[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” DVD Vol. 7 Audio Drama Feat. Kiyoshi Teppei


「黒子のバスケ」DVD Vol. 7: オーディオドラマ 木吉編
Kuroko no Basuke DVD Vol. 7: Audio Drama Feat. Kiyoshi Teppei

Kuroko: Do Kiyoshi-senpai and Hyuuga-senpai get along? …or not?

– – –


[sound of the buzzer signifying the end of a basketball game; video playback stops]

Hyuuga: That was the end of our game against Touou.

Kiyoshi: I see…

Hyuuga: Was that the last of the DVDs, Izuki?

Izuki: Yeah. Man, that sure took a long time. [opens the window curtains] Whoa, it’s already dark outside!

Hyuuga: We watched all the recordings of our practices and games. That’s the last of the tapes from when you were absent. What’d you think, Kiyoshi?

Kiyoshi: Yeah, they were pretty interesting.

Hyuuga: Yeah? Mind being a little more specific?

Kiyoshi: About that guy named Kise from Kaijou…

Izuki: Mm-hm?

Kiyoshi: Why was he modeling out on the court?

Hyuuga: Because he’s a model.

Kiyoshi: And then during your game against Shuutoku…

Izuki: Mm-hmm?

Kiyoshi: It looked like there was a Shigaraki tanuki sitting on Shuutoku’s bench. What was that for?

Hyuuga: Apparently it was a lucky item.

Izuki: That’s what you found so interesting?

Kiyoshi: Our freshmen are pretty intriguing, too.

Hyuuga: I’m almost afraid to ask, but in what way?

Kiyoshi: Kagami’s really incredible, isn’t he? I don’t think I’d be able to beat him.

Izuki: Really?

Hyuuga: Sounds like we finally got a serious opinion out of you.

Izuki: So, why don’t you think you could beat him?

Kiyoshi: I heard he can eat twenty-seven hamburgers at Maji Burger. Twenty-five is my max.

Izuki: That’s what you’re worried about?!

Hyuuga: That doesn’t have anything to do with the videos!

Kiyoshi: Maybe, but I’m glad I watched them. Now I want to play in a game as soon as possible.

Izuki: [laughs] He’s always on a totally different wavelength, if you can call it that…

Hyuuga: Don’t make it sound like a good thing.

Kiyoshi: Oh, and then there’s Kuroko…

Hyuuga: What about him?

Kiyoshi: His lack of presence is bad for the heart! That could be really hazardous for elderly people.

Izuki: There won’t be any elderly people on the court, so it’ll be just fine!

Kuroko: That’s mean, senpai. You’re making it sound like I’m some sort of ghost.

Hyuuga and Izuki: Aaahhh!

Kiyoshi: See?

Hyuuga: Don’t give me that!

Izuki: What are you doing here, Kuroko? I thought you went home!

Kuroko: Well… After practice was over, I went to give Nigou his dinner.

Kiyoshi: Did something happen to him?

Kuroko: Yes… He’s gone missing.

Hyuuga and Izuki: What?

– –

Kiyoshi: Kuroko no Basuke Special CD. Featuring Kiyoshi Teppei.

– –

[walking through the school building at night]

Izuki: The fact that he gave Kuroko the slip means Tetsuya Nigou is really living up to his name.

Kuroko: I’m sorry. I looked away for just a moment, and then he was gone.

Kiyoshi: You think he’s still inside the building?

Kuroko: Probably. I saw him run off into the school somewhere.

Hyuuga: That’s still a lot of ground for us to cover. And it’s pitch dark in here! Shouldn’t we turn on the lights?

Izuki: What’s that, Hyuuga? Don’t tell me you’re…scared?

Hyuuga: —?! As if!

Kiyoshi: He’s right, though. There is something kind of creepy about the school at night.

Izuki: This reminds me of a story I heard once.

Hyuuga: Huh?

Izuki: If you’re ever alone in the school infirmary at midnight, you might see a girl, her face swathed in bandages, swaying from side to side with every step she takes—

Hyuuga: —?! T-that’s stupid! Cut it out! Izuki, use your eagle eye and hurry up and find Nigou!

Izuki: Um, that’s not how my ability works.

Kiyoshi: Alright, then we better get going!

Hyuuga: Ah! Kiyoshi!

Kiyoshi: Sure, we might see a ghost, but we can cross that bridge when we come to it. You never know; maybe we can make friends with the ghost!

Izuki: Let’s go, Hyuuga, Kuroko.

Kuroko: Okay.

Izuki: A dogged search…for a dog! That’s pretty clever! [no reaction from the rest of the group] H-hey…!

– –

[sound of a door opening]

Izuki: The music room, huh?

Kiyoshi: Nigou!

Kuroko: Are you in here?

Kiyoshi: In here! [opens a cabinet] Or what about…in here?! [opens another cabinet]

Hyuuga: How are we supposed to find him in the dark? Let’s turn on the lights and—aaahh!

Izuki: What’s wrong, Hyuuga?

Hyuuga: I-It felt like we were being watched…

Izuki: What? Oh, it’s just that portrait on the wall. Look.

Hyuuga: Eh? Ahh, you’re right. That really freaked me out.

Izuki: Heh. Speaking of portraits in the music room, that reminds me…

Hyuuga: Ehh?

Izuki: Late one night in the deserted music room…a deceased musician snuck out of his portrait…and started playing the grand piano…!

Hyuuga: T-that’s just another one of your stupid stories—

[sound of a dissonant chord on the piano]

Hyuuga and Izuki: Waaaahhhh!!

Hyuuga: H-he’s here! He’s here! The grand piano! He’s playing the grand piano—!

Kiyoshi: Oh, my bad, my bad.

Izuki: What?

Kiyoshi: Well, I thought Nigou might have crawled inside the grand piano, but when I lifted the lid to look, I accidentally mashed the keys.

Izuki: Kiyoshi—!

Hyuuga: Don’t scare us like that, damn it!

Kuroko: I don’t think he’s in here.

Hyuuga and Izuki: Waaaahhhh!!

Hyuuga: K-Kuroko—!

Izuki: Quit sneaking up behind us like that!

Kuroko: I’m sorry.

– –

[sound of a door opening]

Izuki: Next up is the home economics room, huh…

Kiyoshi: Nigou! Come on out already!

Hyuuga: Why can’t we just turn on the lights—aaahh!

Izuki: Huh? What now, Hyuuga?

Hyuuga: [sigh of relief] Oh, it’s just the mannequins…

Izuki: Eh? Yeah, what about them?

Hyuuga: N-nothing…!

Izuki: Come on, don’t tell me you were scared of them or something.

Hyuuga: L-like hell I was! Don’t be an idiot!

Izuki: That reminds me. I once heard a story that went a little something like this… Late one night in the deserted home economics room…

Hyuuga: Again with the stories?! What is it this time?

Izuki: Bathed in pale moonlight…clank, clank…the mannequins started dancing…!

[clanking and thumping sounds]

Hyuuga and Izuki: Aaaaahhh!!

[clanking sounds continue]

Hyuuga: T-they’re dancing! The mannequins! The mannequins are dancing—!

Kiyoshi: Oh, my bad, my bad.

Izuki: Eh?!

Kiyoshi: I thought Nigou might have crawled between the mannequins, so I was looking for him.

Izuki: Kiyoshi—!

Hyuuga: Knock it off already, damn it—!

Kuroko: It looks like he’s not in here, either.

Hyuuga and Izuki: Waaaahhhh!!

Hyuuga: Kuroko—!

Izuki: We already told you to quit sneaking up on us like that!

Kuroko: I’m sorry.

– –

[sound of a door opening]

Izuki: The library… I think this is the only place we haven’t searched yet.

Kiyoshi: Nigou! Come on out!

Kuroko: Nigou!

Hyuuga: H-hey, you guys, why can’t we just turn on the lights?

Izuki: The library’s pretty creepy at night, too, don’t you think?

Hyuuga: This again?

Izuki: In the library at night…even though the entire building is deserted…rustlerustle, rustle…you can hear the sound of someone flipping through the pages of a book!

Hyuuga: Quit telling these stupid stories and start helping us look for Nigou!

Izuki: And then, all of a sudden, something swoops down at you from the ceiling…!

[swooshing sound as something leaps down at them]

Hyuuga and Izuki: Waaaaahhhh!!

Izuki: Wha—?! Eh—! Ahhh—!

Hyuuga: Something swooped down! From the ceiling! Something swooped down from the ceiling—!

Izuki: A-a-a-a-ah—!

Hyuuga: [screaming bloody murder] It—it’s g-g-grabbing me—! Something’s got me, Izukiiiiii! Izukiiiii—!!

Izuki: [shouting]

Hyuuga: Let go of me! Get off me! I’m—I’m too young to die! I—I’ve gotta take our team to the Winter Cup…and make us…number one in Japaaaaaaan—!

Izuki: C-c-c-c-calm down, Hyuuga! I-I-I-I’m gonna turn on the lights—! [rushes to the light switch and turns on the lights]

Hyuuga: Eh?

Izuki: Eh?

Kiyoshi: Hey!

Hyuuga: K-Kiyoshi…?! Are you insane?! What the hell were you doing up there—?!

Kiyoshi: Well, I thought Nigou might be on top of one of the bookcases—

Hyuuga: Like hell he would, dumbass! And why on earth did you grab me like that?! What gives?!

Kiyoshi: I lost my balance when I jumped down… Sorry, my bad, my bad.

Hyuuga: “My bad”, my ass!

Izuki: [sigh of relief] I almost had a heart attack…

Kuroko: I don’t think he’s in here, either. Let’s try somewhere else.

Hyuuga and Izuki: Aaaahhh!!

Kiyoshi: Whoa!

Hyuuga: Kuroko—!

Izuki: Why do you always, always have to sneak up behind us?!

Kuroko: …I’m sorry.

Kiyoshi: Just now…even I was a little surprised…

– –

[outside the school building]

Izuki: So he’s not anywhere on the grounds, either…

Hyuuga: [sighs]

Kiyoshi: What’s wrong? You look exhausted.

Hyuuga: And just whose fault do you think that is?

Kiyoshi: Huh?

Izuki: Come on, now. But where on earth could Nigou have gotten to…?

Hyuuga: Could he have gone somewhere outside the school?

Kuroko: Nigou has never been outside the school on his own. I’m sure he’s still somewhere on the grounds.

Hyuuga: Yeah, but we’ve looked all over and still haven’t found him. I don’t know where else to look.

Izuki: We might not make any headway if we just keep wandering around. What if we came up with a plan?

Kuroko: A plan?

Kiyoshi: Like what?

Izuki: Well… Like, we could set a trap and lure him out.

Hyuuga: Interesting… Oh, how about this? You left some dog food out for Nigou inside the school, right? So what if we split up and keep watch for him?

Izuki: Oh, that might work.

Hyuuga: What d’ya think, Kuroko, Kiyoshi?

Kuroko: Hmm…

Kiyoshi: I’m gonna have to disagree.

Izuki: Eh?

Hyuuga: Why?!

Izuki: I thought it was a perfectly good idea.

Kiyoshi: That could take quite a while. And it hasn’t been that long since you brought him here, right? He could be lonely, all by himself in some unfamiliar part of the school building. I’m sure Nigou’d be happy to see us sooner rather than later. So it’s definitely better for us to keep searching until we find him.

Izuki: Well…

Hyuuga: That may be, but…

Kuroko: I agree with Kiyoshi-senpai.

Kiyoshi: Alright, then. [stands up] Let’s go take another look around.

Kuroko: Okay! [stands up and follows Kiyoshi]

Izuki: [to Hyuuga] What do you want to do?

Hyuuga: How can we say “no” to that?

Izuki: I know, right?

[Hyuuga and Izuki stand up and follow Kiyoshi and Kuroko]

Hyuuga: Wait up! Kuroko! Kiyoshi!

– –

Hyuuga: Nigou—!

Kiyoshi: Nigou! It’s me, Teppei! Can you hear me?

Hyuuga: I guess he’s not here, either.

Kiyoshi: I’m gonna take a quick look over there.

Hyuuga: Hold it right there! [yanks Kiyoshi back]

Kiyoshi: Huh?

Hyuuga: Don’t wander off on your own.

Kiyoshi: Eh? Why not?

Hyuuga: Because I said so.

Kiyoshi: There’s no way I’d get lost inside the school, you know.

Hyuuga: And what about outside the school?

Kiyoshi: Well, maybe every now and then.

Hyuuga: [sighs] Listen, just stay where I can see you. Got that?

Kiyoshi: But wouldn’t it be better for us to split up and search for him?

Hyuuga: I don’t care.

[Hyuuga and Kiyoshi start walking]

Kiyoshi: Oh, I get it, Hyuuga—maybe you’re the one who’s afraid of getting lost?

Kuroko: Izuki-senpai.

Izuki: Hm?

Kiyoshi: [in the distance] You’ll be fine! I’ll make sure to keep an eye on you.

Kuroko: Do Kiyoshi-senpai and Hyuuga-senpai get along? …or not?

Hyuuga: [in the distance] Shut up!

Izuki: [laughs] Who knows.

Kuroko: Wasn’t Kiyoshi-senpai the one who founded the basketball club?

Izuki: Yeah. When we started at Seirin, the school didn’t have a basketball club. Kiyoshi asked Hyuuga if he’d like to help him put a team together.

Kuroko: Really?

Izuki: It sounded like fun, so I joined, too, and then Koganei and Mitobe joined later.

Kuroko: And Coach?

Izuki: I introduced her to Kiyoshi, and he asked her to join the team. You can never really tell what Kiyoshi’s thinking, but for some reason, people seem to be drawn to him.

Kuroko: So Hyuuga-senpai and Kiyoshi-senpai are…?

Izuki: I’m not sure if this answers your question or not, but even though Hyuuga was the first person Kiyoshi asked to join the team, he was the last one who actually agreed to join.

Kuroko: Hm? What do you mean?

Izuki: He refused to join the basketball club.

Kuroko: He refused?

Izuki: No matter how many times he refused, Kiyoshi was persistent, and—

Hyuuga: I eventually gave in.

Kuroko: Eh? “Gave in”? You mean you didn’t like basketball, Hyuuga-senpai?

Hyuuga: —?! No, I didn’t like Kiyoshi. And just so we’re clear, I still don’t like him.

Kuroko: Really? It doesn’t seem that way to me…

Izuki: [laughs]

Hyuuga: Hey, instead of standing around chatting, why don’t you start looking for Nigou— Argh!!

Izuki: What’s wrong, Hyuuga?

Hyuuga: I let him out of my sight for one second, and…!

Kuroko: Kiyoshi-senpai is gone.

Izuki: He’s really something else…

Hyuuga: We had our hands full just looking for Nigou…! Kiyoshi—!

Izuki: Kiyoshi! Where are you?

Kuroko: Kiyoshi-senpai!

Hyuuga: Kiyoshi—!

Kuroko: Oh! Isn’t that Kiyoshi-senpai over there?

Izuki: Huh?

Hyuuga: Where?

Kuroko: Right over there, in front of the gym’s storage shed.

Hyuuga: Yep, that’s him. Sheesh. [runs toward Kiyoshi]

Kiyoshi: Hey! Is that you, Nigou? Can you hear me? Hey!

Hyuuga: Damn it, Kiyoshi!

Kiyoshi: Hm? … Oh!

Hyuuga: “Oh!”, my ass! I told you not to wander off by yourself!

Kuroko: What are you doing over here?

Kiyoshi: Well…it sounds like there’s something inside the storage shed.

Izuki: You mean like…

Hyuuga: …Nigou?

Kiyoshi: I can’t say for sure, but I can hear something rustling around in there.

Kuroko: Something rustling…?

Kiyoshi: Put your ear up against the door and listen.

Hyuuga: Let’s see…

[Hyuuga, Izuki, and Kuroko move to the door; a rustling, scratching noise can be heard]

Izuki: No kidding…

Hyuuga: There really is something in there.

Kuroko: Is that you, Nigou? Are you in there?

Kiyoshi: I’ve tried calling out to him, but he hasn’t responded…

[Izuki tries to open the door]

Izuki: It’s locked.

Hyuuga: Do you think he wandered in there and got locked in?

Kuroko: But why won’t he answer us?

Izuki: What if he’s…injured?

Kiyoshi: Injured?!

Izuki: Yeah. There’s all sorts of stuff inside the storage shed. If something fell over, he could have gotten trapped underneath it…

Kuroko: —?!

Hyuuga: No way—!

Kiyoshi: We’ve gotta find a way inside…! … Oh!

Kuroko: What is it?

Kiyoshi: The skylight on top of the shed is open just a crack.

Izuki: Yeeeah, it is, but that’s pretty high up!

Hyuuga: Maybe one of the teachers is still be in the staff room. We should go explain the situation and borrow a key—

[Kiyoshi makes a jump for the roof of the shed]

Izuki: —Kiyoshi?!

Hyuuga: You idiot! That’s dangerous! Get back down here!

Kiyoshi: I’m fine! Don’t worry! [heaves himself onto the roof of the shed, opens the skylight, and jumps down into the shed]

Hyuuga: Damn it, Kiyoshi!

[crashing sounds from inside the shed]

Hyuuga: I tried to warn you…

Kuroko: Kiyoshi-senpai, are you alright?

[various clattering noises; Kiyoshi reappears on the roof of the shed]

Kiyoshi: Easy does it…

Kuroko: Kiyoshi-senpai?

Izuki: And he’s back.

Hyuuga: We have no idea how sturdy that thing is. It’s dangerous up there!

Izuki: What about Nigou?

Kiyoshi: Hold on a sec. [rustling sounds] It’s alright; everything’s going to be okay now. Look!

Hyuuga: Huh?

Izuki: What?

Kiyoshi: The emergency rescue…was a success!

Hyuuga: Well, that’s all well and good, but—

Izuki: Kiyoshi, that’s a…

[sound of a cat meowing]

Kuroko: It’s a cat.

Izuki: It’s a cat burglar. That’s great stuff!

Hyuuga: No, it ain’t!

– –

Hyuuga: [sighs and collapses] I’m tired. Like, completely exhausted.

Kuroko: I bought some juice for you. [hands Hyuuga and Izuki a can of juice]

Hyuuga: Oh, thanks.

Izuki: Thanks for buying these, Kuroko.

Kuroko: Don’t mention it. After all, none of this would have happened if I hadn’t lost track of Nigou.

Hyuuga: Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Izuki: By the way…where’s Kiyoshi?

Hyuuga: Hold on, don’t tell me he’s gone missing again…!

Kuroko: Ah, no, he hasn’t. He’s right over there, playing with the cat we found. I think he’s already gotten attached to it.

Hyuuga: It’s just one thing after another with him…

Izuki: [sighs] But anyway…where on earth could Nigou have gone?

Kuroko: I don’t know…

Izuki: Does this mean he left the school grounds…?

Hyuuga: Should we call Koganei and the others and have them help us look for him?

Izuki: We could, but we don’t have any idea where to start looking. We could make flyers and hand them out in town or something…

Kiyoshi: [from a distance] Hey, you guys!

Hyuuga: Geez, how the heck can he be so upbeat…?

[Kiyoshi walks toward the group]

Hyuuga: What the hell do you think you’re doing, Kiyo— Huh?

Izuki: Eh?!

Kuroko: K-Kiyoshi-senpai—!

Kiyoshi: The cat we found was somebody’s pet. Its owner came looking for it, so I reunited them. Yep, everything worked out in the end!

Hyuuga: I mean, I’m glad to hear it, but—

Izuki: Kiyoshi, what you’re holding…  Is that…?

[Nigou barks]

Kuroko: It’s Nigou.

Hyuuga and Izuki: Whaaaat…?

Kiyoshi: Yeah, that’s right! I was playing with the cat, and before I knew it, Nigou was there with us. It seemed so natural that it took a while before I realized what was going on…

Hyuuga: Pay attention, would you?!

Kiyoshi: I bet he saw us having fun and wanted to join in. Isn’t that right, Nigou?

[Nigou barks]

Kuroko: Kiyoshi-senpai…you’re amazing.

Kiyoshi: Why’s that?

Izuki: [sighs] You really are on a totally different wavelength, aren’t you? If you can call it that…

Hyuuga: I told you to quit making it sound like a good thing!

[Nigou barks; panting]

Kiyoshi: What’s that? You want to go for another run? Alright, then, let’s go!

[Nigou barks]

– –

Note: I’d like to point out that Izuki’s seiyuu, Nojima Hirofumi, voices Tetsuya Nigou in the anime and drama CDs and also voices the cat in this CD. In the cast comment track, he jokes about becoming known as the “Animal Seiyuu”. XD

– – –

12 thoughts on “[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” DVD Vol. 7 Audio Drama Feat. Kiyoshi Teppei

  1. misora says:

    LOL I couldn’t stop laughing with this drama LOL. Hearing this made ​​my day, It’s incredible that izuki’s seiyuu realize voices of animals I never would have imagined, I love this audio drama thank you for the translation.


    • grimmfeather says:

      I know, right? That scene in the library makes me crack up every time. And, yeah, it’s pretty impressive that Nojima-san is able to voice the animals. He specifically asked to voice the cat and joked about wanting to try voicing a horse next. XD

      I’m glad you enjoyed it!


  2. celeste says:

    Uwaah!! I super enjoyed this translation. Hyuuga’s really funny. He gets scared so easily. Makes one want to scare him more and more and more. I sooo love his reactions. Thanks so much for this.


  3. keiri says:

    Thanks so much for your hard work.

    I understood it somehow just by listening but not really certain about a lot of things. My nihongo understanding is quite low. But with this I enjoyed it a lot more.

    Looking forward to your future works.


  4. jeian says:

    I can’t understand some of the words they were talking about so thanks so much for this ^u^ it was really f unnyand i fell in love with kiyoshi senpai because of this he’s so random x33 by the way can i use this trans then i’ll credit youuu? <333 (might upload at yt)


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