[ongoing translation]「ハリキって学園祭!」”Tsuritama” Drama CD 2, Tracks 1,2/4

UPDATED 10.7.12

「ハリキって学園祭!」– “The All-Out School Festival!”
“Tsuritama” Drama CD 2

It’s time for the East Koshigoe High School festival.
Yuki’s class has decided to prepare “fish pond curry”!
Even though they have no idea what that means,
Yuki, Haru, Natsuki, and Akira dive head-first into the project.
As a result, will the four of them be able to steer the school festival safely to success?!

– – –

Note: Yuki’s thought are conveyed in parentheses.

[Track 1]


[classroom chatter]

Erika: Alright, so our class has decided to prepare a fish pond curry stall for the school festival!


E: Natsuki, Yuki-kun, and Haru-kun will design and build the fish pond, and Akira-kun will be in charge of making the curry.

Yuki: (Ehhhh?! We’re going to make the pond?!)

Haru: Yay! We’ll do our best!

Natsuki: Hey, Erika! You didn’t even ask us if that was okay.

E: But it was Haru-kun who said that he wanted to make one in the first place.

H: I wanna make a fish pond with Natsuki and Yuki~!

E: See?

Y: I’m not even sure we’d be able to…

H: But we fish together every day, Yuki! It’ll be fine!

E: That’s right. Making a fish pond should be no sweat for a group of fishing experts!

Y: E-experts…? [flattered] We’re not all that.

N: Geez, don’t give in so easily. Hey, Erika!

E: Alright, I’ll leave that to the three of you. Akira-kun, do you feel comfortable being in charge of making the curry?

Akira: Yes. Just leave it to me, since I am an expert at making curry.

[Tapioca quacks]

E: You, too, Tapioca! I’ll be counting on you both. Next we need to appoint somebody to be in charge of decorations and someone else to be in charge of serving customers!

[classroom chatter]

– –

[at Hemingway]

Misaki: A fish pond curry stall, huh? Hm? Which one is the main attraction?

Haru: Both of them! You can eat curry while you’re fishing!

M: Ehh, that’s incredible!

Natsuki: Originally we were just going to do a curry stall, but Haru made a big fuss about wanting to make a fish pond. And then Erika was like, “Let’s do both!”

Yuki: Yeah, I’ve never heard of “fish pond curry” before.

M: But you’ve got a bold new concept!

H: Misaki-nee, you wanna try the fish pond, too?

M: Yeah! Sounds like fun!

H: Haha, sweet! We’re gonna make an awesome fish pond, so look forward to it!

M: Okay!

N: But, you know, there’s only so much we can do in the classroom, as far as the fish pond goes.

Y: Yeah, the best we can do is to just line up a bunch of tubs or buckets…

H: Ehh?! T-t-tubs?!

N: And then let people scoop goldfish out of them.

H: Noooo! We’ve gotta make a better fish pond than that! Uh, a huge one that takes up the whole classroom!

N: How are we supposed to make something like that?

H: I have no idea~!

Y: (Then figure it out!)

[Ayumi enters]

Ayumi: Then I’ll teach you how!

M: Oh, Ayumi-chan! Welcome!

A: I already heard what’s going on. So just leave it all to me!

H: Yo, captain! For real?!

A: Yeah! But you have to make it yourselves. It’s your culture festival, after all!

H: You can count on us, captain!

A: Great! Give it your best!

M: I’ll come visit you guys, too!

A: Eh, ah, eh— [rushes outside] Aaaaah! After the culture festival’s over, won’t you come visit my rooooooom?!

H: Yay! Let’s do our best, Natsuki, Yuki!

– –

[in the supermarket]

Akira [muttering]: Yoga, yoga, yoga, yoga, yoga… Yoga, yoga, yoga, yoga…

[Tapioca quacks]

A: Huh?! I was planning to make genuine Indian curry that’s hot enough to make your mouth burst into flames, but those damn classmates of mine were all against it…

[Tapioca quacks]

A: Hm? Don’t agree with them, Tapioca! Ah! This is the place? It’s called “The Curry Powder Corner”… But what the heck is “roux” supposed to be? It’s too different from the curry I’m familiar with. Japanese-style curry? What is it, exactly?

Sakura: Huh? The Indian ojisan? (1)

A: Oh! O-o-ojisan?!

S: Are you looking for something? You kind of look like you’re having trouble.

A: No, not particularly. It’s just…

S: Just what?

A: I’m shopping for the school festival.

S: For the fish pond curry stall?!

A: You’ve heard about it?

S: Onii-chan told me! He was like, “I’m in charge of the fish pond!” What are you in charge of, Indian ojisan?

A: I’m in charge of the curry.

S: Waaah! I bet the Indian ojisan’s curry is going to be delicious! I’ll make sure to drop by and try some!

A: Eh?! Y-y-yeah…

S: What’s the matter?

A: Um… I’m an expert on Indian curry. But when it comes to Japanese curry, there’re all these different types of curry powders and such… I don’t understand.

S: You’re unsure about the curry powder? In that case, when we make curry at my house…we use this!

A: Does it taste good?

S: Yes! Onii-chan actually uses a secret ingredient along with it, but he told me that his curry is a trade secret!

A: A secret ingredient?

S: Like soy sauce or…

A: Soi sausu? Japanese people put soi sausu in their curry?!

S: Yep! You can also use chocolate or yoghurt… A lot of different things will work!

A: I see! You use a secret ingredient and curry powder! That’s easy enough to understand. Heheh, this is getting interesting! Sakura-chan, teach me the recipe!

S: Okay! Um, first you need the curry powder, and then…

A: Got it!

S: Then you need potatoes!

A: Potatoes?

S: Yep! And some carrots, right?

A: You add a lot of vegetables?

S: Yeah! And onions are great, too!

A: I’ll fry them up!

S: Okay! And I kinda like cheese in mine…

A: Me, too!

S: Hehe!

[Tapioca quacks]

[End Track 1]

– –

Translation Notes:

(1) ojisan = old man, “mister”; Sakura is basically calling him the “Old Indian Dude”, but politely.

– – –

[Track 2]

[water splashing; classroom chatter]

Haru: It’s done~! Our big fish pond!

Natsuki: It’s nowhere near to taking up the whole classroom, though. Square timbers, wood veneer, and vinyl sheets… It’s a makeshift one, but it just goes to show that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Trust the captain to say something like, “If you don’t have it, make it!”

Yuki: And Misaki-san gave us a good deal on renting the fishing poles. I’m really glad we were able to finish in time.

Erika: Woah, it’s just like the real thing!

Classmate: There are so many fish! Wow!

E: What kind of fish are they?

H: This is great~! Everybody’s happy!

N: Yep! Now we just have to wait for some customers.

– –

[Tapioca quacks]

Akira: Alright. Now everything’s perfect. I took the recipe Sakura-chan taught me and added some orange to make a slightly spicy curry. It’s a bit intense, but that’s what makes it so addicting.

[Tapioca quacks]

A: What? You want to eat some?

[Tapioca quacks]

A: Nope, you can’t. You’ve got a sweet tooth, right? This batch of curry is too intense for your tastes.

[Tapioca quacking; curry splashing]

A: Oi, Tapioca! Cut it out! Don’t stick your beak in the curry! Hey! Settle down!

[Tapioca quacks]

A: Sheesh. You’ve got to be more careful! You’ll taste the spiciness in a minute.

[Tapioca quacking and flapping around]

A: See, I told you so! Drink some water, Tapioca!

[more quacking and flapping; Tapioca flies off]

A: Ah, where are you going?!

[classmates startled]

A: Don’t leave the classroom! Hey! Tapioca! Wait! Hey, hold on!

[Tapioca quacking]

A: Wait, please!

– –

[classroom chatter; water splashing]

N: Huh? What’s Akira making such a fuss about?

H: We haven’t had a single customer yet.

Y: Well, I’m sure no one wants to fish in a pond, what with the ocean right outside.

H: Ehh?! But here, you can eat curry while you fish! It’s super fun! Heheh. Ah, I know! Let’s go tell everybody about it! Like, “We opened a fish pond curry stall!”

N: You mean like advertising?

H: Yep! Yuki, let’s go advertise!

Y: Ehhh?! (There’s no way! There is absolutely no way I can do something that conspicuous!)

H: But we put so much effort into making this! It’s no fun if nobody comes!

N: You have a point. I don’t really want all our hard work on the fish pond to go to waste. Alright, let’s go spread the word.

H: Hehe! Sweet!

Y: Ehhh?

N: Here, take this fishing pole with you. We’ll use these instead of signs.

Y: Ehh… [takes fishing pole] Mm.

H: Yuki, you ready to go? Okay, let’s go~!

– –

[crowd chatter]

H: Fish pond curry! We opened a fish pond curry stall!

N: You can eat curry while you fish!

Crowd Member: “Fish pond curry”? That’s weird.

Crowd Member: I’m not interested in fishing anyway.

H: Make sure you come!

Y: (They already said they’re not interested!)

N: Hey, Yuki, you need to say something, too.

Y [panicking]: (Eh?! I can’t do it! I already feel like an idiot!)

Crowd Member: Hey, that guy’s face is kinda scary!

Crowd Member: No kidding!

Y: (Ahhh! They’re staring at me!)

H: Yuki, stop making that face!

Y: (E-easy for you to say!)

H: We opened a fish pond curry stall~!

N: You can enjoy curry and fishing at the same time!

H: C’mon, Yuki, say something!

Y: F-fish pond curry…

H: Do your best! Say it really loud!

Y [water pressure building]: Fi-fi-fi-fi-fi-fi-fi…!

N: Relax, man!

Y: Fi-fi-fi…! [gasping] (There’s no frickin’ way…!) [trembling]

N [sighs]: There’s nothing else for it. We need a change of pace. Let’s try over there.

H: Over there?

– –

N: You watching? You do it like this— [throws rings]

H: Uwo! Uwaa! Ahhh! Natsuki, you’re amazing! You got all the rings on the stick!

N: It’s called a “ring toss”.

H: Hey, hey, teach me the secret! How d’ya get them all on?

N: It’s the same as when you want to drop your lure in a specific spot. Or rather, it’s easier than that. Here, Yuki, give it a try.

Y: Eh?! I-I’ll pass. I’m sure I’ll miss…

N: I know you can do it. C’mon, just try it.

H: Yuki! Just remember, “Enoshima-don!”

N: I know you can do it if you just calm down.

Y: … Alright. I’ll try it.

H: Yuki, fight!

Y: (Just aim and…) Enoshima-don! [throws ring] (Ah! I got it!)

H: Haha, you did it, Yuki! Amazing!

Y: Y-yeah.

N: You finally relaxed.

Y: Eh?

N: You’re not making that freaked-out face like you were before, see?

Y: (I get it. Since I was so nervous, he brought us to the ring toss…) T-thank you.

H: Alright, I’m next! Enoshima-don! [throws ring] Ahaha! Here we go! [throws another] And again! [throws another]

[Tapioca appears, quacking]

H: Ehhhh?!

[classroom chatter; Tapioca flies away]

Y: Huh? What was that?

H: I-I dunno! I threw it, and then Tapioca came flying out! And then $%#@%#@!*&!

N: I have no idea what you’re saying. Tapioca just appeared all of a sudden and flew off with the ring you threw. That’s all, right?

Y: “That’s all”?

H: Yikes, that surprised me.

Y: You sure seemed more than just a little surprised.

N: Jeez, Akira should at least look after his pet—

[Akira rushes up to them]

A: Hey!

H: Woah!

Y: Speak of the devil.

A: There’s something I need to ask you.

N: Hey, you need to look after Tapioca!

A: ?! You saw Tapioca? Where? Where did you see her?!

Y: She ran down the hallway just now.

A: I see. Thank you! Tapioca, I’m coming for you!

[Akira runs off]

N: What the heck is he doing? Alright, I guess we should get back to advertising.

H: Yep! Yuki, let’s do our best!

Y: Yep. I’ll give it a try!

[End Track 2]

– – –


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