[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke Drama Theater 1st Games”

[Track 4: We Were Supposed to Have a Competition in the Amusement Park, But…]


[riding in a “coffee cup” ride at the amusement park]

Kagami: Oi, Kuroko.

Kuroko: What is it?

Kagami: Why the heck are we all riding in a coffee cup together? What happened to the competition?!

Kuroko: We couldn’t come up with anything to do for the next round, so I thought that riding the coffee cups might help us think of a good idea.

Midorima: So? Did you think of anything?

Kuroko: Not yet.

Kise: If we spin the coffee cup around as fast as we can, maybe we’ll think of something!

Kuroko: I agree. Kise-kun, go right ahead.

Kise: Roger! [starts spinning the coffee cup]

Kagami and Midorima: …!

Kagami: Hey! You’re going too fast!

[Kise and Kuroko laugh]

Kise: [laughing] It’s more fun this way!

Midorima: You two are just trying to enjoy yourselves, aren’t you?!

Kuroko: No way!

Kise: That’s right! [starts spinning the coffee cup in the opposite direction] Let’s spin the other way!

Midorima: [gritting his teeth] …!

Kagami: [yelling] Eh! Ahh! Waaahhh!

Midorima: My glasses…! My…glasses…!

Kagami: [getting sick]

– –

Kagami: I feel awful… [panting] Easy does it…

Kuroko: I think we went a little too fast.

Midorima: [regaining composure] Hmph. How unseemly.

Kise: I’ll go buy some water or something for you. [fabric rustling] Wait, who’s pulling on my sleeve? Eh?

Girl: Hey, where’s my papa?

Kise: Wha…? “Papa”?

Kuroko: Kise-kun, where did that girl come from?

Kise: Ehh, I have no idea! [to the girl] What’s the matter?

Girl: Hey, do you know my papa? Where’s my papa?

Kise: Oh…I don’t know your papa.

Girl: [starts bawling] Papa! Paaapaaa!

Kise: [flustered] Wait, hold on, don’t cry!

Kagami: Kise, you shouldn’t make girls cry.

Girl: Paaapaaaa…!

Kise: It’s not my fault! [to the girl] C’mon, don’t cry, please!

Kuroko: She must be lost.

Midorima: Good grief. This is why I hate children. [walks away]

Girl: Paaapaaa!

Kise: What— Wait, Midorimacchi! Where’re you going?

Kagami: Sheesh. Here, let me see. Little kids like her just love this— [picks up the girl and sets her on his shoulder] There! Look, you’re up on my shoulder! It’s a great view, ain’t it?

Girl: [starts crying harder] Nooo! Papaaaa! Save me!

Kagami: Hey—! Why’re you crying?

Kise: She got picked up all of a sudden and set on some huge guy’s shoulder about two meters off the ground! That would make anyone cry!

Kagami: B-but apparently, when I was little, I’d stop crying if somebody gave me a piggyback ride!

Kuroko: It doesn’t matter. Just hurry and put her back down, please.

Kagami: …! O-okay…

[Kagami puts the girl back on the ground; she continues crying; Kuroko walks to her]

Girl: I was so scared…!

Kuroko: I’m sorry. That onii-san didn’t mean any harm. Oh, I know. You can have this. It’s a stuffed animal I won from a crane game. [hands her the stuffed animal]

Girl: [stops crying] Are you sure?

Kuroko: Yes.

Girl: Thank you. It’s really cute.

Kuroko: Do you like stuffed animals?

Girl: Yeah!

Kise: That’s Kurokocchi for ya. On the other hand, Kagamicchi’s just…

Kagami: W-what? [grumbles] Then I’ll give you mine, too! Here! [shoves the plush tiger at the girl]

Girl: …!

Kagami: Don’t be so scared. You like stuffed animals, don’t you?

Girl: Yeah… T-thank you…

[the girl’s father runs toward them, accompanied by Midorima]

Father: Maki!

Kagami: Eh?

Maki: Papa!

[father and daughter embrace]

Father: Thank goodness! I was looking all over for you!

Maki: Papaaa! Papaaa!

Kise: [laughing] That’s great!

Midorima: I brought him here.

Kagami: Midorima—! You bastard, running off by yourself like that!

Midorima: I didn’t run away. I went to the lost children center. I was giving them a description of the girl when her father arrived, looking for her. Then I brought him here.

Father: I’m sorry for causing trouble for you all. Thank you so much!

Midorima: No need. It was only common courtesy.

Father: Maki, come on. Say thank-you to them.

Maki: Onii-chan, thanks for finding my papa!

Midorima: [embarrassed] Oh. I’m just glad you were able to find each other.

Kise: She’s only got eyes for Midorima, huh? Even though we did our share, too.

Kuroko: She probably thinks Midorima is the one who found her father. Besides, a certain someone over here just scared her half to death.

Kagami: Are you referring to me?

Maki: Onii-chan, listen! I’ll give you this as a present! [hands Midorima the tiger]

Midorima: Eh?

Kagami: Hey, that’s my—! [Kuroko claps a hand over Kagami’s mouth]

Kuroko: Shhh! Kagami-kun, if you start shouting, you’ll scare her again.

Father: Maki, where did you get that stuffed animal…?

Kise: It was a present for her! Don’t worry.

Midorima: You’re giving this plush tiger to me…?

Maki: Yeah!

Midorima: …! I’ll accept it with pleasure.

Father: Well, we’re going to take our leave. Thank you for everything!

Maki: Onii-chan, bye-bye!

Kise: Bye-bye~!

Kuroko: That’s wonderful, isn’t it?

Kagami: [shakes free of Kuroko] No, it ain’t!

Kuroko: Really?

Kise: Well, we can’t really help the fact that Midorimacchi ended up with the stuffed animal.

Kagami: I don’t care about that anymore.

Kise: Eh? You don’t?

Kagami: Yeah. I just…really can’t stand feeling like I lost to Midorima!

Kuroko: That may be, but…helping a lost child doesn’t have anything to do with winning or losing.

Kagami: Midorima! No matter what it takes, I’m gonna beat you in the next round!

Midorima: Hmph! That’s fine by me! Now that I’ve acquired my lucky item, I’ll show you my true strength.

Kise: Umm… Can’t we forget about that and just enjoy the park?

Midorima: I refuse! Hurry up and decide what our next competition will be.

Kise: [sighs] Kurokocchi, what do you wanna do?

Kuroko: That’s strange.

Kise: What is?

Kuroko: Judging by the pattern things have followed until now, I thought we would run into Furihata-kun and the others sooner or later.

[meanwhile, on the Ferris wheel…]

Furihata: Heeeey! Kurokooo! Kagamiii! Look up!

Kawahara: Give it up, Furihata. They’re too far away to notice us.

Fukuda: They probably wouldn’t even think to look for us on the Ferris wheel.

Furihata: Yeah…

Kawahara: Our existence just doesn’t have much of an impact, I guess…

Fukuda: What’s that supposed to mean?

Kawahara: I mean, I’m sure there aren’t many people who can match our names to our faces!

Fukuda: Eh? What’re you talking about?

Kawahara: Don’t you remember what happened earlier? Before we came into the amusement park, Koganei-senpai said, “Don’t get so depressed, Kawahara, Fukuda, Furihata!” He looked at Fukuda first!

Furihata: I saw that, too! Does senpai…think Kawahara is Fukuda?

Fukuda: No, no, no! It was just your imagination! It was just ‘cause of the way we were standing…probably.

Kawahara: See?! Fukuda, you’re starting to have doubts, aren’t you? People hardly notice our existence! They might see us even less than Kuroko!

Fukuda: B-but even if they hardly notice us now, we’ll play a critical role sometime in the future!

Kawahara: “Sometime”?

Fukuda: Yeah! Sometime!

[lonely wind blowing]

Furihata: It’ll be a while.

Fukuda: Yeah…

[back on the ground]

Kuroko: That’s a shame. If Furihata and the others were here, we could ask them to decide what we should do for the next round.

Park PA: [chime] I will now make an announcement. In about fifteen minutes, we will commence a sumo tournament in the central plaza. Please participate if you are so inclined!

Kise: They’re holding a sumo tournament?

Kuroko: That’s unusual.

Kagami: There you have it.

Kise: Eh?

Midorima: Good. We’ll settle this once and for all.

Kise: You can’t mean—

Kagami: Everything will be decided…at the sumo tournament!

– – –

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21 thoughts on “[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke Drama Theater 1st Games”

  1. Kurayami Aya says:

    Hello, really thank you for posting this translation x) and Midorima’s pun is just funny XDDD

    Sorry for asking, but when are you going to post the the 3rd track and maybe the others? ^^


    • grimmfeather says:

      Thanks for your comment! I’m glad I was able to make the pun work in English. XD

      I’m working on the rest of the translation, but life is really hectic at the moment, so I haven’t had much time to translate. I’ll try to post another track near the beginning of December. Thanks for understanding. 🙂


  2. cath21 says:

    I like the translations and the notes (<–helps a lot). From the pun of Midorima, target shooting of Izuki and Hyuuga, saber moon, 4- man sumo wrestling; to the very end, the drama theater is great! Thank you so much for completing my day. I just discovered KuroBasu recently but I got addicted because of its plot and characters. XD THANK YOU so Much!


    • grimmfeather says:

      You can listen to this drama CD here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZSEz9ckJVzaJkn5bPMdo6blmXElNP9W1

      This CD (“Drama Theater 1st Games”) is an original story about Seirin, Kise, and Midorima visiting an amusement park. The second drama CD (“Drama Theater 2nd Games”) is based on a chapter from one of the KnB novels and takes place at Teikou Middle School.

      The Solo and Duet CDs (such as Takao’s “F.O.V.”) feature various voice actors from KnB singing “image songs” based on the characters they play. They also include short monologues.

      The DVD audio dramas are special CDs that were packaged with the KnB DVDs and Blu-rays. Each one features a different set of characters and its own story.

      Let me know if you need any more info. ^^


  3. melissa says:

    thank you for the translations ^^ kise & midorima really say such funny things, its so cute xDDDDDDD bwahaha now i’m off to find the translations for midorima & takao’s audio drama XDDDD


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