[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc – Part II

キセキの世代センター 紫原 敦 / Kiseki no Sedai Sentaa Murasakibara Atsushi / The Generation of Miracles’ Center, Murasakibara Atsushi
Morning of Day 9 / 50 “Kizuna” Points
Touou Route
[Prerequisite: Himuro Ending]

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[at breakfast in the dining hall]

Kagami: Damn… I’m really not a morning person.

Furihata: But it’s so like you to wake up in spite of that so you don’t miss breakfast.

Fukuda: Well, practice gets even tougher if you don’t eat a hearty breakfast.

Kagami: That’s for sure. Let’s go ahead and sit down.

– –

Murasakibara: Hey, lady, can I have seconds…?

– –

Kagami: Huh? That’s—? Am I still half asleep…?

Fukuda: He’s so freaking tall! Is he from Kaijou? Shuutoku? Touou?

Kawahara: But if he stands out that much, why haven’t we noticed him before?

Furihata: Huh? Could he be…?

Kuroko: That’s…

Hyuuga: What’s up, guys? What’re you all crowding around for?

Kawahara: Oh, Captain… See the huge guy sitting over there?

Hyuuga: Oh, the guy talking to Kuroko?

Kawahara: Yes, with Kuroko… Wait, what?!

– –

Kuroko: I haven’t seen you since the streetball tournament.

Murasakibara: Long time no see, Kurochin.

– –

Kawahara: If Kuroko knows him, then that must mean he’s…

Kiyoshi: Yep. He’s one of the “Generation of Miracles” from the Teikou Middle Basketball Club.

Hyuuga: Kiyoshi! Wait, you know him?

Kiyoshi: Did I not tell you? We met him at the streetball tournament. He’s from Yousen…

Hyuuga: Yousen’s…Murasakibara?!

Kagami: What the heck is he doing here? I mean, we’ve already got four of the others here, right?!

Fukuda: Could Yousen be holding their training camp here, too?

Kiyoshi: As the saying goes, “The ‘Miracles’ are drawn to one another”, huh…

Hyuuga: Okay, that’s not the craziest thing you’ve ever said, but I’m pretty sure there’s no saying like that.

Kiyoshi: Anyway, let’s go hear what he has to say.

– –

Kuroko: Ah, everyone’s here.

Murasakibara: Oh, these are Kurochin’s buddies…?

Kuroko: Yeah. Many of them haven’t met you before, so I’ll introduce you. This is Murasakibara Atsushi, one of my teammates from Teikou… He is also part of the “Generation of Miracles”.

Murasakibara: Nice to meet ya!

Furihata: He seems as laid back as ever…

Kiyoshi: Hey. You remember me?

Murasakibara: …Kiyoshi Teppei.

Kiyoshi: Oh, good. Looks like you do remember who I am.

Kagami: Hey, Murasakibara! What’re you doing here? What’d you come here for?!

Hyuuga: That’s right! Is Yousen holding their training camp here, too?

Murasakibara: Nope, it’s just me.

Hyuuga: Just you?

Furihata: Why would you come here alone?

Kawahara: I’m guessing it wasn’t…just for fun, right?

Murasakibara: Not really… Akachin told me to come, so I did.

Hyuuga: “Akachin”?

Kuroko: He means Akashi-kun, our captain at Teikou.

Kagami: So you mean you came here just ‘cause Akashi told ya to?

Murasakibara: Yep. Otherwise I wouldn’t have come to a place like this.

Hyuuga: What exactly is Akashi trying to accomplish…?

Kiyoshi: I know… A team reunion, right?

Hyuuga: Like hell that’s it!

Kuroko: Um, Murasakibara-kun, Akashi-kun isn’t here, is he?

Murasakibara: Dunno… I didn’t ask, and I haven’t seen him…so I guess he’s not?

Hyuuga: It’s getting harder and harder to figure out what he was trying to do…

Murasakibara: Oh, that’s right. Akachin told me to practice and play in games.

Hyuuga: Excuse me?

Murasakibara: So I may or may not be joining you every now and then. Thanks in advance!

Furihata: He wants you to do what, now?!

Fukuda: Then that means…!

Kagami: We’ll be able to play a game with you! Sweet!

Hyuuga: Wait a sec, hold your horses! You mean you wanna play with us?!

Murasakibara: Uh-huh. With Seirin, or maybe wherever Minechin is? Akachin said you’d let me play with you.

Kiyoshi: It’s a big deal if one of the “Generation of Miracles” says he wants to participate. We can’t really refuse.

Murasakibara: Kurochin, are Minechin and the others gonna come down, too?

Kuroko: Yes. They should be here shortly…

Murasakibara: Okay. Then I guess I gotta fill them in on what we talked about. Oops, I never finished my breakfast. I better hurry and eat…

Kuroko: ……

Hyuuga: This training camp is seriously hardcore… Are we gonna make it…?

Kiyoshi: You think so? I’m actually looking forward to it. Right, Kagami?

Kagami: Yeah! We’re not gonna get another chance like this! I’m gettin’ pumped up!

Kuroko: …you’re right.

Murasakibara: Oh! Guys, have you tried the fried potatoes? They’re yummy…

– – –

紫原の実力とは? / Murasakibara no Jitsuryoku to ha? / Murasakibara’s True Strength?
Midday on Day 9 / 250 “Kizuna Points”
Touou Route
[Prerequisite: “The Generation of Miracles’ Center, Murasakibara Atsushi”]

IMAG2259 IMAG2262 IMAG2263

[in the gym]

Imayoshi: C’mon, we’re startin’ practice! …wait a sec, where’s Murasakibara?

Wakamatsu: He said something about being bored if Aomine wasn’t here and left us for Seirin! What is the freakin’ deal with the “Generation of Miracles”?!

Imayoshi: Well, what can ya do…? (Looks like he’s givin’ Seirin quite the runaround, though…)

– –

Murasakibara: Alrighty then, I’m looking forward to joining you!

Hyuuga: Hey, Coach! Are you seriously planning to make this guy practice with us?!

Riko: He said he wants to participate. Besides, we’ll never get another chance like this. Think of it as an opportunity to learn whatever you can by observing him!

Hyuuga: Guess we’ve gotta think positively about this…

Murasakibara: Hey, hey, what do you want me to do?

Riko: Murasakibara-kun, you play center, don’t you?

Murasakibara: Yeah, so?

Riko: Then that settles it. I think we’ll have you show us your defensive skills. Murasakibara-kun, I want you to play defense under the goal while we play offense and try to score. All you have to do is defend the goal with everything you’ve got. Sound good?

Murasakibara: That’s fine, but I don’t think I’ll have to go that far, okay?

Riko: What’s that supposed to mean? There’s no point in doing this if you’re not going to take it seriously—

Murasakibara: Nobody said I wasn’t. I’m just saying I can defend the basket without using my full strength. I’m not planning to give up a single point, of course. That’s good enough for you, isn’t it?

Riko: Y-yeah, that’s not a problem… (What’s with him? Does he really have that much confidence in his abilities?)

Murasakibara: Come on, let’s get started already.

Riko: I-I know! Okay, guys, get ready—!

– –

Murasakibara: ‘Kay, I’m gonna play defense or whatever, so come try to get past me…

– –

Hyuuga: You heard him, freshmen. You’re up first. Watch him carefully and learn what you can!

Furihata: But we’ll never be able to get past him!

Fukuda: He’s one of the “Generation of Miracles”!

Kawahara: I…I know it’s just practice, but there’s no way guys like us could win against him!

Hyuuga: “Guys like us”, you said…? Are you freakin’ kidding me?!!

Kawahara: Captain…

Hyuuga: You guys’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into practicing, just like us! You’ve worked your asses off to make it this far! Ain’t that right?! Just ‘cause you’re on the bench, or just ‘cause you don’t play in games—when are you gonna get stronger by relying on those shitty excuses?!

Kawahara: S…someday, we’ll get our chance to…!

Hyuuga: Not “someday”—now! Do it now, or do it never!

Freshmen trio: Ca…Captain!!

Hyuuga: Go get ‘im!

Freshmen trio: Roger!!

– –

Murasakibara: (Give me a break…) Hey, are you coming or not—?

– –

Furihata: We might not be able to play in games yet, but the captain is still giving us a chance to go head-to-head with one of the “Generation of Miracles”!

Fukuda: We’ve gotten stronger, too! If it’s 3-on-1, maybe we can take him!

Kawahara: Besides, he seems like a really laid-back guy, so maybe he’s off his guard during practice, too? If we use that to our advantage…

Furihata: No, I’m not sure we should count on that…

– –

Murasakibara: Just so you know, I can’t hold back. If you three don’t come at me with everything you’ve got—I’ll crush you, okay?

– –

Fukuda: (Hey! That’s the exact opposite of what he said a minute ago!)

Kawahara: (He’s…he’s got this totally menacing aura! He’s like a different person!)

Furihata: (When he starts playing basketball, his attitude does a complete 180! Well, it started raining at the streetball tournament, so we never actually got to see him play, though…) Dammit! It’s now or never!

Kawahara: Alright! Follow Furihata’s lead—!

Fukuda: Let’s do this—!

– –

Murasakibara: (This is ridiculous. There’s no way they can win. It’s unbearable and so annoying.) Alright, I’ll crush you without holding back. Okay?

– –

Kagami: I know this is basketball practice, but I keep hearing screams from over there…

Kiyoshi: Hahaha! Hyuuga, you can be pretty cruel sometimes. Murasakibara is ruthless, you know?

Hyuuga: This is our big chance to practice with one of the “Generation of Miracles”. Not letting the freshmen join in would be even crueler. And just so you know, we’re up next. Don’t get too comfortable over here.

Kiyoshi: I’m not! If anything, I’m more than ready to get started.

Kagami: Oh, that’s right. Kiyoshi-senpai, you played against him in middle school, didn’t you?

Kiyoshi: Yeah. They completely destroyed us, though!

Kagami: I-I’m surprised ya…you can laugh about it now. Um, you’re not frustrated at all?

Kiyoshi: That’s not true. We lost the game 91 to 45, and on top of that, we were made to feel totally worthless. And when I met Murasakibara again in high school, he had totally forgotten I even existed!

Kagami: …I take it back. Are you sure you ain’t…aren’t holding a grudge?

Kiyoshi: Of course not! We gave it everything we had, and that was the end result. I don’t have any regrets. But…next time I get to play him, I’ll make sure he never forgets me again.

Kagami: Heh! Then let me lend you a hand! Please! In order to do that, I’ve gotta make sure he knows exactly who I am, too…

Kiyoshi: Hm? Don’t you think they’ve about had it?

– –

Fukuda: Shit—! We couldn’t make even one basket!

Kawahara: Seriously, what’s the deal with this guy?!

Furihata: So this is his true strength, huh…

Murasakibara: Hey, come on—! Hello—? Who’s next? I’m not even breaking a sweat, here!

– –

Hyuuga: …alright! Regulars, it’s our turn!

Kagami: Sweet! I can’t wait!

Kiyoshi: Take it easy on us…well, I guess I can’t ask that of you.

Murasakibara: So you do understand. Alright, I’m gonna crush you all, ‘kay?

Kiyoshi: Bring it on!

– –

Kagami: [breathing hard] …shit! We managed to make a few baskets, but…

Kiyoshi: He basically kept us out of the paint the whole time, huh…

Murasakibara: …I wasn’t planning to give up a single point, though. Time for a break…

Hyuuga: Alright! Same for us!

Kagami: …but he was playin’ for real. If this is all he’s got, then…

Kuroko: We haven’t seen everything yet, Kagami-kun.

Kagami: Kuroko! What d’ya mean?

Kuroko: That was the Murasakibara-kun with which I’m very familiar… I don’t have to say anymore, do I, Kagami-kun?

Kagami: Oh, I get it. You mean he can take it up another level! Well, ain’t that interesting! Even though we’re in the final stages of the training camp, I feel like I just got another jolt of adrenaline!

– – –

ネジも性格もユルユル / Neji mo Seikaku mo Yuruyuru / He’s Got a Few Screws Loose
Night of Day 9 / 200 “Kizuna” Points
Touou Route
[Prerequisite: “Murasakibara’s True Strength?”]

IMAG2272 IMAG2273

[nighttime, outside in the onsen]

Kagami: Ahhh… The day’s exhaustion is just fading away…

Kiyoshi: Ahhh… It’s like it’s erasing all the stiffness in my muscles…

Murasakibara: Ahhh… Feels like my body’s going to melt right into the water…

Kagami, Kiyoshi, and Murasakibara: Ahhh… What a nice bath…

Kagami: Hey! What’re you doing here?!

Murasakibara: What…? I came to an onsen, so why wouldn’t I get in the water…?

Kagami: But what makes you think you can get all buddy-buddy with us in the bath?!

Hyuuga: What’s your problem, Kagami? We’re trying to enjoy the bath. Can’t you pipe down for a bit?

Murasakibara: Yeah, pipe down!

Kagami: Shut it!

Kiyoshi: Now, now. Calm down, Kagami. Can we all try to get along, at least while we’re using the onsen?

Kagami: I mean, I’d think you would mind more than anyone, Kiyoshi-senpai… (…don’t tell me Kiyoshi-senpai’s trying to get close to his opponent so he can get a feel for his weaknesses or something… Kiyoshi-senpai always has something up his sleeve, so he’s gotta be planning something!)

Murasakibara: Oh, want some potato chips?

Kiyoshi: Yeah, those look good. I’ll take one.

Kagami: Alright, I’m totally not sensing any ulterior motives!! And don’t eat potato chips in the bath!

Hyuuga: Are you sure we don’t have the wrong guy? Maybe some dude who’s a dead ringer for him?

Kuroko: I don’t think there are many other high schoolers who look like that and are also more than two meters tall. When he’s not playing basketball, Murasakibara-kun usually acts like he has a few screws loose.

Hyuuga: And now that we’re in the bath, he’s at his most laid back, huh?

Murasakibara: Ahhh… Feels so good…  I might fall asleep right here…

Hyuuga: His screws aren’t just loose… It looks like they’re already completely unscrewed!

Kuroko: He’s incredible when he plays basketball, though…

Hyuuga: I know that, but… The contrast is way too striking… I can’t believe he’s part of the same “Generation of Miracles” as Aomine, Kise, and Midorima.

Kuroko: He and I…actually used to get along rather well.

Hyuuga: …which reminds me, we’ve got another member of the “Generation of Miracles” right here, even though you might not look it at first glance.

Kagami: Hey, listen, Murasakibara! Are ya sure you don’t have some secret objective or somethin’?! Like, maybe you’re here to do reconnaissance on the other members of the “Generation of Miracles”…?

Murasakibara: Hnn? I wouldn’t do something like that, you know? That would require effort.

Kagami: You said you came here ‘cause Akashi told ya to… He asked you to do something for him, didn’t he?! Spill it already!!

Murasakibara: You might think that, but there’s really nothing else to it… [feeling ill] …geh.

Kagami: Hey, that’s not what I meant by “spill it”!! …wait, are you okay?!

Murasakibara: I…I feel dizzy… [collapses into the water]

Kagami: He-hey?! Don’t sink, you idiot! S-somebody help—!

Hyuuga: Ohh. That’s right—he’s been in the bath since before we even got in.

Kiyoshi: Kagami, make sure you haul him out of the water.

Kagami: There’s no way in hell I can carry a huge guy like him by myself! Kiyoshi-senpai, gimme a hand! Please!

Hyuuga: The “Generation of Miracles”, huh… It’s always impossible to tell what they’re thinking. (And that’s a little scary, too.)

– – –

敵は最強のセンター / Teki ha Saikyou no Sentaa / Our Opponent Is the Most Formidable Center
Midday on Day 10 / 400/950 “Kizuna” Points / “Right of Postponement” Panel Unlocked
Touou Route
[Based on a 1 – 0 record against Touou;
Prerequisite: “He’s Got a Few Screws Loose”]

IMAG2274 IMAG2277

[in the gym]

Aomine: Hey, what’d you say to me?!

Murasakibara: I said, I’m going to be playing instead of you.

Aomine: Don’t fuck with me! There’s no way they’d take me out of the starting lineup!

Murasakibara: That’s just the way it is. So there.

Imayoshi: Hate to break it to ya, Aomine, but he’s right. You won’t be playing in today’s game. The coach has given his approval.

Aomine: Huh?! Why can’t I play?!

Murasakibara: Minechin, your elbow’s still bothering you, isn’t it? Akachin said so. He told me to play in your place in the games during the training camp ‘cause your elbow’s still messed up.

Aomine: Dammit. That bastard… Where’d he hear that…?

Imayoshi: That’s how it is, Aomine. We can’t let ya play today. Well, why don’t ya try to trust us a little and just let us handle this?

Aomine: Hah! I don’t wanna hear that from you, of all people. Still, if Murasakibara’s here, I guess there’s no way we’ll lose… Alright, got it.

Imayoshi: Whoa! You’re pretty quick on the uptake today. We’ll be off, then. [leaves]

Murasakibara: Make sure you cheer for us, Minechin… [leaves]

Aomine: ……

Momoi: Umm…I’m sorry about this, Aomine-kun.

Aomine: Satsuki?

Momoi: I agreed that Mukkun should play in your place, and I let the coach know how I felt… I mean, if that’s what Akashi-kun said, then we really shouldn’t make you push yourself…

Aomine: …don’t apologize. I’ve had a chance to cool off a bit.

Momoi: Aomine-kun…

Aomine: Anyway, you should head to the pre-game briefing. They’re huddling up already.

Momoi: Oh…yeah! I’ll be going, then. [leaves]

Aomine: ……dammit.

– –

Murasakibara: As you can see, I’m the new member, Murasakibara. Let’s all get along…!

Wakamatsu: What’s that supposed to mean?! I won’t accept this! Somebody go find Aomine and drag his ass over here!

Susa: I agree. Seirin isn’t weak enough that we can win with some impromptu substitute in Aomine’s place.

Imayoshi: What’s the problem with lettin’ him play? He’s a great guy who’s here ‘cause he cares about his friend.

Murasakibara: I’m not really doing this for Minechin’s sake. I’m just doing it ‘cause Akachin told me to.

Imayoshi: Now, now, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Wakamatsu: No, this is a bad idea, Imayoshi-san! Besides, how the heck are we supposed to coordinate our plays with him here?!

Imayoshi: “Coordinate”, ya said…? Man, that’s a new one. We rely on our extremely individual style of play. When’ve we ever worried about coordinating with each other?

Wakamatsu: Well…I guess…

Imayoshi: What we’ve got is our will to win and our belief that our ace is the strongest of ‘em all. So maybe the latter’ll be a little lacking this time…but still, Murasakibara’s part of the “Generation of Miracles”. You can believe in that, can’t ya? Ain’t that right, Momoi?

Momoi: Yes. You could say that Murasakibara is a much more defensive player than Aomine. However, he is, without a doubt, a basketball prodigy. Please play as you always do.

Susa: Alright, got it…

Wakamatsu: If Momoi says so, then…

Sakurai: (We’re a team connected only by our selfishness, and nothing else… Even with a different ace, that fact doesn’t change… But despite that…I don’t feel like we’ll lose…)

Imayoshi: ‘Kay! We’re countin’ on ya, Murasakibara!

Murasakibara: That kinda pisses me off, but…okay.

Imayoshi: Heheh… Will our style of basketball still function with a different ace…? This is gettin’ really interesting…

– –

Riko: It looks like Murasakibara-kun will be playing in place of Aomine-kun.

Hyuuga: Something must’ve happened, but…they don’t seem that worked up about it.

Furihata: Do you think we can win, with him as our opponent…?

Kiyoshi: What’s the matter? What’re you so worried about?

Furihata: Well, it’s just, when I think about the members of the “Generation of Miracles” that we’ve faced so far…and how strong they are…

Kagami: …just how traumatized are you guys?

Kiyoshi: It’s only natural. Murasakibara is strong! I can vouch for that. But that doesn’t mean we can’t win! I’ll prove it to you!

Kagami: Let me lend you a hand, would you? Let’s show ‘em just how strong we are!

Hyuuga: At any rate, don’t let your guard down… But by the same token, there’s no place for fear on the court.

Kiyoshi: Hyuuga’s exactly right. We’re just dealing with a different member of the “Generation of Miracles”. Let’s give it our all, like we always do!

All: Yeah!

– –

Riko: Everybody gather ‘round! I’m going to present the starting lineup. First up: Hyuuga-kun, Izuki-kun, Teppei, Kagami-kun…and Kuroko-kun. Let ‘em have it right from the start!

Kuroko: Yes!

Riko: That’s the starting lineup. Alright, let’s go show them Seirin’s Run and Gun-style basketball!

– – –

Murasakibara Ending
Touou Route
[Based on a 2 – 0 record against Touou;
Prerequisite: “Our Opponent Is the Most Formidable Center”]

IMAG2280 IMAG2283

[in the gym]

Imayoshi: I guess that’s that. Good work out there. Feels like this game gave us some worthwhile practice before the Winter Cup.

Wakamatsu: Yeah, you’re right. As a fellow center, I got really motivated by watching Murasakibara play.

Imayoshi: All the better, then. We’ve still got some time left before the Winter Cup, after all.

Sakurai: Especially since there’s a possibility that we will have to face him as an opponent next time…

Imayoshi: Then let’s count ourselves lucky that we got to play with him and gather some intel. Ain’t that right?

Momoi: Yeah. If we have the data I gathered from this game, then we can… Well, I’m almost certain he’ll get even stronger before the Winter Cup…

Imayoshi: We can’t help that, though. Besides, we’re gonna run into the same problem with Seirin.

Momoi: I agree.

Susa: Same goes for us, of course.

Imayoshi: Got it in one. …’specially once Aomine’s recovered from his injury, huh?

Momoi: Honestly, I’m relieved that Mukkun agreed to play in his place.

– –

Murasakibara: …man, I’m wiped… I don’t wanna play any more games…

Kiyoshi: Hahaha! As a matter of fact, I couldn’t agree with you more about being totally wiped out. However…I can’t help but look forward to playing another game against you.

Murasakibara: Ahh, cut it out. You’re making me sick… Still, though…next time we play will be the time I crush you for good, heart and all. Looks like I didn’t crush you completely last time.

Kiyoshi: …oh, so you do remember? That time we played each other at Nationals.

Murasakibara: I told you during the streetball tournament that I remembered… Ugh, I can’t believe you forgot. You really know how to get on my nerves.

Kiyoshi: Haha, my bad. But now we’re even, right?

Murasakibara: …fine, let’s leave it at that.

Kuroko: Oh, Murasakibara-kun.

Murasakibara: Kurochin? You need somethin’…?

Kuroko: No, that’s okay… We can talk about it tomorrow.

Murasakibara: Huh? But I’m heading home tomorrow morning.

Kuroko: Is that so? That’s rather sudden.

Murasakibara: Well, I did what Akachin asked me to do, and it’ll take me a while to get home. …Akita’s pretty far from here, you know? So if you’ve got something to say, go ahead and say it.

Kuroko: No, in that case, I’ll save it for when we have another chance to talk. We’re both tired from the game, and if you’re going home tomorrow, then you should take the chance to get some rest.

Murasakibara: Hmm…? That’s fine by me.

Kuroko: Well then, Murasakibara-kun, I’ll be going.

Murasakibara: Got it. See ya, Kurochin.

– –

IMAG2285 IMAG2289 IMAG2290

[late at night on the outdoor basketball court]

Kagami: …so? You sure that bastard Murasakibara wanted to meet you out here?

Kuroko: He told me that he realized he did have something he wanted to say to me before he went home.

Kagami: Then why didn’t he tell you right then and there?

Kuroko: I wonder… I suppose he didn’t want anyone else to hear? Anyway, why did you come with me, Kagami-kun?

Kagami: Well…‘cause I’m curious, obviously.

Kuroko: Ah. Murasakibara-kun.

Murasakibara: Oh, Kurochin…! Sorry for the trouble… …wait, why’s he with you?

Kagami: Yo! I’m here ‘cause I’m Kuroko’s partner! If you’ve got something to say to him, then you can say it in front of me!

Kuroko: My apologies…Murasakibara-kun.

Murasakibara: Well, whatever. There’s something I wanted to ask him, too.

Kuroko: So what did you want to talk about?

Murasakibara: I mean, it’s not a big deal, but I realized that we probably won’t see each other for a while once I head home tomorrow. I know I’d get tired of waiting until then, so I thought I should go ahead and tell you something about today’s game.

Kuroko: What about it?

Murasakibara: In all honesty, I didn’t expect to lose. I mean, I pretty much always win. Man, what is this feeling? Frustration…maybe? So I’m definitely not going to lose during the Winter Cup. I just wanted to tell you that.

Kagami: …huh? That’s it? And here I was, wondering what sort of awesome stuff you’d have to say.

Kuroko: Kagami-kun, you should know that it’s incredibly rare for Murasakibara-kun to say something like that. So, Murasakibara-kun, I’m happy that I was able to make you say those words.

Murasakibara: Well, I’m not happy about it at all. [to Kagami] And one more thing. There’s something I’ve wanted to ask you… Something I want to test.

Kagami: Me? W-what might that be?

Murasakibara: This has been bothering me for a while, but I’ve never been able to wrap my head around it.

Kagami: (gulp)

Murasakibara: What is the deal with your eyebrows? [plucks out part of one of Kagami’s eyebrows]

Kagami: Ouch—! What the hell, you bastard?!

Murasakibara: Whoa, it’s so long! Oh, I get it now. So it starts as one eyebrow but splits into two…

Kagami: Don’t go around yanking out people’s eyebrows!

Murasakibara: But you can’t help but wonder, right? What kind of person has two eyebrows on each side? Or is it like a fashion statement? You know, like stick-on eyebrows…?

Kagami: They’re one-hundred percent real, you dumbass!

Murasakibara: You don’t have to get so angry… Oh, want some potato chips as an apology?

Kagami: No, I don’t want any! And don’t touch my eyebrows ever again!

Murasakibara: Alright, then we’ll put this on hold ‘til the Winter Cup…

Kagami: Are you plannin’ to yank my eyebrow out again at the Winter Cup?!

Kuroko: Please calm down, Kagami-kun. It’s unseemly to get so angry over just one eyebrow.

Kagami: “Just one eyebrow”?!! What’s that supposed to mean?!

Murasakibara: …okay, I’m gonna head back. Bye-bye, Kurochin.

Kuroko: Oh! Murasakibara-kun, can I say one thing?

Murasakibara: Hmm?

Kuroko: Murasakibara-kun, do you still find basketball boring?

Murasakibara: Kurochin, didn’t I tell you? I said I’d crush you to pieces if you asked me that question.

Kuroko: Fortunately for me, that’s why I made sure to ask after we had crushed you.

Murasakibara: …that’s some big talk, Kurochin.

Kuroko: Moreover, you didn’t look bored during the practice game.

Murasakibara: …well, I like winning, and I hate losing. That’s all. If I’m going to play, I might as well go all out. …satisfied?

Kuroko: Thank you very much. Well then, let’s compete again at the Winter Cup. We’ll both give it everything we have…

Kuroko: That’s when I’ll crush you for real. I’ll be looking forward to it, Kurochin.

– – –

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7 thoughts on “[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc – Part II

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