[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc – Part II

The original post of event translations was getting a bit unwieldy to read and edit (at 30,000+ words), so I’m starting a new post here and picking up where I left off.


A new Kuroko no Basuke game for the 3DS has been announced! Here’s the link to the teaser site.


In today’s update(s): The big reveal!


「黒子のバスケ:キセキの試合」PSP Game – 合宿編
“Kuroko no Basuke: Kiseki no Shiai” PSP Game
The Training Camp Arc

ワガママは3回まで / Wagamama ha 3 Kai Made / Only Three Willful Requests Per Day
1 Day to Complete / No “Kizuna” Points
Shuutoku Route

IMAG1798 IMAG1802

[in the gym]

Ootsubo: Midorima, I want you to join us for group practice after this.

Midorima: I wanted to spend a little more time on my shooting practice, though.

Ootsubo: That’s not an option. You’ve already used your three willful requests for the day. We’re starting in ten minutes.

Midorima: Understood. [Ootsubo leaves] I didn’t realize I had already used so many…

Koganei: Hey, Midorima, what’s he mean by “three willful requests”?

Midorima: W-what on earth are you talking about?

Koganei: It sounded like he just told you that you’re “out of willful requests”.

Midorima: I’m not being willful. I’m just doing the things I ought to do. I’ve had to consent to that being interpreted as willfulness, however…

Takao: Whatcha talking about? You here to spy on us?

Koganei: No, ‘course not. I just heard somebody say something or other about Midorima being “willful”.

Takao: Oh, you mean the “three willful requests” rule.

Midorima: All I want is to do everything in my power, as perfectly as I am able.

Takao: Well, it’s not like I don’t get where you’re coming from, Shin-chan, but we don’t have much of a choice. There’s some stuff we need to do as a team, don’t ya think?

Midorima: What I’m doing is necessary in order for this team to win. How many times do I need to repeat myself before you understand?

Koganei: So what the heck are the “three willful requests”? I still don’t get it.

Takao: Oh, well, the story goes a little something like this.

– –

[flashback begins; in Shuutoku’s gym]

Takao: That’s it for practice, huh? Alright, let’s head home.

Midorima: Don’t waste your breath. Of course we’re heading home.

Miyaji: Hold it.

Kimura: I’ve got something to say to you.

Miyaji: I want you to stay behind for a minute.

Takao: Ah…a visit from our senpai… What brings you here on a fine day like today?

Kimura: Stay out of this. Midorima’s the one we need to talk to.

Takao: Oh, crap, Shin-chan. The senpai look pissed. Hurry up and apologize!

Midorima: I didn’t do anything that would warrant an apology.

Miyaji: Midorima, you went and switched up the practice menu on your own again, didn’t you?

Midorima: The coach gave me permission to do so.

Miyaji: That ain’t the problem here!

Kimura: When you screw around like that, it throws off our teamwork!

Midorima: “Screw around”? “Throws off our teamwork”? Excuse me, but I believe it is the two of you who aren’t taking basketball seriously.

Miyaji: What?!

Midorima: Are you trying to say that we can win if everyone just plays nicely and practices together? If that’s what you believe, then I can’t help but think that you’re the ones who aren’t taking this seriously.

Miyaji: No, that’s not really what I meant…

Midorima: In order to win, I always pursue the best course of action. That’s what it means to do everything in one’s power. No matter what the ideal, it’s meaningless unless we win.

Miyaji: So you’re saying that you changed the practice menu in order to win?

Midorima: Of course.

Miyaji: This guy’s for real!

Kimura: Dammit. “To win”… When he puts it like that, there’s not much else we can say.

Ootsubo: He’s got you there, Miyaji, Kimura.

Miyaji: Oh, Captain. You heard all that?

Ootsubo: Midorima might not fit the mold, since he does and says whatever he likes, but he also gets results.

Miyaji: Still, though, even if it’s all for the sake of winning, if he just does whatever he wants… Are you planning to just give him a free pass whenever he feels like it?

Kimura: He’s setting a bad example for the other players!

Ootsubo: That’s another good point… In that case, let’s make a rule. So long as the coach is okay with it, then…when it comes to the stuff related to practice, like the practice menu…let’s see…we’ll grant Midorima three willful requests per day. Well, Midorima? What do you think of that rule?

Midorima: Three sounds like too few, but… Alright, I accept. You should know that I will use those three requests as I see fit. In order to win. Now, if you’ll excuse me. [walks away]

Miyaji: I wonder if…that settled it?

Ootsubo: If we can’t stop him from doing as he pleases, then it’s best to at least give him a limit. I don’t think the coach will disagree.

[end flashback]

– –

Takao: …and that’s how the three requests rule came to be.

Koganei: I’m amazed you needed to make a rule like that in the first place.

Midorima: I’ve already used all three today.

Takao: Well, then, that’s that. Guess you’ve done enough individual practice for today.

Midorima: I know that… Takao, we’re joining up for team practice.

Takao: Right away—!

[Midorima and Takao leave]

Koganei: Wait, what? So the moral of the story is that Midorima basically does whatever the heck he wants?

– – –

最後まで手ゆるめんな / Saigo made Te Yurumen Na / Don’t Let Up ‘Til the Very End
1 Day to Complete / 310 “Kizuna” Points / “Don’t Break Your Concentration” Panel Unlocked

IMAG1804 IMAG1807

[in the gym]

Riko: Alright, that’s it for fundamentals! Next up is a mini game!

Kagami: Sweet! I can’t wait! So, what’re the teams?

Riko: Freshmen, you’re in a group with Hyuuga-kun.

Hyuuga: Don’t think you can take it easy just ‘cause this is a practice mini game. Give it everything you’ve got, just like you would for the real deal!

Kuroko: Understood. I’ll give it my all.

Furihata: Let’s duke it out and give the senpai a run for their money!

Fukuda: We’ll show them just how much we’ve grown!

Kagami: Damn straight we will. We’ll get a huge lead and then win the game!

Kiyoshi: Oh, wow. You’re going to get a huge lead and win the game? That’s awesome.

Koganei: You do realize that they’re our opponents, right…? Let’s show ‘em our fighting spirit—!

Mitobe: …

Izuki: Just like kindred spirits! (1)

Koganei: And that just took all the wind out of my sails~! Is this team really gonna be alright…?

Hyuuga: Come on, let’s make some noise!

[game begins]

Furihata: Watch out! The senpai are headed your way!

Kagami: I’m up against Kiyoshi-senpai and Mitobe-senpai? Guess it’s time for a pass. Kuroko! [passes to Kuroko]

Kuroko: Got it. Fukuda-kun! [passes to Fukuda]

Fukuda: Here comes a pass from Kuroko. ‘Kay, now to line up my shot…

Izuki: No, you don’t. I knew that pass was coming. [blocks Fukuda’s shot]

Fukuda: Crap! He blocked it!

[ball bounces out of bounds]

Kuroko: That was careless of me, since senpai has the eagle eye.

Izuki: It might not be quite as effective as Shuutoku’s Takao’s…but I still have a pretty good view of the court. [dribbles the ball] Alright, next one’s ours! It’s up to you, Mitobe! [passes to Mitobe]

Mitobe: …

Kagami: Oh, crap! We’ve gotta stop Mitobe-senpai!

Furihata: I’m the only one close enough! I’ll stop him!

Mitobe: … [breaks past Furihata and scores with a layup]

Furihata: Dammit! He broke past me—!!

Izuki: Nice shot, Mitobe!

Mitobe: …

Fukuda: I won’t let you take another shot!

Mitobe: [takes a shot] …!!

Izuki: Darn it! It’s a little short!!

[ball bounces off the rim]

Fukuda: Yeaaah—!

Kuroko: You can celebrate later. Right now, we need to get the rebound…

Kiyoshi: [gets the rebound] Sorry ‘bout that. [dunks the ball]

Kagami: Shit… This is rough. And here we were talking about getting a huge lead on them…

Koganei: Hey, we’re pretty awesome, don’t ya think? I never thought we’d be able to do this well against Kagami and the other freshmen.

Tsuchida: Maybe, but Kiyoshi, Izuki, and Mitobe are the ones doing most of the work.

Izuki: Well, we’ve all been practicing our hearts out, after all.

Kiyoshi: Yeah, but it’s not just Kagami and Kuroko. The other freshmen are putting on the pressure, too.

Koganei: Still, we’ve made it this far, so aren’t we practically guaranteed to win?

Kiyoshi: If we keep this up and run the clock, then by all accounts, we should win…

Kagami: Shit—! We can hear you, you know!!

Hyuuga: …damn it! Every single one of ‘em… You dumbasses! Even if you’re winning, you can’t let up ‘til the very end! We haven’t given up yet! Ain’t that right?!

Kagami: Yeah! We ain’t gonna take this lying down, so don’t you think it’s a little early to be celebrating?!

Izuki: You’re right… Sorry!

Koganei: We can’t back off just ‘cause we’re winning! That’s not our team’s style!

Kiyoshi: Yep! Full speed ahead to the very end!

Kiyoshi’s Team: Yeah!

Hyuuga: Looks like they’re finally ready to take this seriously. Let’s give it all we’ve got!

Hyuuga’s Team: Yeah!

Kiyoshi: Let’s go! Let’s enjoy every last second!

Riko: That’s Hyuuga-kun for you. Thanks to him, both teams are totally pumped. Keep fighting ‘til the very end and give it your absolute best! That’s Seirin’s brand of basketball!

– –

Translation Notes:

(1) 「気合いで つ きあい!」

– – –

新必殺技を考えよう! / Shin Hissatsuwaza wo Kangaeyou! / Let’s Make Up Some Ultimate Attacks!
1 Day to Complete / 140 “Kizuna” Points

IMAG1810 IMAG1811

[at night, in Seirin’s room at the boardinghouse]

Kiyoshi: Hey, do you guys have a minute?

Hyuuga: What’s up?

Kiyoshi: Let’s make up some new ultimate attacks.

Hyuuga: Time for another one of your crazy ideas, huh? It’d be way too easy if you could just make up ultimate attacks at the drop of a hat.

Kiyoshi: It never hurts to come up with new ideas, you know. You might have some incredible stroke of genius without even trying! ‘Kay, you’re up first, Hyuuga.

Hyuuga: Me?! This just keeps getting better and better. Umm…a new ultimate attack, huh…

Kiyoshi: Ten…nine…eight…

Hyuuga: I’ve got a time limit?! Shit—hold on! …oh, got it! How ‘bout an “Akechi Mitsuhide Shot”?

Kagami: Hey, Kuroko, what’s an “akechi mitsuhide”?

Kuroko: Wha…?

Kagami: W-what kind of reaction is that?!

Kuroko: Kagami-kun, you’re in high school—

Kagami: Yeah, I am! So sue me!

Kuroko: Akechi Mitsuhide is the person who betrayed his own lord, Nobunaga, during the Honnouji Incident.

Kagami: Yep, that’s right. That’s the one. “Honnouji”! It just slipped my mind for a sec, that’s all.

Izuki: So what kind of ultimate attack is the “Akechi Mitsuhide Shot”?

Hyuuga: You shout, “The enemy awaits at Honnouji!” while you put the ball in the opponent’s goal.

Izuki: It’s a suicide shot?!

Hyuuga: And while your opponents are standing there in shock, you run a fast break.

Izuki: Yeah, but scoring off a fast break doesn’t do you any good if you score an own goal first.

Kiyoshi: Yep, rejected. Okay, next.

Hyuuga: You’re the one who came up with this crazy idea in the first place!

Koganei: Ooh, pick me! I thought of another ultimate attack! It’s called the “Electric Resurrection Shot”!

Furihata: That…that sounds pretty impressive.

Fukuda: “Electric”, as in “electric current”…! “Resurrection”, as in “to bring back to life”…! …wait, it brings somebody back from the dead?!

Kawahara: Don’t tell me it uses the human body’s natural electric current?!

Kiyoshi: So what kind of shot is that “Electric Whatchamacallit”?

Koganei: It frightens the opponent with its awesome name!

Kiyoshi: So it has an awesome name, but it’s actually just a normal shot?

Koganei: And while the opponents’re shaking in their boots, you run a fast break!

Hyuuga: That’s not that much different from mine.

Izuki: And now it’s time for the main attraction. It’s called the “Witty Wordplay Shot”!

Hyuuga: I’ve got a pretty good idea where this is going.

Izuki: You make a pun while shooting a basket, and while the opposing players are rolling on the floor laughing, you—wait, that won’t work. There’s no point if your own teammates start laughing, too…

Hyuuga: Nobody’s gonna laugh! You got anything to say, Kiyoshi? This was your idea to begin with.

Kiyoshi: It might be better to make several puns, one after the other.

Hyuuga: I didn’t ask about that! —wait, are we actually going to use the “Witty Wordplay Shot”?!

Kiyoshi: …can’t we?

Hyuuga: Of course not! And don’t waste time during our meetings talking about nonsense like this! The discussion of ultimate attacks is over! Get to the next topic already.

Kiyoshi: …I see. Alright, that’s it for the meeting…

Hyuuga: What the—? It’s over?!

Kuroko: …Captain, I think you should lead the next meeting.

– – –

シューターの争い / Shuutaa no Arasoi / Rivalry Between Shooting Guards
1 Day to Complete / 210 “Kizuna” Points / “Score from the Outside” Panel Unlocked
Touou Route

IMAG1829 IMAG1832

[in the gym]

Hyuuga: (Hm, I’ve still got a little bit of time before practice starts… Maybe I’ll shoot a few three-pointers to warm up.) [shoots a basket and misses] Oops, I missed.

– –

Sakurai: … Here goes! [shoots and makes a basket]

Hyuuga: (Wha—?! What’s with that smug look on his face?!)

– –

Wakamatsu: Is it just me…or do you keep glancing over at Hyuuga? Guess you can’t help but wanna keep tabs on him, bein’ a fellow three-point shooter?

Sakurai: That couldn’t be farther from the truth, Wakamatsu-san. There’s no reason for me to “keep tabs” on someone whose skills aren’t up to par. Besides, I’m clearly better than he is. So there.

Wakamatsu: (Nope…you’re totally keeping tabs on him, aren’t you…?)

– –

Hyuuga: You bastard… I heard that, you apologetic mushroom…

Izuki: You’ve snapped, Hyuuga! You need to calm down!

Hyuuga: …if I get serious, I can score as many baskets as I damn well please! [shoots and makes a basket] …heh.

– –

Sakurai: …erk!

Izuki: (Oh, boy…)

Wakamatsu: (They’re acting like a couple of kids…)

Imayoshi: …what on earth d’ya think you’re doin’? Practice’s about to start.

Wakamatsu: Well, see, y’know, Sakurai’s keeping tabs on one of our opponents and gettin’ all worked up…

Sakurai: I am not getting worked up!

Wakamatsu: …and that’s the situation.

Imayoshi: Ah, I get it now. …despite his looks, his pride as a shooting guard’s second to none. He sure hates to lose.

Wakamatsu: It kinda seems like it’s having a negative effect on his personality, and that’s a little scary.

Imayoshi: Well, never hurts to have a little extra motivation. C’mon, we’re starting practice.

Sakurai: He is not “motivating” me!

Imayoshi: (He hates to lose… That’s definitely gonna come in handy when we’re up against a tough opponent…)

– –

Hyuuga: Say, Izuki…

Izuki: Hm? What is it?

Hyuuga: If we have a practice game against Touou later in the training camp, I want you to pass me the ball whenever it comes your way.

Izuki: That’s fine, but… You’re all worked up again, Hyuuga.

Koganei: Is that what they call the “pride of a shooting guard”?

Hyuuga: “Pride”? That’s part of it, but there’s something else that’s bothering me even more… That guy is freakin’ annoying!!

Koganei: (I think I know the feeling…)

Hyuuga: You’re in high school, dammit! Nobody wants to hear you and your “so there”!

Izuki: Alright, I got it. I’ll pass to you…in passing. (1)

Hyuuga: You’re just as annoying as he is!

Koganei: Hey, guys… Let’s start practice, ‘kay?

– –

 Translation Notes:

(1) 「パスしてやるよ …パスっとな」

– – –

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