[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc – Part II

まさかの再会 氷室 辰也 / Masaka no Saikai Himuro Tatsuya / A Chance Reunion with Himuro Tatsuya
Night of Day 8 / 50 “Kizuna” Points
Touou Route

IMAG2200 IMAG2203

[at dinner in the dining hall]

Koganei: Yippee! We’re having breaded pork cutlet and fried eggs for dinner!

Takao: They give you the perfect amount of food, and the quality’s top-notch! Yep, so tasty—!

Koganei: When I think that we’ll have to bid farewell to this food in a couple days, I get so lonely I could cry! I wonder if they’d come make lunches for us at school…

Takao: That reminds me—I thought for sure we’d play at least one more practice game during this training camp.

Koganei: Huh, maybe we will. Knowing our coach, she won’t let a chance like this go to waste.

Wakamatsu: If you’re gonna play a game, then pick us, would ya? I’m sick and tired of doing nothing but practicing!

Koganei: You want to play a game? Man, I wish I had that kind of enthusiasm. If we play another game during this training camp and happen to lose, who knows what will become of us…!

Wakamatsu: What, would you have to do more practice or somethin’?

Koganei: Yeah, in the most extreme sense of the phrase… I’m freaking out just imagining it!

Wakamatsu: Now I’ve just gotta know what would happen! So pick us! We’ll definitely make you lose!

Koganei: Don’t you think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself?!

[Himuro ??? enters the dining hall]

???: I’m sorry to bother you while you’re eating.

Koganei: Hm? And you are…?

???: Do you know if there’s a guy named Murasakibara Atsushi staying at this boardinghouse?

Koganei: Murasakibara is one of those guys from the “Generation of Miracles”, right? A bunch of the other ones are around here somewhere…

???: That’s strange… I heard he’d be coming here.

Kagami: Tatsuya!! What are you doing here?!

Himuro: Taiga! …oh, I see. Everyone here is from Seirin.

Kagami: Nah, it’s not just Seirin. Anyway, what’re you doing here?

Himuro: Well, I heard that Atsushi would be doing some sort of secret, intensive training program here. So I thought I’d meet up with him so we could practice together, but…

Kagami: “Atsushi”? You mean Murasakibara, right? Don’t tell me he’s here, too.

Himuro: No, it doesn’t look like he’s here after all. It seems there was a little mix-up. …oh, well. I’ll try somewhere else. Sorry to bother you.

Kagami: Huh? Where’re you going?

Himuro: I’m heading home for now. I’ll try to get in touch with him in the morning.

Kagami: You’re going home? …now? …weren’t you planning to spend the night here? You’ve got that huge bag with you.

Himuro: Oh, I brought it with me, thinking I’d get Atsushi to let me stay in his room.

Kagami: …why don’t you, then? Spend the night, I mean. If you don’t mind staying in our room, we can lend you a place to sleep, at least.

Himuro: I’d like to, but… Are you sure you don’t mind?

Kagami: Yeah, it’s fine. Don’t sweat it.

Himuro: In that case, I guess I’ll take you up on your offer. I’ll head home in the morning.

Kiyoshi: Yo! Did you come here to play basketball, too?

Himuro: Oh, that’s right. You were at the streetball tournament…

Kiyoshi: I’m Kiyoshi Teppei. Nice to meet you!

Himuro: I’m Himuro Tatsuya, a second-year in the Yousen High School Basketball Club. It’s a pleasure to meet you again. I did come to play basketball, but there was a little mix-up. I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning.

Kiyoshi: What a shame… There are several schools holding their training camps here, so this is your big chance! Instead of heading home right away, why don’t you stay and play basketball with us?

Himuro: Here, with you…? I have to say, I am a little intrigued.

Kiyoshi: Besides us, there are three other talented teams here. You’ve got your pick of the bunch!

Himuro: There are three teams here besides Seirin?

Kiyoshi: Shuutoku, Kaijou, and Touou. And each one of them has a member of the “Generation of Miracles”.

Himuro: Touou’s here, as well…? This is getting more and more interesting.

Imayoshi: What’s that? I think I heard somebody mention our school.

Himuro: Are you from Touou? I’m Himuro from the Yousen High School Basketball Club.

Imayoshi: “Yousen”?! Now there’s another school stayin’ in this boardinghouse?!

Himuro: No, I came alone.

Imayoshi: “Alone”? …what’d you come here for, then?

Himuro: I was looking for someone, but…it seems he’s not here.

Imayoshi: That’s tough. I feel for ya.

Himuro: But since this is such a great opportunity, I was encouraged to participate in practice with everyone.

Imayoshi: I get it now. And so you’re wantin’ to join up with us for practice?

Himuro: I’m very interested in Touou’s style of basketball… Would you mind allowing me to practice with you?

Imayoshi: Nope, no problem. But we’ve got our fair share of weirdoes on the team, just so ya know. I’m Touou’s Imayoshi. Let’s get along, okay?

Himuro: I’m sorry for the trouble. If you really don’t mind, I’ll join you for practice.

Kiyoshi: Sweet! Alright, let’s have a party to welcome our new friend! Come on, set your bag down and have a seat! I’ll give you my pickled veggies!

Himuro: No, that’s okay…

Kiyoshi: C’mon, everybody! Let’s share our food with Himuro!

Himuro: The welcome party is nice and all, but those are basically the scraps from your dinner…

Kagami: …Tatsuya. I never expected to run into him here.

Kuroko: That was a surprise. …I can’t believe someone else we know happened to come to this boardinghouse.

Kagami: Even freaky coincidences should have their limits…

– – –

兄弟の証 / Kyoudai no Akashi / Proof of Brotherhood
Midday on Day 9 / 250 “Kizuna” Points
Touou Route
[Prerequisite: “A Chance Reunion with Himuro Tatsuya”]

IMAG2205 IMAG2209

[in the gym]

Himuro: So this is one of Seirin’s practices… They’ve adopted some pretty interesting practice techniques.

Hyuuga: Oh? Did our practice catch your eye? It’s a bit out of the ordinary, isn’t it? Still, there’s a method to the madness. How’s Touou’s practice treating you? Their practices aren’t exactly run of the mill, either.

Himuro: That’s true. At the moment, they devote most of their time to individual practice.

Hyuuga: Well, each individual team member can play at a pretty high level, so there might not be as much need for them to practice as a team. They play individually during games, too, yet they still mesh pretty well.

Himuro: It really goes to show that there are many different kinds of teams.

Hyuuga: By the way, mind if I ask you something?

Himuro: Hm? Go ahead.

Hyuuga: It kinda seems like you and Kagami are acquaintances…or something. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Himuro: …ohh. We’re not acquaintances. We’re brothers.

Hyuuga: “Brothers”?! Nobody’s ever mentioned that before!

Himuro: I don’t mean we’re related by blood. We’re sworn brothers. The necklaces Taiga and I wear…they’re proof of our brotherhood.

Hyuuga: “Proof of your brotherhood”…?

Himuro: But right now, we’re having a contest with that proof at stake.

Hyuuga: You mean you’re going to stop being brothers?

Himuro: That’s right. It might turn out that way.

Hyuuga: Why would you do that? …did you have a fight or something?

Himuro: A “fight”…? I suppose you could call it that. Since both Taiga and I hate to lose.

[Riko arrives]

Riko: Hey, you there! Quit playing hooky during practice!

Hyuuga: I wasn’t “playing hooky”! I was just tryin’ to do a little cultural exchange…

Riko: Enough excuses! Get back to practice! Himuro-kun, same goes for you!

Himuro: I’m sorry. I’ll head back right away.

Riko: Why not give our practice a shot? We’re going full steam ahead!

Himuro: Sorry, but I think I’ll pass.

Hyuuga: Mind giving me your honest opinion…of Seirin’s practice…?

Himuro: How should I put it…? It’s a very close-knit team.

Hyuuga: Right? We train not just our bodies, but our hearts, as well.

Himuro: Heh. What an interesting team. The team where Taiga is…

– – –

兄弟の思い出 / Kyoudai no Omoide / The Brothers’ Memories
Night of Day 9 / 200 “Kizuna” Points
Touou Route
[Prerequisite: “Proof of Brotherhood”]

IMAG2213 IMAG2218

[nighttime, outside in the onsen]

Kagami: Man….that really hits the spot. But we don’t have much time left to use this onsen, huh?

Kuroko: That’s right. It feels like we’ve been here for a while, but the training camp went by in a flash. Now it’s almost over.

Kagami: D’ya think we were actually able to get better at basketball during this training camp?

Kuroko: Of course. Our abilities have improved, and I truly believe that our trust in one another has grown stronger.

Kagami: Yeah. We’ve been living under the same roof, “eating at the same table,” as they say, so you’re probably right.

Kuroko: …you’re very knowledgeable about food-related proverbs.

Kagami: Shut up! Leave me alone!

???: So I’m guessing Taiga hasn’t lost his big appetite?

Kagami: Hey, Tatsuya.

Himuro: I’ve never been in an onsen before. There’s plenty of space, and the water feels wonderful.

Kagami: How was it? The other school’s practice, I mean.

Himuro: It was good motivation for me, since there are so many skilled players on that one team. But this training camp is almost over, isn’t it? Maybe I should have come sooner.

Kuroko: The training camp isn’t all fun and games, you know.

Himuro: Hm? Really?

Kuroko: We’ve had to sprint up mountains at full speed and eat tons of food…

Himuro: It sounds like you’ve been through the mill…

Kuroko: …Himuro-san, what was Kagami-kun like as a child?

Himuro: Taiga? Let me see… He was the kind of guy who would devour all the sweets in his best friend’s house without a second thought.

Kuroko: …that much hasn’t changed.

Kagami: I don’t do stuff like that anymore!! And Tatsuya, don’t go blabbing weird stories!

Himuro: And then his best friend’s mom got terribly angry at him, and he bought replacements for all the sweets.

Kagami: Ugh. Yeah…I remember something like that.

Himuro: We went to apologize together. I remember it as if it were yesterday.

Kuroko: Himuro-san, you went with him to apologize?

Himuro: Since he was too nervous to go on his own.

Kuroko: …you seem like real brothers.

Himuro: …that’s right. I’d like us to stay that way, even now. However, I’m dying to face Taiga in a game when he’s playing at his full strength. As brothers, we can’t go all out against each other. That goes for me as well as for Taiga…

Kagami: …

Himuro: We’ll settle this, Taiga, once and for all, when we’re both giving it one hundred percent.

Kagami: …yeah. I know.

Himuro: By the way, Taiga, why are you wearing swimming trunks?

Kagami: Huh? Ack! Tatsuya, you’re not wearing any!! What the heck?! You wore ‘em when we went back then!!

Himuro: Because we were at a swimming pool that time… As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

Kuroko: …they really do seem like brothers.

– – –

兄弟の対決 / Kyoudai no Taiketsu / The Brothers’ Showdown
Midday on Day 10 / 400/950 “Kizuna” Points / “Release the Beast” Panel Unlocked
Touou Route
[Prerequisite: “The Brothers’ Memories”]

IMAG2219 IMAG2220

[in the gym]

Momoi: Aomine-kun, I know I keep saying this, but it’s about today’s game…

Aomine: I know already! Damn, you’re persistent. I can’t go all out during the game. Satisfied?

Momoi: Yeah. Just so you know, if it starts to look like you’re pushing yourself, you’ll be subbed out right then and there.

Aomine: Alright, I hear ya.

[Himuro walks up]

Himuro: I’m sorry to interrupt, but could I talk to you for a second about today’s game?

Momoi: Huh? Oh, yes, what is it?

Himuro: I already discussed this with Coach Harasawa, but he told me I should inform you, as well. During today’s practice game with Seirin, I’ll be playing in Aomine-kun’s stead.

Momoi: Wha…?!

Aomine: What’d you say…?! You bastard, just who do you think you are…?!

Momoi: Aomine-kun!

Himuro: Your elbow has been bothering you, correct?

Aomine: …how do you know that?

Himuro: I can tell just by looking at you. You shouldn’t play with your elbow in that condition. I realize this might seem meddlesome of me, but I went ahead and discussed the situation with Coach Harasawa. And when I did, he told me to play on your behalf. You might be alright if you don’t put any strain on it, but just think of this as a precaution.

Aomine: I already said I wasn’t gonna go all out! What’s it got to do with you, anyway?! Mind your own business!

Momoi: Aomine-kun… I agree that it would be better if you didn’t play in the game. If you injure your elbow now, you won’t be able to play in the Winter Cup. Everyone else will be competing on the national stage. Are you really okay with not being able to play?

Aomine: …fuck this! …have it your way. [storms off]

Momoi: Aomine-kun! Where are you going?!

Imayoshi: Let ‘im be. He knows it’s the truth, so he’s just sayin’ it outta spite. Himuro…are ya strong enough to play in Aomine’s place?

Himuro: I wouldn’t have accepted this responsibility if that weren’t the case. Please play as if the strength of your team hasn’t changed.

Imayoshi: Ohh? Somebody’s feelin’ confident. Sounds pretty reliable to me.

Wakamatsu: Imayoshi-san! Are you really planning to let him play instead of Aomine?!

Imayoshi: What’s the big deal? He’s sayin’ he’s up to the task. Besides, far as I can see, he’s a pretty formidable player himself. Momoi, sorry, but we’re gonna need ya to reassign the positions and draw up some new strategies in a jiffy.

Momoi: Oh, of course…!

Imayoshi: So that’s that. We’re countin’ on ya, Himuro.

Himuro: Yes, same here. Please go easy on me.

– –

Kuroko: …they seem very worked up about something.

Kagami: It’s probably Aomine running his mouth again, right?

Kuroko: No…and what’s more, Aomine-kun isn’t with them.

Kagami: Wha—?! That bastard!! What about our game?!

Kuroko: He was there a moment ago…

Kagami: Dammit! Let’s just go ask ‘em!

– –

Kagami: Hey! Where’s Aomine?! …if you don’t mind me asking?

Imayoshi: Oh, Aomine? Sorry, but he’s gonna have to take a rain check for this game.

Kagami: What’d you say?!

Imayoshi: Alright, calm down, now. We’ve drafted some pretty powerful reinforcements.

Kagami: “Reinforcements”? …don’t tell me…

Himuro: It so happens that I’m going to play in Aomine-kun’s stead today.

Kagami: Tatsuya…!

Himuro: Although I didn’t think we’d have an opportunity to settle this so soon. …let me see what you’re like when you get serious.

Kagami: …bring it on, Tatsuya!

– –

Riko: Everybody gather ‘round! I’m going to present the starting lineup. First up: Hyuuga-kun, Izuki-kun, Teppei, Kagami-kun…and Kuroko-kun. Let ‘em have it right from the start!

Kuroko: Yes!

Riko: That’s the starting lineup. Alright, let’s go show them Seirin’s Run and Gun-style basketball!

– – –

Himuro Ending
Touou Route
[Based on a 2 – 0 record against Touou;
Prerequisite: “The Brothers’ Showdown”]

IMAG2226 IMAG2228

[in the gym after the second practice game]

Momoi: Good work, Himuro-san.

Himuro: Thanks. Same to you.

Momoi: I have to say, it was such a relief that you played in Aomine-kun’s place, Himuro-san. He…I know for a fact he would have gotten worked up during the game and pushed himself too hard.

Himuro: Hahaha! I see. You know him well.

Momoi: Well, we’ve known each other forever…

Himuro: …I have to thank you, as well, since I was really able to enjoy myself out there. If we ever get another chance to play basketball together, I’ll be counting on you.

Momoi: Yes, but maybe we should save that for sometime Aomine-kun isn’t around.

Himuro: I know.

Kiyoshi: Himuro! That was a great game!

Himuro: I’m happy to hear that. Thanks for making it a great game.

Kiyoshi: For playing on a different team, it seemed liked you fit in pretty well.

Himuro: Perhaps because I was playing with Touou. It’s thanks to the high skill level of their players.

Kiyoshi: Next time, I want to face you when you’re playing with your own team.

Himuro: We should get the chance. If neither of our teams lose, we’ll definitely compete against each other sometime.

Kiyoshi: That’s right. …I’m looking forward to it.

Hyuuga: Himuro, good work out there! Ahh…honestly, it was a little scary, finding out that there’s somebody like you even outside the “Generation of Miracles”.

Himuro: And I was surprised by just how strong Seirin’s team members are.

Hyuuga: I hope you’re not just being polite. There’s a possibility that you’ll compete against us at the upcoming Winter Cup. We’re gonna take it up a few more levels before then, so I trust you’ll be prepared.

Himuro: I could say the same. Things will be very different the next time we face each other.

Hyuuga: Let’s both do our best.

Himuro: Yeah, let’s.

– –

[late at night on the outdoor basketball court]

Himuro: …mph! [shoots and makes a basket]

Kagami: ……that shot was so smooth it’s ticking me off.

Himuro: …oh, so you came?

Kagami: Sorry, did you wait long?

Himuro: No, I just got here… Don’t worry about it. You’ve certainly improved, Taiga, but I still never expected to lose the practice game.

Kagami: So you say, but you didn’t give it your all, did you?

Himuro: …how was it? How did it feel to play against someone who wasn’t playing seriously?

Kagami: ……it wasn’t fun at all. In fact, it pissed me off.

Himuro: And had that been an important game, it would’ve been all the more irritating.

Kagami: Yeah, that’s for sure. It’s just like Kuroko said before. Since we love basketball, it’s impossible to stand it when somebody doesn’t play seriously during a game. And that’s what you just did to me…

Himuro: But I understand that, which means I didn’t hold back because I wanted to.

Kagami: …then why? Why did you hold back?

Himuro: Because I don’t think this is the place where we’re supposed to settle everything. We might as well do it on a much bigger stage, don’t you think?

Kagami: You mean at the Winter Cup?

Himuro: Yeah. If we can win our way through the tournament, I know we’ll get to face each other eventually. Also, I don’t want to win with someone else’s team, but with my own. There’s a pretty interesting guy named Atsushi on our team. He’s the one who came to the streetball tournament with me.

Kagami: Yeah, from the “Generation of Miracles”, right? How could I forget?

Himuro: I want to face you with him on my team. So we’ll put our showdown on hold until this winter.

Kagami: …got it. At the Winter Cup, I’ll defeat you for real.

Himuro: It’s a promise. Our rings…the proof of our brotherhood will be on the line at that game. At the very least, don’t hold back because you let sentiment get the best of you.

Kagami: I won’t do that ever again.

Himuro: Let’s promise to meet at the Winter Cup.

Kagami: Yeah, we will! I swear! Next time, we’ll settle this once and for all!

[credits roll]

– – –

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