though.  …wait, crap! You got me started.

Kuroko: …is there something wrong with that?

Aomine: It’s nothing! If Satsuki gets mad at me, it’s your fault, got it?

Kuroko: Why would Momoi-san get mad at you?

Aomine: Nope, nuh-uh. Like I said, it’s nothing!

Kuroko: So…what did you want to talk to me about, Aomine-kun?

Aomine: Ahh…just forget about it.

Kuroko: Huh?

Aomine: [sighs] Alright, I’m headin’ back to the room and going to bed. You should hurry up and get some sleep, too. See ya.

[Aomine leaves]

Kuroko: ……

– – –

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