[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc – Part II

キセキの世代キャプテン 赤司 征十郎 / Kiseki no Sedai Kyaputen Akashi Seijuurou / The Generation of Miracles’ Captain, Akashi Seijuurou
Morning of Day 9 / 50 “Kizuna” Points
Touou Route
[Prerequisite: Murasakibara Ending]

IMAG2315 IMAG2317

[at breakfast in the dining hall]

Kagami: [rushes into the room] Sweet! I’m the first one in the dining hall! …wait, huh? There’s somebody here already. But I’ve never seen ‘im before. Is he with one of the other teams…?

Kuroko: That’s…!

– –

???: Hello, Tetsuya.

Kuroko: Akashi-kun…what are you doing here?

– –

Hyuuga: Ahh, man, what a workout. Finally time for breakfast! Hm? What’s up, Kagami? What’re you standing around for?

Kagami: Well, there’s a guy over there I don’t recognize, but it looks like Kuroko knows him. Captain, do you know who that is?

Hyuuga: Hm…? Feels like I’ve seen him somewhere before…

Kise: [rushes into the room] Woohoo! Time for breakfast! …huh? Akashicchi?! Whaaaat?! What’re you doing here—?!

– –

Hyuuga: Akashi… Oh, that’s right! He’s the captain of the “Generation of Miracles”…!

– –

Koganei: Huuuuh?! What the heck is a guy like him doing here?! Akashi goes to Rakuzan High School, right? But it looks like he’s already making himself right at home!

Midorima: What?! Did you say “Akashi”?

Aomine: I thought I heard Akashi’s name. Guess it wasn’t just my imagination…

Koganei: Where’d you all come from—?!

– –

Kuroko: I’m assuming you didn’t come here for a training camp with your teammates.

Akashi: Right. I came alone this time. It’s only for a couple days, but I’ll be participating in your practices.

Midorima: To what exactly do we owe this surprise?

Akashi: Didn’t I just tell you? I’m going to participate in the training camp. That’s all. Daiki. I’m going to join Touou for practice first.

Aomine: Huh?! Why us?!

Akashi: Because I’d prefer not to impose on the large-scale operations of one of the other teams.

Aomine: Then go to Seirin, why don’t you?! I don’t have time or energy to waste showin’ you around!

Akashi: I’ve already decided. …now, I need to go discuss this with your coach.

Kagami: Hold it! This has nothin’ to do with you! What makes you think ya can just barge in on our practices ‘cause you feel like it?!

Akashi: I don’t need your permission.

Kagami: What’d you say?!

Kuroko: Kagami-kun, if you linger here any longer, you’ll miss breakfast.

Akashi: That’s right. You should all start breakfast soon, so as not to be late to practice.

Kagami: Who died and made you king?!

Akashi: Do you want to be late to practice? I’m only stating the facts.

Kagami: A-alright, fine! Let’s hurry up and eat.

– –

Kagami: Shit—! I gotta hurry, or I won’t have time for seconds!

Akashi: Getting seconds is permissible, but make sure you’re not late to practice on account of that.

Kagami: What gives you the right to order me around?!

Akashi: If you wolf your food down in order to be on time, you need to ensure that your physical condition doesn’t suffer as a result.

Kagami: Ugh, man, you’re freakin’ annoying!

Kise: Ahaha! Not even Kagamicchi is a match for Akashicchi!

Akashi: Ryouta, if you have time to run your mouth, you should be eating instead. You’re a slow eater, are you not?

Kise: Um…I’m sorry.

Aomine: Shit… Now I can’t even kick back and relax at breakfast…

Akashi: Daiki.

Aomine: What?! I’m eatin’, ain’t I?!

Akashi: You’re not chewing your food sufficiently. You’ll get indigestion.

Aomine: What are you, my mother?!

Akashi: Shintarou. You look pale. Are you alright?

Midorima: I’m in the midst of the fight of my life, trying to finish such a large breakfast. …pay me no mind.

Akashi: …well, don’t overdo it. Tetsuya. Don’t leave food on your plate because you think I won’t notice. You won’t last through practice.

Kuroko: …oh, you caught me?

– –

Kiyoshi: It’s like, even though they’re just having breakfast, you can totally tell who’s in charge…

Hyuuga: Yeah…just what you’d expect from the captain.

Akashi: Thank you for the meal. I’ll be taking my leave now.

Kise: Wha—?! That was fast! Akashicchi, were you always such a fast eater?

Akashi: I need to go negotiate with the coaches from each school concerning my participation in the training camp. Now, if you’ll excuse me. [leaves]

Midorima: It feels as if this training camp is getting rowdier by the minute…

Kise: What’s the problem? The more the merrier, right? Still—this lineup makes it feel like we’re back at Teikou.

Midorima: We go to different schools now, so that makes us opponents. I have no desire to reminisce about the old days.

Aomine: But what’s he doing here, anyway? There’s no way he’s here just to participate in the training camp, right?

Kuroko: Only Akashi-kun himself is privy to his true motives. There’s no use dwelling on it.

Kagami: It’s not like I care, but…I think I feel a storm coming…

– – –

興味深い練習方法 / Kyoumibukai Renshuu Houhou / The Intriguing Practice Regimen
Midday on Day 9 / 250 “Kizuna” Points
Touou Route
[Prerequisite: “The Generation of Miracles’ Captain, Akashi Seijuurou”]

IMAG2341 IMAG2342

[in the gym]

Furihata: [breathing hard] Haa…haa…

Fukuda: We’ve finished our sprints on the mountain trails!

Hyuuga: Great. Everybody’s here, then. Let’s move on to strength training!

Riko: We’ll finish out morning practice with our usual regimen, then…

???: You’ve put a lot of thought into this regimen.

Riko: Eh?

[Akashi joins Riko]

Akashi: Do you mind if I watch?

Riko: (It’s the captain of the “Generation of Miracles”, Akashi-kun…!)

– –

Kuroko: It looks like Akashi-kun is here.

Kagami: Wait, you serious? …no kidding. Wasn’t he gonna go practice with Touou or somethin’?

Kuroko: I suppose he got the urge to watch our practice.

Kagami: You think…? Doesn’t that mean he’s just here to spy on us?

Kuroko: Akashi-kun has no need to resort to such methods. Something must have piqued his interest.

Kagami: “Interest”, huh….? Wait, is it really okay for us to keep practicing while he’s watchin’?

Kuroko: I’m sure the coach will let us know if it isn’t. Until then, let’s continue to practice as usual.

– –

Riko: I don’t mind if you watch, but… Weren’t you going to participate in Touou’s practice?

Akashi: Since several schools are holding training camps here, this is an excellent opportunity for me to observe each school’s practices in detail. That said, I see you’re incorporating mountain trail running into your training regimen; I find that very interesting. Running on mountain trails, which consist of uneven surfaces, is much more effective for improving reflexes and perception than running on level ground. In addition, since it utilizes the entire body, you can expect an increase in muscle strength.

Riko: Wow, you figured that out with one look? I guess I’d expect no less from you. Since we’re holding our training camp in the mountains, this is our chance to do some training we can’t do anywhere else. Being able to do some out-of-the-box training is one of the advantages of holding a training camp.

Akashi: But wouldn’t you say that this training is only effective because of the practice you’ve done on a routine basis?

Riko: Even during a short, 10-day training camp, it’s possible to rebuild muscle.

Akashi: I see. So you plan to strengthen the body first. In that case, it would be more efficient to use training equipment and machines. I believe they have some here, do they not?

Riko: Machines put more strain on the body, so we hardly ever use them. Using machines while your body is still developing usually results in injuries. That wouldn’t matter if our one goal was to tide them through the next game. But that’s not the case, is it? Our oldest students are only second years, you know. We have to think about not just this year, but the years to come, as well. So it’s critical that we increase their basic physical strength without putting too much strain on their bodies.

Akashi: You mean to say that you’re focusing not only on the games in your immediate future, but on the strength of the team in the long term, as well. Does that mean that you’re already confident in your prospects of winning your upcoming games?

Riko: Of course! Otherwise I wouldn’t have designed a practice regimen targeted at improving their abilities in the long term.

Akashi: But if you were to lose, your practice regimen would be considered a failure.

Riko: “Failure”…? Isn’t that a bit of an overstatement? It’s not as if they’d lose any of the strength they gained from practice.

Akashi: No, it would have failed. If you cannot achieve victory, failure is inevitable.

Riko: …

Akashi: In any case, you need to continue winning games. That will prove whether or not your decision was correct. Well, I’m going to go observe the other schools’ practices. I apologize for monopolizing your time. [leaves]

Riko: (…Akashi Seijuurou… What an enigmatic opponent…)

Hyuuga: Coach, what’d he want?

Riko: He just came to watch for a bit. He asked me a few questions and then left.

Hyuuga: Oh, that’s it? …well, that’s good, I guess.

Riko: Don’t worry about it, alright? C’mon, let’s get back to practice.

– – –

盗み聞きは良くない / Nusumigiki ha Yokunai / It’s Not Polite to Eavesdrop
Night of Day 9 / 200 “Kizuna” Points
Touou Route
[Prerequisite: “The Intriguing Practice Regimen”]

IMAG2346 IMAG2349

[nighttime, outside in the onsen]

Izuki: Huh? Where’s Kuroko?

Tsuchida: I don’t see him anywhere. Maybe he got out already?

– –

Kuroko: ……

???: Excuse me. Do you mind if I sit next to you?

Kuroko: Oh, go ahead.

[Akashi enters the water]

Kuroko: …! Akashi-kun… …I’m surprised you noticed me.

Akashi: It sounds like you’re still running into problems on account of your lack of presence. I was the one who discovered your special ability, so of course I’d notice you.

Kuroko: I know… Thank you. So, is there a reason you came to see me?

Akashi: A reason? I can’t come see you unless I have a reason to do so?

Kuroko: I don’t think you’re the type to do something on a whim.

Akashi: If I must say… I suppose I came to reminisce about the old days.

Kuroko: …that’s rather unexpected.

Akashi: Right now we should be resting, both mentally and physically. In light of that, I thought it would be a good chance to reminisce.

Kuroko: I see…

Akashi: Still, it’s been a while since I’ve had an opportunity to spend time talking with you, Tetsuya.

Kuroko: We haven’t really gotten together with everyone since we graduated middle school. Speaking of which, when we were in middle school, we went on a training camp much like this one.

Akashi: The training camp with Teikou? That wasn’t very long ago, but it feels so nostalgic.

– –

Koganei: Shit! A conversation between members of the “Generation of Miracles” is unfolding right before our eyes! This is our big chance to witness such a rare event, but…I can’t really hear anything ‘cause we’re too far away!

Kiyoshi: Why don’t you just move closer, then?

Koganei: ‘Cause I’m pretty sure Akashi’d be super pissed if he found me!

Hyuuga: Hey, c’mon. You chicken just because he’s one of the “Generation of Miracles”?

Izuki: If you chicken out, we won’t be able to hear all the juicy stories!

Kagami: Damn straight! …sir!

Furihata: We’ve gotta risk it!

Fukuda: Let’s sneak closer!

Kawahara: We’ll go for broke!

Tsuchida: Don’t you have anything better to do?

Mitobe: ………

Koganei: Quit faking! I know you’re interested!

Hyuuga: Alright! It’s decided. Everybody hush up and sneak closer! But make it snappy!

Koganei: If we all go together, they’re bound to notice us.

???: Obviously. I would appreciate if you put a little more thought into your actions.

Koganei: I know, right? But try telling them that… …what the, Akashi—?!

Kuroko: …I’m here, too, you know.

Akashi: Just what, exactly, do you think you’re doing? This is the time allotted to rest one’s mind and body, is it not?

Hyuuga: Well, y’know, we couldn’t help but be curious about a conversation between members of the “Generation of Miracles”.

Akashi: So instead of using the bath properly, you would rather let your body cool off too quickly and thereby damage your physical condition?

Hyuuga: You’re making a big deal out of nothing…

Akashi: You’re the captain, are you not? It is your duty as captain to do everything you can to secure victory for your team, yet you choose to act in such a manner?

Hyuuga: …m-my apologies.

Akashi: I also take issue with the fact that you all assume the lazy atmosphere here gives you license to do whatever you please. If you wish to win at basketball, you ought not to engage in such pointless activities.

Kagami: Hey, Kuroko. This is gonna take a while, ain’t it?

Kuroko: Yeah…probably.

– –

Akashi: That is all I wanted to say. Oh, how thoughtless of me. Did I ramble a bit? Well, finally, you need to get out of the bath before you start to feel dizzy. That’s all! [leaves the bath]

Koganei: I already feel dizzy…

Hyuuga: It’s our own fault for trying to do something so stupid…

Kiyoshi: Yeah, you’re right. I guess we’ll have to start taking our baths seriously, too.

Kagami: Akashi’s really somethin’ else… Our senpai’re all serious for a change.

– – –

最強の敵 / Saikyou no Teki / The Strongest Opponent
Midday on Day 10 / 400/950 “Kizuna” Points
Touou Route
[Based on a 1 – 0 record against Touou;
Prerequisite: “It’s Not Polite to Eavesdrop”]

IMAG2353 IMAG2359

[in the gym]

Imayoshi: Alright, the practice game’s gonna start soon. You guys ready?

Susa: Yep.

Wakamatsu: You bet!

Sakurai: Yes.

Aomine: …uh-huh.

Imayoshi: Aomine…are ya sure you’re gonna be alright? What about your elbow?

Aomine: Give it a rest, would ya…? I’m perfectly fine!

[Akashi arrives]

Akashi: No, this is a serious problem, Daiki.

Aomine: Akashi?

Imayoshi: Oh, it’s Akashi… What d’ya mean by that?

Akashi: It means you must not allow Daiki to play in the upcoming game. Daiki, you cannot play in the game today. I want you to sit on the bench and simply observe.

Aomine: What? You think ya can just show up out of the blue and start spoutin’ bullshit like that, Akashi?!

Imayoshi: …Akashi, do ya mean Aomine’s elbow ain’t quite healed yet? I figured as much.

Akashi: Precisely. Is that clear, Daiki? You’ll have to sit out today.

Aomine: Like hell I will! Are you outta your mind?!

Akashi: I don’t remember asking, Daiki. You will not play in the game.

Aomine: ……dammit. Have it your way, then. [leaves]

Momoi: Ah, Aomine-kun!

Akashi: Goodness… I thought I told him to observe the game. Well, I suppose I can cut him a little slack.

Wakamatsu: What the heck? Don’t we get a say in this?! How’re we supposed to play without Aomine?!

Imayoshi: There’s nothin’ for it, Wakamatsu. His injury could get worse if we make him play. We’ll just have to manage without him this time around.

Wakamatsu: Damn! Remember what happened when we played Seirin earlier this week? He needs to hurry up and get better already!

Imayoshi: Looks like today’s game’s gonna be a tough one…

Akashi: About that…might I make a suggestion?

Imayoshi: What’s that? You gonna help us out and play in Aomine’s place or somethin’?

Akashi: Oh? You’re very sharp. You took the words right out of my mouth.

Imayoshi: Got it in one, huh… …wait a sec, you’re gonna play?!

Wakamatsu: Hey! Who said ya could do that?! You don’t even go to our school!

Imayoshi: Akashi, I appreciate the offer, but it’s a little short notice…

Akashi: I have already obtained your coach’s permission, so that is not an issue. Besides, don’t you agree that your team’s overall strength would be greater if you used me instead of one of your reserve players?

Imayoshi: W-well, I guess…

Wakamatsu: I-Imayoshi-san! Are you buying this crap?! Hey, you, Akashi. Are you really sure about this?

Akashi: What seems to be the problem? Please, do elaborate.

Wakamatsu: I’m askin’ if you’re sure we can win with a team we freakin’ formed just now!

Akashi: And why wouldn’t I be? If I play on your team, then your victory is assured. However, to that end, I will need you to take direction from me.

Sakurai: Eh? B-but our captain is Imayoshi-san…

Akashi: That is of no consequence. If you want to win, then please do as I say.

Sakurai: Y-yes! I apologize! Understood!

Susa: …why do we always get stuck with the weird ones?

Imayoshi: I guess we must attract ‘em somehow. Well, this should be interesting. Akashi’s only gonna play with us for one game. What’s wrong with mixin’ things up a bit? It’ll be a good experience. I mean, he’s one of the “Generation of Miracles”, you know? We’d normally never get a chance to play on the same team, even if we asked him to.

Akashi: You’re very perceptive, I see. That makes things much easier.

Imayoshi: Thank ya kindly. Alright, so we’ll be makin’ a little switch from Aomine to Akashi for today’s game.

Akashi: And you’ll allow me to decide your positions and plays as I see fit. We’ll discuss things in more detail shortly. Satsuki, could you share your data on this team with me?

Satsuki: Oh… O-of course!

Wakamatsu: Wha—? Wha—?! What the hell—?! Imayoshi-san, are you really okay with havin’ him on our team?!!

Imayoshi: I don’t mind. After all, he says we’re gonna win. Now, this game…I can’t wait to see how things play out.

– –

Riko: It looks like Akashi-kun will be playing instead of Aomine-kun.

Hyuuga: I don’t know what Aomine’s deal is, but something must’ve happened…

Riko: Now we need to figure out how to handle Akashi-kun. But we don’t have any data on him! Kuroko-kun, is there anything we should watch out for?

Kuroko: Akashi-kun himself, basically… The teams Akashi-kun leads are invincible. That was the case with Teikou, as well. We need to be cautious of not just Akashi-kun, but also of Touou under his leadership.

Hyuuga: This’s getting pretty serious…

Riko: In any case, it seems like we don’t have much choice but to proceed as usual and give it one-hundred percent. Alright, guys, don’t forget just how determined you are to win! Let’s go!

Seirin: Yeah!

– –

Riko: Everybody gather ‘round! I’m going to present the starting lineup. First up: Hyuuga-kun, Izuki-kun, Teppei, Kagami-kun…and Kuroko-kun. Let ‘em have it right from the start!

Kuroko: Yes!

Riko: That’s the starting lineup. Alright, let’s go show them Seirin’s Run and Gun-style basketball!

– – –

During the game

IMAG2362 IMAG2363

The third quarter ends with (in my case) Seirin up by two. During the interval between the third and fourth quarters, however, Akashi’s cell phone starts ringing. He takes the call, speaks briefly with the caller, and hangs up. Then he bids farewell to Touou and just…leaves. In the middle. Of the game. さすが赤司…

IMAG2364 IMAG2365 IMAG2366 IMAG2368

At last, after Imayoshi kicks everybody back into gear, Touou subs in one of their reserve players, and the fourth quarter begins.


– – –

Akashi Ending
Touou Route
[Based on a 2 – 0 record against Touou;
Prerequisite: “The Strongest Opponent”]


[in the gym]

Imayoshi: Whew. Well, that’s a wrap.

Sakurai: Somehow it doesn’t really feel like we just finished playing a game. I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened.

Wakamatsu: I know! That bastard Akashi—what the hell was he thinking, just up and leavin’ like that?!! Now the game’s frickin’ over, and he still hasn’t come back!

Susa: Well, at least we dealt with the situation pretty well. I mean, even in official games, players get subbed out all the time.

Sakurai: You can never rule out the possibility of someone having to leave after foul trouble or an injury. Does that mean we learned something about how to handle situations like that…?

Wakamatsu: You don’t have to make excuses for him!

Sakurai: I-I’m sorry!

Momoi: Well, let’s clean up and be on our way! Good work out there, everybody! Please remember to apply ice while you cool down so your muscles don’t seize up.

Imayoshi: ‘Kay, let’s get going. Good work, guys.

– –

IMAG2382 IMAG2383

[late at night on the outdoor basketball court]

Kuroko: [takes a shot and hits the rim] Hmm.

???: You should fix your form.

Kuroko: !

Akashi: My apologies. Did I keep you waiting long?

Kuroko: No, I just got here myself. What’s the matter? You suddenly asked to see me.

Akashi: It so happens that I’m going to have to head home tomorrow. But before I do, I thought I should take the chance to talk to everyone. I’ve been talking to each of you one-on-one.

Kuroko: …that makes it sound like an interview.

Akashi: Well, all of you are rather reluctant to speak your minds when there are other people around.

Kuroko: So what did you need to talk to me about?

Akashi: I wanted to talk about what I experienced during the practice game today. Today’s game turned out to be surprisingly interesting. Despite the fact that I had to leave partway through, I didn’t expect Seirin to win.

Kuroko: …I find that hard to believe, considering that we played with every intention of winning.

Akashi: Of course you did, Tetsuya. If you play without intending to win, then actually achieving victory is impossible. You may not have won against me, but…you can be proud of winning against Touou.

Kuroko: Yes, I know that.

Akashi: …you have quite a different look in your eyes than you used to, Tetsuya. You should know that the one who brought everyone to this training camp…was me. Or so I say, but I wasn’t able to get Atsushi to join us… How was it, I wonder? It turned out to be a fairly enjoyable training camp, did it not?

Kuroko: …yes. I learned a lot, and it’s been a while since I was able to see everyone.

Akashi: …all the better, then. The purpose of this training camp was to provide an opportunity for everyone to improve their skills.

Kuroko: …Akashi-kun, why would you do something like this?

Akashi: We can discuss that on another occasion. The next time all of us will be together will be at the Winter Cup. You’ll be there as well, I presume?

Kuroko: I will. Seirin is definitely going to participate.

Akashi: I see. That will do nicely. Let’s meet again at the Winter Cup. [leaves]

Kuroko: Yes, we’ll meet again this winter. And until then…we’re going to keep getting stronger and stronger.

– – –

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