[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” Duet Series Vol. 3 (Midorima & Takao) Mini Drama

「黒子のバスケ」キャラクターソング Duet Series Vol. 3: ミニドラマ
“Kuroko no Basuke” Character Song Duet Series Vol. 3: Mini Drama

緑間真太郎 (小野大輔) & 高尾和成 (鈴木達央)
Midorima Shintarou (Ono Daisuke) & Takao Kazunari (Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

Midorima: “You lost at rock-paper-scissors. Keep pedaling ‘til the next traffic light.”

– – –


[Midorima doing shooting practice in the gym]

Midorima: 57…

[makes a basket]

M: 58…

[makes another basket]

M: 59…

[makes yet another basket]

M: Hm. Alright, I’m done for the day.

Takao: Huh? Aren’t you stopping a little earlier than usual? …oh, that’s right. Today’s horoscope for Cancers was—

M: According to Oha Asa, my lucky numbers are five and nine. With this, everything is in perfect order.

T: So you say, but, Shin-chan, you’re just gonna head home once you’re done with practice, right?

M: This is why you’re hopeless. You never know when misfortune will strike. You must do everything in your power so that you’ll be first in line to be chosen by fate.

T: Yeah, yeah.

M: Got that? We’re going home right now!

T: —wait, I’m going too?!

– –

[Takao pedaling the bike while Midorima sits in the rear car]

T [out of breath]: …of course it turned out this way… I mean, it’s nothing new, but…!

M: You lost at rock-paper-scissors. Keep pedaling ‘til the next traffic light.

T: Not like I’m gonna win the next round, either…!

M: Of course not. Between the two of us, I’ve put in more effort.

T: Well, yeah. The amount of effort you put in is way past incredible. Now it kinda feels like you’re just being stubborn.

M: You should start doing what you can to follow your fate, as well.

T: Ahhh, but I don’t believe in fortune telling and stuff like that. Although watching you kinda makes me want to test it out.

M: You’re…a Scorpio, right? What’s your lucky item today?

T: Huh, I wonder.

M: You didn’t watch the horoscopes on Oha Asa?

T: ‘Course I did, but I only watched the one for Cancers.

M: I don’t understand.

– –

[Takao brakes the bike]

T [out of breath]: Hey, Shin-chan, do you remember a while back, when you said it was unacceptable for Kuroko to go to Seirin? You said that choosing the right school is another part of doing everything in your power to succeed.

M: Oh, that’s right.

T: So then the reason you chose Shuutoku was the result of that approach, so you could meet the requirements for being chosen by fate, am I right?

M: Naturally. It was thanks to Oha Asa, of course. That was the conclusion derived after examining the issue from all possible perspectives.

T: You trust Oha Asa to make decisions about your future?!

M: Did you say something, Takao?

T: Uhhh, um… Well, you know, thinking about it that way gets me a little pumped up, too.

M: What do you mean?

T: Shuutoku is the team you need in order to win, right? So basically, the fact that we became teammates must be fate (nanodayo).

M: Wha—?! Don’t make random guesses about things like that! And don’t imitate me!

T: Haha, well, either way, I chose Shuutoku for the same reasons—so I could go to Inter-High and win the championship. So of course, I don’t want to lose to anyone. Especially not to Kuroko.

M: Hn. Naturally. But in order to accomplish that goal, you must first do all that is humanly possible in order to succeed.

T: What?

M: Today’s lucky item for Scorpios is a haniwa in the shape of a horse. (1)

T: Wait, seriously?! And what’s up with that?

M: And we’re in luck—there’s a great antique store seven kilometers ahead. That’s where we’re going.

T: Man, gimme a break!

M: Quitting is unacceptable! Get a move on!

T: Mm, guess there’s nothing else for it. Here I go!

[Takao starts pedaling furiously]

M [panicking]: Uwaaah, drive more carefully!

– –

Translation Notes:

(1) Haniwa (埴輪) are clay figurines that were crafted for ritual and funerary purposes during the Yayoi and Kofun periods of ancient Japan. (My archaeology research is applicable to fandom! Who knew? XD)

– – –

20 thoughts on “[translation] “Kuroko no Basuke” Duet Series Vol. 3 (Midorima & Takao) Mini Drama

  1. Misora says:

    Hello, I just met your page and your translation of Kuroko no basuke thank you for your work, I had fun reading this songs and mini dramas. I wanted to ask if possible if you could make the drama cd: Kuroko no basuke drama theather 1st games? my apologies for putting the question here, did not know where to put it, sorry for the trouble and my bad English.


    • grimmfeather says:

      It’s no trouble at all! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. 🙂

      I had actually started translating the 1st Games drama CD before I got sidetracked with other projects, so I’ll start working on it again. I’ll try to have the first part posted tomorrow or so.


  2. notshunnaorelated says:

    Is it only me or this mini-drama SCREAMS canon?! Midorima is going home so Takao is going too? And Takao is watching Oha-Asa for Cancers only… And they became teammates becasue of FATE that Midorima follows like mad?!
    Ok, enough fangirling – thank you SO MUCH for translating it! (>.<)


    • grimmfeather says:

      Haha, it really does. I love that Midorima doesn’t understand why Takao listens to the horoscope for Cancers but not Scorpios. It reminds me a lot of the second chapter of the second “Replace” novel, in which Midorima has an incredibly unlucky day and doesn’t realize until the end of the story why his teammates (but especially Takao) are going out of their way to help him.
      Thanks so much for your comment! c:


    • sora yagami says:

      sou da yoo….

      I also always screaming and grinning like crazy fangirl when i listening to TakaMido / MidoTaka drama cd..

      I dont know why….i am so in love with them..they’re so cute…well..KagaKuro itself also soo canon and soo domestic, but TakaMido/MidoTaka OTP have sumthin sumthin different aura than the other OTP….even kensho ono itself grinning when the three of them have recorded for bonus cd vol 4 and at the first round it just TakaMido who have recorded…


      Ahhh..@grimmfeather san….I wanna ask whether if you have file or the translation of kurobasu character bibble and the replace ( all of the replace series )…..

      I am soooo want to read that..

      Arigatoo gozaimasu..


  3. Gaby says:

    Thanks for doing all of this duet’s translations! They are all very cute!!! ♥
    I love Takao and Midorima (they are perfect together!), I love Kagami and Kuroko (my OTP!) and I think that Kise and Kuroko is adorable ^^


  4. HeidaKuro says:

    Well, I was quite surprised with Takao’s line that he doesn’t look up to his own horoscope =)) Asdfghjkl poor Takao xD Btw thanks for the translation! Will look forward to Aomine and Kuroko duet song soon eheh!


    • grimmfeather says:

      I’m working on it, but life is really hectic at the moment, so I haven’t had much time to translate. ^^; I can post the bit I’ve translated and update as I go along, if you like.

      Thanks for your understanding. 🙂


  5. mochi says:

    Hey im so sorry if i bother you so much >< i just thought that you had forgotten it =]]] but if not then ok =D do not push yourself too much, just do what most convenient for you. Thank you so much for your concern !! *big hug*


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