[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke Drama Theater 1st Games”

[Track 6: Epilogue: I Thought It Was a Good Idea]


[Kagami, Kuroko, and the other freshmen rush to the appointed meeting place]

Riko: You’re late! Everybody else is already here!

Kagami: S-sorry…

Kuroko: We…got held up…

Riko: You know the consequence for breaking a promise…don’t you?

Freshmen: ?!

Fukuda: No way! We have to go to practice now?!

Riko: Just kidding~! Since we’re off today, I’ll forgive you. Besides, we really hit the jackpot today!

Kuroko: What happened?

Riko: Hehe! You want to know? Here, look at this! [taa-daa!] It’s amazing, isn’t it? Ten years’ worth of men’s protein supplements!

Kagami: W-where’d you get this?

Hyuuga: Izuki and I…won it from a target practice game…

Izuki: Since we had to use our pocket money, I didn’t want to miss any shots, and I wound up concentrating too hard. Ahh, my head hurts…

Riko: Thanks to that, we got more than ten years’ worth of protein! Now you can all bulk up! … Er, what’s wrong, Kuroko-kun? You’re making an odd expression.

Koganei: Speaking of which, what’s in those paper bags you guys are holding?

Tsuchida: You’ve got quite a few of them. Did you buy souvenirs or something?

Kuroko: No, we didn’t buy them. They were given to us. And as you can see… [opens one of the bags]

Riko: Eh?! Men’s protein supplements?

Koganei: How’d you get that?

Kuroko: It was the prize for winning the sumo tournament.

Kagami: Twenty years’ worth of protein…

Koganei: “Twenty years”?!

Riko: Whoa—! Now you can all build some muscle! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner—you can have three protein-packed meals a day!

Hyuuga: “Three protein-packed meals a day”?! No, that’s impossible! There’s no way!

Izuki: Since we’ve got twenty years’ worth, shouldn’t we take our time working through it?

Riko: What are you talking about? I’m sure it has an expiration date! We’re going to use all of it before the Inter-High!

Kagami: But that’s right around the corner! …Coach!

Riko: Of course! It’ll be fine! We’ll have a full protein menu, created by yours truly!

Hyuuga: Ehhh?!

Koganei: C-Coach? I don’t think that’s a good idea…

Riko: Alright, I’m all pumped up! Let’s do a little light exercise and start using that protein!

Kuroko: Eh? Are we going back to school?

Riko: Yeah! You can run all the way back!

Seirin: “Run”?!

Riko: What’s the matter? The Inter-High waits for no one!

Hyuuga: …shit—! Could this get any worse? Let’s go, guys! Seirin, fight—!

Seirin: Oh—!

– – –


And thus Midorima and Kise escaped just in the nick of time…


21 thoughts on “[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke Drama Theater 1st Games”

  1. Kurayami Aya says:

    Hello, really thank you for posting this translation x) and Midorima’s pun is just funny XDDD

    Sorry for asking, but when are you going to post the the 3rd track and maybe the others? ^^


    • grimmfeather says:

      Thanks for your comment! I’m glad I was able to make the pun work in English. XD

      I’m working on the rest of the translation, but life is really hectic at the moment, so I haven’t had much time to translate. I’ll try to post another track near the beginning of December. Thanks for understanding. 🙂


  2. cath21 says:

    I like the translations and the notes (<–helps a lot). From the pun of Midorima, target shooting of Izuki and Hyuuga, saber moon, 4- man sumo wrestling; to the very end, the drama theater is great! Thank you so much for completing my day. I just discovered KuroBasu recently but I got addicted because of its plot and characters. XD THANK YOU so Much!


    • grimmfeather says:

      You can listen to this drama CD here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZSEz9ckJVzaJkn5bPMdo6blmXElNP9W1

      This CD (“Drama Theater 1st Games”) is an original story about Seirin, Kise, and Midorima visiting an amusement park. The second drama CD (“Drama Theater 2nd Games”) is based on a chapter from one of the KnB novels and takes place at Teikou Middle School.

      The Solo and Duet CDs (such as Takao’s “F.O.V.”) feature various voice actors from KnB singing “image songs” based on the characters they play. They also include short monologues.

      The DVD audio dramas are special CDs that were packaged with the KnB DVDs and Blu-rays. Each one features a different set of characters and its own story.

      Let me know if you need any more info. ^^


  3. melissa says:

    thank you for the translations ^^ kise & midorima really say such funny things, its so cute xDDDDDDD bwahaha now i’m off to find the translations for midorima & takao’s audio drama XDDDD


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