[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” Duet Series Vol. 5 (Hyuuga & Kiyoshi) Mini Drama


「黒子のバスケ」キャラクターソング Duet Series Vol. 5: ミニドラマ
Kuroko no Basuke Character Song Duet Series Vol. 5: Mini Drama

日向順平 (細谷佳正) & 木吉鉄平 (浜田賢二)
Hyuuga Junpei (Hosoya Yoshimasa) & Kiyoshi Teppei (Hamada Kenji)

Kiyoshi: “If it were just me and I called myself the ‘Seirin basketball team’, it’d be pretty lame, huh?”


[early morning at Seirin]

Hyuuga: [yawns] So sleepy… Maybe I got here a little too early…

[sounds of someone running and dribbling a basketball inside the gym]

Hyuuga: Huh? Somebody’s here already? [opens the door] Oh!

[Kiyoshi makes a lay-up, breathing hard]

Hyuuga: Hey, Kiyoshi!

Kiyoshi: Oh, Hyuuga!

Hyuuga: You’re here early.

Kiyoshi: Yeah…I need to relearn what I’ve forgotten as soon as possible. I mean, time’s wasting, and I just can’t sit still.

Hyuuga: I know the feeling. But don’t overdo it, okay? You need to take your time and ease back into it.

Kiyoshi: I know that. I’ve been trying to pace myself. Anyway, it’s been a while, and since it’s just the two of us, why don’t we…

Hyuuga: Alright, you’re on.

Kiyoshi: …have a little heart-to-heart?

Hyuuga: Don’t you mean “play a little one-on-one”?!

Kiyoshi: [laughs] Oh, that’s right! Let’s do that first!

Hyuuga: —?! I just don’t get you…

– –

[Hyuuga and Kiyoshi play one-on-one; they both stop to catch their breath]

Kiyoshi: [sits down] Hyuuga… Can we…take a…little break?

Hyuuga: You dumbass! What part of this do you call “pacing yourself”?! [collapses next to Kiyoshi]

Kiyoshi: [laughs] Basketball…is pretty…fun, huh?

Hyuuga: Yeah, but…what good is it gonna do you to be completely worn out before practice even starts?

Kiyoshi: [laughs] It’s been a while since I’ve played against you, so I got really into it.

Hyuuga: [laughs] I’m gonna have you swear off individual practice.

Kiyoshi: [laughs] Don’t say that! I’ve already seen the error of my ways.

Hyuuga: You’d better have! I couldn’t bear to see you get injured again right after coming back.

Kiyoshi: [sheepish laugh] … Say, Hyuuga, did you have the new club members do that this year?

Hyuuga: What? Oh, the thing on the roof.

Kiyoshi: Yeah!

Hyuuga: It was Coach’s idea. At this rate, she’s going to make it a tradition!

Kiyoshi: [laughs] I’d like to see that!

Hyuuga: Well, even the first years have goals they want to achieve. Especially Kuroko and Kagami—they’ve already become the core of the team. They’re even keeping us second years motivated.

Kiyoshi: Those two are particularly intriguing, that’s for sure. And Fukuda, Kawahara, and Furihata are giving it their best and backing them up.

Hyuuga: Koga, Tsuchida, and the others are doing a good job of supporting them. Seirin’s shaping up into a pretty good team, if I do say so myself.

Kiyoshi: Yep, you were the right choice for captain!

Hyuuga: —?! Where’d that come from? Dumbass!

Kiyoshi: [laughs] You don’t have to be embarrassed!

Hyuuga: I ain’t, got it?! I mean, besides, it’s all because of you.

Kiyoshi: Huh?

Hyuuga: If you hadn’t started a basketball team, we’d still be back at square one. If you hadn’t asked me to join, I might’ve quit playing basketball altogether.

Kiyoshi: [laughs] I’m really glad you and everyone else joined me on the team. If it were just me and I called myself the “Seirin basketball team”, it’d be pretty lame, huh?

Hyuuga: That’s not the problem! You can’t play games with just one person!

Kiyoshi: Yeah, so let’s play as many games as we can. With this team. With all of us, together.

Hyuuga: [sighs] In order to do that, we need to win.

Kiyoshi: Yeah! Let’s go to nationals, and then make it all the way to the summit! [stands] Alright, you up for another round?

Hyuuga: [stands] But everybody’s gonna be here soon! You need to rest!

Kiyoshi: But time’s wasting, you know.

Hyuuga: He never learns, does he?!

– – –

3 thoughts on “[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” Duet Series Vol. 5 (Hyuuga & Kiyoshi) Mini Drama

  1. kagami says:

    Hyuga and Kiyoshi, although Hyuga not want to admit but he is very grateful to Kiyoshi, and are good friends, I like this mini drama thanks for sharing this translation grimmfeather-san.


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