[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc – Part II

王者のプライドとは? / Ouja no Puraido to ha? / What Is the “Pride of a King”?
1 Day to Complete / No “Kizuna” Points
Shuutoku Route

IMAG1942 IMAG1947

[in the gym]

Takao: Alright, who’s ready to tackle another day of practice? …wait, huh? Shin-chan, what’re you doing down there?

Midorima: I was just retying my shoelaces. …because I tied my left shoe first by mistake.

Miyaji: Seriously? Again with the superstitions? Right, left—what difference does it make?!

Midorima: It makes all the difference, in fact. Especially since according to this morning’s “Oha Asa”, Cancers like myself are tenth place in today’s horoscope. I have compensated for my unlucky fortune with Pen-chan, today’s lucky item, but I cannot let my guard down.

Miyaji: No, I mean, it’s just practice, so your fortune or whatever doesn’t really matter, right?

Midorima: It is precisely because I create the ideal conditions for practice that I am able to practice effectively. Besides, in the worst-case scenario, I could incur some sort of injury if I were to practice without my lucky item. That would be no laughing matter.

Kimura: (Yeah, sure, but don’t bring stuffed penguins into the gym…)

[Ootsubo approaches the group]

Ootsubo: Well, there’s some truth to what Midorima is saying.

Kimura: —C-Captain?!

Takao: …n-no way! Ootsubo-san, you agree with him about the lucky items?!

Ootsubo: …I’m actually talking about Midorima’s attitude toward practice—the way he confronts it head-on. Listen up. We regulars represent all the other club members. There are guys who put in the effort, day after day, but still never make it on the bench. As regulars, we have to shoulder the burden of their hopes and dreams and fight on. Anyone who thinks he can slack off during practice isn’t fit to be a regular!

Midorima: …

Ootsubo: But then again, there’s no need to tell you this now, not when we’ve come so far. There is no doubt in my mind that you guys work twice as hard as anyone else. That goes for you, Miyaji and Kimura…and for you, too, Midorima.

Miyaji: (Even I know just how hard Midorima works… Sure, he does whatever he wants, but I guess I can’t knock him for that kinda attitude…)

Ootsubo: We, Shuutoku, are the King of East Tokyo! Our alumni built that glorious reputation, but we can’t even hold a candle to them. A king’s nature is to win. Moreover, winning is exactly what constitutes the pride of a king.

Takao: The “pride…of a king”?

Ootsubo: That’s right. No matter the opponent, a lion crushes its opposition with all its might. Whether that opponent is a rabbit or a tiger, it makes no difference to a lion. For a king, the most essential pride is…yes, to win. From now on, always bear in mind that you’re carrying the hopes and dreams of both our club members and our alumni on your shoulders. Remember that during games…and during practice, too!

– –

[Midorima shoots and makes a three-pointer]

Takao: So, even after that inspiring little pep talk, you’re still over here shooting threes all by your lonesome?

Midorima: I have no interest in this so-called “pride of a king”.

Takao: Whoa! That’s Shin-chan for ya! Sure don’t mince words, do you?

Midorima: …but as far as doing everything in one’s power in order to succeed, I couldn’t agree more. And what I ought to be doing in order to win…is this.

[Midorima shoots and makes another three]

Takao: (Huh? Ain’t that basically the same as saying you’re practicing for the sake of the pride of a king? You’re deep in denial, Shin-chan! You’re always such a tsundere~!)

– – –

みんなのワガママ / Minna no Wagamama / The Team’s Willful Request
1 Day to Complete / No Points
Shuutoku Route

[in the gym]

Takao: Yo, Shin-chan! What’s wrong? Why the long face?

Midorima: I’m not satisfied with what I accomplished during practice today. To be honest, I’d like to stay behind and practice some more, but…

Takao: Yeah, but even if ya want to, our time in the gym is up, right?

Midorima: If I could make just one more willful request today, I would ask the coach to let me stay for a while longer….

Takao: But you can’t, ‘cause you’ve already used all three requests for today! Come to think of it, ever since we started the three-request system, haven’t you used ‘em all up almost every single day?

Midorima: Agreeing to that three willful requests system was a mistake. I can’t execute the ideal practice I’ve envisioned with just three requests!

Takao: You’re still not satisfied, even after all that?

Midorima: No, it’s not nearly enough. I want to do everything in my power to succeed.

[Ootsubo walks up to them]

Ootsubo: The rest of us are no different from you in that respect. We want to do everything we possibly can in order to succeed.

Midorima: Captain?

Miyaji: You’re not the only one who wants to win!

Kimura: Yeah, we’re all doing everything we can.

Midorima: Miyaji-san, Kimura-san…

Ootsubo: And it’s because each team member does everything in his power that the team can win as a whole. Conversely, if even one person shirks that duty, then we can’t win. Isn’t that right, Midorima?

Midorima: That’s…exactly right.

Ootsubo: And each time you insist on doing something your way…it causes trouble for the rest of the team.

Miyaji: For instance, you’re constantly doing shooting practice, right?

Kimura: But when you’re hogging the goal, we can’t use it during practice.

Ootsubo: You’re entitled to your own opinions or dissatisfaction. However, it’s problematic when your willfulness prevents everyone else from doing everything in their power. Or if that in turn keeps us from winning. Because we’re serious about winning, too, you know.

Midorima: …I understand. It seems I’ve been somewhat imprudent. My apologies.

Takao: Whoa, hell must’ve frozen over, if Shin-chan’s apologizing to the senpai. Well, I guess that just means Ootsubo-san’s sincerity managed to bring him around.

Ootsubo: Really, Midorima? Thank you for understanding.

Midorima: I won’t voice any more objections to the three willful requests system.

Kimura: Wait, so now you’re just not gonna say ‘em out loud?!

Midorima: From now on, I will use my three allotted requests more carefully than ever.

Miyaji: After all that, you still don’t feel the least bit like giving up your right to the three requests?!

Ootsubo: It’s fine. That’s enough for now. Alright, then, I want to see you give 120% during tomorrow’s practice, too.

Midorima: Yes. I will do everything in my power—in order to win.

Miyaji: Man, this guy’s totally lacking in the charm department.

Kimura: Yeah, but three willful requests isn’t too much to ask.

Miyaji: But try making four and I’ll deck you for real.

Kimura: I want in on that.

Takao: It feels like this little talk brought our team a bit closer together, huh?

Ootsubo: We just made a willful request of our own: We want to win as a team.

– – –

本当に相棒だった? / Hontou ni Aibou datta? / Were You Two Really Partners?
1 Day to Complete / 200 “Kizuna” Points
Touou Route

IMAG1957 IMAG1961

[nighttime, outside in the onsen]

Aomine: Ahh… Damn, the water feels so freakin’ good… I never wanna get out…!

Kuroko: I feel the same way.

Aomine: Whoa—!!

Kuroko: What’s the matter? You jumped up so suddenly—was there a bug or something?

Aomine: Tetsu?! How long have you been sitting there?!

Kuroko: I’ve been soaking in the water since before you even got in.

Aomine: Seriously? I didn’t even notice… …that reminds me, didn’t we go to an onsen during our training camp in middle school?

Kuroko: And Aomine-kun had the exact same reaction as just now.

Aomine: I did, huh?

– –

Koganei: Aomine and Kuroko at Teikou… Aren’t you curious about what it was like?

Izuki: Shhh! I’ve been trying to eavesdrop on them for the past few minutes.

– –

Aomine: …hey, did anything funny or interesting happen back then?

Kuroko: Now that I think about it… No, nothing comes to mind.

Aomine: Oh, that’s cool.

[loud splash]

– –

Izuki: They’ve got nothing?!

Koganei: That’s it?! It’s over?!

Kuroko: …you were listening?

Izuki: Oh, no, I just happened to overhear…

Kagami: Sounds likes you guys’re having a good time over here. Whatcha talking about?

Kuroko: We weren’t particularly having a “good time”, but Aomine-kun and I were reminiscing about the old days.

Kagami: Oh? For example?

Kuroko: We were talking about how nothing interesting happened during our training camp in middle school.

Kagami: …you’ve gotta be kidding me.

Aomine: Oh, it’s Kagami… Guess the fun’s over.

Kagami: What’s with that? You were reminiscing, weren’t ya? I wanna hear one of your stories.

Aomine: There’s nothing to tell.

Kagami: Nothing at all? It can be about basketball or whatever.

Aomine: Hmm… I can’t think of anything…

Kagami: How can you not think of anything? You guys were partners, weren’t you?

Aomine: Okay, what about you guys, huh? You got any stories you wanna share with the class?

Kagami: Of course we do! Hey, Kuroko, go on and tell ‘im one of our stories.

Kuroko: “One of our stories”? Ummm… Now that you mention it, when Kagami-kun and I first met—

Kagami: Oh.

Kuroko: You watched me play and told me I was totally hopeless.

Kagami: Erk… Yeah, I guess I did say that! But we’ve gotta have a better story, right? Like about a time we helped each other out or something.

Kuroko: Ummm… Oh, now that you mention it—

Kagami: Did you think of something?!

Kuroko: When I found that stray dog, you told me to get rid of it because you hate dogs.

Kagami: Come on, you’ve gotta have something better than that!

Aomine: Pfft…hahahahahaha! That’s all it ever is with you guys!!

Kagami: No, it ain’t!! I know we’ve got something better than that!

Kuroko: Kagami-kun has had a foul mouth and a bad attitude since the day we met…

Kagami: Hey!

Kuroko: …but his love for basketball hasn’t changed at all. Therefore, I can believe in you, Kagami-kun, and be your shadow.

Kagami: Kuroko…

Aomine: Kagami’s shadow, huh… So you’re staking everything on him.

Kuroko: Yes. That’s why I won’t lose to Aomine-kun ever again.

Aomine: Heh, you’ve said it now.

Kuroko: Kagami-kun, let’s give Aomine-kun the memory of us winning against him.

Kagami: Yeah! Aomine, we’re gonna give you a nice memory of losing to us!

Aomine: Sounds like fun. I’ll be waiting.

– – –

トンカツが食べられない / Tonkatsu ga Taberarenai / He Can’t Eat Tonkatsu
1 Day to Complete / No “Kizuna” Points
Shuutoku Route

Watch this event on NicoNico here.

IMAG1969 IMAG1973

[dinnertime in the dining hall]

Midorima: (Hmm. Darn it. I should have known that tonight would be the night they decide to serve tonkatsu…)

Takao: Hm? What’s up, Shin-chan? Why the long face?

Midorima: Oh, Takao? I’ll give you my tonkatsu, if you like.

Takao: Huh? I’d love to have it, but… Shin-chan, do you not like tonkatsu?

Midorima: Not exactly. My horoscope says I’m not supposed to eat pork today.

Takao: But if I take it, what’re you gonna eat with your rice?

Midorima: I’ll put some sauce on my cabbage…and I can make do with pickled vegetables.

Takao: Well, if you don’t mind, then it’s fine by me… Alrighty, first things first… I guess I’ll eat all of mine~! …(chewing) [speaking in a muffled voice, his mouth full of tonkatsu] Whoa, it’s been deep fried! And the glaze is so crisp when you bite into it! Whoaaaaa! The inside’s so juicy!! You bite into it, and the juices just kinda explode in your mouth!!

Midorima: …

Takao: The flavor’s spreading all through my mouth… I dunno how to describe it! Like the big bang of flavor? And the meat is soooo tender—! I’m happy just chewing it!

Midorima: ……

Takao: It’s all like—crunch and then boing and then whoosh, you know? I think I’m in heaven!! Oh, man, who knew pork could taste this good? I think I’ve found enlightenment. Ahh, it’s delicious… So freakin’ delicious… My chopsticks just won’t stop moving! Oh, no! I’m all out of tonkatsu! But wait—! It’s okay, ‘cause I’ve got a whole ‘nother serving!

– –

Midorima: Captain, would you like to have my tonkatsu?

Ootsubo: Hm? But—are you sure?

Midorima: Yes. According to my horoscope, I’m not supposed to eat pork today.

Ootsubo: Is that so? Then I guess I’ll take you up on your offer.

Takao: Whaaaaat—?! Wait, Shin-chan! Hold the phone! I only ate all of my tonkatsu first because you told me I could have yours! What’m I supposed to do with this huge bowl of leftover rice…?!

Midorima: You still have pickled vegetables. And you can put some sauce on your cabbage.

Takao: Why do I have to settle for just sauce and cabbage and pickled vegetables, same as you?! Waaaaaaaah! Tonkatsuuuuu, come baaaaaaack—!

Midorima: You’re too noisy, Takao. You can yell all you want, but it’s not going to make the tonkatsu come back. Just be quiet and eat your pickled vegetables and rice with me.

Takao: …misery loves company, don’t it? Shit…

– – –

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