[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke Drama Theater 1st Games”

[Track 5: The Decisive Battle in the Amusement Park]


[crowd cheering as Kagami participates in a sumo bout]

Ref: You’re still in it! Keep going! Keep going!

Kagami: [shouting]

Opponent: [shouting]

Ref: It’s all over! Kagami Taiga is the victor!


Kuroko: Kagami-kun, that was brilliant.

Kagami: Yeah! Now we get to move on to the finals!

Kuroko: I’m glad all four of us were able to advance to the final round.

Kise: That was fast!

Midorima: Yeah. It happened so fast that I don’t feel like I’ve actually had to do any sumo wrestling yet.

Kise: One way or another, everything will be decided with the next round.

Kuroko: Huh? But…isn’t this is a little strange?

Kise: What is?

Kuroko: The four of us are advancing to the final round. We’ve competed in single-elimination rounds up until now, so shouldn’t the next round be the semi-finals?

Kagami: Yeah, I guess you’re right. What’s going on?

Referee: We will now begin the final round.

Midorima: The sumo referee is also the announcer—?!

Kuroko: This is an amusement park, after all.

Ref: In honor of the final round, we invited a special guest: Yokozuna Fujimazeki! (1)


Fujimazeki: …! (2)

Kise: They brought the real thing?!

Kuroko: To an amusement park…?

Ref: Yokozuna, how are you feeling today?

Fujimazeki: …!

Ref: Yes, he says he’s in tip-top shape!

Kise: How’d he understand that?

Ref: The final round will be between the yokozuna and all of our finalists! The one who prevails against the yokozuna will be proclaimed the winner!

Kise: A battle royale…in sumo?!

Kuroko: It seems like anything goes in an amusement park.

Kagami: Heh! This is great! A strong opponent is obviously better than a weak one!

Midorima: Anything less, and it’d be boring.

Kise: How can you be that confident when your opponent is a pro?

Kuroko: Kise-kun, please don’t be so pessimistic. In a competition, you never know until you try.

Kise: Kurokocchi…! Wait, why’re you posing for the camera?! This is sumo! We’re basketball players, aren’t we? We’re obviously at a huge disadvantage!

Kuroko: Everything will be fine. Perhaps a meteor will fall on the yokozuna.

Kise: Don’t say that! It sounds so sinister!

Ref: We will now begin the final round! [chanting] In the west is Kagami Taiga! Kagami Taiga!

Kagami: I’ve got this!

Ref: In the east is Midorima Shintarou! Midorima Shintarou!

Midorima: I’ll show you the power of my lucky item.

Ref: In the south is Kise Ryouta! Kise Ryouta!

Kise: “South”? What kind of sumo is this?! (3)

Ref: In the north is Kuroko Tetsuya! Kuroko Tetsuya!

Kuroko: I’ll do my best.

Ref: In the center is Fujimazeki! Fujimazeki!

Fujimazeki: …!

Kise: What the heck is going on…?

Ref: Look at your opponent! Get ready!

Kuroko: I…didn’t think I’d be looking at the yokozuna from behind.

Fujimazeki: [embarrassed] …!

Kise: Quit blushing! It’s scary!

Ref: Get ready…have at it!

[sumo bout begins]

Kagami: Shit… He ain’t budging an inch!

Fujimazeki: …!

[Fujimazeki deflects the first attack]

Kagami: Whoa—! That was close! He almost had me!

Midorima: He just brushed off our attack! All four of us at once!

Kise: I don’t really think there’s any way we can win…

Kuroko: This is a problem…

Kagami: We’ve got no choice but to go for broke, right? So here I go! [grapples with the Fujimazeki] Alright, just a little farther—

Fujimazeki: …! [sends Kagami flying]

Kise: Crap! He’s gonna fall out of the ring!

Kuroko: Kagami-kun, give me your hand!

[Kuroko keeps Kagami from falling out of the ring]

Kagami: Thank you, Kuroko—!

Kuroko: You really did “go for broke”, didn’t you?

Kagami: Hey, shut up!

Midorima: He’s certainly a tough opponent.

Kuroko: What should we do…?

Furihata: [shouting] Kuroko! Kagami!

Kuroko: Eh? Furihata-kun?

Kagami: And the rest of you guys—!

Kawahara: [shouting] Do your best!

Kuroko: Eh?

Kawahara: Kuroko! Kagami! Do your best! Don’t lose!

Fukuda: [shouting] You’ve never given up before! Do your best!

Kuroko: You guys…

Kagami: Heh. We’re not givin’ up!

Kuroko: That’s right. The real battle begins now. Midorima-kun, Kise-kun, Kagami-kun—lend me your strength.

Kise: We’ve got no choice but to join forces, right?

Midorima: I’d really rather not, but it’s better than losing.

Kagami: Kuroko, what’re you gonna do?

Kuroko: I have an idea. Everyone, listen closely.

Kagami, Kise, and Midorima: ?

Kise: Ah…!

Midorima: Mm.

Fujimazeki: …!

Ref: Um…the yokozuna asks that you not keep him waiting any longer…

Kuroko: I apologize for the delay. We will now commence our counterattack.

Kagami: Let’s go, Midorima, Kise!

Midorima: Hmph! I know!

Kise: How d’ya like this?!

[Kagami, Kise, and Midorima begin the counterattack]

Fukuda: The three of them grabbed onto the yokozuna’s mawashi! (4)

Furihata: But that didn’t work last time—!

Fujimazeki: …! [deflects the attack]

Kise: Ahh—!

Kagami: Now, Kuroko!

Kawahara: Kuroko? Yeah, where’d he go?

Furihata: Look! Kuroko’s behind the yokozuna!

Fujimazeki: …!

Kuroko: Now…it’s all over!

Kawahara: There he is! Kuroko kicked him in the back of the knee!

Fujimazeki: …! [critical hit; collapses]

Kawahara: Did they get him?

Fukuda: Kuroko brought down the yokozuna!

Ref: Kuroko Tetsuya is the winner!

[wild applause]

Kise: A plan using misdirection, huh? Only Kurokocchi could have pulled that off.

Midorima: Hmph. Not bad.

Kagami: You did it, Kuroko!

Kuroko: Yes, thanks to all of you. And to Furihata-kun, Kawahara-kun, and Fukuda-kun, as well.

Kawahara: Eh? Us?

Kuroko: Yes. Since the three of you were cheering us on, we gave it our best.

Fukuda: Our cheering? It helped you win?

Kagami: Thanks, Furihata, Kawahara, Fukuda.

Furihata: S-sure! Of course we’d cheer for you! I mean, we’re your teammates!

Kawahara: He can tell us apart…! Kagami can look at us and tell who’s who…!

Kagami: Huh? What’re you talking about, Kawahara?

Kawahara: [relieved] Thank god! Kagami knows who we are!

Kagami: …what?

Fukuda: Don’t worry about it! A lot of stuff happened today.

Kagami: Okay…

Kuroko: Ah. It’s about time to meet up with the others.

Kagami: It’s that time already?! The coach’ll get angry if we’re late.

Kise: Well, I guess I should head home, too. All things considered, I had a lot of fun with you guys today. What are you gonna do, Midorimacchi?

Midorima: I’m going home, too. I achieved my objective, after all. Kagami, we’ll put this competition on hold for now. Next time, I’ll defeat you on the court.

Kagami: That’s my line!

Midorima: Hn. [walks away]

Kise: Alright, Kurokocchi, Kagamicchi, see ya later! I’ll get my revenge on the court next time! [chases after Midorima] Wait up, Midorimacchi!

Kagami: Okay, let’s go meet up with the others.

Ref: Excuse me! Wait just a moment.

Kuroko: Referee-san? What is it?

Ref: I want to present the championship prize. Here it is! Taa-daa!

Kuroko: It’s…!

– –

Translation Notes:

(1) Yokozuna is the highest attainable rank in professional sumo wrestling.

(2) The yokozuna’s speech is basically a series of incomprehensible grunts, which explains Kise’s startled reaction when the ref/announcer can understand what the yokozuna is saying.

(3) In regular sumo, one wrestler is called to stand on the eastern side of the ring, and his opponent is called to stand on the western side of the ring. There’s no such thing as “northern”, “southern”, or “center” positions, hence Kise’s reaction.

(4) A mawashi is the special wide loincloth worn by sumo wrestlers.

– – –

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21 thoughts on “[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke Drama Theater 1st Games”

  1. Kurayami Aya says:

    Hello, really thank you for posting this translation x) and Midorima’s pun is just funny XDDD

    Sorry for asking, but when are you going to post the the 3rd track and maybe the others? ^^


    • grimmfeather says:

      Thanks for your comment! I’m glad I was able to make the pun work in English. XD

      I’m working on the rest of the translation, but life is really hectic at the moment, so I haven’t had much time to translate. I’ll try to post another track near the beginning of December. Thanks for understanding. 🙂


  2. cath21 says:

    I like the translations and the notes (<–helps a lot). From the pun of Midorima, target shooting of Izuki and Hyuuga, saber moon, 4- man sumo wrestling; to the very end, the drama theater is great! Thank you so much for completing my day. I just discovered KuroBasu recently but I got addicted because of its plot and characters. XD THANK YOU so Much!


    • grimmfeather says:

      You can listen to this drama CD here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZSEz9ckJVzaJkn5bPMdo6blmXElNP9W1

      This CD (“Drama Theater 1st Games”) is an original story about Seirin, Kise, and Midorima visiting an amusement park. The second drama CD (“Drama Theater 2nd Games”) is based on a chapter from one of the KnB novels and takes place at Teikou Middle School.

      The Solo and Duet CDs (such as Takao’s “F.O.V.”) feature various voice actors from KnB singing “image songs” based on the characters they play. They also include short monologues.

      The DVD audio dramas are special CDs that were packaged with the KnB DVDs and Blu-rays. Each one features a different set of characters and its own story.

      Let me know if you need any more info. ^^


  3. melissa says:

    thank you for the translations ^^ kise & midorima really say such funny things, its so cute xDDDDDDD bwahaha now i’m off to find the translations for midorima & takao’s audio drama XDDDD


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